As many of you know, I’ll be heading to Tokyo this November to attend my very first Japanese wedding.  Akemi’s sister is getting married and, to mark the special occasion, I want to make sure I get her the PERFECT wedding gift.

Apparently, cash is traditionally considered the PERFECT wedding gift, but I’d like my particular wedding present to stand out so I was thinking of going a little…of book.

Here are some of my ideas for a really unique wedding gift.  Let me know what you think…











What do you think?

45 thoughts on “September 22, 2013: Wedding Gifts for the Japanese Bride!

  1. weeeelllll, the dog does add to the specialness of the occasion/event.
    But, perhaps a cruise to Hawaii WITH the Star Gate collection as a bonus.


  2. For the things on your list that are available in Japan, there are certificates you can get that are redeemable for them.

  3. The cruise. That will give them a chance to also visit with you, barring unforseen circumstances.

  4. What about something Canadian that you wouldn’t normally get in Japan? The Culture route is a risky route though lol

    Just an idea..

  5. I thought cupping meant something completely different… 😕

    @ JeffW – I’ve loved old cars and muscle cars since like…forever. As a kid when all the girls were playing with Barbies, I was in the dirt with the kid next door, playing with Matchbox and Hot Wheels. I much rather play ‘cars’ with the boys, then play ‘dolls’ with the girls. I can remember begging my mom or grandmom to buy me a new car every time we went to the store, and even today I will pick up a car every now and then (the last was a Duesenberg). I still have some of my old cars, but they’re pretty beat up since I really played with them. One of my favorites was a Matchbox horse trailer, complete with horses! And I also had a Matchbox pickup that came with four (I think) hunting dogs, but they were all lost…in the dirt. (I just checked the net – the pick-up was called the Matchbox Lesney Kennel Truck – still have the truck, just lost the dogs.)

    I think between the toy cars and being taken to car museums as a kid, I just really got into cars. A couple museums I was taken to as a kid include this one at Luray Caverns:

    And the car museum at Pioneer Village in Nebraska:

    Haven’t really pursued my interest in cars for a while. Just too busy to run around to shows and such, but my husband really loved this, so now with him on board it looks like we may try to hit more of the local car shows. Now…to brush up on the lingo. That’s the only problem with anything like this – be it car shows or dog shows or art shows – you can run into a few ‘snobs’ who think you’re a moron if you don’t talk their language.

    @ Joe – Why don’t you buy them a share in a gold mine? Not kidding. My sister did that for my parents on their 50th anniversary. It comes complete with a certificate and everything. Of course, my sister sort of did it as a novelty/gag gift, but still! It can make you look like a big spender when you’re really being a cheapskate!



  6. give cash, but fold the money into rose shapes, put them on plastic stems & make a bouquet . there’s a bunch of stuff on google about how to do it.

    or just get a nice card from halmark to put it in.

  7. How about you send Dane Cook over to play the reception and you leave him there?

  8. I vote for the dog. A gift of love that loves back. Although the tattoos come in a close second.

    Sorry to hear about your back. It sounds age related, or not 🙂 But stretching and building muscle strength in your back and legs will really help as you get older. I wish I had. My discs are disintegrating and I’m in physical therapy now to try and avoid back surgery, although I don’t have a lot of back pain. My problem is in my legs where I have burning, pins and needles, and some numbness. Dang discs are crunching into my spine.

    Any particular reason that someone wanted the Atlantis blueprints? Great episode too! I still miss that show. I haven’t really found another to get as excited about, except for Game of Thrones, which knocks off characters at warp speed, and the reason I’m afraid to actually like anyone in it.

    I still can’t believe that you’re waiting for a go ahead on your projects. What the heck is wrong with those people? Any news? Will you be coming back down to LA anytime soon?

    Well, I celebrated my birthday today with calls from friends or to friends inbetween washing my truck, cleaning the bathroom and bedroom, three loads of laundry, paperwork from work, a phone call from my upstairs neighbors at a rest stop in New Mexico coming back from Wisconsin, brownies from my other neighbor, and football all day long. Pretty good day 🙂

    And thanks for remembering Kelly. I still miss her wit.

    Wednesday I get to visit Cal Tech, kind of, after work. I have a collection of California Geology magazines that I subscribed to from the 1970‘s to 2001. They’re not valuable enough to sell, but I couldn’t just toss them. So I contacted Cal State Northridge where I took some geology classes decades ago, nope. My local community college and libraries, nope, nope and nope. One library said they’d sell them for fundraising, but not what I wanted. I left a message at JPL, but didn’t hear back. Of all the institutions, I never thought Cal Tech would want them. They actually have a complete set dating back to 1949, but the wonderful librarian said he’d set them out for the professors and students to take. So cool they’re going to folks that can really use them!

  9. I think bunch of big denomination Yen notes should do. But you could give them the deed to a mountain cabin near Vancouver as a vacation getaway.

  10. Heck, I always say if you’re going to go, go big! How about one of these:

    Also, as Dave Clark said, only give them Dane Cook if it actually means sending him over there. Permanently. Perhaps they can keep him in a small box under the stairs, or maybe in the crawl space. Just throw in a couple of raw fish heads once a week and be done with it.

  11. You’ll have to share with us what the guest bag is like. I hear they can be quite interesting. You may be expected to give cash, but the guests all bring home a gift. My houseowner would give me the things she didn’t want when she’d been to a wedding. Every month I’d go pay rent, she give me a gift, usually fresh fruit or cakes, but sometimes it was fancy scarves, or little soaps, or a nice bowl. One month, she wasn’t home, her husband gave me a huge bag of powdered corn soup mix. Er, thanks?

    Tattoos? They aren’t Yakuza, are they? Eeek!

    Which leads me to another story about my unsavory house agent the first time I was stationed in Yokosuka … yikes. Missing pinky finger and all. Another time, perhaps……

  12. The DVD collection of course.

    Coincidentally, just finished watching SGA season 5 on Blue-Ray, Dammit, I lament that show’s passing!

  13. I vote for the dog too, but I think he is going to need his own seat on the plane – and he looks like the kind that will insist on a first class seat (one of those opens up into a bed). I bet you can teach him to do back massages and “scratches” with those big paws so you kind of say you are giving them an ongoing spa gift too.

  14. You know what hubby’s buddy gave him for a wedding gift? A Nintendo game system. He wanted to take it on our honeymoon, but I said NO! It was pure evil designed to suck up valuable time and isolate one from the rest of the world. And I was RIGHT!!! When we got back home it was all sitting up all alone late at night, playing game after game after game, totally ignoring everything and everyone around.

    Only it wasn’t hubby playing…it was me, determined to get to the next level of Tetris. 😛


  15. @paloosa – My boy is into geology. It’s his second interest after tornadoes and the list of interests is very short. He’d be a bit rough on magazines, though, as tornadoes get modeled often around here.

  16. If they are planning to come to Canada, how about a trip through the Rockies and a stay in Lake Louise Lodge, or Banff Springs Hotel or a stay in Jasper and do some golfing when they come. I know they would enjoy the wildlife that shares the golf course with humans… as long as they know not to feed them and to head the other way when bears are around.

    OR how about a book of your favourite recipes and some kitchen machinery to create them.

    If we’re being funny, how about the new craze in Japan where foreheads look like they have a Tim Horton’s doughnut inside them. I don’t know what the process is called or how it’s done but they could rest on each others’ foreheads while looking into each others’ eyes…. love, you know.

  17. Nah…. I think that a gift of money in a fancy card would save you many reminders of a cultural faux pas that you could potentially commit otherwise….

  18. The Stargate Collection is the way to go. I give them as gifts. Lets the sis know what you do for a living.

  19. I’d go with the dog…but you know what would be really cool? Do they still have those fish that eat dead skin cells off your feet? I bet no one will get them a gift card for the foot fish!

  20. Hah, I totally thought you were going to buy them a bear. Like sponsoring a child.

    Personally, I like the tattoos. 😉

  21. Um… ’bout real Canadian 100% maple syrup? Obvioused!

    Well, that and cash.

    Would you give it to them in Yen? Or Loonies? Or American Dollars? Or….(something more creative)?

    I like the idea of giving them stuff they can’t get for themselves. Stuff that can only be had where someone is from(hence the syrup). So, I say, think along those lines and you’ll hit a home run….as long as you pair it with the moolah. There are no bad gifts when paired with money.

    -Mike A.

  22. I think Tam Dixon topped you in ways to alienate Akemi’s family, lol.

    Or a collection of your most favorite (ie awful) weird food of the month gift basket.

    Or a life size stand up cardboard cutout of you and Akemi.

    Or… cash and a little special gift.

  23. How about give them pictures of all of it and let them chose..,, ~~~or money in a nice card..++Send me the Stagate stuff,,ok..

  24. I like Mike A.‘s suggestion. I’d go with either the little maple leaf-shaped bottle of syrup, or maybe a nice box of maple leaf-shaped maple candy that EVERY FREAKIN’ PERSON WHO EVER WENT TO CANADA BROUGHT BACK FOR ME!!!

    On a positive note, however, that stuff – along with cockroaches and lawyers – can survive the Apocalypse.


    1. …of course, you’ll have to let us all know what your (Akemi’s) final decision for the gift is. I’m sure it will be great, appreciated and culturally correct.

      On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 1:23 PM, Josephmallozzi’s Weblog wrote:

      > ** > Kamen Dokov commented: “Alaskan cruise, of course. ;)” >

  25. Joe, now that you’ve gotten all the Worst Ideas Ever out of the way… I recommend leaving the gift selection process up to Akemi.

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