Seriously.  No sooner do I recover from my pulled solar plexus (see previous issues, ed.) than I am now battling a lower back “thing”. Specifically, a lower right hip ache that flares up whenever I shift my weight a certain way – or not.  I don’t remember doing anything that could have caused it – outside of those heavy deadlifts – but that’s not really the point.  The POINT is that I have never been the type of guy to suffer from back issues.  That has always been the “other guy” – you know, the little guy in the office next door who occasionally slips a disc and then either has to sleep on the coffee table or standing up.  Not me!

Today, I received a request for some Atlantis blueprints.  I explained that my collection of blueprints, part of the various art department packages from past Stargate episodes, are incomplete.  Some episodes have plenty of supporting docs, everything from schematics to colorful designs, while others only have a sketch or two.  I’ve been meaning to digitize these files for a while now (maybe a year) but just haven’t had the opportunity to get around to doing so.  I figure the next best thing is to just scan and upload the various packages for your entertainment and edification.

Would you all happen to remember a little Stargate: Atlantis fifth season episode called Remnants?




















25 thoughts on “September 21, 2013: Now what?! Stargate: Atlantis! The Remnants Art Department Package!

  1. I feel your pain. Last week I stood up after sitting at the computer and experienced a shooting pain in my lower right hip. Out of the blue. The doctor diagnosed GTPS and told me it will go away. Eventually. For the present if I shift my weight the wrong way it’s like being stabbed in the hip. If you find a way to make it stop please let me know.

  2. Specifically, a lower right hip ache that flares up whenever I shift my weight a certain way – or not. I don’t remember doing anything that could have caused it….

    when you carry carry a bag of groceries (or luggage or dog carrier or brief case) do you often carry it in your left hand & lean (even slightly) to the right? that could be it. through most of my 4 years of high school i carried my book bag on my right shoulder and leaned to my left. so now my left hip give me the most trouble, aside from my knees.

  3. *sigh* Do your stretches, Joe. They are just as important as the strength training. Yeah, they add 5 or 10 minutes to your workout but it is worth it. Especially when you reach a “certain age” Not saying YOU’VE reached that age – but it’s something to keep in mind. And maybe get one of those foam rollers to stretch the IT band ( the fascia on the outer aspect of your thigh) which is often a culprit in hip and low back pain.

    Hey, nice blueprints and pictures!

    @archersangel: I was thinking about the Monty Python Vorpal Bunny, too. really big teeth!

  4. “I don’t remember doing anything that could have caused it – outside of those heavy deadlifts – but that’s not really the point.”

    * * * runs off to see how old you are going to be on your
    birthday . . . October 16 . . . good Lord!! * * *

    Joe you really should get some advice from a professional trainer. Have him/her come to your house and watch what you are doing and how you are doing it. Give you some advice and techniques. A one time visit should do the trick. Maybe Bam Bam has a trainer friend or even Bam Bam himself could stop by. Save you a lot of pain and doctor visits. 🙂

  5. 1. Joey, yer gettin’ old. 😉

    2. Nice goodies from Remnants to peruse. 🙂

    3. Had a cargasm today! Woo! Spent the day (and have the sunburn to prove it!) on the Boardwalk looking at hundreds of classic cars, street rods and muscle cars – some original, some restored, some built from kits (most of the street rods). – GTOs, Chevelles, Bel Airs, Novas, 442s, Trans Ams, Corvettes, a SAAAA-WEEEEEET Nash Metropolitan, and a cool ‘Ghostbusters’ style Cadillac ambulance. There were many others, including a few Ford Fairlane Crown Vics, a couple Cougars (not including myself), and – much to my husband’s delight – several El Caminos (the car he had when we met, and now totally regrets selling).

    This is the Nash Metro we saw today, complete with roll cage and wheelie bar – and these pictures do not do it justice!

    Better get myself off to bed. It’s been a huge day with lots of walking (about 40 blocks, or 2 miles, and then some) and I think I got a bit dehydrated, too. After a good dinner I came home and crashed. Woke up at 8, winced when I saw my red face in the mirror (I didn’t think to wear sunscreen – what an idiot…Mr. Das and I both look like the Red Skull twins 😛 ), watched a couple rugby matches, took a shower, and drank LOTS of water. I know I’m gonna be up all night peeing, and the the fact that it just started to rain isn’t going to help a bit. 😛


  6. As I age, everything I ever judged in the past (how could you back, neck, hot flashes, whatever) be that bad… I got the answers up front and personal. Sorry about your back, but like Bette Davis said, old age ain’t for sissies. Take care of those aches and pains now before you get old!

  7. @ Joey Many thanks for the art scans. SG fans will never be grateful enough to you.

    About back issues in profesional sport when an athlete suffers repeated problems of tendons and connective tissue, always makes a deep review of problems in the mouth.
    For example an infection in the mouth can triggerr a series of problems in back,ankles and wrists, etc.
    Make a thorough review costs nothing.

  8. That last picture looks like a person standing there….a spooky person.
    A massage would feel nice for your pain, well maybe. Hope it feels better.
    ~Thanks for sharing your ‘stuff ‘ with us.
    ~~ das, forgot to ask, are you near the fires that the boardwalk had? sad…

  9. My husband was getting back pain from something as small and simple as his wallet. He now takes it out of his pocket when he drives. Although to be honest, it is stuffed with waaaaay too much crap.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me how much detail and planning had to go into every one of these episodes.

    Agreed on the getting older thing – fighting the various aches and pains is a continual battle and requires some really balanced routines of strength training AND stretching. I can definitely tell when I’ve been putting off exercising (like lately.)

  11. I’d just like to clarify what I believe is officially “old”. When you hit 80. Until then, you are like a slow cooking roast in the oven, marinated, tender, with lots of seasoning, the smell just keeps getting better by the minute. When you hit 80, you’ve suddenly over cooked it. Or maybe you are like wine, getting better with age, until you hit 80 and discover you left the cork off the bottle and it has gone flat or bitter. Or maybe you are like finely aging cheese until…

  12. Your back pain sounds very much like my brother’s back problem. Never suffered anything before but pain horrible pain started on only one side. It turned out to be a crunched spinal disc. Maybe something for the docs to check out.

  13. That’s how my gluten pains started, hip pain, chest pain. Surely, your inflammation would be a reaction to something less essential to your well-being–like bottled water perhaps.

    There was plenty off-kilter about me that caused a lot of mis-diagnoses about the cause. The physical therapist put me on a machine that measured muscle balance and said it was because my hamstring in my right leg was stronger than my quad. Fixed that, no better, I think that’s getting cause and effect confused. I did chiropractic, therapies, exercises, and treatments and by the time other pains started, I wasn’t going to waste more time investigating.

  14. to dasndanger;
    ….and a cool ‘Ghostbusters’ style Cadillac ambulance.

    i wonder if that’s the one i saw in the dragon-con parade in 2009. cool, but had an ear-splitting siren. 😯 😕 but then again, it’s probably a more common modification than i think.

  15. Cool plans! Thanks for posting!

    Sorry about your back. Wonder if you should see a dr? When I had sciatica, the dr gave me stretching exercises to do and it worked like a charm. Now I try and do those exercises every time I feel a back twinge. I was in my early twenties when that happened, so it’s not just an old age thing.

  16. @ Airelle – No, the fire was about 90 miles north of us, but we’ve had our fair share of boardwalk fires, so we feel a connection, as it were. Seems the fire was an accident, btw – electrical damage from Superstorm Sandy.

    @ archersangel – Yeah, I’m sure there’s more than one out there – we had two General Lee’s at this one, so who knows how many Ghostbusters’ style ambulances are (this one was NOT a Ghostbusters car, it was displayed as an ambulance, but of the same style). As the cars were leaving the boards everyone was yelling for them to ‘light it up!’ – rev and burn tires when they hit the street. The ambulance did just as commanded – only with lights and sirens – and yes, it was loud! And fun! Here’s a clip of some of the cars I found on youtube, but not a good representation – keep in mind there were two miles of cars, not just these few! And by mid-afternoon the boardwalk was PACKED!! So many people there because the weather was great and the show is getting bigger. I remember when it was just a handful of cars, but now the whole town is packed (it helps the the car show also falls on the Irish Festival weekend, too 🙂 ).

    This video from a previous show may be a bit better:

    @ Joey – My back is KILLING me today! I could blame it on the 2-mile plus walk yesterday, combined with the 4-mile hike around a lake today, but mostly I’m gonna blame it on you. 😀


  17. Yeah…like what Tam Dixon said.
    Possibly stenosis – spine/disk/disk pad compression
    or osteo arthritis – and you do not have to be old for this.
    and I don’t understand – spondylitis – except the lower back/spine and pain are involved.
    Stretching like Tam said helps. Also strengthening your core. Which sounds easy and straight forward…but loses something in translation to actually doing it which usually involves some degree of physical therapy.
    hope you feel better.

  18. I think we all get random pains now and then. Certainly about 2 months ago I had a problem with my knee for a little over a week. I suspected as tendonitis but doubt it was anything majorly serious.

    It was just so funky. Pain aside the sensation I had in my knee at times.

  19. @Joe:

    Either you are improving your powers of suggestion, or I pulled something with all the packing/unpacking over the last few days switching hotels. I woke up this morning at the hotel in Bowling Green with a pain in my lower back. All the driving today only made it worse, but a good night’s sleep in my own bed tonight will hopefully do wonders.

    @for the love of Beckett:

    We waved as we passed Indy again today! We had a great trip (aside from my back pain today). Nashville was great (musicians everywhere); we even had a musician in the hotel lobby Friday afternoon playing a guitar while we waited for a dinner companion to show up. We enjoyed him so much, we bought his CD and listened to it during the drive home.


    We love car shows too. My daughter Jackie has even won a couple of awards for her Fiero at the local car shows.

    This week we saw quite a few classic cars in Bowling Green at the Corvette Museum and Art’s Corvettes, including all sorts of classic Vettes, a Nash Metropolitan, a few T-bucket roadsters, and all sorts of muscle cars. My favorite? A ’57 black and red fuelie Corvette roadster at the Corvette Museum.

    No El Caminos though.

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