August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!

Dark Matter Episode 109 previews:

“The team checks their supplies and finds that Four has abandoned ship … and he might be in some major trouble.”

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!

“Four revisits his past to prove his innocence, while One’s realization about his origins could change everything.”

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!
One of my fave FIVE pics!

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!
Hmmm. What’s got SIX so miffed?

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!
Looks like FOUR is toting his travel blade.
August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!
TWO helping ONE with his homework?
August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!
Who is ONE gunning for?

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!
Adorable alert! One of my favorite scenes this season!

August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 Preview!

And more Episode 108-related responses:

“In Dark Matter we have a group of people who could be awfully terrible people but are waking up with renewed innocence, at least that’s what I’m hoping. It gives the series a whole different sort of conflict and an internally driven one, the fight with oneself.”

A weekly Dark Matter podcast.

A SyFyFriday round-up.

“It was discovered that one of them intentionally wiped the others’ memories but accidentally wiped their own as well. Based on what we know let’s see who’s the likely candidate…”

23 thoughts on “August 3, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 109 preview!

  1. That looks like it was some cool (and probably cold) location shooting. And I do love that pic of FIVE with the goggles. Nerd alert! 🙂

    It says something about this show that each I keep counting down the days until the next Friday airing!

  2. After seeing episode 8 tonight I’m beginning to wonder if all of the crew have lost their memories. After her big speech on keeping secrets I wonder if One might know a lot more about her own background. So far she has been the most mysterious and Five didn’t come across any of her memories. Could it be possible hers weren’t wiped and that she knows who she is? I can see plenty more big twists in the last few episodes.

    And great going on such inventive use of the cloning tech. That was very well done. I hope we get to see more of it in later episodes.

  3. As far as memory wipes, One seems the most likely candidate. I dont know enough about Two to assume it wasnt her, though I doubt she’d screw it up and wipe her own memory as well. She seems like a pretty competent woman.
    It surprises me that no one seems to suspect the Android.

  4. Boy, I hope we get season two soon. I’m running out of twitterisms and ways to beg for more Dark Matter.

    How about Marauders or DMMarauders or Phantom Marauders or something somesuch for the dedicated DM fandom? Dark Matter doesn’t lend itself to clever word play where identifying a group of rabid fans is concerned. Razamnesiacs?

    Thanks for making Friday nights fun.

    Back to Twitter to rally the second season fan base. #RenewDarkMatter needs to be trending Friday evening.

  5. Great episode and a big thanks for doing a Periscope though you were so tired. I really want that shirt with the periodic table of superheroes now! 😉

  6. Found my way here! It’s tricky to ask longer questions on Twitter in 140 characters!
    I think these questions make sense – but no promises! And apologies, if they’ve been posed before 😊

    Who put the crew into stasis? Themselves, willingly. The guys were all dressed the same, as if it was planned. And surely you only go into stasis for a long haul?

    Why were they in stasis? Where were they actually heading? A ship malfunction or a saboteur woke them earlier than planned?
    Also, a short time frame – When Calchek spoke to Two, it didn’t seem that years had passed since he’d given them the job?

    Why was the distress signal activated, by whom? Someone who is still hidden somewhere on the ship? And/or someone who wanted them to be found? Maybe to alert the ship that attacked them in Ep 1 – who were they?

    ‘Because We’re Dangerous’ – maybe it’s the ship that is dangerous, not them as individuals/crew because of the technology able to open ‘pockets of extra dimensional space’, which is concealed in the room of ‘secrets’?

    Two seems to be astute, did she recruit the crew? If so, how did she choose them/get them to join? I think she’s responsible for the memory wipe and I believe she still retains her own.

    Why does Five say ‘they’ keep it locked when referring to the room of ‘secrets’? Who are ‘they’?

    The ‘mark’ that Five pickpocketed the key from, he or the people he works for are hunting the ship to get it back (or the tech it activates). Perhaps The Raza was originally his ship? The crew are criminals, therefore they could have stolen it, for what it contains?

    Coming full circle? The mark links to the key – to Five – to the crew – to the Raza – back to the mark!

    Five escaped the air lock because another member of the crew came along and prevented Three from opening the door?

    Phew! I think that’s it – for now anyway.
    Many thanks, Joe for your mailbag and looking forward to some answers 😊

  7. Nice pictures. I like that they are light so we can see the actors better.

  8. 108 was definitely the best episode of the season so far. It was filled with great comedy and character moments. And not to mention those stunning revelations. I think I know who ONE is gunning for.

  9. I just re-watched the first episode and it’s very interesting after having now seen the seven episodes after it. Lots of stuff has been answered, but there’s still quite a few questions. Like, who is Rothgar? Why does ONE/Derrick have the medallion? Why does FIVE/Das have so much technical/medical knowledge when we’ve only seen her as a street kid. Also, it’s interesting how some little things which seemed not significant at the time were in retrospect meaningful, like when ONE is staring at his reflection at the bottom of the cup.

    I’m wondering now if ONE/Derrick had become part of the resistance movement and infiltrated the Raza, purposefully wiping their memories (and accidentally his own) in order to convince them to repurpose the weapons shipment from an attack to a supply run. That’s why the settlers had heard that the extra weapons would be there “any day now.” It would also explain his possession of the medallion. It sounds kind of like the kind of hare-brained scheme he would come up with. Er… or that I just came up with.

  10. The “Yes, we are a couple” connects to the commercial for the new Odd Couple series that was played a million times. That made it even funnier. If Joe didn’t do it on purpose, that’s even funnier still. 😉

  11. Almost forgot to add a question for the mailbag so here it is: … Why is Dark Matter so awesome? 😉 😉

  12. Sorry for all the many posts through out the blog as I finally got myself caught up. Also wondering how Lulu is doing? Hopefully, they are able to find out what is wrong soon! Sorry if you posted and I missed it.

  13. The whole memory wipe is interesting. I’m convinced most sociopaths are born that way, like a birth defect.

    I knew a friend whose brother was diagnosed a sociopath. The doctors explained to her family that her brother recognized the rules but didn’t believe any applied to him. For example, if her brother wanted a clean shirt, he would put his dirty shirt in the washing machine (with a completed load) and rewash ALL the clothes. Then he would take his one shirt out and put it in the dryer (also, full of a completed load). When his shirt was dry, he’d take out his one shirt. It never occurred to him to process all the laundry. I haven’t seen my friend in years, I wonder if her brother became a politician or a corporate president? 🙂

    Given motivation, any one might kill/murder but that doesn’t make them a sociopath. So I think a memory wipe would just free them from circumstances that made them into killers.

    Still cringe thinking of having several people’s memories.

  14. Of course, lack of bonding or severe abuse during a child’s developmental years might cause some kind of sociopathic tendencies. I’m not sure a memory wipe would reverse that kind of damage though.

  15. Uhm, Mark4’s comment has me worried, Joe. Can you promise you’ll work on Dark Matter for as long as it airs. The show is your baby and, like you said in a recent blog, you’ve set up a bunch of stuff you’re going to pay off. How can someone else step in and try to do the same thing. Guess?

  16. Hey everyone,

    Firstly thanks to Joe for creating an environment here where everyone is welcome to share opinions, agree and disagree without the hate that sometimes comes with fandom. It’s nice to have a place where you feel welcome.

    Onto theories…..

    @daithi82 I’ve been wondering the same thing about TWO. I want to go back and see earlier episodes looking for any clues whether she has her memory.

    @ceresis64 I like your idea that perhaps it’s the ship that is dangerous, but then why wipe the crew’s memory? I’m more leaning towards their existence together being a danger to Ferrous Corp. I feel FC are going to reappear in the story soon. I’m excited for this as I’m eager to know more about the Dark Matter universe.

    I always assumed the distress signal was automatically activated by the ship when the life support reached a critical level and they were venting atmosphere. Like a safety protocol.

    Hope you’re well. I can’t believe we’re up to Episode 9, it feels like there’s so much to uncover still.

    Cheers, Chev

  17. You couldn’t have found a less attractive set of actors? 😉 Everyone looks so good in their black leather and minimalist tees/tanks.

    Can’t wait for this week’s ep!

  18. The goggles are very Steampunk and what she shared with us about Jodelle’s love of Steampunk, it makes sense.

  19. @TamDixon Very interesting. That would describe my brother for certain. The other one I know has more narcissistic features–who is wronging them, who is conspiring against them, reading innocent things and turning it into a coded message directed at them, or creating the chaos themselves and pointing the blame at others, and then bringing others into the fold to control them (using the same techniques).

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