“Girls who like Cinderella have nightmare marriage.  Statistics show.  It’s data!”

– Akemi today, on our walk back home from lunch.

I guess it makes sense.

Today also saw us visit the post office so that Akemi could sense her dad a chocolate shipment.  Apparently, his stock is running low.

Of course no overseas shipment would be complete without the appropriate cartoon commentary that the post office employee must take great pains to avoid covering with the appropriate stamps.

March 15, 2015: A Trip To The Post Office!  Mailbag!  Stargate!  Dark Matter!  And Cloverblob!

“Hey, it’s a french bulldog!”I said.

“It’s not a french bulldog,”Akemi informed me, clearly disappointed.  “It’s a rabbit.”

Upon closer scrutiny, yes, of course.  A rabbit.

March 15, 2015: A Trip To The Post Office!  Mailbag!  Stargate!  Dark Matter!  And Cloverblob!

I couldn’t help but take a picture of this.  It would seem certain customers are obsessive ringers.

Hey, spoke to the gang at SyFy this week and the plan is to target April for the big Dark Matter roll-out.  So, in a couple of weeks, you’ll finally get a first look at all OF the Dark Matter concept art, designs, set and cast pics I’ve been sitting on for the past couple of months.  As for that awesome guest casting announcement, I urged them make it official this week.

But who knows?

Sunny day today!  Got the dogs out and even worked on a  new Android scene with Zoie Palmer.  Great fun.  That’s why we call her The Wizardress.  Much to her surprise as you can sense from the following text exchange:

March 15, 2015: A Trip To The Post Office!  Mailbag!  Stargate!  Dark Matter!  And Cloverblob!


Spacelog writes: “What can you tell us about that planned Stargate Extinction comic book that never was.”

Answer: Alas, not much.  Last year, I was contacted by a publisher about the possibility of writing some stories for a planned Stargate comic book series.  I loved the idea – but my creative plate was full with the various projects I had in development.  HOWEVER, I did tell them that I’d be very interested if I could translate Stargate: Extinction, that unproduced Stargate: Atlantis movie script, into a four-part comic book one-off.  They loved the idea and approached MGM about the idea.  And that was the last I heard of it.  Maybe they felt it would get the way of the planned reboot?  Too bad.  I think it would have been great fun for long-standing fans of the series.

Debra writes: “Any idea yet on when the series will be shown?”

Answer: Dark Matter will premiere this summer.  And maybe sooner than you think!  Official announcement still to come.

dasndanger writes: “What (if any) is the relationship between the world in Dark Matter, and our earth?”

Answer: Dark Matter is set in a distance future in which multi-corps have gone out and colonized other worlds in order to exploit their planetary resources.  These multi-planetaries are the big interstellar power players while the G.A. (Galactic Authority) ensures that law and order is maintained.  A smattering of independent worlds exist as well, former colonies and powerful family-run republics.  Earth is Homeworld Alpha.

Ponytail writes: “Have any of your visits to Tokyo (Robot Restaurant) influenced some of your writing/vision/color in Dark Matter?”

Answer: There’s a definite anime influence running through Dark Matter.  Some quite obvious; some less so.

Scott writes: “Will there be any epic space battles, with lasers and missiles and stuff?”

Answer: Yep.  Epic space battles.  Missiles, yes.  Lasers, not so much.

JustLookAtTheFlowers writes: “1. Will the episodes be serialized or stand-alone type episodes?”

Answer: The show will be heavily serialized.  Stuff happens EVERY EPISODE.  Twists, turns, ongoing character arcs.  Perfect for binge-watching.  Or viewing the night it airs to avoid potential office and online spoilers!

“2. When can we expect Syfy to start promoting this show with an updated website, interviews, trailers?!”

Answer: Yes.  April’s the month!

ivonbartokfans writes: “1. Is Zoie’s cat still around?”

1. Yep, Zoie’s cat, Cloverblob, is most definitely around.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my date with her did not exactly go as planned.  I sent Zoie the following text not long afterwards:

March 15, 2015: A Trip To The Post Office!  Mailbag!  Stargate!  Dark Matter!  And Cloverblob!

And we had the following exchange:

March 15, 2015: A Trip To The Post Office!  Mailbag!  Stargate!  Dark Matter!  And Cloverblob!

“2. How many cat t-shirts does everyone own? Who has the record?”

Answer: No idea.  But I’ve seen a varied bunch!

“3. Is Robert Cooper a possibility to direct an episode?”

Answer: Nope, but he did write one – the episode we’re presently shooting now, #107.

“4. Are you and Ivon doing March Madness this year?”

Answer: It’ll be tough since we’ll be on set – but we’ll definitely try to catch a few games.  Go Cyclones!

BoltBait writes: “I see that Terry Pratchett passed away today. I’ve never read any of his book but am inspired to. Where should I start?”

Answer: I started with Guards! Guards!  But the entire Discworld series is great.

PBMom writes: “And I too want to know if Jelly had her butt in the water bowl for any particular reasons?”

Answer: Because it was comfy?

JT writes: “Was wondering if you could write about how you select the directors for each episode, what they bring to it, what you’re looking for from them etc.”

Answer: We’ve selected directors based on our past experience with them (Paolo, Ron, John, and Lee through their past work with Jay and Vanessa), (Amanda, Bruce, Martin, John, and Andy through their past work with me), and whole-hearted recommendations (T.J. and T.W.).

mylhibug writes: “I’m rewatching all the SGU episodes and am reminded that I love the music from the show. My questions are as follows: Who picked the music for that show? Will Dark Matter have a similar feel when it comes to music? Is there a SGU soundtrack out there that can be purchased?”

Answer: The late great Joel Goldsmith was our music composer through all three Stargate shows.  Dark Matter will have a different feel when it comes to its music.  As far as I know, an SGU soundtrack was never released.

Tam Dixon writes: “How many seasons does the series bible outline?”

Answer: The series bible is in my head.  And it covers the entire journey of the ship’s crew.  Ideally, five season’s worth.

“How do you make chili oil and how do you eat it?”

Answer: Not sure but my guess is you drop a few chilis in some oil along with the appropriate herbs and let it all sit for a week so as to allow the flavours to infuse.

“Is the new guy David Hewlett?”

Answer: Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

anas bensidi writes: “Hi Mr Mallozzi, I just wanted to know if dark matter will be more like a guardians of the galaxy meets battlestar galactica thing with a more serialized tone to it or is it gonna be fun and light all the way as was SG1 for example or any show with the adventure of the week thing?”

Answer: Hmmmm.  Guardians of the Galaxy meets BSG sounds like fun!  Dark Matter will definitely be more serialized that SG-1 – but it will maintain a sense of humor.

Randomness writes: “Will we see any heart warming or memorable bonding moments between certain members of the ship’s crew this season?”

Answer: Yes.  Lots of nice bonding moments.  Also lots of nice antagonistic moments as well.

“Offworld, on a space station anywhere really, will we see moments where a crew member is interacting with someone who isn’t a member of the crew on their own in any significant capacity?”

Answer: Yep, plenty of those moments as well as we explore the individual backstories.

“Can we expect disagreements between the crew as to what direction a mission should take, or how a important decision should go?”

Answer: The crew aint one big happy family to start.  There WILL be some heated disagreements.

“When the crew aren’t doing anything important, we will see what they like doing in their downtime, like hobbies, or just refinement of skills, things like that?”

Answer: Yes, we’ll explore what they do on the ship on their off-time.  Also what they do for a little R&R when they hit the local space stations.

“Has to be asked, in terms of fight scenes, who do you think gets the most action?”

Answer: They all see action but, if I had to pick the crew’s top fighters, I’d definitely go with the ladies.

“Do you believe time travel stories have a place on Dark Matter?”

Answer: Sure, eventually.

“Which member of the crew would you say is the most diplomatic in a crisis situation?”

Answer: Definitely Two and Six.  They walk a fine line between the rest of our more opinionated crew members.

shaneac1 writes: “well Joe my question is has a trailer been put together to be viewed by the syfy channel and if so what was there reaction.”

Answer: Reaction to the prod cuts of episodes #101 and #102 has been overwhelmingly positive.  SyFy is working on the first trailers as I write this.

dasndanger writes: “Are any of the episodes completely done, and if so, have you watched them through, and if so, what do you think?”

Answer: We have a few locked cuts, but are still months away from finished episodes.  Music, color timing, and VFX take time.  I absolutely love everything I’ve seen – and am really looking forward to the fan response.  It’s gonna be huge!

Scott writes: “Will Dark Matter have an opening theme song and intro for each episode, similar to SG-1 and Atlantis, or will it be like SGU and many of the newer shows these days, with just a 5-second title clip and no music (hopefully not)?”

Answer: The latter.  Alas, most productions are moving away from those big opening theme songs in favor of shorter intros (that allow for more story screen time).

no1zoieplamerfan writes: “Any idea when we’ll finally get to see an image of the lovely Zoie Palmer the way she’ll appear as the Android?”

Answer: I expect we’ll start seeing those cast pics sometime in April.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “I’ll add my plaintive voice to Sylvia’s” Dark Matter swag would be really nice – will there be some available and when?”

Answer: Executive Producer Jay Firestone has already talked to me about the possibility of Dark Matter swag, from posters and t-shirts to exclusive models of ships and weaponry.  Stay tuned!

livingforcreativity writes: “When production wraps on Season 1, will you move back to Vancouver for the summer?”

Answer: Most definitely.  Akemi and I (and the dogs) head back to Vancouver in June.  I’ll hopefully be spinning stories for season 2 though July in August and then back here for production on Dark Matter‘s second season in winter of 2015.

“Are any of the other shows you were pitching still in development (with a real possibility of actually getting a ‘go’ order?)”

Answer: Yes.  I still keep hearing rumblings about A.K.A.

Lowriders95s10 writes: “Any idea when you will be releasing episode titles?”

Answer: I’ve been releasing episode titles all along: #101, #102, #103, #1o4, #105, #106, #107, #108, #109, #110, #111, #112, and #113!

bambamfans writes: “Good to hear Ron’s cutting the directorial mustard. I wish I could see dailies. They sound like fun. Do you have a viewing room or just watch on a laptop or TV?”

Answer: I watch the dailies on my laptop whenever I can pop back into my office between meetings.

Ponytail writes: “The correct spelling of whisky is W-H-I-S-K-E-Y! Whiskey! Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey!! The other way makes me think of cat hairs, whiskers!”

Answer: Depends what you’re drinking: http://www.thekitchn.com/whiskey-vs-whisky-whats-the-di-100476

Sylvia writes: “Please, what was name of realllllly smooth whiskey from Washington?”

Answer: Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey: http://www.dryflydistilling.com/whiskey/

21 thoughts on “March 15, 2015: A trip to the post office! Mailbag! Stargate! Dark Matter! And Cloverblob!

  1. @Ponytail: LOL!

    Seriously, as soon as I saw that I *did* think of Lulu. Sorry Akemi. But I can totally see a happy usagi now! 🙂

    Great mailbag. I was thinking about that SGA graphic novelization as I was reading the Firefly followup one, “Leaves on the Wind.” It’s such a great way to continue the series from an official source. Wish that would go ahead.

    Looking forward to the Dark Matter swag! I wonder if you’ll have those cool phone cases? I just upgraded to an iPhone 6 and am looking for a good case. (I did get a basic one from Staples, but it doesn’t offer a lot of protection, just grippiness.)

  2. Love reading all the Q and A’s.

    Cloverblob new decked out Kitty castle….I do believe you will be looking for a new car in your future

  3. Put me down for a couple of Dark Matter T-Shirts!

    Speaking of dogs, check out this new game!

  4. Great questions!

    “Answer: We’ve selected directors based on our past experience with them (Paolo, Ron, John, and Lee through their past work with Jay and Vanessa), (Amanda, Bruce, Martin, John, and Andy through their past work with me), and whole-hearted recommendations (T.J. and T.W.).”

    Is the “Martin” you are referring to Martin Wood? That would be awesome. Great bunch of directors you have. Will they all be back for season 2?

    Thanks for the Whiskey article. I guess that explains it. Renegades. I will always use “whiskey”. And don’t get me started on favor or flavor…behavior…

  5. Thank you Joe for taking the time, out of your day off, to answer all those questions.

  6. Waaiiit a minute:

    The law enforcers are known as G.A.???


    Yours with memories of the law & order bureaucracy,
    G.A. McCarroll

  7. PS–Tell Akemi that I liked Cinderella as a girl, but our 33-year marriage is based on reality rather than nightmares (or dreams).

  8. After reading the mailbag (so many great questions!), I didn’t realize how un-alien the show seems to be. And I’m surprised that there are only 13 episodes for the first season. I was wondering how many minutes you have per episode.

    Also a little sad that there is no specific theme for the show. For me, music has always been a big part of the experience. I hope there’s at least a fair amount within each episode.

    It was great to see Brad Wright and learn that he’s got some irons in the fire. I truly hope he gets a project going soon. Robert Cooper wrote a script? Fantastic! And David Hewlett would be absolutely totally awesome!!

    Glad that Akemi and the pups are doing well. But sorry to hear about your car.

  9. 1. It’s a bullrabbit.

    2. THANK YOU so much for answering my questions! I don’t always have real questions so I make them up sometimes just so I don’t feel like a bump on a log, but this time I did have real questions, and you really answered them! I especially appreciate the earth one – I guess that’ll make it easier to explain why everyone speaks English…they WILL be speaking English, right? And not that funny Canadian stuff you call ‘English’. 😉

    3. Obsessive bell-ringer right here. 😛 I also dump out the postal clerk’s penny dish, hide (or knock over) miscellaneous items they have at the counter, and steal their pens. It’s all in fun, however…and I can only do it when there isn’t a line, or when I think there isn’t a line. One time after I was playing around with the clerk creating all sorts of chaos (she was great because she was quick-witted and just about as mischievous as me), I turned to leave and standing right behind me the entire time – quiet as a church mouse – was my minister… with this twisted little smirk on his face. 😛 I immediately sent him a card and wrote, “What happens in the post office STAYS in the post office!”



  10. thanks for a great mailbag and for answering my question I have to say thanks to Sparrow_hawk for his question super excited that there might be swag and collectibles one sad regret I have is nobody ever produced a collectable model of the starship Destiny the design of that ship was beautiful and timeless. I just hope that Qmx doesn’t produce any thing even though their quality is the best their scale models are expensive maybe hot toys or sideshow collectibles hint hint .

  11. It must lift your spirits to have such a positive ‘force” at home! I bet her father gets a smile out of those cartoons she puts on the packages too. 🙂

    Thanks for answering EVERYONE’S questions. They thought of some things I should have asked.

    The series bible is in my head. I’m sure you talked it out with your writing partner. However, that makes you Irreplaceable/indispensable, right?

    I’ll look up chili oil recipes.

  12. Das: Love the P.O. Story! Thanks for the 😆

    Also, Thank You, Mr. M., for taking the time to post and answer questions! You’re schedule sounds exhausting.

  13. Great mailbag, that’s a lot of questions too lol. I didn’t realize so many had been asked, which is kinda cool.

  14. @Jay Firestone has already talked to me about the possibility of Dark Matter swag

    That would be neat, perhaps while he’s at it, personally I would like to see something super limited, perhaps in a competition done by either network airing the show to give away to a special fan/s.

  15. Gee, I forgot I had asked a question (actually just reiterated sylvia’s), but thanks for the answer! I’ll look forward to more news on the swag.

    And thanks for the educational information on whisky/whiskey. From now on it will get it right.

    @das: Another great story!

  16. Awesome mailbag! Thanks for answering my questions! 😀

    Though I have to agree with Paloosa. I miss those old days with the opening theme intros. But hopefully that means more VFX time with exciting space battles. Still can’t wait for the premiere.

  17. Found a box of old VHS tapes in my closet the other day. On one of them was a label that had a bunch of NBC’s Must See TV Thursday shows, followed by “Stargate”. No episode title on the label, not even “SG-1”, I guess it was too new of a show to me at the time to render such extensive information. 😉

    Well I popped the tape in and what was interesting about the Stargate SG-1 episode that was on there(First Commandment) was the first person I saw on screen was…..Roger Cross! Man he really hasn’t aged much at all! Sure, he’s bulked up a bit from then, but it was crazy to realize that he was in such an early episode of SG-1. And now here he is starring in DM. Cool stuff!

    Also, wanted to make another casting suggestion. If you need a bad guy, and a serious one at that, one that could be “THE” bad guy the team fights for a few episodes, I’d like to suggest Michael Rooker. The guy is amazing. Seems like he’d be perfect for a “good guy who ends up double crossing the other good guys and turns bad” kind of role. I know he’s been on SG before, Enemy Mine, I think, but man, the guy is fantastic. Truly underrated.

    -Mike A.

  18. Great questions and answers. I was thinking maybe Jelly was liking that fresh bidet-like feel.

    I liked some versions of Cinderella. As a child I preferred the one with Lesley Ann Warren and Stuart Damon (who went on to be Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital) from 1965. Maybe because I liked real people playing the roles instead of a cartoon. As an adult, I loved the Drew Barrymore version of “Ever After.” I can watch that movie over and over and never tire of it. My marriage is not nightmarish. Rough patches for sure, but not nightmarish.

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