It’s a relaxing Sunday, so why don’t we open up the mailbag and see if we can find some answers to your burning questions…

Cathy L. writes: “Question will you continue to film in Toronto or will you try and change your base to Vancouver?”

Answer: That all depends on whether or not the show gets picked up for a second season.  If it does, then I have some decisions to make regarding my house, the show, and my career in general.  As much as I love my home in Vancouver, it does feel a lot emptier with fewer dogs – and I honestly don’t need this much space.  All options are on the table, including a move east – or even further west!

ivonbartokfans writes: “I’m sure that somewhere I’ve seen an image of the completed Bridge of Raza but I can’t find it. Not the one with production staff, but with the actors. Am I imagining this? Can anyone point me in the direction please?”

Answer: Although there are plenty of designs of the bridge and some pics of the crew, there are no official photos of the cast on the bridge.  In the coming weeks, I will be releasing some behind the scenes photos and videos of our cast on the set – along with a terrific video walk-thru of the bridge created by Set Designer Doug Slater.

Ponytail writes: “Are you going to wait for feedback before writing season 2?”

Answer: I already have the major arcs for season 2 including our various character through-lines.  Paul and I have outlines for the first two episodes and stories – in varying details – for all 13 episodes.  It’s all subject to change or adjustment of course.

SGW1 writes: “For Dark Matter, what reasons made you guys get rid of the titles?”

Answer: The simple, numbered episode titles reflect the numerical designations adopted by our crew.

SGW1 also writes: “After those years now and with the reboot to come, it’s pretty sure we won’t get any official ending to SGU. So could you finally reveal the planned SGU ending? Or at least give some hints to what was planned? You once said it was up to Brad, hoping that you guys got a chance to tell the full story at some time, but that those chances are around zero right now. 🙁 So, if it’s still up to Brad, how can we ask him?”

Answer: SGU was Brad and Robert’s baby so, really, they should be the one to answer this questions – and any other the fans may have about any of the three Stargate shows.  My best advice would be to see that he gets invited to a con – and then ask him when he’s fielding questions.  I’m sure he’s got a lot of interesting insights and surprising tidbits for you all.

gforce writes: “Have you noticed any increase in blog visits since the start of Dark Matter?”

Answer: Yes, I’ve noticed an increase in blog traffic since the show premiered, but nothing crazy.  That distinction goes to the last few days of SGU.

Steve writes: “Just out of curiosity, how much of the obliteration did Zoie Palmer do for the fight scene between Zobot and the guys?”

Answer: Zoie did quite a bit, but her stunt double did all the heavy lifting.

Airelle writes: “Who is the voice of the computer?”

Answer: If you re-listen closely, you’ll recognize the voice of the Android (Zoie’s Palmer) alerting the crew to the diminishing life support.

arcticgoddess writes: “Joe, what did you learn on the Stargate Series(s) that you have used in Dark Matter?”

Answer: Audiences like team scenes.

ShadowGlass writes: “Hi, are you hoping for a back 9 episode order for a 20-22 ep season, or 13 episodes per season was what you had planned?”

Answer: Creatively, we approached the season as a 13 part arc.

CathyL writes: “. I just rewatched episode 1 for the umpteenth time, and I just realized when they Zero-g everyone floated with the exception of The Android why?”

Answer: She was seated, was expecting the loss of gravity and, essentially, “locked in”.

John M. writes: “I’ve noticed that Dark Horse Comics (Entertainment?) is listed in the end credits as (?). What is their relationship with the show? Yes I know they published the comic book series, but do they have a continued interest in the show?”

Answer: Dark Horse Comics have been a supportive force throughout production.  We’ve been coordinating with them with regard to Dark Matter’s presence at San Diego Comic Con that will include a panel, press roundtable, and a signing!

dasndanger writes: Anyway, what I’d like to know is how it made you feel to see your creation come to life on the screen? And has Paul shared any thoughts on the matter?”

Answer: Paul and I are both very proud of the show.  Proud and relieved.  I’m incredibly appreciative of everyone who helped bring it to the small screen, from the gang at Dark Horse Comics and SyFy to the cast and crew to Executive Producers Jay Firestone and Vanessa Piazza.

2cats writes: “I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the “save” Three did when they were sitting with the miners, and One started to spill that they don’t know who they are.  My question is: did Three do this to deflect suspicion away from themselves so the miners would be more forthcoming or to garner sympathy from the miners?”

Answer: The former.  It was a cover story THREE created on the spur of the moment.

Winst writes: “Whatever happened to that post show “show” idea that was discussed?  To much work?..too much bother?…not worth the efforts involved?”

Answer: I’m not sure.  Ultimately, this would be up to the networks.  Space Channel here in Canada has Interspace – hosted by Ajay Fry, Morgan Hoffman, and Teddy Wilson – which covers Dark Matter in addition to a whole slew of SF-related t.v. and film.

Candice writes: “As someone who has so much experience working with SyFy, what would you say is the best way to pitch ideas to SyFy? Is it even possible to pitch ideas to them if you’re not in the industry?”

Answer: Even if you’re in the industry, it’s a tough go – which is why we went the comic book route first, teaming up with Dark Horse to create the comic first and then use that as a launch pad and visual pitch for the show.

JW Smythe writes: “Am I wrong to think I’m seeing a resemblance to the Firefly’s crew in the Raza’s crew?”

Answer: As the series develops, our crew’s varied personalities will evolve and stand out, each in their own unique way.

Shana writes: “Any chance you guys will be coming to the Salt Lake City Comic-Con?”

Answer: That’s all dependent on timing.  And whether or not we receive an invite!

Tam Dixon writes: “Loved the picture of Bubba and Lulu! Sweet and a little confused look on their faces. 😉 Still thinking of taking in another senior?”

Answer: I check out the senior pug rescues every day.

Sylvia writes: “Does Zoie have to wear special contact lenses for when you guys “blank” her out? Or, is it special effects?”

Answer: The eye blacking is all Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and his amazing VFX team.

glenda writes: “Will get to see the Android’s room or does she just stay on the bridge?”

Answer: The Android doesn’t have a room like the rest of the crew and, generally, prefers to spend her downtime on the bridge.

dasndager writes: “Question Joe – what book is ONE reading? I can’t make it out.”

Answer: No way to tell from watching, you’ll just have to guess.  Guess correctly and I’ll send you a copy.  The title will be revealed in an upcoming episode.

dasndanger also writes: “It’s been five days – has anyone taken a shower yet? Do they have deodorant? Soap? Clean underpants? These are very important things to know.”

Answer: Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  Underpants in their quarters and toiletries through that opaque door in the back of the room.

2cats writes: “Okay, what is a fish tank doing in the background when the Android is performing the lie detector bit? Is it meant to be a playback, a rather large one?”

Answer: It’s a triptych that offers rotating Earth-based video displays, a little touch of nature and home in the dark, cramped confines of the ship.

2cats also writes: “Who is giving the “scientific” advice on the show? ”

Answer: That would be series co-creator and Exec Producer Paul Mullie.

Ponytail writes: “Is Akemi happy to be back in Vancouver? Are the dogs? Are you?”

Answer: Akemi was loving Toronto and was sad to come back – until we actually came back at which point she said she greatly missed Vancouver and was happy to be home.  The dogs have settled back in nicely but Lulu still seems a little despondent.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “Goblin Emperor has been on you “currently readling” list for a very long time. Did you ever finish it? What did you think of it?”

Answer: I really have to update that sidebar.  Yes, finished it. It was fine fantasy – but, in all fairness, fantasy is a very hard sell for me.  I hear others loved it.

18 thoughts on “June 28, 2015: Mailbag!

  1. Thanks so much Joe for taking the time to answer my question about pitching ideas to SyFy. I recently had a production company here in Australia show quite serious interest in making my TV series idea but it has fell through, mostly because I don’t think they are equipped to deal with a science fiction theme. I’ll certainly keep the benefits of the visuals of a comic book version in mind. Meanwhile, it looks like Dark Matter is setting some viewing records here in Australia, so obviously there is an appetite for Sci-FI!

  2. Thanks for the answers, Joe! I must be off to slumberland, but the only guess for the book I have is Princess Bride (mostly because I’m starting to think this ship is full of Dread Pirate Roberts – ya know, bark worse than their bite types). That said, I figure it’s not that book, just as I figure I’m all wrong about the crew. I’m also tired and need to get some sleeeeep. Nites! 🙂


  3. Wait a minute – maybe it IS the Princess Bride! You have the Dread Pirate Roberts/Wesley (One), the Princess (Two), Vizzini (Three), Inigo Montoya (Four), Miracle Max (Five), Fezzik (Six), and the clergyman (Android)! Yeah…I know…don’t give up my day job. 😛


  4. A little late, but anyway.

    Q: Any chance that you and Akemi will fly out for an Australian Comic Con in the next few years? In the years that I’ve been reading this blog, you’ve become probably my favourite scifi writer. I’d love to get an autograph from you, and of course meet the infamous Akemi! Perhaps I could even get a photo.. something to show my dogs one day..

  5. Thanks for the mailbag, Joe! Interesting questions and answers. I was wondering about the book, too. I like the idea of The Princess Bride, das! I was thinking it was going to be a graphic novel, but it looks like all text.

  6. Thanks for answering my question! It’s heartbreaking to see how many seniors are looking for a home! I can’t imagine giving up my best friend when they needed me most. 🙁 Good luck with deciding to adopt.

    I got caught up in Brian Smith’s new show, Sense8 this weekend. FYI, It’s pretty intense with graphic sex scenes and nudity. However, the story is fascinating and compelling. I would get so caught up in the plot, I’d forget life for a while. Have you seen it? I’m on episode ten. Brian’s really good in it. I’ve only recently heard about the flak Brian and his mom got exposed to during SGU. It’s hard to fathom how people can be so vicious over an entertainment show…

    Making the decision to let Harry go was hard and as I watching Sense8 there was a line said that really stuck with me. “I’m not sure if I made the choice or the choice made me.” Either way, I’m a different person.

    Ponytail: How are your parents doing?

    gforce: I loved that picture from your rental property. Thanks for posting that. How is the new house coming along?

  7. Joe thanks for answering 2 of my questions. It seems that you have some big decisions to make in the near future. I hope you make the right decision for you and your family. On another note I was rewatching episode 3 last night and I have a guess on the book: 2001 Space Odyssey.

  8. I hate electrons and electronic signal and cable HDTV ! Space channel is not available since one week due to signal problem of the cable company !! We mist episode 103. Snif! snif! snif!. We will try to get it in standard def. next thursday…fingers crossed

  9. I was trying to see what ONE was reading, too. My guess is it’s that “Space Pugs” book that props made up a while back. 😉

    Loved episode three! I’ll wait to discuss it until you start to do so.

    -Mike A.

  10. My guess is To Kill a Mockingbird. No idea why except it popped into my head

  11. @TamDixon I’m still on the pilot on Sense8. One of those things where Jeff wants to watch with me and asks me to wait and I want to respect that, but then he puts it on the backburner. I had 18 episodes of Gotham in the queue and he FINALLY watched that with me and we binged-watched them. And then here you have a show you CAN binge-watch and he doesn’t. I’m going to have to press him for an answer soon because I really want to watch it even if I watch it without him and watch it again with him. That is a very beautiful line from the show. And yes, it is very sad what happened with Brian & his mom during SGU. Joe was right when he said he was talented when he shared about the casting for SGU to us. He’s gone on to accolades on Broadway, Sense8 and has a few things coming up.

    @Das That’s a riot. I like your thinking though.

    My guesses on Twitter for the book were:
    1) Dark Matter — the graphic novel.
    2) The Android’s Dream by John Scalzi (just because of the title).
    3) Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi (again just because of the title)

    I felt like Scalzi was safe because 1) Joe knows him and 2) Old Man’s War got put into an episode of SGU.

    Oh yes, and I do have thoughts about episode 3 — but still haven’t watched it again yet. I am very MIFFED that Syfy did another spoiler in the preview for next week. The big reveal in the episode was–Jace! But you didn’t know–did it take place in the past and this is how he got to the ship? or does he have an evil twin or is this a Jace-like android, or is it a clone (that was all I could think of). And then Syfy went and SPOILED it by showing a scene with Jace and Jace. I was screaming at the TV. I was feeling like this was Carson Beckett dying revisited.

  12. Thanks for taking the time with the mailbag Joe! Always interesting! Always a treat!

  13. It would be awesome if it works out. I have a suggestion into them but who knows if anyone will read it. My fingers are crossed!!!

  14. I think it is a Starbucks behind the doors. They’re everywhere.

    The crew became totally addicted to venti triple shot no foam lattes and so they sealed the Starbucks behind the doors and then wiped their memories to cure their addiction. They had to go into stasis until the caffeine left their systems.

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