I always start with the eyes.  Is that sick?
I always start with the eyes. Is that sick?

My girlfriend, Akemi, is a culinary artist.  Those of you who followed our adventures in Toronto may recall some of her inspired bento box efforts:

Note the heart-shaped figs above the smiling oatmeal faces.
Note the heart-shaped figs above the smiling oatmeal faces.
Angry bird!
Angry bird!


Check it out.  He's winking.
Check it out. He’s winking.


Yep, a bear.  And even the sidekick egg yolk has personality.
Yep, a bear. And even the sidekick egg yolk has personality.
Cardinal Snowman
Cardinal Snowman


Why is this bear so sad?
Why is this bear so sad?

1Like other artists, she works in oils – mainly olive.   And her creative endeavors aren’t limited to breakfasts alone:

Representing, at the time, all four of my dogs.
Representing, at the time, all four of my dogs.
Veggie mosaic
Veggie mosaic
Home made cookies - and packaging - for Rob's dog, Oscar.
Home made cookies – and packaging – for Rob’s dog, Oscar.
Her take on okonomiyaki
Love-struck okonomiyaki


Hell, she even has to improve on food that doesn’t require any actual cooking:


So I suppose it should come as no surprise that Akemi has started her own youtube cooking channel.  My favorite part of these videos aren’t the recipes per se, but her kooky interactions with her oblivious sous-chef, Bubba:

And hear I’ve been wasting my Wednesday nights watching Masterchef.

Today’s entry is dedicated to the memory of long-time Stargate fans Kelly Hurt and Thomas Smethurst.

21 thoughts on “September 20, 2013: A Portrait of the Girlfriend as a Young Culinary Artist!

  1. I was going to pick a favorite bento creation, like maybe sad bear, no…maybe cardinal snowman, no…maybe winking oatmeal, no… I just can’t do it. I can’t decide. They are all fabulously awesome. Akemi is sooooo talented.

  2. Thanks for the walk down bento box memory lane.

    Bubba may be oblivious, but he always looks very handsome. 🙂

  3. Just a quickie because right now I hate my computer and the interwebs…

    1. Had a nice post all ready to go yesterday, and my computer closed the window suddenly. I think I need a new mouse (that is taped together at present). Anyhoo – I am not going to rewrite all the cartoon characters I love, but will name just one – probably my favorite of all time – Wile E. Coyote.

    2. RE: Yesterday’s blog entry – you threw that pale dude in there just to see if I’d bite, right? Well, I bit, and watched several youtube vids. Amusing fella. I’m a bit partial to the less clownish sorts, and first one to come to mind is Shimada Kambei from Samurai 7.

    3. Love Akemi’s food art and her video! Was a bit surprised to see you there at the end…and I betcha you’re gonna claim those fart noises were coming from the dog. 😉

    4. Nice dedication to the memories of Kelly and Thomas, Joe. I raise a glass to absent friends.


  4. Does tearing into happy breakfast creations make you a cereal killer?

    Food with eyes…. now and then it is cute, but tonight I will dream of an army of angry bento creatures bent on sweet revenge. And the happy okonomiyaki, will it still be happy in my tummy? I did not need to see them all assembled together.

    The horror …..

  5. Akemi makes a soufflé look easy. I’ve never eaten one. Is it hard keeping it from falling? Would it bake ok in a high humidity? Mmm, I may have to try making one. Thanks for the video!

    I loved all those bento creations. My favorite bentos are the eggs.

  6. Those bento boxes are always amazing. Akemi is a true artist! And, super nice to boot. Heh, I remember the “You will sleep on your neck wrong tonight” banana. Funny and yet slightly disquieting.

  7. @das – I use the Google Chrome extension Lazarus: Form Recovery to get back eaten posts.


    It just quietly works in the background until you need it.

    Akemi’s creations are adorable. And we all “knew” her before she was famous.

    I pack soooo many lunches. I pack gluten-free, casein-free for the boy and that’s so much harder than starting with a sandwich. The kids just up and decided school lunches are gross and because of new government rules, when they get bigger, the calorie restrictions in school lunches would leave them hungry so I will be packing many more lunches.

  8. She goes to a lot of effort making all these interesting foods…she must, for some odd reason, really like you…well, there’s no accounting for some folks taste…

  9. Just a question: Why on earth would they name a typhoon “usagi (bunny)”?

    Akemi’s bento boxes are awesome.

    Thanks for the dedication to Kelly.(Anne Teldy). I hadn’t thought about her in a while.

    @MaggieMayday: Nice one!

    Cartoon (anime) favorite characters? Not sure. I don’t watch many regular cartoons these days – the animation style of many new shows is just kind of off-putting to me. And stupidity as humor just does nothing for me.
    But here is a short list:
    Lisa (The Simpsons);
    Stewie (Family Guy – which I only watch if it is a Stewie episodes)
    Boris and Natasha (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
    Gintoki (Gintama),
    Ginko (Mushishi),
    Kyuzo (Samurai 7),
    Uncle Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
    Dr. Stein (Soul Eater)

    And lots more that I like to watch just ’cause they are nice to look at ;), but we won’t go into that.

  10. Joe,
    Have you watched this show on Hallmark Cedar cove???My wife was watching it and i sat down with to watch it I noticed some former SG-1 actor’s on the show. Teryl Rohetry(Grace Sherman)the town Sheriff Gary Chalk. Check it out when you have time.Its a Drama Romance ….Wife loves it …

  11. to Sparrow_hawk;
    Just a question: Why on earth would they name a typhoon “usagi (bunny)”?

    my brother mentioned that today. the only thing i could think of was maybe they thought of the giant ones from night of the lepus or the killer ones from that monty python thing when they named it.

  12. @archersangel: I had totally forgotten that “Night of the Lepus” existed! We totally need to do that in Cookie’s movie reviews. Good luck finding a copy though, I suppose.

  13. Actually, here’s a few choice clips. Thank goodness they don’t make them like this anymore. More or less.

  14. Seriously Dude – Akemi is a STAR! And, your bow-wows are learning to be hams. First Bubba and then Lulu. Guess they wanted to taste the wonderful looking soufflé. It did loooook really yummy.

    Nice – remembering Annie Teldy.

  15. I always like seeing Akemi’s creations, a talent I wish I had, well thanks to her videos, I think I can try some, thanks Akemi and Joe and Bubba.(and the camera crew) Bento boxes rock! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi Joe. I am big time star-gate fan. Just wondering why the powers that be just run Star Gate Universe again but this time during the main networks hiatus and keep it on the same night and time this time. Give it another chance.

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