Errands, errands, and more errands.  And I still didn’t have time to get around to a couple of them.

Despite the fact that our apartment is an island of dog beds, that hasn’t stopped us from picking up a few more.  Like this one we thought might be too tiny and tiny but Lulu manages to squeeze into all the same –

December 7, 2014: The Weekend Roundup!

I suspect she’s just hiding out in case Akemi decides to make her wear a silly hat for her walk.  Although, to be fair, as silly as that hat may look on her, Lulu’s got nothing on this dog we met this weekend –

December 7, 2014: The Weekend Roundup!

Rather  than leave anything to chance, I decided to test the Bourbon Brown Butter Cookie recipe I want to use for the upcoming Dark Matter cookie exchange (When: Monday, December 15th. Where: The Raza docked at Space Station 41-11B).  And good thing I did because the recipe was, in a word, crap.  Even with the addition of extra butter, bourbon, and eggs, it didn’t bind properly, resulting in a test batch of what looked more like scones rather than cookies –

December 7, 2014: The Weekend Roundup!They tasted okay and I actually preferred the plain ones over the ones with the milk chocolate chunks because the chocolate masked the bourbon flavor.  A subsequent batch using white chocolate was much better, but the texture was still disappointing – dry and crumbly over the soft and chewy I was gunning for.

And so, we’re starting over with an all new recipe and all new batch.  We’re going to chill the dough overnight and will experiment with the new, improved version of our (Maybe Maple?) Bourbon and Brown Butter (with white chocolate/milk chocolate and nuts?) tomorrow.

Speaking of bourbon, Dark Matter Visual Effects Supervisor swung by my place today for a day of football.  His Mighty Hyphens and my Snow Monkeys are two of eight teams battling out in our Fantasy Football League first round playoff weekend.  He’s in a hard-fought battle while I am hoping Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb play lights-out tomorrow night to give us the win.  Anyway, Lawren came over bearing an early Christmas gift –

December 7, 2014: The Weekend Roundup!

I’ll open it tomorrow night to celebrate my Snow Monkeys victory and advance to the semi-finals against The Mighty Merkins!

11 thoughts on “December 7, 2014: The weekend roundup!

  1. For Christmas, I’m going to get my Maggie beagle one of those style beds like Lulu has and see if she likes it. I think she will.

  2. Chilling the dough helps keep the shape. Browned butter is yummy! I wonder…are you adding in the butter melted? You could try letting it solidify but still soft, when you mix it with the sugars. Dark brown sugar will give a chewer cookie. Can’t wait until you perfect it. Good luck @Akemi!

    I’m mixing up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies with toffe bits and decorated with M & M’s. Kids love those! I’ll bake them tomorrow.

  3. You are wise to try again. No one like dry, lumpy cookies and you risk an awkward social/culinary faux-pas among your peers at the office.

    As far as that poor pug goes, I’m not sure of the reasoning behind covering up perfectly functioning real ears with fluffy-pink, non-operational ones. Pug says, what?

    Anyway, came across this today. Browsing this site is also vaguely disturbing.

  4. Good luck with your cookies, it sounds like a case of trial and error, hopefully you’ll make that breakthrough 🙂

  5. Your cookies got me to thinking, I better get on the stick and start baking. So today was gingerbread cookies and root beer cookies. Need to make some peanut butter fudge soon, got a craving. And I do share ,,,well some of them. Love this time of year! Bake On!! I do hope you found a yummy solution to the cookie stuff.

  6. I saw a thing on the science of chocolate chip cookies somewhere… melted butter makes them turn out differently, and there are ways around that. But I don’t recall the specifics. Or find the link. But it is out there on the interwebs….

  7. My niece made Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies and they were perfectly round. She said she mixed all the ingredients together then rolled each cookie into a ball and placed them on a baking sheet. Then she place them in the freezer about 15 minutes to harden the butter back up. When they cooked, they spread out and formed a perfectly round cookie. Warm butter makes them spread every which way.

  8. The perfect Toll House cookies are made with half butter for crispness and half margarine for chewiness/ Okay. Now you know my secret. I may have to hunt all of you down…

  9. Poor Lulu, poor poor Lulu. Fortunately most dogs do not know the concept of mirrors.
    One of my facebook friends did posted a video of people who put booties on their dogs. With the sensory depravation, it turned into some really hilarious watching of the dogs at their expense. Poor Lulu.

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