Prep continues on Dark Matter!  The other day, we had our follow-up gun meeting as we move toward arming our kick-ass crew.  It’s a dangerous galaxy out there!

November 26, 2014: Welcome To The Gun Show – Part Ii!

The inspiration for the weapon of choice the Ferrous Corp soldiers (corporate guards) will be carrying.  Each corporation (Ferrous Corp, The Mikkei Combine, Traugott, Volkov-Rusi) will have a different color scheme – basic black with color elements and corporate emblems – reflected in their gear and guns.

Suggested changes – in addition to the aforementioned color schemes – including a build on the stalk and chunking out and squaring off the barrel for more heft.

November 26, 2014: Welcome To The Gun Show – Part Ii!

The inspiration for One and Four’s sidearms.  Something simple for both as One is not a gun enthusiast while Four’s weapon of choice is the katana.  Comes with a detachable light source.

November 26, 2014: Welcome To The Gun Show – Part Ii!Alterations include the addition of a side scope.

November 26, 2014: Welcome To The Gun Show – Part Ii!

The base model for Two’s gun.  I wanted something sleek and easy to handle.

November 26, 2014: Welcome To The Gun Show – Part Ii!

And refashioning the barrel to a more pronounced snout.  She would sport two, one in each hip holster, for balance.

November 26, 2014: Welcome To The Gun Show – Part Ii!

The model for Three’s big-ass gun (Bubba).  Pretty damn big!  He’ll lug this one around – in emergency cases – but will otherwise rely on his sidearm (Lulu).

November 26, 2014: Welcome To The Gun Show – Part Ii!

And the base model for Six’s weapon of choice  = the sawed-off shotgun which will fit snugly in the holster strapped to his back.  All he’ll have to do is reach up over his shoulder for a quick unslinging and he’ll be ready to rock.

14 thoughts on “November 26, 2014: Welcome to the Gun Show – Part II!

  1. Agreed on losing the top for Two’s gun. Also, it’s a good thing these are color-coded, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell all these corporations apart otherwise!

    As promised, here’s some pictures from my hike today in Bryce Canyon National Park

  2. Are these gauss guns or chemically powered? A new compact power source is needed,,,something about one percent as powerful as a nuke(fission) source would still be 50 times more energy dense than our current best energy densities, (thinking of C4)…this would require some serious tech advances…but it would be way cool for weaponry.

  3. Is he actually going to call them Bubba and Lulu in the show? If so, I think that’s brilliant. And I’m hoping for one episode where he pulls out an obscenely oversized gun that he calls “Maximus”.

  4. interesting, you seem to be copying a weapon from the “new” xenonauts game in image 6. well, lets see if theyll have a problem with that…

  5. No “pirate gun”?
    No dazzler weapons??

    Shot with a look.
    Killed by the word.

    BTW… that picture…Jason Ehl kind of looks like an older
    version of Jessie Pinkman from Breaking Bad.

  6. Im not really a fan of the A.P.S. uar but i understand is cheap to equip a lot of corporate minions. But the bottom mod dont works for me.

  7. @ gforce – I’ve been crazy-busy, but just wanted to let you know that the pictures you’ve been posting are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    @ Joe – I am very disappointed that this entry did not include you shirtless and flexing your muscles. I mean, I totally get your play on words, but I still thought you’d be clever enough to slip in a picture of yourself, just to throw us off a bit.

    Or maybe, to make us just…ya know…throw up… 😉



  8. @ Keith – LOVE the dog names for the guns!!

    @ gforce – LOVING all your AWESOME pictures!!

    Happy Thanksgiving America!! Break time is over, now back to the kitchen!

  9. Cool guns, cute nicknames!

    Ah, Bryce, so amazing. Just the right amount of snow to be pretty. Darn cold up there though. I’ve been on that trail, although a long time ago. Where next, gforce? Have you been to Goblin Valley? Best state park ever.

  10. Very nice pictures gforce. Some “out of this world” back drops.

    Joe, Could I get one of the guns in a .38/.357cal. Multipurpose fragmentary ceramic ammo semi/auto main gun with a 20 mm shape charged grenade launcher? Or maybe a single barrel electromagnetic stablizer for multi sizes and speed?
    The big gun reminds me of a prop Claudia Black might be familiar with.

    Another scientist with cureous wardrobe inventory?

  11. I too appreciate the pictures and the updates.

    I’ve never been fond of seeing firearms bulked up for no apparent reason in TV shows. They always look like they were made larger or different for no reason other than to make them look sort of futuristic. I would think in the future they would have case-less rounds, with the propellant in a tank, or one for fuel, hydrogen, and one for oxygen, and about 10 times as many bullets in the magazine. Then it’s more like a BB gun, except with highly explosive hydrogen and depleted uranium bullets.
    Just my two cents worth, probably over estimated in value.

    An example of a case less firearm is the Heckler & Koch G11, which uses a special type of explosive formed into rounds with the bullets.

    Very illegal in Canada, case less firearms are banned.

    So, these guys are going to have amnesia, but are walking around on a spaceship with some bad ass guns? Are the walls really thick on the spaceship?

  12. I love this update and I like where things are going with the armaments. But, a scope on a pistol? Nope, not realistic at all. Not even by today’s standards. The only people that really use scopes on handguns are the big game guys who have it on a huge .44 Magnum (like a Ruger Super RedHawk with at least a six inch barrel) or those that do the high precision .22cal target shooting competitions. Basically, it’s just not done in normal circumstances, especially close quarters combat where a handgun would be most warranted and most effective.

    Now, if you were to make that side attachment some sort of aiming laser that actually was damaging in some way as well, that’d be pretty slick. Just think, One could point it at someone with the laser dot on their chest in a tense standoff moment and say something like, “You smell that something burning? That’d be your jacket where I’ve got my (insert gun name here) aimed and you’ve got about 5 seconds to make up your mind before that laser’s finished with your fabrics and starts working it’s way through you.”

    You could also make it some sort of “smart round” attachment. Where it launches some sort of homing device that sends the subsequent fired rounds to that exact same location. Kind of like Zorg’s Instant Replay feature from The Fifth Element mixed with DARPA’s current “smart round” sniper technology:

    Just some ideas….. you can use either or both of these, they’re are free. I’ve got other ideas, but those might cost you a box of macarons. 😉

    -Mike A.

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