Holy crap!  Just finished my first draft of episode #113, the big season finale.  It comes in at a robust 57 pages and it is tremendous fun!  Twist after turn after surprise leading to the final shocker that will positively blow your minds.  Back when I first started developing the show, the show evolved around two colossal bombshell moments: the first being the final scene of episode #101, and the last being the final scene of episode #113.  Lots of mini-bombshells along the way but these particular reveals are going to stun and stagger, not only our main characters, but the cast – and, hopefully, you viewers who come along for what promises to be a wild and very enjoyable the ride.

Coincidentally, as I was in the midst of scripting #113, I received some surprise gifts from a couple of cast members:

March 14, 2015: The End Draws Near!  That’s My Final Dark Matter First Draft!

Whisky marmalade from the notoriously camera-shy Melissa O’Neil.

March 14, 2015: The End Draws Near!  That’s My Final Dark Matter First Draft!

And these delightfully decadent brownies from Alex Mallari Jr.

Wonder what Anthony Lemke is going to get me?  I bet it’s going to be amazing.  I can’t wait!

I’ll do another pass on #113 this week, then send it Paul’s way so he can do his pass.  After that, it’s in Jay’s hands and, after we implement his notes, the script will finally go out.  And I’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and focus on other things: editing, prepping, producing, rewriting…and plotting out season 2.  Fear not!  I know exactly where we’re headed!

Feeling very good.  Off to prep some potatoes for tonight’s dinner and, time permitting, maybe even get some reading in.  These are titles I’ve been dying to get around to…

March 14, 2015: The End Draws Near!  That’s My Final Dark Matter First Draft!

March 14, 2015: The End Draws Near!  That’s My Final Dark Matter First Draft!

March 14, 2015: The End Draws Near!  That’s My Final Dark Matter First Draft!

March 14, 2015: The End Draws Near!  That’s My Final Dark Matter First Draft!

March 14, 2015: The End Draws Near!  That’s My Final Dark Matter First Draft!

So, whatcha reading?

In the case of our cast and crew, it’ll be #113 very soon…

18 thoughts on “March 14, 2015: The end draws near! That’s my final Dark Matter first draft!

  1. Woohoo! I can’t wait to see the show, and I do really, really hope there’s a season 2 (and 3 and 4 and..) to see how that turns out.

    Currently, I’m reading Joe Abercrombie’s “Red Country”, which took a while to get into, but now is really good. Also, after binge watching all of the “Firefly” series and the movie, I ordered the “Serenity: Leaves on the Wind” graphic novel (the compiled full series) which I just got, which is very good so far as well.

    Next in the queue is Abercrombie’s “Half a King”. Or maybe Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”. We’ll see.

  2. I can’t wait to see the show.

    When have a moment, flick me an email. I have an idea for you to consider.

  3. How can you do all that you do ( you know – produce a tv show) and STILL find time to read? You need a new nickname: Superman!
    Can’t wait to see Dark Matter on the television!

  4. marmalade and brownies….you got my attention right there!! now I’m hungry..

    You have some interesting reads listed. I love the fact that you make time to read books on the side with your busy schedule. That is wonderful.

    I am currently reading “Hallucinations” by Oliver Sacks. I definitely recommend checking this out.

  5. Oh, I just finished reading “You Are Not a Stranger Here” by Adam Haslett. Another great read, highly recommend this as well.

  6. When you hand out your script to episode 113, get some pictures or video of the cast reading it for the first time and their reaction. That would be a hoot.

    I got some oreos. I’ll trade you 2 oreos for one of those brownies. Okay?

  7. oooo! brownies!

    So, whatcha reading?
    operation mincemeat: how a dead man and a bizarre plan fooled the nazis and assured an allied victory by ben macintyre

  8. I am currently reading The Lions of Al Rassan from Joe’s book list. And I read Mistress of the Art of Death, also from Joe’s book list, and enjoyed it very much.

    But I recently read The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison. Highly recommended.

    I baked a Dutch Apple Pie to celebrate the day. And das managed to post to me on Facebook at a.m. AND p.m.

  9. Any idea yet on when the series will be shown?

    Your blog has been woefully lacking in bacon items, so Alex Malari can step up and fill that void and you can, of course, share some with me. 🙂

  10. hey Joe I don’t know if you have kept up in the frontlines novels by marko kloos but I just wanted to give you a heads up that the third in the series Angles of attack comes out next month I believe on the 17th of April I’m looking forward to reading it.

  11. It sounds like the cliff-hanger is going to be great! Any idea how long the break will be? That could be torture is SyFy drags it out too long…

    I’ve been trying to get back to my pile of books to read, but travel (driving) and college prep days for our daughter have been getting in the way. And the last couple of days were spent in Flint Michigan going through all of the requirements to get Jackie started in her co-op. It’s been fun but exhausting.

    We did get to spend Pi Day on an engineering campus…the puns abounded. We had Pi(e), we had t-shirts, we had posters of various equations equaling Pi. I’m a little Pi’d out at the moment.

    We have to be back in Flint in a couple of weeks again for the co-op job fair, so more to continue.

  12. Currently reading “The Looming Tower.” I would like to have a go at one of Joe Abercrombie’s books.
    I will have to wait a bit longer than most to see the show, maybe in later if Netflix or another outlet picks it up.

  13. @Any idea how long the break will be?

    I could see it being a long one. Especially if you look at Defiance and other shows. I’m actually hoping Dark Matter would be a summer series yearly, there’s not much on TV then anyway.

  14. Oh and I was watching Aldnoah Zero Ep 22 recently and genuinely can’t see the story wrapping up this soon, nothing really has been resolved and if they end it then and there at Episode 24 that would be quite terrible. Though I’m hoping if they do a third season they change the formula a bit, having Inaho defeat a new Vers Count most weeks that’s piloting a machine with a unique ability can be a bit tedious lol.

    And Log Horizon is another one I hope gets a third season. So far I’ve thought the story has been quite decent, people seem to complain about it being slow at times, but they did do quite a few episodes full of nothing but action at the start.

    And Durarara x2 Sho has been fairly decent this season, though the studio has made a fair few glaringly obvious animation mistakes, I hope they fix for the home video release anyway, the season wraps in 2 episodes, with a third season due to start in July I believe.

  15. What can you tell us about that planned Stargate Extinction comic book that never was.

  16. I’m finishing up the last hundred pages of Book of Life; I like anything with an Oxford setting, Possession, Endeavour, Gray Matter.

    Those brownies look amazing. So good you’ll dream about them for years to come. I’m imagining how tasty they’d be with icecream.

  17. How exciting. I just finished up Mockingjay. I’ve been working on that book for 2 years now. No judgments. No laughing (except for me since that is pretty pathetic).

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