December 8, 2014: Snow Monkeys Win!  Let’s Celebrate With Dog Videos!

That’s it!  My Snow Monkeys move on to the semi-finals to take on The Mighty Merkins!

Let’s celebrate with doggy videos…

First up, Bubba finally has enough of Lulu’s noisy toy-playing:

Next season on Discovery Channel’s “Eaten Alive”:

9 thoughts on “December 8, 2014: Snow Monkeys Win! Let’s celebrate with dog videos!

  1. oh….myyyyyyy. Congrats with the Snow Monkeys…and now to move on up.
    yeah, Lulu was a bit high on the noise scale with the bells and the – whatever that was. DId the bow survive the chewing?

    More important, did you survive the chewing? Hope that is not an important finger for making Dark Matter happen.

  2. SWEET doggie videos!! I’m glad Bubba put his foot (paw) down. Lulu and her noisy toy was getting on my nerves too. And what did you expect would happen when you stick your finger in a dog’s mouth (an embarrassed-
    because-she-can’t-pick-out-her-own-clothes dog)?

  3. Congratulations on the Snow Monkeys’ success, Joe! Good luck i the semifinals.

    And I’m completely in agreement with Bubba – that is one annoying squeaky toy.

  4. Where did you get that squeaky one?, love getting them for my neighbors dogs, too fun, he loves the noisy ones the most. and I just love giving them to him.(the neighbor, she not so happy,,lol) I was thinking we would see the open bottle of Blanton’s in celebration,snow monkeys, dogs playing,lets celebrate!!
    ~~thanks for cookie hints everyone, I won’t tell a soul where I got them…

  5. Haha! Bubba throws the hammer down!

    Congrats on the Snow Monkey’s success!

    Tonight is the series finale of Sons of Anarchy. I’m going to be all sad face tonight. =(

  6. Attack of the jingle pups!

    I made homemade doggie treats for all the neighbor dogs, and for my Secret Santa giftee’s pup. SO far my testers have enjoyed them, pumpkin peanut butter, and pumpkin apple bacon. I almost ate them myself.

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