July 8, 2014: And So It Begins!  Pitching, Spinning, Breaking, And Snacking On Familiar Ground!Well, this takes me back.  On Monday, we kicked off the writers’ room for my new scifi series.  Even though the show will be produced in Toronto, most (if not all) of the pitching, spinning, breaking, outlining, writing, and rewriting will be done here in Vancouver.  And I couldn’t think of a better place for us to convene – or in this case, reconvene – than our old Stargate stomping grounds at The Bridge Studios. Alas, our former offices are now occupied by a production called Monster Trucks (sic?), but that’s okay because all we really need is the boardroom – once the scene of all of our Stargate prep meetings, now,  for the month of July, the place where we’ll be coming up with 12 (only 12 because the pilot has already been written) thrilling SF ship-based stories!  Ah, just like old times.

Some photos from our first two days…

July 8, 2014: And So It Begins!  Pitching, Spinning, Breaking, And Snacking On Familiar Ground!Janet’s dog is still coming into work with her at the downstairs Administration Offices.  Stylin’ in in those red booties.  Dogs love ’em!

July 8, 2014: And So It Begins!  Pitching, Spinning, Breaking, And Snacking On Familiar Ground!Well, if it isn’t Stargate ace editor Mike Banas P.I., working on his own super-secret project, just a couple of doors down.

July 8, 2014: And So It Begins!  Pitching, Spinning, Breaking, And Snacking On Familiar Ground!As is customary whenever one of my writers’ room assembles, I brought chocolate.

July 8, 2014: And So It Begins!  Pitching, Spinning, Breaking, And Snacking On Familiar Ground!Akemi included a few nougats with a very special message for us hardworking writer-producers.

July 8, 2014: And So It Begins!  Pitching, Spinning, Breaking, And Snacking On Familiar Ground!I returned to discover the office had been holding a bunch of boxes for me…for three years!  All free books from publishers and all….

July 8, 2014: And So It Begins!  Pitching, Spinning, Breaking, And Snacking On Familiar Ground!From the same book series which, I believe, is based on a game?  Anyone?

July 8, 2014: And So It Begins!  Pitching, Spinning, Breaking, And Snacking On Familiar Ground!Also awaiting us: a box of office supplies.  But, at the end of the day, all we really needed was a whiteboard, markers (blue is always a favorite!), a dry eraser, and board spray (which wasn’t included so Paul will have to pick some up on his way in tomorrow).

We spent Monday discussing “the big picture”: our world, first season arc, character backstories and arcs, spaceships, transfer stations, faster than light travel,  weaponry, and technology.  Today, we finally started breaking and, by afternoon’s end, had our first (actually second) story.  1 down, 11 to go!

Would love to tell you all about the show (specifically, what it’s about) but I’ll have to defer to our broadcast partners for the official announcement that, if I’m right, will be made to coincide with Comic Con in a couple of weeks.

As we left the offices for the day, one of my fellow writers summed up the experience thusly: “It’s nice to be arguing about robots with you guys again.”

44 thoughts on “July 8, 2014: And so it begins! Pitching, spinning, breaking, and snacking on familiar ground!

  1. I’m running around in circles with excitement here! Okay, it could just be one of my recurring bouts of vertigo… but still, exciting!

    What memories being there must bring back. Good times. And good times to come, I’m sure.

  2. Can you share with us the names of the writers you are working with as well as the address of your workplace in case someone wants to send a note or a care package in support of your endeavors?

  3. I can’t wait to hear more about what it is. Come on Dark Matter!! Is one of the ship members really a robot (or a machine like the guy in Alien)? That would be cool.

  4. Home again, yippee, and how was lunch> Does Ashley still work there? Good luck with the writing and robots..

  5. The studio couldn’t be bothered to call you at any time in that 3 years to let you know you had mail there? WTF?!?

  6. Okay, I get what people are saying about the cameras and them being like a TIVO kind of thing, but I’m not so sure that’s the case with this book, or, if it is, it’s not explained very well.

    When Fine is explaining the system to Corrie, he says: “But any motion picked up by the sensors activates the camera and it is recorded on a hard disk.”

    He also states: “Because when one of the cameras detects movement, a recording of that video feed is saved to the hard disk, starting a minute before movement begins and continuing one minute past when it stops.”

    So, if the camera is not activated until the movement is detected, how can it start recording a minute before the movement is detected?

  7. If it’s filming in Toronto maybe David Hewlett will make an appearance! (I can always dream)

  8. @Kathode, three years isn’t too bad if you compare it to finding smallpox vials left behind in a storeroom at the CDC since the 1950’s.

  9. Glad you are back working and at least sometimes on your old stomping grounds! Can’t wait to see the new series.

  10. They kept a box for you for three years? Oh dear, you did get that box of kittens I sent you three years ago didn’t you?

    @Solothefirst: I think you got it right the first time! 🙂

  11. G’day

    Happy to see you back to work at your old stomping grounds with some good mates.

  12. Exciting times. Glad to see good old Bridge Studios again. Blue dry erase?! You might as well use red with the ghosting it produces. Stick with black, you don’t have to use spray cleaner nearly as often. And by the way, if your whiteboard ever needs reconditioning (think of it like seasoning a pan) spray with WD-40 and wipe. Better than new!

  13. @ Jenny Horn: GMTA. 😃
    –Google “The Bridge Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada”
    –Address it to “Mallozzi /Mullie Project, Boardroom”. (Or wait until the series name is officially announced.)

  14. I’m glad things are going well and am looking forward to the announcement! Comic Con is right around the corner, so I’ll try to be patient.

    Yes, das, I recognized you right away. ‘)

  15. Good to see The Bridge again! And thanks for the hint about the series. I know what it is now, but I won’t spoil it for you. I’ll just say that I really enjoyed the other incarnation, and can’t wait to see it on screen.

  16. @Kathode

    I agree, keeping his mail for that long without saying anything is absurd. It wouldn’t have taken much for someone to arrange something.

  17. That’s great you can work in Vancouver for a while! Aren’t Monster Trucks noisy? I hope you have good sound proofing in boardroom. Also, it’s not like the mail room couldn’t find you. 🙄 Better late than never. Wonder if there’s anything time sensitive in that box of mail? “Answer this letter within ten days to win a million dollars.” Too bad….

    How does Janet get her dog to keep the booties on? Cute and I bet it’s great in the winter.

    Does Korishi mean, don’t work yourself to death?

    Break a leg!

  18. Very exciting. “Don’t Karoshi” could be the title of your next sci fi book. I love that you have 3 year old mail waiting patiently for you. Looks like those are books based on role playing games; now you guys have something fun to do on your lunch break.


    I watched 3 Days to Kill last night. I’ve lost all patience with Luc Besson and McG. The movie was chock full ugly cultural sterotypes. It’s like Mel Gibson was whispering in McG’s ear. In the first few minutes a waify super model spy is told she has to rub out an evil albino. Then Kev Costner barges into a club and bodyguards his tween daughter to safety in a Queen of the Night glitter dress. He may as well of shot a buffalo just to make a tongue sandwich.

  19. Congrats Joe! I’m so happy that this has worked out for you! I’m looking forward to seeing the new show.

  20. Now you know to check your Bridge Studio mail. I’m glad I never sent you those heirloom tomatoes.

  21. So Joe, you know that long talked about Death Note movie, that seems to have an off and on start? Well, they’ve got someone else now to direct it(Seems quite a few have come and gone over the years).


    Some people seem to be speculating that WB have regained interest given that the Edge of Tomorrow which was based on the All you need is kill novel did well internationally.

    I hope it happens, though I can’t imagine it being faithful to the source material.

  22. Cannot wait for the big announcment. Congrats! So excited that a new Sci-Fi show will be hitting the airwaves again.


    P.S. I was put on a new server at work at at first your auto fill picture option gave me a new photo. I was actual sad to see my original picture gone. i get oddly attached to random things. I really like the photo it gave me. Luckly when I re-typed in my info, she showed back up. Happy Day. :O_

  23. @ nola: I never heard that trick with the whiteboard and the WD-40 before! I’m constantly teaching with less than pristine whiteboards (and cursing them the whole time). The next time I get a crappy one, I’m gonna try your solution. Thanks!

  24. Regarding the dry erase board…you can also use the black dry erase marker to write over the faded markings you want to remove, then erase the black. The faded markings underneath will also be erased.

  25. I am excited about this ship-based sci-fi series yinz are writing. My favorite type of sci-fi has spaceships in it. What is there a dearth of on tv right now? Spaceships.

  26. I’m with Jenny, who, besides you and Paul, are the other writers? Pleez tell! Dare I hope one is Carl?

    @ das my cat Basil picked you right out of that photo, who knew?


  27. A couple of weeks? Great! Having a quasi announcement date is almost as good as an actual announcement. I agree with Bailey — David Hewlett needs to appear in this series. In fact, as soon as you said it’s being filmed in Toronto I remembered David tweeting about moving to TO. *paws crossed* that you make it so.

    Wanders off speculating wildly…

    Oh, please be careful and don’t karoshi. It sounds dangerous.

  28. So will your ships have W.C.s? Before my Concert of the year and my geek trip took the train and visited the front gate. I also walked by the hotel across the street that was the back drop for so many shows. Maybe I should have had lunch at the restaurant; too geeky?

  29. I am so happy to hear that you are arguing with fellow writers about robots again. I am so looking forward to seeing a space show… and one that you have had a hand in.

  30. Exciting! Can’t wait to read more. And in wait, well, I have to go for the moment. I’ll try to read some more tomorrow. 🙁

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