This morning, I woke up to this:


And, later, came home to these:


These delectable chocolate ganache macarons are just the latest in the long line of culinary creations Akemi has put her little heart into.

Check ’em out…

Chocolate mousse with coffee jelly.
Chocolate mousse with coffee jelly.
Silky dark chocolate mousse
Silky dark chocolate mousse
Her version of salmon oshi sushi.
Her version of salmon oshi zushi.
Market fresh tomato and basil salad with olive oil.
Market fresh tomato and basil salad.
Roasted clams with garlic, parsley, and olive oil.
Roasted clams with garlic, parsley, and olive oil.
Homemade hummus
Homemade hummus
Broiled lobster heads.
Broiled lobster heads.
Leek risotto
Leek risotto
Her version of Jose Andres' 63 degree egg with whipped potatoes and garden chives.
Her version of Jose Andres’ 63 degree egg with whipped potatoes and garden chives.
Soft shell crab
Soft shell crab
Fried plantain
Fried plantain
Cheese and tomato tart
Cheese and tomato tart

I feel fortunate that her interests don’t run to less delicious pursuits like macrame or the violin.

In other news, looks like we have our next movie for our Alternating Superhermovie/Regular Movie of the Week Club.  This one wasn’t even close.  Next week, this blog’s resident film critic, Cookie Monster, will review:

1Stargate, the original movie (not to be confused with that t.v. show)!

Anyone here happen to see it?  Any good?

DON’T answer!  Cookie Monster will be the judge of that!

37 thoughts on “July 23, 2013: Akemi on a culinary tear! And Cookie Monster’s next movie review will be…

  1. Those macarons look delicious; well everything looks delicious, but especially the macarons. Really looking forward to Cookie’s review of Stargate. 😀

  2. OMG it’s a wonder you are still in awesome shape Joe with all of that food. It looks delicious. I don’t know what I’d eat first.

    Anyhoo in case anyone hasn’t caught up with the news yet – James Bamford (Stargate Stunt Co-ordinator extraordinaire) proudly announced yesterday that he and his wife Layla are expecting their first child. It’s so exciting.

    Anyhoo I wrote a blog post on his fansite if you want to check it out.
    Bam’s baby news! Oh wow!.

    Cheers, Chev

  3. First off……are these chocolate ganache macarons available for order to the USA, particularly the middle of Missouri? They look great. I don’t normally get excited about food much. Bread or bread like foods excite me. I’d gladly enjoy them I promise.
    Stargate the movie is one of my favorite movies, along with Metropolis with the 1984 Soundtrack. I love the whole concept of traveling to another planet or two. Possibly more. If I was single, I’d be on that “let’s fly to mars” trip they plan on doing. Sure it’s a one way trip, but the experience would be worth it….Of course I keep hearing ” are we there yet? are we there yet?” playing repeatedly over and over in my hea…..boy, I got lost. I’ve watched Stargate over and over and still enjoy it intensely. I love the SG-1 series too but they are two different things. The series fleshes out the characters and tells amazing stories, but the movie introduced me to the concept of gate traveling and giving a plausible explanation to how we may have got here if there was any doubt in other methods of life on earth. Time for bed, I’m not even making sense to myself. lol Getting ready for my 3rd night in a row sleeping in a bed.!
    Good night!

    * seriously, I’d pay for some chocolate ganache macarons! *

  4. Oh, myyyyyyy… *said in my best George Takei voice*

    Akemi – it all looks SO delicious! Can you come and live with me? 🙂

    And Joey, I used to do macramé, so no making fun, okay? (I was quite good at it, too…now you’ve inspired my hippie self to get back into it! Wanna bracelet?? 😀 )


  5. Akemi’s creations look incredible. Are you sure you don’t have the next Canada’s Top Chef? She looks like she could seriously make a go of it! Great job Akemi!

    On the foodie side of things, my oldest daughter pointed me towards a Groupon giving me half priced Maryland Blue Crabs (live ones!) How could I refuse? It looks like a crab feast is in my near future; bring on the Old Bay! 😀

  6. By the way, I’ve been quiet the last few days due to business travel. Monday was Miami, today was Detroit (with tonight and tomorrow being Dallas). Tomorrow night I travel to Olathe, KS (via Kansas City) and then home on Thursday night. Whew!

    Hopefully I can catch up on the great book selections (on Sunday) during next weekend. There was a few there I wanted to check out. Having just finished Robert J. Sawyer’s Red Planet Blues (a noir detective novel set on Mars), I’m looking for some new reads.

    @Das, I think you may like Red Planet Blues, but then again, no albinos with long hair, so maybe not.

  7. Oh boy, I’m sure looking forward to next week’s movie review!

    So when the time comes to vote for the next movie, is League of Extraordinary Gentlemen eligible again? 🙂

  8. I tried macarons on my recent vacation (to Comic-Con) because I’ve seen them on your blog so much. I liked the vanilla one, but the lavender honey one was a little too weird for me. I think I’ll have to try more, though, because the consistency of them was rather nice.

  9. Incidentally, Comic-con? Great place to get free books. I forgot the exact count, but I came home with something like 43 free novels from major publishers, most of them sci-fi/fantasy, a large number of them ARCs. The people at the publisher booths probably got sick of me lurking around like a vulture waiting to swoop. (Although doing so also allowed me to catch Jim Butcher when he came over to talk to the publisher people, and I got to excitedly blurt some things at him.)

  10. WOW. I happened to see this post before going to bed and now I am hungry! Thank you Ameki. Oh a quick subject while a couple of coworkers were chatting about the one’s hot chocolate the idea came up Chocolate soup. I wondered to my self, is it possible?

  11. @ JeffW – I looked into it and may give it a try since I like stories with a pulpy flare. For summer I’m in full Brit mystery mode as far as novels go (the cozier, the better!), and I’m also jonesing for a good historical (AoS) naval fiction story. I’ve read most of Forester’s works, and a few other offerings by other authors (though not entire series). I’m actually not much into Patrick O’Brian because I get a bit distracted (or bored) by too much detail, but have enjoyed stories by Dudley Pope, Alexander Kent, Dewey Lambdin, and Richard Woodman, amongst others. Naval/nautical fiction is something I tend to enjoy in the colder months, for some reason, so looking for something to enjoy over the winter.


  12. Wow! How many Michelin stars does Akemi have?

    Wait . . . there’s a Stargate MOVIE? 🙂

  13. Holy cow, those macarons came out perfect! I want, no, NEED some of those right now! 🙂 In fact, all that food looks incredible! Akemi really is a master.

    Stargate, eh? Given the significance of this movie to our original reason for even being part of this blog, I’ll have to really make a special effort to do this review well. Not sure if I can do it objectively though, but that’s okay.

  14. Beautiful food. Not too sure about the lobster heads. As long as they don’t have their eyes. I hated it when mournful shrimp would watch me eat them.

    Stargate! Yay!

  15. @Das:

    How about a british naval style novel set on space ships in the future (think Horatio Hornblower in space)?

    I can’t remember the details right now, but I’ll pass it along when I get home this weekend.


    Boy Scout camp was good, except for the heat. It was topping 95F (35C) by midweek with no wind or cloud cover…just hot sun.

    Even though we constantly told the boys to keep drinking water, we had a couple of boys go do with dehydration; one was treated at camp and recovered and one had to be sent home midweek because he would only drink sodas and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (he simply would not drink water and he also developed constipation as a result).

    The rest of the time was fun though and my son got to take in kayaking, rifle and shotgun shooting, fishing, swimming, nature hiking, and water skiing. I was mostly counselor and problem solver 😉 .

  16. I am so culturally limited in my culinary experiences so I’ve never heard of half those things Akemi was making, but they looked good:)

    Ah, Stargate the original movie. Good choice. When it was first announced that RDA would be taking over the role of Jack O’Neil(l) in the series, I had serious doubts he could pull of the military role. I was pleasantly surprised by his proformances in the role and enjoyed the character. That was up until around the 4th season when I suddenly found myself many times feverantly wishing that Kurt Russel would magically return to the role and bring dignity back to the character. Luckily, RDA took his ‘wacky’ version of Jack O’Neill and left the building and we got the wonderful character of Cameron Mitchell, played by Ben Browder.

  17. That cheese and tomato tart looks delish (as does everything else Akemi made). You’re a lucky man, Joe.

    Can’t wait to see Cookie’s review on Stargate, one of my all-time favorites. I remember going to see it in the theater when my kids were small(ish); my daughter and husband didn’t want to see it and my son did, so we split up and they went to see some boring thing.

    Tomorrow is our 33rd wedding anniversary. Hard to believe I was 22 when I met Mr. Deni. 🙂 I’m a lucky woman; the man is a saint. 🙂

  18. @ JeffW – If you mean the Honor Harrington series, I’m not so sure I’d like it. I’m not a fan of female leads, especially ones in positions of power. I end up just wanting to slap them silly. I think I’m a tad misogynistic, or something. 😛


  19. Akemi – all your wonderful dishes…yummmmm. Are you practicing for the competition? We would love to help you by sampling all your creations.

    Joe, please do let us know when you and Akemi are starting the catering or restaurant business. Build it and we WILL come.

  20. WOW what vitamins does Akemi take? I have 3 bananas that need to be turned into banana bread and I am procrastinating.

    Thought I’d let you know Joe, someone from Colorado purchased Max’s card today. It actually sells pretty well. – give me “Like” if you like.

    My proceeds are going to Warm a Heart – Sweaters for Seniors
    a friend of mine started this charity to keep her parents spirit alive. They died within 2 years of each other. Her dad was always concerned her mom was cold and made sure she had a sweater in the nursing home.

    As far as the Stargate movie… not fan,mainly because of James Spader, although I hafta say he was pretty funny in the “Office”.
    I had to watch it three times because I kept falling asleep thru it. The series however… well that’s a different story.

  21. @Tam Dixon:

    Interesting recipe…did you try it yet? The filling looks very close to what I do, and I like the idea of the pecan-nilla wafer crust. I’m not sure about the maple and bacon combination (it makes me think of a pancake breakfast), but I’d like to try it all the same. I think instead I might go for a caramel bacon combination. Hmmm, the possibilities!

    Hey Deni, how about I bring a cheesecake to the Stargate Convention?

  22. @Tam Dixon on Boy Scout camp:

    I responded to Alexis above, but maybe you missed it? Or were you asking for more detail?

  23. Well, as fun as I know it’s going to be to read Cookie’s review of Stargate, I still voted for The Mummy. I guess, now that it lost out(in an unfair matchup!), he’ll never review it.

    Well played, Joe. Well played indeed. 😉

    -Mike A.

  24. Can you say bake sale!! Think selling for funding for Joe and Paul projects! I’ll buy. Wow those dishes all look delicious, thanks Akemi. Look out Top Chef!!

  25. Did Akemi ever find a job? What a waste of cooking talent if someone does not give her a job in a bakery or restaurant.

  26. Yes, it was good. Though not as good as SG-1 or Atlantis or Universe. In my opinion anyways.
    Also. Absolutely everything looks delicious.

  27. Wowee, so much delicious food, and it’s all so beautifully made! The roasted clams look so good. I’m going to a vegan place tonite, then concert in the park, but I’m certain nothing they serve will be as good as Akemi’s creations. When you guys open you’re restaurant or food truck I’ll be there.

  28. @Woodysg1 took the food (I mean) right out of my mouth. I was going to ask if Akemi could ship to Texas. Opening a pastry store in an actual store would get tricky if you wind up having to relocate to the states, but can she develop a business from your kitchen? Your kitchen could travel. Might get tricky if she had to move the business to the US because all those blasted IRS regulations and state laws concerning having a legitimate business. But she definitely has a built-in customer base with many of us.

    @Deni — Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Deni.

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