Bubba wants to come with us to Tokyo!
Bubba wants to come with us to Tokyo!
Lulu's coming too.  And she's bringing her ducky.
Lulu’s coming too. And she’s bringing her ducky.

Picked up my sister at the airport last night and was treated to this wondrous sight:

Isn't it a little early for a Christmas sweater?
Isn’t it a little early for a Christmas sweater?

And this was the surprise Akemi had waiting for my sister upon her arrival:

Mmmmm.  Dried kimchi.
Mmmmm. Dried kimchi.

Well, off today.  We’re flying Japan Airlines and will be getting in at 4:30 p.m. Tokyo time – following an 11 hour flight and 90 minute shuttle bus ride from Narita airport.  I’ll no doubt be exhausted – but raring to go!

Here are  a few of the things I’m looking forward to on this Tokyo Trip…


1Visiting Star Bar and seeing my old friends Master Kishi-san and Yamazaki-san.

1Getting together with my friend, Moro-san

1Chef Lionel Beccat’s cuisine at Esquisse.

1Fresh unagi

1Chef Namae’s creative dishes at L’Effervesence.

1Seeing my friend, Tomomi

1A day trip to Yokohama


1The braised pork appetizer and varied pork tonkatsu at Butagumi

1The sights and shopping of Akihabara


1Hattendo cream buns

1The mouth meltingly delicious aburi toro and other marvels at Sushi Sawada

1The decadent chocolate offerings at Jean-Paul Hevin

1Lunch at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

1An afternoon walk through Roppongi

1Tsukiji breakfast

11The Mori Art Museum

1Ginza at night

Alright!  Ready?!  Let’s go!!!

27 thoughts on “November 5, 2013: Things I’m most looking forward to on this Tokyo Trip!

  1. How far do you expect to go back in time? 4:30, you say? What day? Or, will you be going forward in time? I always get confused about that. Have a great time!

  2. My mouth watered a bit at the sight of that Unagi….

    Any culinary adventures planned for this trip? And by adventures, I mean the crazy stuff like that squid ink ice cream.

    Have fun!

    -Mike A.

  3. Safe travels and have fun! It’s best you take additional luggage to accommodate all the bizarre novelty items you’ll be bringing back for me!

  4. Whew! That looks exhausting! (And very, very filling.) Where does the wedding fit in all that? Is that the day trip to Yokohama? You’re gonna need a vacation from your vacation by the time you’re done. Have a groovy trip!

  5. I know how the dogs feel. I would even give up the rubber duckie if I could come. I think you need to consider having a group tour so we can join you and not have to live vicariously through your blogs and pictures.

  6. Wow Joe, food looks good. No doubt you’ll be taking quite a few pics of great food – but don’t forget to take some pics of the architecture and ingenious advertising. Have a good and safe trip, Joe and Akemi…. and remember to take some wedding pics and your final choice of outfits. I love living vicariously.

  7. G’day

    @ Bella&Kasper – So very sorry for your loss. Sending all my love and hugs your and your family’s way.

    @ Joe – Safe travels.

  8. Enjoy!! you will have to move fast, a wedding and all the fun, and all the things you want to do, Time travel would be good about now, so you can go back and forth and back again. whew! Smooth sailing I hope! Yeah Star Bar and also chocolate!

  9. Aren’t you looking forward to the wedding?

    Ooooh, those green buns are back. 😀

  10. Everything looks delicious. Lots of tasty pork dishes listed here. Aw, the pups look so sad! But they will have fun bonding with your sis.

    I love the presentation of those tasty treats, especially the sweet potato chips. I’m going to look for dried kimchi at my grocer.

  11. That’s not a Christmas sweater, just a Cosby sweater. 🙂

    Have a safe flight! I can’t wait to follow all your adventures. Hope it’s as wonderful as past years for you!

  12. Haven’t tried Star Bar yet. Looking forward to your entry on it.

    Any other bars you plan to enjoy? I’m a big fan of 地ビール (craft beer) in Tokyo, so I’m always on the lookout for interesting places.

  13. Ya know, if you really wanted to see some ginormous SPIDER, you could save your money and visit OTTAWA! – We’ve got one *just* like that in front of the Art Gallery! — Mind you, the only good food in that area is the “BEAVER TAIL” place…

  14. Ha!, I’m getting a little freaked out. I had a published book series optioned by a Hollywood agent (subrights through my NY literary agent) way back in…geez…was it 2005 or 2008? Anyway, the option made it pretty far through pitches with Joel Silver and was supposedly specced out by a “writing team” who were unnamed, but the film never got made. The next year the property was optioned by Lionsgate. Went a year and then the option was renewed. Went another year and nothing was made so the option expired. Was just notified this week that the people with the *first* option were interested again. And the original writing team had been contacted. I never thought twice about “original writing team” until now, when you said someone had shown interest in an old script this week. So…you and Paul have never worked on anything pertaining to…um…gargoyles, have you? That would just be too freaky.

  15. Joe, hope you have a fantastic trip! Looks like so much fun.

    @Bella&Kasper – I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom. Lost mine a year ago, still miss her every day. My deepest condolences to you and you family.

    @gforce – So glad your mom ended up ok after her spill. Mine progressed from cane to walker to wheelchair over several years, each stage bringing new challenges. My biggest pet peeves became physicians’ office doors that were super heavy to push and hold open while wrangling a wheelchair, raised thresholds at the doors of medical buildings and uneven gaps at elevator entrances. I’m fairly strong but ended up with back issues from the whole experience, so be careful–spinal epidurals are not fun!

    @PBMom – Keeping fingers crossed and sending positive vibes for a successful adoption. We’re still looking for the right bc buddy for Jeter after losing his sister a few months ago.

  16. It sure would be hard to leave those cute little puppy faces. I’m sure you’re very relieved that Sis is there with them.

    Loved all the pictures!!

    Have a great trip and I hope Akemi is feeling better! I think she needs more ice cream. 🙂

  17. @Bella&Kasper – so very sorry to hear about your mom.

    Joe and Akemi – have a great trip…enjoy…send pictures.

  18. to vickie taylor;
    that would be a very interesting coincidence.

    to Mr. M;
    (my usual “pitch”)
    if you’re looking for stuff for the weird food purchase of the day (in-between visits to friends, museums & other culinary adventures) i had my brother ask about possibilities on an anime bboard he goes to;
    someone recommended ramune that comes in different flavors, like curry or wasabi. it’s usually available at village/vanguard (that’s the name, it’s not 2 places) and there’s the chance to find a strange soft drink or 2 at 7-11 or family mart type places.
    brief research on ramune brings up more odd flavors;
    kimchi, octopus, chocolate, flaming, sour, sweet & mystery. the wasabi flavor is available at tokyu hands. there’s a store in the ginza area (marronnier gate), shibuya, shinjuku, ikebukuro, lalaport toyosu, ktasenju and machida. not sure where you are in tokyo this time.
    also, there’s a bunch of odd kit kat flavors; ginger ale, soy sauce creme brulee, banana & others. (i don’t know what’s available now)
    and then there’s always unique fast food options. (see my comment on the oct. 30, 2013 entry)

  19. It would be hard to leave with the puppies expressing their sorrow, but you know as soon as you leave, they’ll be partying with your sis!!

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