1Bubba had his surgery today.  Before…

And after…

1The bandage conceals a nasty cut-and-stitch that looks like a wound he may have sustained in a  knife fight.


Thanks for all the well-wishes.  He’s on the mend and already eating like crazy.

Robert Cooper forwarded me the following link under the email heading: “Where were these guys when we were making the show?”


It’s apparently one of a several Stargate-themed entires in hackaday.com’s Sci-Fi Contest Roundup.  Others include a staff weapon and a life signs detector.  Check ’em out:  http://hackaday.com/2014/04/20/sci-fi-contest-roundup-stargate/

Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…Infection!

1This one was a lot of fun – and a lot of complicated as well for someone who missed all those episodes about the retrovirus.  Still, it moved along at a fair clip and Akemi always finds the wraith hive ship set particularly creepy, especially, in this case, with all the “zombie wraith” running about.  Her comments on the episode:

When they receive Todd’s first choppy transmission: “It’s like he is in prison and only gets one call.”

When the mutant wraith springs out of the wall toward the red shirt: “WAAAAAAAAH!”

When the mutant wraith springs out of the darkness toward Sheppard: “WAAAAAAAAH!”

She is really enjoying the Todd character: “Has a sense of humor.  But his face hard to read.  Hard to tell if he is trying to be funny or not.”

She didn’t think that leaving Keller alone with Todd was a good idea.  But, if she was going to be eaten, at least “Jewel looks better than in other episode.  I like her straight hair.”

When Sheppard refuses to help Todd: “Why so mean?”

As the hive ship breaks in two: “Beautiful!”

But as the hive ship lands in the water: “Not great computer graphics.  I fee like I’m watching Final Fantasy 9 instead of Final Fantasy 14.”

Overall: “I liked this episode so-so.  Chotto complicated.”

17 thoughts on “April 21, 2014: Bubba’s surgery! Stargate stuff! Continuing our Stargate Atlantis re-watch with…Infection!

  1. Glad to hear Bubba is doing well and eating! Hubba Bubba!
    I liked Infection quite a bit. I do remember the confrontation between John and Todd being a favorite scene.

  2. awwwww Bubba – so cute with the scarf…and so manly with the bandage.
    Must eat to regain strength….yeah!

  3. Glad to hear The Bubbaman did well. Now time for lots of smoochy kisses and warm cuddly hugs.

  4. {{{{Huggles}}}} for Bubba and wishing him a speedy recovery!

    Sorry…I’ve been rather distracted/busy lately, and not on the computer much. I have been checking in each day, but no time to comment…and sometimes when I do have the time, I’m lacking the brain cells necessary to make a coherent reply. I feel as if I’m neglecting you, Joey. 🙁 It’s not that anything bad is going on…well, except for my folks having a couple weeks of bad health so I had to play nursemaid (they’re better now), and then there was ‘my tummy feels icky’ stuff, then our water heater died, then the same day I get that replaced the electric company informed me that my electric service was a fire waiting to happen, so had to have that immediately replaced…so needless to say there goes any thoughts of a vacation any time soon. 😛 Besides that it’s been mostly just normal things that tend to happen this time of year, like spiritual stuff, and work stuff, and family & friends stuff, and…well…you get the idea. Life happens.

    But then sometimes someone (me, that is) sees something like this:


    …and instantaneously a raging torrent of perimenopausal hormones flood into every single brain cell until they explode like water balloons dropped from on high to the broiling pavement below.

    Yeah. My mind is pretty much just a mushy glob of grey goo right now. When I recover I’ll try to bring something constructive to the conversation, but not sure that’ll be anytime soon. 😛


  5. Bubba looks pretty well! And how my mother said if is hungry and eat all, he will be in good shape in no time.
    Is a good moment to fit his Samurai cap, with this bandage thing. 😀

    @ We miss you Das.

    Awnsering Bob Cooper question. “Where were these guys when we were making the show?”
    They were seeing the show, too youngers to do this things they do now. Is the Show influence who drives them (us) to do this weird things. 👿

    Todd was ever a funny gay. Only you had to know to treat him. As à la Sheppard wise manner.

  6. Joe, today, the 22nd is my bd, the age is ahh, well just a number right, they are all good, still here to enjoy. So off to lunch/dinner later with hubby, and just enjoy the day, well its been a week long celebrate,(hubby says at least a month), but hey one day is not enough to relax and enjoy,,, massage scheduled tomorrow! so thanks for letting me post and share, Many hugs to Bubba and Jelly and Lulu. I bet Akemi can make a cool cover for Bubbas bandage. Have a grand day there!! 🙂

  7. Maybe Bubba needs a leather jacket to go with the “knife” wound. Eating well always a good sign!

  8. Oh Joe. So sorry to hear about Bubba. Wishing him a speedy recovery. *hugs*

    Loving Akemi’s reaction to characters – very different to my own. I love Sheppard and loathed McKeller.

    I had the opportunity to ask Jewel about Keller – whether she thought she was qualified to be Chief Medical Officer or got there in the end. She agreed with me but she loved Keller’s journey. I always thought the military would have sent someone more experienced and qualified and Keller would have stayed as just a doctor.

    Anyhoo, looking forward to Akemi’s take on Vegas.

    Take care everyone.
    Cheers, Chev

  9. Thanks for the hugs, but it’s really not necessary. My life is pretty much like the above post all. the. friggin’. time. 😛 Especially that last bit about getting all swoony-like over an angsty lip-licker. 😉


  10. Bubba looks pretty happy! Glad everything went well.

    That stargate looks pretty cool, too. There have been others before that have made some “home models” like that. I think there was even a Lego one. (Umm, yeah, I just Googled Lego Stargate….holy cow!)

    And I’m sure you’ve seen the Garry’s Mod Stargate stuff on Youtube, right? People have rebuilt entire worlds in this mod to the game “Half-Life 2”. Everything down to the small weapons and control devices all the way up to the Tollan specific stargate and Anubis’ ship. It’s pretty impressive, the level of detail involved with just the SGC, let alone everything else.

    If you’ve got an hour or two extra to spare, look it up on youtube. But whatever you do, don’t watch it full screen, you’ll get a little bit of motion sickness, if not a full headache, since these guys travel around the maps SO friggin’ fast!

    -Mike A.

  11. Hurray for positivity 🙂

    On the Stargate model subject, its a shame there’s not much in the way of Stargate gates to buy at retail. I wouldn’t mind a 2 foot by 2 foot Stargate replica, something along the lines of the Atlantis or Destiny gate, made from some kind of metal.

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