Today’s inane conversation with my Japanese girlfriend:

Zombies In Cars Getting Brains (c/o Eloise J. Knapp)
Zombies In Cars Getting Brains (c/o Eloise J. Knapp)

As we pulled into the underground parkade…

Akemi: That looks like zombie car (indicating an old, tarp-covered sedan).

Joe: What’s a zombie car?

Akemi: A car that zombie hide in so it can eat people. (Obviously).

Joe: What do you mean?  They drive around offering lifts to people and then when someone gets in the car with them, they eat them?

Akemi: Of course not.  Zombie’s don’t drive.  They walk ten kilometers every day. That’s why so thin.  Try to be healthy I guess.

Joe: Also, their eating habits.  They’re on the paleo diet.

Akemi: Like Ivon.  Just fresh meat.

Joe: No processed foods.

Akemi: What about sugar?

Joe: No sugar either.

Akemi: That’s tough.

That’s the price of looking so good.

Bubba is practically back to his old self.  Akemi lent him her hair band to ensure he doesn’t scratch at his stitches.  Very stylish.  And he seems to like it!


Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watchwith…Identity!

1Ah, now this is one of those instances where past Stargate-watching experience paid off.  The second Neeva looks in the mirror and sees Keller’s reflection staring back at her, Akemi shouted: “The communications stones!”.  And then she was onboard for the rest of the fast-paced episode.

When Neeva comes across the framed picture of Jennifer and her father: “What the f*ck!  Carl Binder is Jewel’s dad!”

When Ronon Shoots Neeva, saving McKay in the puddle jumper: “Heh heh.”  Much excitement here.

On the gorgeous establisher of the city at night: “Wow.  Beautiful.”

As the magistrate delivers Keller’s death sentence: “Why accent?”  And, later, when he is overseeing her execution: “Why British people so evil?”

After Neeva outruns the Atlantis team in the forest and Ronon loses her: “But he is runner!  Not as good as Mike Dopud I guess.”

Although she didn’t like Keller’s outfit in Brainstorm, she had high praise for the one she wore in this outfit (actually Neeva’s): “I don’t know if it’s efficient, but very nice.  I like a lot.”

During the McKay and Keller moment at episode’s end: “Love.  I feel like I’m watching Disney movie!” ???

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday girl Airelle.

28 thoughts on “April 22, 2014: Zombies in cars getting brains! Bubba! Continuing our Stargate Atlantis re-watch with…Identity!

  1. LOL at the zombie convo – it makes about as much sense as the concept of zombies in general.

    At the end of Identity, I enjoyed the episode, but it ended on a real downbeat, with the presumed execution of Neeva. Although of course, we really don’t know that *for sure*. All the more interesting.

  2. Oh also, I’m off to NH for a few days for Wilderness First Aid training and a volunteer weekend. Should be fun! Not sure if I’ll get a chance to post much though.

  3. I think the only part of zombies, at least in TWD that seems a bit confusing, at least to me is the fact that a zombie can exist still as long as the brain is left alone. There’s plenty of examples of this and it begs the question how the brain can keep something going despite having at least 90 percent of its function non existent. It’s basically keeping the zombie mobile, and makes them want to eat, they’re like soulless drones.

    Anyway happy birthday Airelle.

  4. Yay! Bubba made it just fine. And Bubz’ daddy breathed a sigh of relief, I bet. Akemi, love the hair band on Bubba. So cute! He either looks like a pink lion or a pink gerbera daisy. Can’t decide. 🙂

    Akemi, thanks for being a good sport about these Japanese girlfriend conversations! I needed the giggle today. But do zombies eat kids? They’re loaded with sugar, from their Easter baskets. 😀

    @ Ponytail, Ditto! from yesterday.

    @ Das, you can’t play hooky. We’re your free therapy! Besides, we’ve had days like yours, and you make yours funny. And then you help us laugh at our own.

  5. Zombies are hiding in Parking Garages now? Time to get yourself one of these:


    I’m very glad you’re feeling better, but I think maybe Akemi accidentally misled you. She had your best interest at heart, but just like when your mom dressed you for school, I think she was more concerned with your health than preserving your manly dignity. I’m sorry to say that that headband makes you look like a big pink pug-sunflower.

    I know, I know…it’s okay, you didn’t know. Maybe we can take up a collection to get you a black headband, or a camo one maybe? How do you feel about chartreuse or mauve? 😀

  6. Sorry…I’m not really hearing anything anyone is saying…

    *replays Bucky lip-lick for the 34,593,395 time*


  7. Happy Birthday Airelle!! And many, many more!!

    Bubba looks like a flower. A big, pink, carnivorous flower. 😉 Glad he is feeling better.

  8. Happy Birthday, Airelle!

    Loved Akemi’s zombie comments.

    I’m glad Bubba is doing do well! And I agree that he looks like a pink sunflower.

    HEY DAS! Stop drooling on the keyboard.

  9. Bubba looks good!
    Identity – more Keller running in the woods, eminently forgettable.
    I would have liked it more if Keller was a zombie.

  10. Happy Birthday Airelle!

    Glad Bubba’s surgery was a success.

    I wasn’t going to say anything because I didn’t want to hurt Bubba’s feedlings, but his bandage yesterday reminded me of a bubushka. Today it really looks like a bubushka. Sorry Bubba, not a good look for you.

  11. A question I forgot to ask during your re-watch of Daedalus Variations. Why didn’t you let John keep the cool alien gun? He could have taken it after he and Ronan took them out. I assume you were short in the FX budget to have Ronan’s gun and the new alien gun for the rest of the season.
    And Jewel did look great in this episode.

  12. Happy Birthday Airelle!

    You really need to watch out for zombie cars. I make sure I steer clear of them.

    Akemi brings up so many good points. Why are British people in the Pegasus Galaxy so evil?

    I’m glad Bubba is doing well. 😀 So cute!

  13. Happy Birthday Airelle!

    sometimes it is very convenient that dogs dont distinguish colors. O_o
    You Might also disguise Bubba like a bee. :bear: :mrgreen:

    Pretty funny mindchange episode. But if in a odd turn Jewel mind can survive in Neeva´s body when they execute Jewel´s body ( ok They said not is possible, but if i wrote the episode…), i think Rodney havent much problem with this. 😈

    Zombis in Cars. Yeah a lot of this running in our roads.
    Especially Monday morning.

  14. I’m reading “The Glass Castle” since Mr. Mallozzi said he enjoyed it so much. This book can be hard to read at times, the wanton disregard of the parents, or their selfishness is difficult to understand.
    I’m thinking I should get my children to read it. Perhaps they’ll quit complaining about how terrible they had it as children when we wouldn’t buy and pay for cell phones for them, and how having strict parents isn’t the worst thing in the world.

    Ponytail: Bubba does look like a flower though I’m not sure if it’s a carnivorous flower, perhaps one of those flowers that lick people to death and occasionally pass gas.

  15. @Line Noise:

    I just got my Italy trip arranged and I have a stop over in Bath for the weekend of May 9th and 10th (leaving Gatwick on Sunday). Drop me a line on my blog if you’d like to get together for a pint of bitter or a coffee sometime that weekend.



  16. ~~~~thanks Randomness,Deni,Ponytail,bambamfans,JeffW,Sparrow_hawk,Alexis,Jovanna,whoviantrish,and Skua for my birthday wishes, I am still enjoying the days, massage was wonderful, tomorrow is a hair cut, So I guess all this work, what a friend told me is a,,~~ tune-up, ~~like a car, gotta keep it running, whatever it is I am all for it. 😉 and thanks Joe for the bd dedication! much appreciated. Have a grand day!!

  17. The Zombie Diet! Coming to your FB sidebar soon! Sadly, I think it may happen.

    Bubba looks adorkable in the headband!

    My kitty Harry was sick last night. Vet couldn’t find anything wrong, but Harry is now in isolation in the sewing room until tomorrow, I just have to keep checking in on him. Poor baby. SO hard to tell with cats when something is seriously wrong, or if they just ate some random crap.

  18. Jovanna and whoviantrish, your names got cut off on my thanks message, so thanks,again,, and Shana also, thanks,

  19. Very belated happy birthday Airelle.

    Love Bubba’s headband. It looks so comfortable. He’s one of those guys who can rock pink, too.

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