August 21, 2014: Jelly Update!  Japan Plans!

I brought Jelly in to see a specialist last week.  After a careful study of the x-rays and the my old gal, he reversed the initial diagnosis of a separated hip. Apparently, upon closer scrutiny, it looks bad – bad it isn’t THAT bad.  So that was great news.  And then, Tuesday, she was unusually energetic, walking all the way to the corner – and halfway back – before settling down on the grass and insisting I carry her!

August 21, 2014: Jelly Update!  Japan Plans!That’s the good news.  The bad news is she apparently has another bladder infection which means she’s back on antibiotics.  But it’s given Akemi the opportunity to buy her some fashionable new duds – including suspenders!

August 21, 2014: Jelly Update!  Japan Plans!
Who wants to hug Poopy, the exhibition mascot?

I’m researching interesting events in advance of my Japan trip in September and came across this interesting exhibition called “Toilet?!  Human Waste and the Earth’s Future”:

“If you’re still uncomfortable with the topic after entering the exhibit, a choir of singing toilets with friendly faces on the lids might help soothe your nerves, as well as a series of poop samples from different animals to assure you that you’re not alone in the act. You can also recreate the poop you had this morning with blobs of clay and play games involving a target and a urinal.”

Running until October 3rd!

August 21, 2014: Jelly Update!  Japan Plans!

Some Japanese-style fast-food to look forward to.  Rice burgers!

August 21, 2014: Jelly Update!  Japan Plans!

Meanwhile, this opened in Osaka last month:

I was kind of hoping to take in a Hanshin Tigers home game while in Osaka or check out the Grand Sumo Championship while in Tokyo, but Akemi is balking. 🙁

Maybe she’d like to check out this place instead:

17 thoughts on “August 21, 2014: Jelly update! Japan plans!

  1. Rice burgers are for people who can’t afford meat.

    So I see you’ve moved Fangirl off your currently reading list. What did you think of it?

  2. If that’s not a help me look from Jelly in that first picture, I don’t know what would be. She wants to lose the suspenders. :p

  3. Time for Jelly to get a zimmer frame! I’m glad it’s not as bad as originally diagnosed.

    I have a book on animal tracks and scats. Looking at animal droppings is a great way of identifying what animals are in the area and what they’re eating.

    The rice burger doesn’t seem to be as bad as it sounds. Although bread is still king in my book.

    I’ve heard that the Harry Potter Experience in London is pretty good. I’d go!

    I went to a baseball game once in Anaheim. Boooooooring! And this is from someone raised with cricket! And sumo wrestling matches strike me as similar to boxing matches . . . only attended by gamblers, the mob and prostitutes . . . or maybe I’ve watched too many boxing movies.

  4. about the poop exhibit: WTF?!

    about the rice burgers: i don’t like rice unless it’s like chicken fried rice or something.

    i notice mistress of the art of death on your recent reads list; what did you think of it?
    i’ve been considering reading that for awhile, but have been going back & forth on it. i think it’s part of a series & i don’t need to get involved in another book series.

    1. Great book. Check out my Top 20 Recent Reads on my right sidebar. It made the cut!

  5. So great to hear about Jelly! Hopefully the infection will be short lived.

    I have no issues with “waste management” – it’s an important issue when you’re backpacking! You also get used to everyone knowing your schedule – “where’s the trowel?? Quick!” 🙂

    I’m not sure I would pair that item with the rice burgers though.

    Or, maybe I would.

    Off this morning up a mountain!

  6. Rice burger eh? I’d try it. In fact, I have a metric ton of sushi rice at home. Maybe I’ll try it this weekend.

  7. Poor Jelly. I don’t know if this would help you, but might be worth a look:

    It offers suggestions for prevention.

    Poop exhibit? Dr. Oz would be in heaven. He is obsessed with poop.

    Jeff is off to New Jersey this morning (he’s halfway there according to the airline picture of Where’s Waldo Plane Edition). First time he’s been back there since his father died in Feb 2012. And my clients are completely understanding. I sent out a note about this two months ago and said I would have limited availability and some people changed their plans so they would not land on this weekend. I have the best clients. What a compliment that they would change their plans to make sure I can care for their cats/dogs. He’ll be home on Tuesday so I’ll have Patrick care. At least he’ll be in school today, Monday and Tuesday for part of that time.

  8. Fabulous news for Jelly, glad she’ll be out and about in her new ‘spenders.

    I’m loving Potter world, and the poop museum sounds cool. The human lifecycle starts with poopy diapers and ends with poopy adult diapers, may as well face that looming future with humor.

  9. @Line Noise, baseball is so very boring in person, and the angry drunks in the stadium make it that much worse. Drunken fights, half hour waits for trashed bathrooms, and super expensive horrible food. And then picking your way past shoving angry drunks to get to your car only to then proceed at a crawl for an hour just to get out of the parking lot.

  10. Really glad to hear the good news about Jelly. Maybe if Akemi adds a bit of “Bling” Jelly will feel better about her temporary wearing apparel.

    Baseball – I’m with Akemi on this one. I grew up in Palm Springs back in the old days when the Aneheim Angels had their spring practice there. My uncle used to take me and, honestly, the only thing I like about it was the food. I even played on the softball team in high school and loved it, but it’s the most boring thing to watch.

  11. Jelly looks so cute with her little panties on… I’m glad to hear it’s not as bad as everyone thought. I still think some P.T. might help. How is the acupuncture going?

  12. So glad to hear Jelly’s good news. Hopefully she’ll make quick work of that infection and feel more like herself soon. Sending healing vibes and positive energy to Jelly.

  13. I thought the suspenders were something you used to carry Jelly, like a handle with straps. She’d be adorable carry on luggage.

    I never really cared for the “rice cake” bun; the texture is gooey to me. Just give me a MOS teriyaki burger and I’m happy. I lived around the corner from a 24 hr. MOS, I may be biased by drunken memory.

    Japanese baseball is so much fun! I love the fans and the cheering leagues. Cheer teams? They are all dressed up and have routines. Fun!

  14. I would SO be at the Harry Potter theme park, no lie. I really liked the prop, costume and set exhibit that came to the Seattle science centre a couple years ago. That’s one of my geeky obsessions.

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