October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

Thanks to all of you inquiring about Bubba and his separation anxiety issues.  He’s actually doing much better now as I suspect he’s grown a little more comfortable in the new place.  Unfortunately, we move to the even newer place tomorrow – so let’s hope it’s an easier adjustment.  I have noticed, however, an increasing dependency on Akemi.  When he’s out for a walk with her, he stubbornly refuses to head back home – but when he’s with me, he can’t wait to return to the condo and, presumably, be reunited with his one true love.

October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

No sooner is one doggy issue addressed than another crops up.  Before leaving for Toronto, I had a bump on Lulu’s hind paw tested.  The results came back “I got no idea” and it was suggested the growth be excised and tested.  The vet we saw here suggested that, before going that route, we try soaking Lulu’s paw in warm water and epson salts to see if that shrunk the growth.  Well, not only did it NOT shrink it but now, there’s another lump on her paw beside the first one!  Guess I’ll be bringing her in this week for another consult.

October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

This weekend, we finally hit the St. Lawrence Market where, in addition to picking up some local produce at the Saturday farmer’s market, I sampled some of the local culinary eats.  Like the bacon sandwich – you have a choice between sweet and savory – which was actually ham…but delicious nevertheless.

October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

And one of my very favorite sandwiches – veal and eggplant park with jalapeño and sautéed onions.

October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

And, oooh, custard tarts.

October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

We visited Silver Snail Comics at their new – farther 🙁 – location where I perused the books, and tried their nutella latte.  Check out some of the hero and villain-theme concoctions.

 October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!Among the many things we miss about Vancouver is the workout room in our basement.  Back home, we could head down at any time of night and get in a workout.  Here in Toronto, if we want to use the hotel gym, we need to get there before 8:00 p.m. on weekends.  Otherwise, we’re out of luck.  Pictured above: a devastated Akemi.

October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

Did anyone watch football this weekend?  Did you see the Indianapolis Colts get trounced by that team made up of convicts on day release from the federal pen.

October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

Celebratory hug!  My Snow Monkeys are on their way to another impressive win in fantasy football league play, improving their record to 5-3 (following an 0-2 start; all three losses coming by 3 points or less).  I smell playoffs!  And wet fur!

19 thoughts on “October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

  1. Glad Bubba is doing well. Sounds like he just needed some alone and quiet time with his favorite – Akemi. When you move again, she will have to sit down and cuddle with him.

    Poor Lulu. It could be a wart from kissing JeffW. 😉

  2. Did anyone watch football this weekend? Did you see the Indianapolis Colts get trounced by that team made up of convicts on day release from the federal pen.

    i thought they were some sort of mutant bees 😉 😆

    but seriously, those “throwback” uniforms are crazy. just as crazy as those “futuristic” uniforms the NFL had the teams wear for a game several years ago.

  3. LOL @Ponytail.

    Glad Bubba is doing better. Hope Lulu’s whatevers are nothing serious.

    Congrats to the Snow Monkeys for another win! 😀

  4. Hello… Hope the move goes well and the dogs settle. Jelly’s pram looked divine… is Lulu coping without her Ivon fix? Forgot to ask Ivon if he is coping….

    Yes I watched football…. suffered my second loss *sigh*…. I was up against Tom Brady who scored 47 points and 3 of my players scored 2 a piece. Time to make some changes.

    Cheers, Chev

  5. Does the new place have a gym that is actually open?

    I pray the vet finds a good benign answer to Lulu’s bumps! Make sure and give Bubba extra attention. I hope the move doesn’t set off a barking marathon. 🙁

    Ponytail: 😆

    Hubby has another vacation day today. Wish me luck getting him to work out with me at the YMCA (FYI-they open at 5 on weekdays) this morning. He’s not a morning person. 🙁

  6. After a hectic weekend trip. Again with wifi.
    Wellcome Natalie, she looks very well to do the Seven part. And since on my side of the multiverse division by zero is defined i must say:
    a = b
    a² = ab
    a² – b² = ab – b²
    (a – b)(a + b) = b(a – b)
    a + b = b
    b + b = b
    2b = b
    2 = 1
    I think bubba is a little depressed with the change and just look plain coddle and Akemi is very good doing that. I hope Jelly get well soon.
    I think it’s best that all actors are new. Although guests can be known.
    i think Do not fitting that the robot is the oldest character, but I need an older character as one is very young. This Would strengthen the sense of a dysfunctional family.
    Good luck with the new house.

  7. Hope Lulu’s bumps get better soon. My cat also had one small one on her neck, but the vet said it was no cause for concern at all.. will keep an eye on it.. xo

    so glad that you are going full on with Dark Matter! the characters sound so amazing ! well done 🙂 can’t wait!

    Best of luck in Toronto! It is only short term I take it for the 13 episodes so, right?

  8. @astrumporta – I think you can get away with Crusher-level brilliance if you go with an intentional Aspie because it’s not “awesome in every way”. It can be awesome in some areas, sometimes very narrow areas, struggling in others. My nine-year old was grilling a physics professor about aerodynamics the other day, yet he does arithmetic like an average fourth-grader and can’t tie his shoes.

    I guess you do run the risk of stereotyping the Aspie as a savant. My kid isn’t a savant, though, as far as I can tell. He’s just obsessed with one topic to the exclusion of everything else and can seem advanced when talking about that one topic.

  9. Longmire hasn’t been picked up yet, so Kate Sackhoff might be available. She’s kickass in everything I’ve seen her in. Loved her in Riddick.

  10. Mmmmmmmm…a Peameal Bacon Buttie at St. Lawrence Market…oh how I miss that…best bacon buttie in the world!

  11. Aw, poor Bubba. He looks so sad there. Good to hear he’s setting a bit though. And Lulu looks tired! How’s Jelly doing? I suppose as is her manner, she’s keepin’ on keepin’ on. 🙂

    For a moment, I figured you were going to say that stack o’ ham, was what you prepared for dinner. 😉

  12. @Well, not only did it NOT shrink it but now, there’s another lump on her paw beside the first one!

    Well that can’t be good. Hope its nothing serious though.

  13. @skua:

    Your proof only works if you allow for a rational divide by zero (as you hint at). It breaks down at:

    (a – b)(a + b) = b(a – b)

    since with a=b, you cannot factor out (a – b) since it is equal to zero. That was a fun one…I think I’ll pass this on to my teenagers and see if they can figure it out! 😉


    Our dog Lucy had a lump on her chest that we had checked out by the Vet this week. It turned out to be nothing more than a fatty growth that is common to older dogs. I’m praying it’s something similar for Lulu. We’ll keep her in our prayers.


    I don’t kiss and tell! Besides, I’m up to date on my shots. 😀

  14. I think all this is just to test your strength, bumpy dogs, sad dogs,wet snow monkeys,(good smell) and looking at the custard tarts and yummy sandwiches(what a pile of meat) and still watching your waistline. Have fun with the auditions, would love to be a fly on the wall, ok you can add me as a new character, dang another part to hear auditions for, buzz, best of luck.
    ~I too don’t care for the throwback uniforms, thought it must have been an early halloween costume. but I do like the team.and they won, finally..

  15. hugs to the pups and the monkeys. Age is not kind to them. Mine had several issues at age 15.

  16. I love St. Lawrence Market! We always try to make a trip whenever we’re in T.O., specifically so that we can get the veal and eggplant sandwich, which is also my husband’s favourite sandwich. Is that ham/bacon sandwich from the same place that sells peameal bacon and fried egg sandwiches? Those are really good, too. My kids also enjoy the pizza at the kiosk near the seafood place (I’ve forgotten the name). My mouth is watering now….

    How is Akemi enjoying T.O.? It must be a bit more challenging since you’re not at home as much. I hope she’s able to meet new people and enjoy it more than the last time around.

  17. @JeffW: “I don’t kiss and tell! Besides, I’m up to date on my shots. ”

    Yes, but is LULU?? 😉

  18. I was at my club on the treadmill when from the bank of tv’s came the pictures of the above mentioned team in there retro. uniforms. I thought of your post then thought about bumble bees, then about the SNL skit of the killer bees. I started to laugh and almost fell off the treadmill…sports can be very dangerous.

  19. Oooooo. Yes!@ What @TamDixon said about Katee Sackhoff. She is a genuinely nice person. I had a lovely conversation when she was down here and she was sharing that her mother used to teach special education so she had a lot of experience with special needs kids and kids with autism.

    @Gforce & @jeffw LOL. Love it.

    So sorry to hear about Lulu. I’ll keep her in my prayers that it is nothing. Maybe it is just kind of inflammatory response to something or an allergic reaction.

    Dependence on Akemi is not a bad thing, is it? For either of you. 🙂

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