Whew!  Despite the pessimism of one nameless writer, we managed to finish breaking our second story in as many days, setting a torrid pace that should see us hit the mid-season(ish) mark by week’s end.  Could we actually have all 13 of our stories by end of next week?!

Not a chance.  That opening three-parter has become an action-packed two-parter while one of our off-world stories has been turfed in favor of…well, I’m not sure what at this time.  Hopefully, another off-world story!  But the point is we now have two story holes to fill – which isn’t too bad considering we already have ideas for 8 of the remaining 10 slots.

I’m very happy with the three episodes (one script and two beat outlines) we have in place and have no doubt you’ll love ’em too.  They’re a lot of fun with plenty of action, adventure, humor, and scfi goodness.  But, above all, it’s all about the characters.  If there’s one thing I learned from Stargate, it’s that audiences may initially tune in for the series, but they keep coming back for the characters.  And, oh, do we have some great characters in this one.  Casting, once we eventually get around to it later this year, is going to be a blast.

In addition to the dark chocolate I brought for the room, we were inspired by a few visitors today: editor Mike Banas (who dropped in for said dark chocolate), his gal Ruby –

July 9, 2014: 2 Down!  10 To Go!And our former Stargate colleague, Kerry McCarthy (formerly Kerry McDowell, formerly Kerri McDowell) who brought along her five month old daughter, Saoirse –

July 9, 2014: 2 Down!  10 To Go!We all took a break to watch the world cup semi-final shootout between Argentina and the Netherlands, then returned to work on our outline.  At which point Saoirse bumped on the third act character motivations and called bullshit on our fourth act break at which point we had to ask her and mom to leave.  But it was nice seeing them nonetheless.

I’m exhausted (Jelly had me up at 5 this morning), so it’s an early night for me. And tomorrow, we’re right back at it.  We’ve got a big two-parter to bang out!

20 thoughts on “July 9, 2014: 2 down! 10 to go!

  1. “Whew! Despite the pessimism of one nameless writer,…”

    It was you, wasn’t it?

    “If there’s one thing I learned from Stargate, it’s that audiences may initially tune in for the series, but they keep coming back for the characters.”

    I’d like to request a handsome, long haired male. Okay?

    Awwwwwe, good to see Ruby again! And a double awwwwwe for Kerry-with-a-Y and her new little girl! Congratulations! She is soooo cute and looks like she may have red hair too. Such a sweet baby doll!

  2. Brace yourself…

    How about a semi-musical ep, in which Young Miss Six discovers she has some percussion talent? (I admit, I feel like I’m her auntie.). 😎

    Gilder Anne McCarroll baterista9@aol.com San Antonio, TX, USA Sent from my iPad


  3. Even though we do not know what you are working on…it is really cool to read of your writer’s room adventures. Just like old times.
    Now….you want us to wait HOW LONG before you can tell us?
    2 weeeeeekkkkkkkkks. Getting older by the second.
    sigh. and we wait

  4. Joe im not sure if you’ve said anything thing about this yet but is this a pilot order or a 13 episode season order thank a bunch and as always very happy for you getting the green light on any order.

  5. I like the idea of taking a three-parter and making it into an action-packed two-parter. In season one, you really have to grab your audience.

    Ruby looks as if she knows that chocolate is not on her menu, but that she wants you to give her some anyway.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. For those playing at home, Saoirse is pronounced “seer-sha” or “sir-sha” and is Irish for “freedom”. Pretty name but she’s going to have a hell of a time spelling and explaining her name to other people, poor lass. Unless she moves to Ireland. 🙂

    I feel more sorry for the nameless writer, though. Couldn’t his/her parents decide on a name? How will he/she be listed in the credits if he/she doesn’t have a name?

  7. Hi Ruby! You’re beautiful! Get your ball!
    Hi Kerry & Saoirse! You’re beautiful too.

    Joe, DP is right. Saoirse looks terrified of you. Well done. 😛

  8. Such a cute baby!

    I pretty much second what SYLVIA said.

    Jelly woke you up at 5? That was nice of her. Ziggy let me sleep in today.

  9. Casting ! To be a blast you need new ones and old timers like Claudia Black, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, David Hewlet of course and how many others…

  10. Careful Joe. Saoirse is throwing down baby gang signs. That is one cute lil’ baby, look at those cheeks!

    Saoirse is making some tough calls there in the writer’s room (hence the gang signs). I respect harsh critics, especially adorable ones.

  11. I’m watching the Black and White 1940 Santa Fe Trail. That young Ronald Reagan sure was a handsome fellow. He was playing George Custer. I always thought Custer was blond, or is this the wrong Custer? Anyone?

  12. “… audiences may initially tune in for the series, but they keep coming back for the characters. ”
    Totally agreed. The characters are very important. If I don’t care about them I don’t watch.
    Thank you for sharing. It’s so exciting to follow the series’ creation.

  13. Joe,
    Here is wihsing you and your partner the best on your project…..Hope its a killer hit ….:)

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