Shouldn't that be "Litewature Stowage Only"?  If we're going for the full Elmer Fudd.
Uh, shouldn’t that read: “Litewature Stowage Only”?

Hello, from the future!  November 7th here in Tokyo; November 6th back home for most of you.  Having advance knowledge of the day ahead, I wish I could tell you all what is in store for you but, alas, like most travelers to Asia, I had to sign a non-disclosure form while going through customs here.  Suffice it to say, some interesting things await. Without, hopefully, being overly-cryptic, let me just offer the following hints: blue, 17, and clydesdale.

Well, once the 11 hour flight touched down and we finally caught the airport shuttle from Narita to the hotel that dropped us off at the Imperial 90 minutes later, and we finally checked in and dropped off our luggage, we were sitting down to dinner at a very respectable 7:00 p.m. local time – and most disrespectful 2:00 a.m. local time.  Akemi was exhausted so, rather than venture out, we just followed tradition and grabbed a bite at one of the hotel restaurants, Sans Applause…

Another Tokyo first night tradition: bonjiri (grilled chicken butts!), here served alongside grilled shitake mushrooms.  Delicious, both!
The sea urchin gelee is served with a creamy sea urchin custard and topped with fresh uni.
It’s called fried white bait (shirasu) on the menu but our waiter called it shirauo.  They’re, apparently, two completely different fish.  Ethereal and crispy.  Check out the little eyes.
This one was a pleasant surprise: crab risotto with crispy cheese.

We forced ourselves to stay up into the wee hours last night, not going to bed until 10:00 p.m. (9:54 p.m. for Akemi who couldn’t hold out) and slept in until 7:30 a.m.  So lazy!  I wanted to head down to the Tsukiji Market for some breakfast sushi but Akemi wants to wait until lunch as we’re headed to Sawada for the world’s best sushi meal.  So, instead, we’re updating our respective blogs now after which we’ll head off for some early shopping – and maybe a snack for me at the local Lawsons convenience store.  Their heat lamp fried chicken looks might inviting!

Other than the lunch reservation, our day is wide open.  Akemi wants to check out the Mitsukoshi department store while I, of course, want to hit Akihabara in search of a cool anime-themed cover for my new cellphone.  At some point in the next couple of days, I also want to head over to Tokyo Big Sight which is hosting the International Robot Exhibition ( Remember the time I attended the 2009 Exhibition?  Of course you do: November 28, 2009: Tokyo Travel Day #4 – Dai San Harumi, Tokyo Big Sight, Les Creations de Narisawa! Now With 60% More Robots!  While we’re on the subject –  Akemi’s neck is so incredibly sore from the flight that she actually moves like a robot, stiffly, unable to turn her head without moving her entire upper torso.  I fear that the locals will see us walking around and assume I’ve purchased one of those state-of-the-art robot girlfriends.

Sad rabbit
Sad rabbit

Finally, thanks to archersangel and the rest of you for all the recommendations.  The Weird Food Purchase of the Day video will definitely be making a return appearance on this blog very soon.

26 thoughts on “November 7, 2013: Tokyo Day #1! Arrival! Sans Applause! Robot Girlfriend!

  1. Not sure when you posted that, but it’s already 7:20pm on Nov. 6th here in the Maritimes. Glad that you both made it safely but too bad about Akemi’s neck! Hopefully a day of activity will get those kinks worked out. Japan always looks so fascinating – hopefully I’ll get to go there on some trip someday.

    Food looks great already and I can’t wait to see what further adventures you guys are going to have.

    Funny that you would say about today that “interesting things await”. That sure turned out to be true. Apparently, a certain family member who my step-mom definitely doesn’t want to see tried to visit her in the hospital today. Luckily, my step-mom was down the hall!

  2. How about a massage for Akemi? Aleve helps too. Have fun and good luck!

    P.S. Do you know the lotto numbers?

  3. In this case, “stowage”, as in stowing cargo or stowaway, would be correct*, IMHO. Does Akemi translate the kanji as “storage” or “stowage”.

    *Note: In absence of translation from kanji, either phrasing gets the concept across.

  4. No worries, I know what international date line jet lag can be like! Enjoy the chicken – I know that around here I would consider heat lamp chicken a sure fire ticket to an extended bathroom stay, if not the actual hospital.

  5. Skip the heat lamp chicken and have a nikuman. Or a little snack of dried smoked shredded squid. Yum!

    Dinner looks fabulous. Is that restaurant part of the Imperial?

    I hope Akemi’s neck feels better.

  6. I dare you to eat something so painfully ordinary and normal that it brings tears to your eyes.



  7. Joe and Akemi:

    Glad you all made it safely…travel prayers answered!

    Without, hopefully, being overly-cryptic, let me just offer the following hints: blue, 17, and clydesdale.

    What a prognosticator you are, Joe!

    Blue: the color of my luggage coming off the belt at O’hare tonight.
    17: the number of minutes we spent taxing to the gate after we landed.
    Clydesdale: as in beer wagon. As in the beer I had when I got home.

    Three out of three! Can you tell me how my physical therapy is going to go tomorrow?

    Their heat lamp fried chicken looks might inviting!

    You’re kidding…right? Right?!?

  8. So, we bought Despicable Me and also Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I couldn’t help but see the Minions as having roles similar to the Oompa Loompas.

    My Lands! Despicable Me is what Charlie did with the chocolate factory!

  9. Glad you arrived safely. Here’s hoping that Akemi’s neck gets better quickly. That crab risotto looks heavenly.

  10. i don’t know that i could handle an 11 hour flight. i was on a 5+ hour flight to los angeles (with a brief layover) with the same coming back and had some issues. some sort of heat (hot water bottle usually) helps my stiff muscles, maybe that would work for Akemi’s neck.

    Finally, thanks to archersangel and the rest of you for all the recommendations. The Weird Food Purchase of the Day video will definitely be making a return appearance on this blog very soon.

  11. Glad you and Akemi had a safe trip! Sorry to hear about Akemi’s neck. Massage or drugs, whatever it takes, but she’s got to get that neck loosened up for some serious shopping!

    I have no idea what blue and 17 mean. But clydesdale? I hope horse isn’t on the menu, again. 🙂

    Sorry – that picture with butts and shitake, um, no. But the crab risotto looks delicious!

    The robot exhibition should be intriguing. I’ve been seeing some really interesting robot videos on Twitter, including one that was a “snake” which could sense where it was going. The human robots are just plain creepy.

  12. Give that girl a neck massage!!!! You might get lucky and she’ll return the favor. Looking forward to all the amazing food that I anticipate you’ll be posting over the next couple of weeks.

  13. Heat lamp chicken, meh. Heat lamp chicken in Tokyo, yum. Because Tokyo.

    I agree, a neck massage is essential.

  14. Don’t massage those tight muscles, it might make it worse. Take a steam, heat will loosen the knot in the muscles.

    That crab risotto looks so good. Looking forward to the pics of the robot expo. When are those machines gonna rise already?

  15. So, now we officially know who is the real time lord – and you even have a companion who goes everywhere with you. I think I will start calling you by your real name, Dr. Who.

  16. Look what we adopted today. She’s a mix of Bassett hound and street dog, has a very sweet temperament and is holding her own with Cody, somehow. Riley thinks she’s great, no worries there, but Cody will not be neutered until next week, so it’s been “interesting”. I fell in love with the crooked ears. Her name was Ruby, but that wasn’t going to fly, so we decided on something that rhymed and re-named her Shoobie. Please welcome her to the blog family! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. I hope sad rabbit is feeling better. She had a sore throat b4 she left, hope it is better also. Take care of her Joe. and crab risotto looks the best of all. thanks.

  18. I don’t know @TamDixon — Whenever Jeff tries to rub my back or neck I wind up having to go to a professional to undo the pain he has caused that made it worse.

    I wonder what would happen is Sad WOBOT and Bad WOBOT got together?

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