We released our official writer’s drafts of episodes 1 and 2 today.  Paul and I co-wrote #1 (the pilot), but I did the solo honours on #2.  After some discussion, we’ve decided to start writing separately.  In truth, we’ve been writing separately for years now, but this is the first time we won’t be sharing the onscreen writing credit.  Or Exec Producer credits as we’ll be both be prepping the show through the start of principal photography, but only I will travel to Toronto to oversee production.  That’s the plan for season one anyway.  Who knows how things will shake out if and when we get that season 2 pick-up.

Delivered notes on episode #3 and hope to have a revised draft by Monday.  I’ll jump on it and then send it Paul’s way.  He’s going to do a pass on my first draft of episode #4 tomorrow and Friday and then, by end of next week, we should (hopefully) be able to release official writer’s drafts of both of those scripts as well.

Paul has a busy September ahead of him writing episodes #5 and #6.  I’ve already sent Robert Cooper the first two scripts as well as a link to the series overview.  I’ll be sending him outlines – including the outline to his story, episode #7 – by this weekend.  Trevor has already started thinking about episode #8.

I’ve almost 40 pages into the script for episode 9 and I hope to have that done by this weekend as well.  A real character-driven story this one, quite dark at times but darkly humorous too.

We’re deep into discussion on directors.  There are a few I’ve worked with in the past that I’d REALLY like to work with again.  The fact that we’ll be shooting the show in Toronto somewhat complicates matters in that respect – and as far as casting goes as well – but I’m sure we’ll see some familiar faces both in front of and behind the cameras all the same.

Speaking of which – I offered my thoughts on the casting breakdown for our seven roles.  We are wide open in terms of age, ethnicity and, in the case of one character, gender.

Next week, we’re going to get on a Skype conference with our production designer in an attempt to hammer out the ship and space station designs.  As I mentioned in a previous post, details like the locations of the airlock and the shuttle shell needed to be decided.  As far as the look of the space station goes, we’ve seen some incredibly inventive concepts, but we still need to address issues of scale and those all important docking procedures.

I spoke to Vanessa today about the official announcement.  Apparently, we’re almost there.  Hopefully sometime in September – before I leave for Japan.

Finally, in addition to working on the new show, I took the time to reading a truly awesome book, This Is Where I Leave You by Jonahthan Tropper – highly recommended, and watching a truly awesome series, Fargo created by Noah Hawley who wrote all ten episodes of the show’s self-contained first season – also highly recommended.  Hannibal is up next!

19 thoughts on “August 20, 2014: Updates on that new SF show!

  1. OK we will wait for September then…!
    Time…long time before an image on our screen…

  2. Exciting for reals. I am so ready for a new cool sci fi series set in space with proper space ships.

    Winrich Kolbe was my all time fave TV director, every Trek ep that knocked my socks off was directed by him.

  3. Glad to hear about the progress of your new series. Have you mentioned which company or division will be airing the series or TBA? Can’t wait to hear more about the additional people enveloped.

    I finished reading “Half King” last week. It was an enjoyable book. If you enjoy “Game of Thrones/.” you might enjoy this novel is how I rate it. It has the political intrigue, personal depravity and duplicity in a medieval scenario. The geography of the ocean made it convenient in telling the story. Unlike GoT, it fails in its lack of sexual explicivety. Currently, I am reading “Killing Floor: Jack Reacher” novel, then I need to read “Monuments Men” as my mother loaned me the book. Following that I would like to check out the J. Tropper book. I am now using kindle, but I am not out of buying books. Some books and their binding are just a must.

    Yesterday I saw on E-bay a 1st edition first issue of Superman (June(?) 1938) comic book. It was at $2,000,000 with 4 days left. Being a high profile T.V. executive producer/screen writer, I thought you might have an interest.

  4. At the risk of losing Cliff Simon for characters you may be considering, just an FYI that both Peter Williams and Andee Frizzell make the Toronto area their home.

  5. Great to hear that Rob’s involved!

    I’m actually down here in NH one more time for the Summer doing some volunteering for the weekend, as an trail information volunteer at the Madison Spring Hut in the White Mountains:


    I’m looking at a hike up that I’ve not done before, but it’s supposed to be quite a challenging one so it will depend on the weather forecast. Wish me luck! See you Sunday!

  6. Glad to hear Robert C. Cooper and Trevor are on board the Tabula Rasa. Don’t make the long haired guy a girl. It’s okay if he has soft features, but he should be a guy. You’ll have other rugged looking guys. Make the kid a girl if you want. 😉

  7. Joey – listen to Ponytail – don’t make the anime dude a dudette.

    I don’t know that I’ll even have tv by the time the show airs. Hubby and I are seriously considering getting rid of tv for several reasons. First and foremost is financial, but also to free up time we otherwise lose by getting into shows that end up getting cancelled. It just feels like we’ve wasted so much time on stuff that doesn’t even matter.

    After the tv goes, I’m considering putting a hammer through the computer.


  8. Paleo week is almost over and I forgot to point out that das’s recipe for puerco pibil is paleo if you include pepper and peppers in your version of paleo.

  9. I just had coconut ice cream, topped with strawberries, blueberries and dark chocolate chips. It was YUM! 🙂

    *Note: I would have had whipped cream on it, too…but it’s hard to find around here. Some stores won’t sell it to you without ID, and one store, WaWa – noted for their ice cream – won’t sell it at all, even though they have all the other fixin’s for a sundae. Idiot huffers ruin it for everyone. 🙁


  10. I checked out This Is Where I Leave You at amazon. The reviews really look good, and I’ve got it coming for my to read pile. Thank you for another wonderful recommendation. But is it me or does Jonathan Tropper look a bit like Daniel Boulud?

  11. Whats the show called and really hoping for some of the stargate cast my main picks would be David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan, Amanda Tapping and David blue

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