So, Dark Matter’s third episode aired last night in the U.S., Australia, and Canada. If you watched it, what did you think? Since the episode will be airing in different parts of the world over the next few days, I’m going to hold off on weighing in with my insights – but plenty of behind-the-scenes pics and vids coming your way! Hmmm.  It would appear I’ve been demoted.  When Akemi first moved to Canada, I was her #1 guy.  Then, as she settled in, I dropped to #2 behind this guy –

June 27, 2015: Dark Matter!  Comics!  I’m #3?!!

And I could live with that.  Bubba does have his charms.  But with a recent addition to the household, I’ve dropped in the ranking yet again, losing my spot to THIS guy –

June 27, 2015: Dark Matter!  Comics!  I’m #3?!!

Roomba-chan, as Akemi refers to him, has pretty much had the run of the place since moving in last week.  He putters around, keeps to himself, but isn’t above nudging the house’s other inhabitants if they get in the way.  I dare say he has a bit of an attitude.  But, I suppose, sometimes women like the bad boys.

Trying to take some time off to catch up on my reading.  For you comic book fans, here are my recommended reads – some titles with an SF bent:

June 27, 2015: Dark Matter!  Comics!  I’m #3?!!


Warren Ellis is at his cutting edge best in this strange and wickedly humorous series, a mix of SF and the supernatural.

June 27, 2015: Dark Matter!  Comics!  I’m #3?!!

Broken World

With Earth facing an extinction level event, those connected enough to book safe passage flee the doomed planet, leaving behind the mad, the downtrodden and the very, very unlucky.

June 27, 2015: Dark Matter!  Comics!  I’m #3?!!

Roche Limit

A scientific and military expedition runs into trouble during a mysterious mission to an off-world colony.  Suggestions of conspiracies and time paradoxes abound!

June 27, 2015: Dark Matter!  Comics!  I’m #3?!!

Squadron Sinister

I don’t read a lot of superhero titles (Nick Spencer’s hilarious Ant-Man being an exception) but I positively love Marc Guggenheim’s exploration of this mercenary, duplicitous, wholly unpredictable team.  Sound familiar, Dark Matter fans?

Dark Matter-related links for you to check out… Taking Charge interview with Melissa O’Neil (TWO): “It amazes me that they took a chance on someone who never worked in television before to take on a role like Two, but I am truly humbled by it. I’m having such a good time coming to set every day and figuring out who this woman is and how to help tell her story as best I can.” Tabula Rasa: SyFy’s Dark Matter: “Patient storytelling and a talented cast of Canadian actors makes Dark Matter a welcome addition to the television field, and right now the series tops my list of new summer shows. And, I should hasten to add, it also honest-to-goodness fun.” SyFy Embraces the Dark on Friday Nights: “As the characters are told more and more about their pasts – information that may or may not be true – will they become the people they are purported to be? Or are their futures black slates, unencumbered by their pasts?” Review: Wait…What?  On Dark Matter: “Dark Matter just messed with my brain. After making a bunch of notes during Friday’s third episode, I basically had to throw everything I thought I knew out the window thanks to that final scene aboard the space station.” Dark Matter: Mutineers, Saboteurs and Trust Issues: “Episode three was a surprisingly solid instalment to the series, considering the entire episode was set solely on the ship. I think it says a lot about the actors and the writing to be able to make a compelling hour of television within a confined space. In a relatively short amount of time, we’ve come to care about these people and the relationships they’re forming with each other.” Dark Matter Episode 3 review:×03-there-is-no-sound-in-space-hence-the-no-one-hearing-you-scream-in-space/ “It may be nothing, but the subtext is there that eventually Three will eventually care about Five like a big bro cares for a little sis. It’s entirely too early to call this but the thing with anti-heroes is they end up doing the right thing because of someone else and not necessarily because they believe in that right thing. By establishing this nuisance-style relationship between the two, they are in fact setting up scenarios that should pay off with three finding a way to redeem his attitude by saving her life and or something similar.” Dark Matter Episode 3 review: “All in all, this was a great episode. The best element of it is the deeper group dynamics being explored, and how these dynamics will ultimately determine the course of these characters fates in the episodes to come.” Thoughts on the show and Episode 3: “Even though this show is a little on the side of slow-burn, it looks like episode four will really be adding to the story, and that’s a good thing!”

24 thoughts on “June 27, 2015: Dark Matter! Comics! I’m #3?!!

  1. Liked episode 3 a lot I mean after all there was mention of chocolate protein pudding 🙂

  2. Love my Roombas but they do need some TLC. I hope you handy with a screwdriver.

  3. Ep 3 was AWESOME! Great dialog, story, character development and they realize the Android is valuable. I am so pleased with this series. After the live view, I re-watch it a few more times on SyFy during the week until Friday arrives. I can say right now, 13 Epps is NOT enough of Dark Matter!

  4. I really enjoyed it. Loving the relationship between 5&6 as the show progresses. 6 seem dependable and steadfast, while I have a feeling 5 just may be the most dangerous one of all. 2 is just awesome, really glad she is the leader. She comes off as level headed but I would not want to piss her off. As for 3 I just don’t like him, not quite sure what it is but he grates on my nerves. Oddly enough ep 3 saw my warming up to him SLIGHTLY. I’m thinking he may be like Col Maybourne where he annoyed me for a long time and somehow endeared himself to me. I’m really liking 4 and looking fwd to learning more abt him. He seems like he just is who he is, very straight fwd, says it like it is, he’d stab you in the back if needed but wouldn’t be sneaky about it. The android I wasn’t so sure on but am liking more and more, it’s the way Zoie does the voice that is really selling it for me. And then there is 1… He is just sort of there. I honestly don’t have an opinion one way or another abt him.
    Again great amounts of humor, with an excellent cast who knows how to deliver it.

  5. Oh and I sympathize with you on the demotion. At first it was my sister-in-law, then me, then my brother in my families eyes until the first time my sister-in-law brought challah bread to family dinner, we where both demoted down a spot. But I was ok with it. It is freaking awesome bread.

  6. Great episode
    The last scene left me with a huge wtf moment. Even more than the end of episode 1. I watched it again, just to make sure that there wasn’t supposed to be a gap in time between android “putting them to bed” and the space station bar scene. All I can say is I didn’t see it coming. Clones? That would explain the memory loss quite well indeed. But where do 5s dreams come from… Roll on episode 4

  7. Episode Three is definitely my favourite so far.

    But the sound effects while the Android was repairing the ship really pissed me off. OK, I get it, you’ve gotta have some sort of sound effect since the total silence of a vacuum actually seems more unreal to audiences. But the hissing pneumatics of panels opening and the clicking of the switches totally ruined my suspension of disbelief.

    FOUR’s quarterstaff scene was awesome! I can’t wait to see him kick some ass!

    And that last scene . . . oh boy, this is gonna be fun!

  8. Ep 3 is probably my favority so far. The pilot was great too, but the 3rd really showed some quality writing and surpisingly good acting. Its not often you start to care about characters after just 3 episodes, but that really happened here,

    On top of that everything about the Android is just brilliant. The acting ofcourse, and the dialogue writing! Just awesome in every respect. It balance just SO great between adorable, smartass, cheeky and kickass. Its quickly become one of the best android characters in tv history for me. And ive sen them all. Repeatedly.

  9. Not much talk about 4,,maybe he is going to be the wild card, and mastermind behind it all, so quiet..they say to watch those ones… and last show, at the end, what a Patty Duke moment,whew! Not sure what direction we are headed. But I am along for the ride!!
    Akemi is such a good dog momma, I can tell Bubba hates that she is holding him,,(not). Joe maybe you really only dropped to 2 & 1/2, its really really close.

  10. Okay, what is a fish tank doing in the background when the Android is performing the lie detector bit? Is it meant to be a playback, a rather large one? I like the look, but if the fish are real, well… a bit incongruous on a space ship.

    Also admire 5’s ear jewelry, kind of steam punk. Previously there was only a glimpse of it, but eppy 3 showed a lot more detail. Also think 5 looks better without the plaid shirt tied around her waist. Sometimes layering can be overdone.

    Did I see the writing credit on this ep was Martin Gero? Fabulous!

    Who is giving the “scientific” advice on the show? Lots of cool dialog for the Android in this one.

    Dark Matter rules!

  11. “It’s chocolate protein pudding day.” Yay! Another fun episode, love the ongoing character development and the way new story questions keep popping up. Well done, everyone! I’ve given up twittering (tweeting?) during the live airing–the writing is so tight, it’s easy to miss an important beat or intriguing story nugget if you don’t pay attention! Of course, that means I have to re-watch later in the week, darn. 😉

    About the Roomba–would love to try one, but add three vigilant border collies to the scenario and you’ve got the perfect recipe for mayhem!

  12. When does SyFy let you know you are good for another season? Is it too early? Have you started writing for season 2 yet? Are you waiting for a little feedback from the fans? Will you have the same directors? Paolo Barzman did an awesome job directing episode 3 (like TJ Scott in the first two). Gero’s story was great, the direction was great, and the actors were great. You got a great show in Dark Matter. Your hard work has paid off, hopefully for many more seasons.

    Is Akemi happy to be back in Vancouver? Are the dogs? Are you?

  13. Tonight I said something to Mr. Das, and he exclaimed, “You sound just like the Android!”

    Not sure if that was a compliment, or what. 😛


  14. Denise McInerney wrote, “I’ve given up twittering (tweeting?) during the live airing–the writing is so tight, it’s easy to miss an important beat or intriguing story nugget if you don’t pay attention!”

    So true! I gave up eating during the show for episode 2. I found I was distracted while looking at what I was shoveling into my mouth. Looks like I will have to give up drinking too. During episode 3, I spilt a little grape soda on my shirt (it dribbled down my chin), and I was distracted for only a few seconds while I looked down and wiped it away. I think I missed something. So no more eating or drinking during Dark Matter! I must just sit and stare at the TV so I don’t miss a thing. 🙂

  15. hmm… Let me guess… It’s THE FISH. *THEY* are the ones behind it all! – [just like HITCHHIKER’S White Mice] – Think about it. They Crew are pretty much chowing down on “rations” that aren’t being supplemented by a tank full of future SUSHI..? – Although “visually”, the tank is a nice touch.

    oh yeah, and what @LINE NOISE said about that *noisy* vacuum! – [weird, I didn’t see the ROOMBA’s name in the CREDITS for those sound effects…]

  16. Anothing strong thing about Episode 3. Im so happy that you made this about the ship. And only about the ship story. Usually “bad” shows try to dilute that barebones setting with lof of other side stories beacuse they dont think its enough material for 1h. But you really let the ship and the characters take their place here. So great that you give them qualitytime to grow, without feeling you have to push other stories to up the action. Shows great trust in the actors and main story. And its what made ep 3 so great.

  17. I love the changing triptych “windows” in the mess hall!

    And the delightful little touches of humor throughout the episode.

    @Ponytail: I agree about the tweeting; when I watch a show or movie, I like to focus on it. Being on Twitter would be a distraction.

  18. I generally loved it. I noticed the fish tank this time that I hadn’t before. Seems a strange thing to have just chilling on a mercenary space ship – and that no one has commented on it. I hope there’s a bit of a nod to it later. If it FIVE or THREE’s favorite animal? Are fish tanks just a thing in this ‘verse? Do they raise the fish to supplement their chocolate protein pudding?

    The ending has me all a-tingle, trying to figure out what the reveal is. I like to think they’re twins and eye makeup!Jace really is Jace, which would explain why ONE is so darn nice and I have a hard time believing he’s a murderer. SIX at least pulls off the mercenary thing in spite his compassion. Did ONE sneak onto the ship in Jace’s spot to undermine the mercenaries? Did he wipe their memories to make them forget their ~evil plans? It also makes me think of FIVE’s dream she tells of the castle.

    Lots of good bits of personality, one-liners, feelings for the Android, Android generally being fun. Who is the boy? What is behind the door? So many mysteries!

    I definitely wanted to punch THREE for his misogynistic comment about TWO being emotional.

    TWO and FOUR’s physical scenes were awesome. I will keep saying it; TWO is amazing.

    Honestly, my biggest issue is ONE and TWO. AN actual romance feels quite forced at this point because it feels very one-died. I keep waiting for her to punch him in the nose or tell him she doesn’t swing that way. I don’t hate it and the awkwardness is delicious, but I am definitely not into romance this soon in the show. I’m curious on thoughts about why this has developed since I definitely did not get that from the comic – there wasn’t any kissing, at least!

  19. Did you have to get permission from the network to use certain curse words like sh*t?

  20. Being #3, welcome to the aisle of man. Is there a cushy bench to sit on? You have done well by providing.

  21. @Ponytail I’ve noticed they’ve used shit one time per episode, so maybe that is the limit of their censors. LOL. I heard “shit” used once on Falling Skies last night, so I find this funny.

    I’ll have to get back with you on my impressions of #3. I did the first watch through while using Twitter. Second watch though I fell asleep (not because of the episode but because I was exhausted), and then my weekend off turned into not so much so. Jeff found out his friend who used to live here who moved to Beaumont (2 hours away) just got a transfer to Baton Rouge and will likely be moved there by the end of July, so I told him to go see his friend for the weekend. Baton Rouge is a much further trip for him and the likelihood of him going gets more slim. So he left Saturday morning and came home Sunday afternoon so it was full-on Patrick time. Then a client called Friday night asking me to come for 2 visits on Saturday, so we added that to my “off” weekend. And now it’s Monday and I still need to watch it fully without interruption.

    Bubba love. Love it. The Roomba is pretty sweet, although I have a client who uses something else that I hear is more impressive. I think it is the I-Robot or something like that. A woman loves anything that will allow her not to have to vacuum. Jeff vacuums. I love that.

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