5When Akemi sent me the above pic, my initial reaction was: “Who’s that goofy pudgy boy on the left?”.

Well, I’m sure you can guess.  That goofy pudgy boy blossomed into this – not so pudgy though no less goofy girl:

1Yep.  People change A LOT between ages 2-5 and 21+.  A quick visit to the photo album section of my sister’s facebook page confirmed as much –

Sis: “It’s so fluuuffffy!”
Clearly green is not me.
Clearly green is not me.
Ah, the seasonal shvest.
Ah, the seasonal sweater, as dazzling as a Christmas tree.  What’s with the Colonel Sanders cravat?
Speaking of Christmas trees, I miss that silver rod and tinsel monstrosity that seemed to celebrate the fact that it wasn't a real tree, not even close.
Speaking of Christmas trees, I miss that silver rod and tinsel monstrosity that seemed to celebrate the fact that it wasn’t a real tree, not even close.
The Wild Bunch.  Me, second one from the right  with what Akemi has coined "chopsticks legs" - and Gilligan hat.
The Wild Bunch. Me, second one from the right with what Akemi has coined “chopsticks legs” – and Gilligan hat.

And now –

Chopsticks legs bug not hat.  I've come a long way.
Chopsticks legs but no hat. I’ve come a long way.

Okay.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to provide a link to an embarrassing childhood photo!

Come on.  Don’t be shy.  I’m sure you were adorable.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to PBMom.

29 thoughts on “July 24, 2013: Your embarrassing childhood photos!

  1. @ Deni – Congrats on 33 years of marriage!! I have to agree – that man IS a saint! 😉

    RE: Pictures. I’ll have to try to find a picture I can actually share publicly – most of my embarrassing ones involve me, naked, in a kiddie pool. 😛 I’m tellin’ ya, those pictures traumatized me for life!!

    Nitey-nite, Chopstick Legs! 😀


  2. You mean the One on the LEFT wearing **PINK**!!? duh.
    BTW, not so pudgy, lots of clothes. As in SNOWsuit…

    oh and Mr.Green… Slick Hair! ;-D

  3. Embarrassing? Everything I’ve ever done was totally boss and not any more geeky than I am now.

    Okay, fine, here.


    I’m the closest girl to the camera, sitting on the end of the table. If my legs are crossed, that was not my idea. That’s my old church school, a very tiny school, probably one room for all grades at that time. A lot of effort went into making sure the high school girls had pleated blouses and the little girls’ jumpers fit, but looking back on this picture, that was all pretty plain for the 80’s. I’m told some city folk don’t understand my claim I grew up poor, yet went to what they’d call a private school. Soooooo, just take my word on that.

  4. Oh the photo album stuff, my parents keep a lot of them, covering pretty much everything. And when the albums ended up being opened, I felt kinda embarrassed though people thought my pictures were cute/adorable.

    It’s always nice to take a trip down memory lane though, to see events, locations, people, from the past and to see how I’ve changed as a person. I was always happy, and never wanted for anything anyway.

    I’m not entirely sure what could be seen as embarrassing though, always did feel shy when the albums get opened though lol

    @When Akemi sent me the above pic, my initial reaction was: “Who’s that goofy pudgy boy on the left?”.

    Lol Joe, I bet that was an awkward moment. I guess she, or her parents wanted her hair short at that age? My hair was longer anyway.

  5. Ugh, these are all so adorable, I can’t stand it! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    I, on the other hand, did not change much between 2-5 and 21+. I got a little taller is all, and not even that by much. Also, every photo of me (to this day) is embarrassing.

  6. G’day again

    Forgot to say, we call them lucky legs…lucky they don’t snap off and stick up your bum.

  7. Here’s me (far right) at my cousin’s birthday party, circa 1977, tugging uncomfortably at my shirt. My mother insisted on dressing me up for any occasion. As you can see, I loved it.

    And now, at our campground. Wearing my niece’s princess crown. For some reason, not uncomfortably. Probably due to vodka.

    What the Hell was up with 70’s fashion? Our parents were truly sick.

  8. Happy Anniversary Deni!!!! What are your plans?

    JeffW: I read your scout post and had to laugh. I know a kid just like that! His name is Destin and he’s a sweet kid but he’s autistic. Destin drank so much Dr. Pepper that he kept passing out, regularly. I’m not sure how his mom got him to cut down. Destin is very set in his ways.
    On the bacon cheesecake…I’m “trying” to be vegetarian but I thought the recipe looked different. I may try the crust recipe. I’m making a regular cheesecake today for the band pot luck tomorrow. Wish me luck!

    Mr. M.: I loved those pictures! Akemi sure looked like a happy and joyful child. On the other hand, you looked thoughtful but content.

    Most of my baby pictures are at my mom’s house. I do have this digital copy of our first family portrait (with me in it). This was not a happy time. My mom was yelling at everyone and it was very stressful. I wish Prozac had been invented then because with my brothers, she needed it big-time! 😉 http://twitpic.com/d4m318

  9. Oh and Hugs to you PBmom!!

    FYI, I was five years old in that picture and we were living in Chicago. There are not many pictures of me after we moved to TN. Money became tight and time was scarce. My mom still has her little camera. The kind you looked down into the lens to focus. It looked like a small box.

  10. Here are a couple of me as a kid (looooong time ago), but wanted to show you guys the ones of one of my horses. I was 10 years old and was at the zoo with my dad when I saw a bunch of malnourished, miserable little horses in a pen. Naturally, I had to go and see them, and my dad started talking to some of the workers there. As it turned out, these animals were to be slaughtered for lion meat, and I lost it. My Dad bought me one of them (for a whole $40), I took her back to the riding school where I kept my other horses, and within 6 months (and a lot of love and care), nobody believed she was the same horse. You wouldn’t believe what I sold her for a few years later (to a wonderful family that loved her for many years). 🙂





  11. LOL…from Ganymede…Yeah, Dude…
    You mean the One on the LEFT wearing **PINK**!!? duh.
    BTW, not so pudgy, lots of clothes. As in SNOWsuit

    I thank all the deity that I do not have much in the way of ancient history embarrassing. Don’t know that I am aware of where any might be…as my mother had the albums and has since passed. And, I am NOT gonna look.

  12. Well, firstly I would not call Akemi “goofy”! “Whimsical” or “effervescent” perhaps, but not goofy! 🙂

    Sadly, being the fourth child of four, there aren’t nearly as many pictures of me around as the other kids, at least that I have now. Perhaps I’ll look for one later this evening to scan.

    “Mr. Green” above captures you perfectly! Already with a bit of the sardonic look! Maybe it’s just the sun. 😉

  13. Firstly, there comes a time when one should just stop surfing the interwebs because sooner or later one is going to come across something like this…


    And one’s ovaries will ‘esplode!! Guuuuuuuuh. It’s Loki in a freakin’ sauna!!

    That totally made my day. 🙂 I hope it makes someone else’s, too. 😀


    Thirdly, still haven’t had a chance to dig up any embarrassing kiddie pictures – but there are plenty! My kiddie pics really aren’t that embarrassing (as long as I have my clothes on), it’s pictures of those awkward teenage years I’d love to forget. Well burn, actually. 😛


  14. I like your profile picture. It really brings out the colour in your eyes.

    I did a post of bad childhood pictures. Seems as though your blog deemed them too bad to post.

    Let’s see if this works.

    What’s new? In summary, after I said I was taking a break from here after selling my company to another company, that company then got bought out by an even bigger company. I’ve gone from looking after VIC and NSW in Australia to looking after all of Australia and now looking after Australia and New Zealand, but with no extra resources. At this rate, everyone in Australia and New Zealand IT will end up working for one gigantic cannibalistic IT firm.

  15. Come on now. Kids are cute. Everyone’s picture above is precious. But Toothpick Legs, um, I mean Joe, wearing that cute green outfit, you look like Alfalfa in Little Rascals.

  16. Apologies for not having anything to contribute at this time. My fault really for not caring enough to actually take some childhood pictures with me, I was happy to leave all that stuff at my parents home. If you ever do another discussion like this in the future Joe, I’ll have something at least lol(It’s not that I’m not sentimental, just it didn’t seem important to take..).

  17. Changes, I could feel the changes walking from w.4th to catch the Canada line at Olympics Village Stn yesterday…every step.

  18. Okie dokie, Joey…here it goes! I figure it’s best to hide them here, instead of posting under the current entry.

    With my sister in Arizona, I’m the darker one (ages 4 and 9):


    With sis at the Grand Canyon (same trip):


    With sis in Cape Cod (ages approx. 8 and 13):


    Me (in the red and white shirt) and my friend Becky (age approx. 13):


    With sis in Jamaica (ages 13 and 18):


    Me (at 16, with a perm 😛 ) in Hawaii, with my dad:


    With my sister, at 20 and 25, in Disney World:


    And with that, my childhood was officially over, and ever since I’ve had to [pretend] to be a grownup. 🙁


  19. A blog dedication and I didn’t even know about it! You are so sweet. Thank you. Loved all these pictures of you Joe. I need to bookmark this and come back and go visit everyone else’s. I have to head out in an hour to take care of a golden and a yorkie and I wanted to get through all the original posts here to get caught up.

    I have a very sad tale about most of my childhood pictures. When my mother threw me out at the age of 13, when I returned (stupidly) I asked her where my pictures were, she said she threw them out. I just said, “whatever.” Just thought she was trying to say something that hurt me. When she died in 1987 or 1988 (can’t remember which year it was), my sisters and I were going through her things. They came across pictures of themselves they hadn’t seen in years. I burst into tears. She was not lying. I do have some pictures of me–ones that I happened to be in with my sisters. And when my father died, I discovered a few my father’s side of the family had. I’ll have to look for a few.

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