“Tastes like old man who likes pachinko.”

– Akemi on the smoked trout I picked up last weekend.

November 25, 2014: Akemi Opining, Snow Monkeys Winning, Doggies Relaxing!

Well look at which team is sitting in second place in our fantasy football League of Accommodation.  Yep, my Snow Monkeys, on the strength of a close-shave two-point victory this past weekend, wrapped up a playoff spot and are gunning for the #1 seed heading into this final weekend.  Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe guest star Thobias Slezak’s Mighty Merkins also snagged a playoff berth as did longtime Stargate Executive Producer Robert Cooper’s Landsharks and former Stargate script coordinator/present Dark Matter Visual Effects Supervisor Lawren-Bancroft Wilson’s Fighting Hyphens.  Our buddy Ivon’s team, The Running Dead, hope a win will secure him on of the final spots.  Sadly, Stargate VFX Supervisor Mark Savela’s Savela Skitterers and Orphan Black writer-producer Alex Levine (last year’s champ) are out of the running this year.

November 25, 2014: Akemi Opining, Snow Monkeys Winning, Doggies Relaxing!
Yeah! Playoffs, baby!

A couple of weeks ago we were at a pet shop looking for new doggy beds when I came across one I thought the dogs would love.  Akemi thought I was crazy, insisting the beds were too small.  And they are.  But that’s exactly why I knew my dogs would love ’em.  Bubba enjoys nestling into the laundry hamper so I just knew he’d take a liking to my purchase.  And I was right!

November 25, 2014: Akemi Opining, Snow Monkeys Winning, Doggies Relaxing!
Kinda squishy

Lulu, on the other hand – well, there’s no telling how she’ll make use of her dog bed…

November 25, 2014: Akemi Opining, Snow Monkeys Winning, Doggies Relaxing!

11 thoughts on “November 25, 2014: Akemi opining, Snow Monkeys winning, doggies relaxing!

  1. I have a medium~ish dog bed on the foot of my bed. It fits two cats, Harry, the 18 pounder, and 11 pound Oide, nested into his tummy when the weather cools. Until one wakes up the other, and they tussle, and run around at three in the morning. Mostly it is Harry’s bed. He sprawls.

    Ah, Bryce Canyon. My favorite. Just amazing. I was there with my brother once, in winter, and the mule deer came up begging to the car. Yeah, you are not supposed to feed them… yep.

  2. Clever misplacement of my hyphen. Little do you realize I’m just positioning myself for a playoff run that will allow us to face off in the final.

  3. Whether you’re a Dog or a Hermit Crab, you can never go wrong with “Houndstooth”!

  4. Congrats on the Snow Monkeys making it to the playoffs. 😀

    Bubba looks comfortable so it seems like it was a good choice. Very interesting move with her bed on Lulu’s part.

    Who has the Clueless team? Unless my glasses are failing me, I didn’t see it mentioned.

  5. Second place is the first loser. No one remembers who finished second. Go get ’em Monkeys!

  6. When my son was a baby, swaddling calmed him. I wonder if small beds are a kind of a self-swaddling? Who really knows but it’s cute!

    Reminds me of a comment hubby had last night while watching Star Trek. Jim Kirk says “There’s something out there, it moves like a cat”. My hubby, “Does he mean it climbs a tree and looks down with distain?”

  7. As long as they’re happy, that’s the main thing. Animals do the most random of things at times. Anyways, team Clueless looks like it’s doing quite well. Where as the Flemish Giants are last, never a good place for anyone lol. I assume people are listed in rank order on it anyway.

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