October 27, 2014: Introducing Elliot Sokolsky!
Getting those llamas through customs

Remember the character of Radar O’Reilly in M*A*S*H*?  Not the later naive Iowa farm boy he turned into, but the astute and wily operator we’re initially introduced to – the clever contriver who could always manage to get his hands on the most elusive of items: chocolates, meds, a jeep.  If you needed something, Radar was the guy to call on.  Well, I’ve got a feeling that Elliot Sokolsky is our Radar O’Reilly. Sure, his official title is Development and Business Affairs Coordinator, but I suspect that’s just a cover designation.  “When you want to know the secret way home, come see me,”he told me on my first day in the office, dangling that speedy backstreet shortcut like a black market ham.  Whenever I walk by his office, he’s either on the phone or deeply engrossed in some unseen online task (ie. ensuring that shipment of llamas gets through customs).  And, curiously, no matter where he’s looking, or how far outside his office I may be loitering, he always seems to sense my presence, like a clairvoyant detecting the energy of dawdling spirits.  I suspect I may have cause to call on his unique skill set at several points during my stay here.  Especially come episode 9 when I’ll need to get my hands on those rare albino meerkats.

October 27, 2014: Introducing Elliot Sokolsky!
It’s the little things.

Our two-day L.A. auditions kicked off today while, back here on the home front, construction commenced on our ship, The Raza.  Super secret behind the scenes sneak peeks to come!

19 thoughts on “October 27, 2014: Introducing Elliot Sokolsky!

  1. Hi, Elliot! For some reason, his distressed expression reminds me of Carl Binder…

  2. Hmm, since you have a Cheque Requisitions desk, I’ll take one, or two, or a few. I’ll let you decide on the amount. I’m not particular. I do like lots of zeros behind a number, however. Uh, no, the first number should never be zero. See, I knew what you were going to do there. I’m Radar too!

  3. G’day Radar! Er, Elliot! You know you’re gonna be called Radar for the rest of the production, right?

    Bonus points for spelling “cheque” correctly! Although it does look like a hopper that feeds into a shredder!

    If anyone is looking for some scares this Halloween then I can recommend this:

  4. Wellcome Elliot.


    Elliot spoke to Jay:
    – I think Natalie has found a series based on a comic with a lot of potential and no respect for mathematics.

    Jay replied to him:
    – But I would choose this time one serie with the scripts of my hairdresser’s aunt.

    Elliot told Jay:
    – But the comic is written by Stargate´s Joe Mallozzi & Paul Mullie and also we have never done a series in a spaceship and we have a lot of carpets for recycling.

    Jay replies:
    – Well, in that case I agree.


    Then Elliot joins Joe & Paul:
    – Guys, we are the perfect Production Company for your serie.

    Joe responds:
    – But Paul needs a load of llamas for his house and i some albino meerkats to replace the baboons that scaped to Bolivia following my last assistant.

    Joe Elliot tells:
    – That would not be a problem Joe, we have Alison that not only help you to improve your figure skating but also knows where all things are kept in our wharehouse and that in itself is a remarcable feat. I’ll take care of the llamas and meerkats.

    Joe responds:
    – In that case, I think we can fix it. Deal, I’ll convince
    Paul to accept.


    Finally, Elliot meets with Vanessa:
    – Vanessa, I heard that in Syfy´s Contents Acquisitions, are desperately looking for a science fiction serie that resembles Noah’s Ark, llamas, meerkats, androids and carpets throughout with a large cast, huddled together as they were an Indian reality show.

    – But I have several similar project series, even one with a Golden Retriever and albino aliens.

    – Yeah but Jay told me that it´s a priority liquidate our carpets overstock, over all other considerations.

    – In that case … considered that the series is sold.

  5. Very exciting!

    They did water down Radar, didn’t they. Don’t do that to Elliot!

    Construction on the ship? Ooooooo! Sneak peek to come? Woohoo!

    I’m sure the LA auditions will go well.

    How are the puppies adjusting?

    And remember everyone, we turn our clocks back an hour Saturday night. I like to think of it as time travel.


  6. Ooooh….”Super secret behind the scenes sneak peeks” of The Raza have me all aflutter!

    Hey Elliot!

  7. Off-topic…

    Joe, I had yet another dream about you. This time my sister came home to tell me that you were at a small convention/festival…in our childhood backyard. I went out and sure enough, there you were on stage, talking about your new show! I was able to meet you, and right away you wanted to meet my mom to give her a hug. We found her sitting under a tree eating fruit from said tree (the fruit looked like lumpy red fungus, but she swore it tasted like strawberries). You gave mom a hug and sat under the tree talking with us for a long time. The end.

    I’m pretty sure that over the past 5 or 6 years, I’ve had more dreams about you than I’ve had about my own husband. Ya know, we really have to stop meeting like this. 😛


  8. Welcome to Elliot!, he does look a bit serious there, Joe don’t work him too hard, show him foodie stuff, and your knowledge!, desserts come to mind. Enjoy the day.

  9. Hey Elliot!

    The “Radar” moniker might be hard to keep up with, but it looks like you have it well in hand.


    That was like one of those comedy skits where you have to incorporate random items in the dialog (“give me a skit that has a farmer, a koala, and haggis…go!”) Great job sir! 😀

  10. I thought the girls were going to rule as they did out number the guys. Now it’s even. Any former Stargate crew members on this new show?

    Did you get moved again? Maybe we could get a picture tour of your new digs? (I’ve been watching too much HGTV)

    @ skua – 😆 😆 I love your “writing accent”.

  11. So you mean Elliot is like the Radar from the movie with Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland rather than the one from the TV series (at least later in the series).

    Welcome, Elliot.\

    @das: You have nice dreams. Lately, mine have been strange and scary.

  12. Welcome Eliot!

    Have you seen Mash lately? I caught it on a few months ago. It still makes me laugh. Especially, when Radar was getting blood from his commander while the guy was sleeping. I’m sure the commander kept waking up more tired than when he went to bed! 🙂

  13. Wow, things are moving fast, can’t wait to meet the crew. How do you pronounce Raza? Does it sound like Ra’s al Ghul, like Razor or like La Raza?

  14. I’d like to see Lulu meet Elliot. He has Ivon-hair. I bet she would be all over him. She would be like… “JeffW who?” And Ivon would be saying…”what about me?!!”

  15. @ Sparrowhawk – I’ve had strange and scary ones lately, too. I think it’s from eating too late at night. 😛


  16. Ha…reading the comments section is very entertaining. It reminded me a an old comic I saved years ago.

    A group of kids are sitting on an old fallen tree trunk.

    In order they speak:

    “We’re on a spaceship whizzing to Mars.”
    “”We’re on a horse riding to Laredo.”
    “We’re on a sailboat to Tahiti.”
    “We’re on a Concorde flying to Paris.”

    And my favorite little kid is speaking to the dog:

    “I’m on a tree trunk with a bunch of crazies.”

    LOL…I love this blog.

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