1Sigh.  Here we go again.  Last month, a routine check at our local vet clinic revealed that Jelly had a mast cell tumor that would have to be removed.  Given their advanced ages, and the fact that they are pugs, surgery always worries me as much as whatever it is they are being treated for.  But despite being 16, Jelly came through with flying colors and the surgery was a complete success.  Tomorrow, it’s 11 year old Bubba’s turn.  Akemi noticed a lump near his ear last week and I didn’t think anything of it at first.  It was significantly tinier and harder than the one I discovered on Jelly.  Still, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have it checked out and so, yesterday, we brought him in and had a sample taken.  And, this morning, we got the results.  Another mast cell tumor.  He goes in for surgery first thing tomorrow morning.

Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…Brainstorm!

1This one was a lot of fun – despite all the gobbledegook.  Whenever the conversation turned to the gate bridge, Akemi’s eyes seemed to glaze over.  But they were bright and alert for all of the McKay-Keller moments.  “Some part is very boring, talk about global warming.  But I laughed a couple of times.  I found funny. And I liked the romantic scenes.”

Note for the costume department from Akemi: “Didn’t like Jewel’s dress and boots.”

She loved the Carl Binder Memorial Theatre but wondered why Carl got the honours and not, say, Brad or Robert who no doubt wondered: “Why my name is not on the theatre?”

On the burgeoning romance: “I liked the fact McKay and Jewel loveoo loveoo.”

But she wasn’t a fan of the practical ice effects: “Looks fake.”

On the moment where McKay sweeps up a wet and freezing Keller, gets her to safety, and then the two exchange a kiss: “Titanic!”

Overall: “Like it, but not very Stargatety.”

37 thoughts on “April 20, 2014: Bubba’s surgery surprise! Our Stargate Atlantis re-watch continues with…Brainstorm!

  1. I wonder what she would have thought if she had seen it back to back with McKay and Mrs Miller. I think this was a good classic SG-1 style episode.. Where they let loose something on Earth and have to save Earth before the end of the hour. I really enjoy it, plus I love the geek getting the girl.

  2. Sorry to hear about Bubba – best wishes of course and sending the most positive thoughts his (and your) way. I don’t see any reason why the outcome wouldn’t be as good as Jelly’s.

    Did Akemi not mention anything about NDT and Bill Nye? I mean, that combo is a double whammy of awesomeness! What was it like to work with those guys? It overshadowed practically everything else for me, although the premise’s shaky meteorology does ring a bell. The episode really seemed for fun though, so in that regard it came through in spades.

  3. It is always a concern when the puppies have to have any kind of surgery.
    Glad to hear about Jelly…now we await the word on Bubba.
    Crossing all crossable parts.
    The babes need some peanut butter – comfort food.

  4. G’day

    Sooooo far behind. Trying to get caught up. No time to read comments. Judging by the blog dedications Happy Birthday to some and deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones.

    Loved Remnants but disliked Brainstorm.

    Happy Easter.

  5. Congrats Jelly on a successful surgery, and ouch Joe, seems like fate has dealt you a one two with the unlucky news about your pugs. Here’s hoping this is the last of their problems.

    I can’t blame you for being worried though, there’s always that element of risk with any kind of surgery, while some may say a lot is safe, what about the small percentage where things go wrong?

    Hoping Bubba has a successful surgery and that he stays strong 🙂

  6. Best wishes to little Bubba! I hate, hate, HATE mast cell tumors. I’m glad Akemi found it early, though! Please keep us updated and give him a kiss for us.

    I liked Brainstorm, especially the cameos by NTD and Bill Nye. I have to agree with Akemi, the dress/boots on Jewel were awful!

  7. So happy to hear Jelly’s surgery was a success. And saying prayers for sweet Bubba. Are pugs particularly susceptible to mast cell tumors or is this an unlucky coincidence? Good luck tomorrow, sending positive vibes your way.

  8. Good wishes and prayers for the big guy tomorrow! Looking forward to good news and a good report.

    Happy Easter, everyone!

  9. Praying for Bubba and a successful operation! He seems a positive, happy soul, so I’m sure he’ll recover quickly.

    On Brainstorm, I can’t speak to Jewel’s dress (I honestly didn’t notice), but this episode certainly was a fun clash of egos.

  10. Not a fan of this episode. Never liked/believed in the Keller-Mckey thing. I guess I understand Akemi’s attachment. Thai women are into that cute-cute stuff as well. A bit more understanding can be found in a previous episode when Keller, Carter, McKay are trapped in a mine. (McKay the family man) I never saw the movie Titanic (heard it was in all of the paper), but did watch the movie of the “incredible Molly Brown.” Must say she is right about the boot thing. Japanese women have that style down! And, it isn’t the first time a Jewel character had a fashion fopaw. (Yes misspelling, but it is French so I will blame Canada, besides not expecting a Spanish Inquacition.)
    I did like the McKay nemesis,Dave Foley. I have enjoyed his work since “News Radio.”

  11. Good luck Bubba! Im confident because you have a very good vets,

    I like the episode premise, global warming is bad but us trying to force reverse change is worst.(Especially copying an Rodney idea.)
    Jewel dress seems more appropriate for a funeral. But together with the boots is explosive. I only remember a worst precedent: the girls dresses in “Family Ties”.
    Yes the ice looks fake. But is a funny episode.

  12. My thoughts and best wishes for Bubba tomorrow!
    Brainstorm remains the only episode of Atlantis I refuse ever to watch again, and I couldn’t even watch the whole thing when it first aired. It makes me physically ill. Abomination is about the best thing I can think of to say. It’s depressing me to even write about it so I’ll stop.
    Again, good luck for Bubbas surgery. 🙂

  13. PS – @Chris that kickstarter got shut down/suspended. Probably by MGM’s legal team.

  14. Sorry to hear about the doggies and very glad that Jelly did so great…obviously hoping same for Bubba.

    A little doggie advice.. having had a dog with mast cell they THOUGHT they got all of. Even when they seem to get it all, some cells can cause issues. Every article you research will probably advise a simple aid to help make sure the guys stay comfortable, won’t hurt them if there are no lingering cells. Simply put on and keep on an antacid every day. Generic benadryl helps block the histamine issues. Adding in generic pepcid or zantac helps keep the tummy okay. Check with your vet, but I promise it’s a good “ounce of prevention” aid. 🙂

    >>The mast cell tumor releases histamine-containing granules that lead to inflammation and increased stomach acid secretion.

    These unpleasant symptoms may be alleviated with the use of H1 blockers (antihistamines such as Benadryl® and others) as well as H2 blockers (antihistamines such as Pepcid AC® and others). These medications help palliate the inflammatory effects of the spreading malignant mast cell tumor.<<

  15. Best of luck to Bubba. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Brainstorm was a fun episode. I also like that it featured the future stars of The Big Bang Theory: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.

  16. Hugs to Bubba and Jelly, wishing them both swift recoveries and lots of treats. Look at that punim on Jelly, so sweet!

    This is one of my fave SGA eps; NDT, Bill Nye and freakin’ Dave Foley, so much to love. I love Kids in the Hall and I still crush on Mark McKinney.

    For my writing peeps I’m sharing the Austin Film Fest teleplay contest info, deadline is April 30, with a May 31 extended deadline for late entries:


  17. How did the surgery go? Did you get his nails clipped while he was out? (Always, always work that in while they are under 😉 ) It was so fortuitist that Akemi found that spot so soon! She may have saved his life.

    Oh and I did like the Bill Nye Episode. It was wonderful to see Rodney and the scientific community interact. (funny too!)

  18. Your seniors are very fortunate to have you to attend their medical issues in such a timely fashion. Aging pets always have something creep up and it’s wonderful when they have a home that makes their lives as comfortable and qualified (?) as possible. The Atlantis recaps are fun; always enjoyed that series–how can you not love McKay babble?

    Saw the movie Epic this weekend and had a good chuckle with the Oz character. Have you seen him? The 3-legged, 1-eyed overweight senior pug with huge amounts of drool and enthusiasm?

  19. Hugs to the babies.

    I really liked this episode because of the guest stars too. Love Neil. Are you watching Cosmos?

  20. I know she’s not keen on the 90s hair, wardrobe and vfx, but I wonder what Akemi would think about the whole Sam/Jack relationship that split the fandom apart so many years ago.

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