“Come on, Alex.  What would Bruce Lee do?  Make it awesome!” – Actor Alex Mallari Jr., all mic’d up in preparation for another big training room sequence.  Dark Matter Episode #107, Day 2.

March 16, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr.!  Jamaican Patties!  Socks (the Wearing Kind)!  Socks (the Hitting Kind)!  And That New Android Scene!

More often than not, whenever we seek out Alex’s character, FOUR, we usually find him training.  Originally, I envisioned him working with swords but, after a couple of rehearsal sessions with stunt coordinator John Stead, it became clear that we didn’t have to limit ourselves.  Sure, Alex is dedicated and skillful enough to pull off an astounding double sword sequence in the opener – but his (character’s) expertise extends to other weapons as well.  So far, I believe, we’ve showcased his (character’s) proficiency with four different weapons.  And counting.

March 16, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr.!  Jamaican Patties!  Socks (the Wearing Kind)!  Socks (the Hitting Kind)!  And That New Android Scene!

“So, not so irie?”

– VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson today after Ivon and I complained that the pre-lunch Jamaican patties gave us indigestion.

March 16, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr.!  Jamaican Patties!  Socks (the Wearing Kind)!  Socks (the Hitting Kind)!  And That New Android Scene!
LBW (and his monitor) save the day at last weekend’s Dark Matter gallery shoot.

Oh, it could’ve been worse.  Much worse.  Four members of the crew were felled by this bug that’s been going around, dropping a cast member and another half dozen crew members last week alone!  Fortunately, I had the foresight to hire Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok for situations such as this.

March 16, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr.!  Jamaican Patties!  Socks (the Wearing Kind)!  Socks (the Hitting Kind)!  And That New Android Scene!
Out for his birthday dinner (aka – his payment in full for this Dark Matter gig).

From the hermetically sealed environs of my office, I can just give him orders or receive text message updates like: “Finished blocking scene #35” or “PB&J sandwiches at the craft table!” or “Anthony Lemke ate the last PB&J sandwich. Again.”

“I think something’s coming down with me.”

– Akemi, this morning, letting me know that her sore throat was the harbinger of a full-blown cold.

March 16, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr.!  Jamaican Patties!  Socks (the Wearing Kind)!  Socks (the Hitting Kind)!  And That New Android Scene!

It’s gotten so bad that, unable to speak, she’s had me do a guest intro for her recent Avocado Melt video recipe!

Sock of the Day!  Sock of the Day!

March 16, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr.!  Jamaican Patties!  Socks (the Wearing Kind)!  Socks (the Hitting Kind)!  And That New Android Scene!

Had our concept meeting for episode #108 today, and spent much of the day on set.   BIG fight sequence tomorrow with our special guest star who’ll be putting the beatdown on one of the boys.   Note: Dark Matter‘s first season will boast the most ass-kicking women this side of, well…

Finally, everyone seemed to love the new Android scene I wrote yesterday.  I was inspired by the unique talents Zoie Palmer displayed in her callback audition.  She is one diversely talented actress!

23 thoughts on “March 16, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr.! Jamaican patties! Socks (the wearing kind)! Socks (the hitting kind)! And that new Android scene!

  1. I’m glad to see that Ivon got treated for his birthday. I hope you got him cake!

    I guess that cold bug is going around up there too. A bunch of people here have had the same thing. And, it’s different than the one that went around in January, so there’s a good chance I could get this too. In fact, last night and today I’ve had the beginnings of a sore throat. 🙁 I can sympathize with poor Akemi! My voice isn’t gone yet though, thankfully.

    Speaking of $%^#%^% Winter, on the weekend we had about 40 more cm of snow here, and tomorrow night another 15 is expected. Saint John has now passed the record of the most snow per a Winter season, ever. (431cm – over 14 ft.)


  2. Hope everyone feels better soon. For Akemi’s sore throat, perhaps she could take a spoonful of honey to help soothe the discomfort.

    Zoie is a brilliant and versatile actress. She can do anything! 🙂 Gotta love her.

  3. Uh oh! Sending prayers Akemi’s way. Do you know how to make hot toddies? I agree with Lily, the honey helps (as does the whisky 😉 ).

    My suspected food poising last week turned out to be a stomach virus instead…everyone got it except my daughter Jackie who turned into a germaphobe and was squirting hand sanitizer on anything in the house that didn’t move (as well as a few things that did). I can’t argue her logic as she was the only one who didn’t get it.

    I tried to sanitize everything when I was sick, but when we still thought it was food poisoning, Barb kissed me on the forehead and that was apparently enough to let the genii out of the bottle.

    I hope you can dodge the bullet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you lysol’d everything in sight. Good luck!

  4. Zoie Palmer this!…and Zoie Palmer that!

    Zoie Palmer!
    Zoie Palmer!
    Zoie Palmer!

    Tease tease tease!

    Dark Matter matter matter!

    Joseph Mallozzi fans can only take *so* much.
    ….and July can’t get here soon enough.

    …and now….about Zoie Palmer…………………

  5. I hope Akemi gets to feeling better..nothing worse then a sore throat.

    I admit I have sock envy

    Zoie Palmer…I agree with Winst…its not nice to tease…LOL

  6. Why is it I check once twice three times and I STILL mess up my posts… no wonder my Avi looks like a deranged rabbit. I meant to say in the above post I will admit it I have sock envy

  7. Does Akemi like to chew gum? If so, get some cinnamon-flavour XYLITOL chewing gum at most health food stores – you can usually find it on the Counters. And also add half an aspirin into the gum. — Or, just buy some AspirGum… But my version is cheaper. oh, and alternate the Vitamin C and *D*. Also, a nice long simmering ONION SOUP sans cheese! And lots of crackers!

    — BTW, ANYONE-WITH-BABIES, try XYLITOL Drops.. The stuff is a natural anti-bacterial whatever and will help stave off those infant ear infections and sore throats.

  8. Hot toddies are the best. Make sure to use a good bourbon, and possibly a bit of cayenne.

  9. I hope Akemi shakes her cold off soon! I agree with the Hot toddy Rx. When my throat is scratchy or painful, I find that Chloraseptic drops/spray works well. It has Benzocaine that works as a numbing agent.

    JeffW: I’m glad your daughter didn’t get it! I do the same thing with sanitizer here, when the boys are sick. Sometimes it works. Good luck sealing yourself in a “clean room”, Mr. M.. May the force be with you.

    Can’t wait to see Alex in action! That reminds me, I need to work on my bo kata….

    aka – his payment in full for this Dark Matter gig I’ve seen some of the things he orders. It might be cheaper just to pay him.

    Cute socks!

  10. I blame the funky weather for weather ailments. I don’t think there’s anything really you can do to protect yourself beyond hoping for the best, if a cold is gonna strike its gonna strike, flu or otherwise lol.

  11. as much as I am not crazy to go to a dr. I went today, since this crap was hanging on, yep, I got something, so maybe it will get better soon,
    Hope Akemi feels better soon.
    The sock says it all,.,,love it..

  12. I haven’t had a cold or anything in about 4 years now. Tell Akemi, to take aspirin for the pain, gargle with warm salt water, and drink something constantly. Just carry around a glass of anything… ice cold water, milk, lemonade, soda, tea (hot or cold), anything except alcohol. She’ll get drunk.

    And NEVER EVER sniff. Let it flow or blow it out.

  13. A bad bug made it through this house last month. The sore throat was mostly too low in the throat to see, but I caught a glimpse of a couple streaks of the irritation and it was stabbingly red.

    My husband got a bacterial complication, but I was spared, probably because I was just coming off treatment of a different throat infection (BTW, don’t reheat fatty cuts of pork by microwaving). My anti-biotic was finished by the time the bug showed up, but I continued the ginger/turmeric tea and did lots of salt-water gargles.

    I am never the one to avoid bacterial complications so I’ll take it as a win. Scratch the win, I haven’t got all my hearing back yet.

  14. Aw, I hope Akemi feels better, nothing is worse than being sick in Winter. Time for the comfy robes and jasmine tea.

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