3Looking back over my 11+ years with the Stargate franchise, I have one giant regret – the missed opportunity of bringing you that Atlantis movie.  We came close…so close…

Late in Atlantis’s fifth year, when we were working on the final few scripts of the season, we had no way of knowing what the future held. A sixth season?  A wrap-up movie?  Robert Cooper suggested we hedge our bets by preparing for both.  His idea was to add an extra month to the production schedule during which we would shoot the sixth season opening two-parter that, in the event the show wasn’t picked up, could become a direct-to-dvd feature.  It was a brilliant plan which I, in turn, proposed it to the decision-makers.  Given the green light, we could roll right into production on the heels of Enemy at the Gate.  We just needed the go-ahead sooner than later in order to make sure we had all the actors on board.

Sadly, we never got the go-ahead and, although we did end up eventually writing the script for the Atlantis movie (Stargate: Extinction), in hindsight, that window of opportunity at the end of the show’s sixth season was our last, best shot at seeing it made.  The bottom fell out of the dvd market, the script was shelved and, well, here we are today.

As I already mentioned in past entries, the movie would have opened on a shot that revealed Atlantis’s new home on the lunar surface.  We learn that the gate has been offline since its return to Earth but, under pressure from the IOA, the decision is made to bring it back online, have it supersede the Earth gate, and make it a permanent lunar base. The decision isn’t embraced by everyone.  Woolsey and McKay, for instance, point out that they still have a responsibility to the people of the Pegasus galaxy.  Of course the IOA are hardly moved.

Unfortunately, when the gate is finally brought back online, Zelenka reports a build up of energy in the capacitors.  Too late they realize that the Ancients put a failsafe in place in the event Atlantis was moved.  McKay realizes – the city will self-destruct unless it returns to the Pegasus galaxy.

Woolsey gets the band back together, transporting John and Ronon up from the hospital emergency room where they are getting fixed up following a bar room brawl (an opportunity to write in the scar actor Jason Momoa had received at the time).  John, in turn, pays a visit to Area 51 and, again under the heavy protests of the IOA, springs his buddy, Todd.

The plan is to use the wormhole drive to execute a series of jumps to Pegasus – however, the drive burns out partway through their journey, stranding them in the Triangulum Galaxy, some 300 000 light years from home.  They manage to muster up enough power for one, final short range jump, putting them within range of a subspace anomaly they detected.

What follows is a high-flying adventure involving a mysterious civilization tapping the limitless potential of the accretion streams between two stars, time travel, and a race against time to avert not only the destruction of Atlantis but the extinction of an entire race.

Some of the standout sequences that come to mind include one in which Sheppard ends up trapped on an enemy mothership, falling back to a room holding some of the tech the enemy has stolen from Atlantis. Enemy soldiers surround the locked chamber, preparing to storm it when – the door shakes, buckles, and blows outward to reveal Sheppard in one of the Asgard exo-suits.  Cue kickass Iron Man sequence.


Another involves Todd risking all to ambush a future version of himself aboard the bridge of the enemy mothership, saving Atlantis from a final, devastating attack.  The two battle. “So young and impetuous,”remarks Future Todd.  “So old and foolish,”counters ours. Eventually, Future Todd gets the upper hand and pins his opponent. He raises his dagger for the finishing blow – only to have someone reach in and grab his wrist.  Rodney McKay to the rescue.  Allowing our Todd seizes the opportunity to turn the tables.

John and Todd make the most unlikeliest of odd couples in this one, forced to work together for the greater good.  “If I had to pick one thing I like best about you,”says Sheppard during one hair-raising moment, “I’d have to say it’s your sense of humor.”  A stone-faced Todd informs him: “Yes, back on the hive, I was known as “the funny one”.”

Enemy fighters are scrambled, Beckett takes the chair, the mother ship faces off against Atlantis, the city takes significant damage, Teyla suffers a terrible loss, some wonderful heroic moments for Ronon, McKay, and Teyla as well.

Atlantis ultimately returns to the Pegasus galaxy where Todd is granted his freedom.  “You did save the city after all,”explains Woolsey.  “Of course I did,”says Todd.  “How else would I have gotten home?”.  And, in a moment that demonstrates how far things have come, John gives his former enemy a parting handshake.  Woolsey hopes that, some day, their paths will cross under better circumstances.  Todd agrees.  “It would be wonderful to have you for dinner sometime,”he says before heading through the gate.

Atlantis re-establishes itself, Beckett gets his turtles back from Rodney and assumes a permanent position as Atlantis’s new head of medical R&D, and John comforts a grieving Teyla now aware – via the revelations of time travel – that they are destined to be together.

And we fade out on a night shot of Atlantis, a jewel on the water…

Yes, it would have been a great movie, but I think it would have been an even better sixth season two-part premiere.

And, yeah, we had long-range plans for that too:

2September 30, 2008: An AU Season 6!

Now that I think about it, I believe 619 and 620, the two-part season finale, would have involved an idea I’d been kicking around involving our team returning from a mission to an AU Atlantis that has been taken over by a mysteriously resurrected Michael, its personnel (Woolsey, Keller, Beckett, even Chuck!)  now hybrids in league with their former enemy.  Damn.  So many opportunities missed!

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  1. *sigh* dang, that would have been a fun movie! Hey, wait a second – did das write some of that Todd dialogue? Sounds sort of familiar. 😀

  2. I was unable to add up the cryptic hints. I was completely in the dark that das has already been working as your co-writer. Inspiration at the very least.

  3. MAAAAANN! That was so awesome, c’mon more!!!I’d settle for a book at this point -can you publish the script?? I was getting into it.

  4. OMG! This would have been a epic movie!

    Thanks for tell us more about the script!

    We need to see this, at least in a book format.

  5. what happened to keller???

    i think atlantis staying on the moon (and taking over as the main gate) would have been cool! :p

  6. Man!
    Man-oh-man! 😯
    Action, buddy moments, humor, Sheppard & Teyla — Finally! And hints of things to come. Wonderful, Joe. 🙂

    SYFY & MGM…. PLEASE! For the love of all things Stargate, if we raise $35 million on Kickckstarter, could you air a 2-hour movie and later release it for sale? We WILL put our money where our mouths are! Stargate fans from all over the globe WILL support this.

    ~for the love of Beckett

  7. @for the love of Beckett

    Not sure why you mentioned Syfy there, the network has no control over what happens with Stargate now. It’s purely MGM in every respect.

  8. Love the choice of Galaxy names Joe, what about the Sombrero galaxy? It sounds better lol. Plus it’s further away, approx 28 million light years from Earth, would of made it more dramatic..

    Joking aside, we all miss Stargate 🙁

  9. Sheppard would have become Teyla’s baby new daddy…awe. And Todd’s BFF. It all sounds so good. Too bad. So sad. 😥

  10. OH! What a movie that would have been!! I know the opportunity is long gone – sets broken up & sold, cast moving on with their careers – but at least you’ve been able to give us the condensed version of what we missed out on seeing. THANK YOU – Thank You – Thank you – thank you… (drifting sadly into the night… Fade out.)

  11. fangasms just running some of those scenes in my mind. What would it take to get the rights to the script, to publish it if nothing else? For all that you told us, it’s obvious there is much more to the story. Than you for sharing, and I’ll use two of my three wishes(if I had 3 to use) to somehow bring the script to the light of day in some (profitable) form or other.

  12. Wow! Thank you so much for the synopsis! Would love to read the whole thing if it could ever be published. (Crossing my fingers and holding hope for a similar glimpse at Revolution and Universe’s future sometime soon…)

  13. @ mike mcginnis – Joe said Beckett takes over as head of medical “R&D”. That’s Research and Development. Probably more experimenting, like what they did with Michael. 🙂

  14. Thanks what a trip it is so amazing those ideas and images you have been so kind to give us a closer for that history that in my humble opinion die before her time, Atlantis was at her peak in emotion, creativity ,scifi ,especial efects ,was like stargate sg1 final 10 season with steroids, so many races, arcs, technology, nanites, acients, wraith, hybrids i think the only thing left out was the Ori already beaten…oh man what a journey thanks from the deep of my scifi hart this post worth it 100% all this years of grive …take care, and pardon my english

  15. Thanks what a trip it is so amazing those  ideas and images you have been so kind to give us a closer for that history that in my humble opinion die before her time, Atlantis was at her peak in emotion, creativity ,scifi ,especial efects ,was like stargate sg1 final 10 season with steroids, so many races, arcs, technology, nanites, acients, wraith, hybrids i think the only thing left out was the Ori already beaten…oh man what a journey thanks from the deep of my scifi hart this post worth it 100% all this years of grive …take care, and pardon my english

  16. Damn! I sure wish that we could have seen that! So many feelings, I can’t even process how much I miss SGA. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this! Yay Sheppard and Todd as buddies. 🙂

  17. And hooray for Carson back as Medical Director, I like the idea of Keller as a hybrid, Jewel did a terrific Wraith kidlet (and a Replicator- it would make Jennifer MUCH more interesting and appealing to me as a character. 🙂

  18. @Joe:

    Thanks for sharing that…it would have been epic! I especially like the Asgard exo-suit scene! Oh well, at least I can imagine what it would have been like.

    And I finally got that recipe written down for Akemi…go here:


    Hopefully my SQL server won’t crash again (which seems to happy every time I post a link here…I have no idea why).

    The Easter lamb turned out great (all gone now), and it got me in the mood for starting up my smoker…maybe next weekend. They had some nice pork short ribs at the grocery store yesterday.

    @for the love of Beckett:

    Give me a kickstarter link and I’m in!

  19. And I sure hope all this is really what you were planning on happening as I am choosing to take it as almost canon. Those silly Legacy novels be damned!

  20. @ Sparrowhawk – Nah…if I had written that dialogue, it would have gone something like this…

    Todd: ”It would be wonderful to have you for dinner sometime, and Sheppaaaaard…you owe me a backrub.”

    *Everyone looks at John*

    Sheppard: “What? I had some tension in my neck and shoulders. It was giving me a headache…Todd just helped work it out a little…” *Everyone gives him ‘okay,yeah,right’ looks as they start walking away* “Come on! It was just a back rub!” *to himself* “He does have good hands…nice grip… … … yeah, I really need to find a girlfriend.”



  21. There’s always the wonderful world of spinoff novels, both traditional and graphic, if MGM would authorize their printing.

  22. I read too fast, Carson as Director of R and D, not Director of Medicine. Oh well.

  23. hang on… Didn’t AREA 51 get SMUCKED?!

    Whatever, I *WOULD* have bought the DVD! Like ALL of the *OTHER* DVDs!! The “Market” ain’t dead YET!

  24. It sounds wonderful. I can visualise it all in my head, especially the scenes between John and Todd. They were such an inspired pairing. The humour factor between them largely untapped as the show finished, but I liked how you had Rodney saving the white haired one from himself. (That sounds soooo odd)

    Oh, well…such is life I suppose.

    Thanks for this Joe. It brightened up my Monday morning!

    P.s…I hope you got lots of Easter eggs!

  25. An April Fools joke?

    …or maybe just one of Rob Cooper’s mysterious flavors of ice cream??

  26. It could be so Wonderful, Awesome, if that is true.. But it would be outrageous shame if it was just a joke. All SG series, most Atlantis is the mostly Wonderful seies what I have to see.

  27. @ baterista9 Yeah, a novel would be wonderful. If the stupid MGM don’t want a movie, why simple they don’t allow at least a novel based in the script?

  28. That would’ve been fantastic. My heart is racing thinking about. Thanks for sharing Joe… even if it just in our imagination at this point. Too bad you couldn’t do that Kickstarter Funding like they are doing for the Veronica Mars movie. I’m sure fans all over the world would love to help out… maybe even some actors/actress. 😉 Thanks again. I was great while it lasted. Maybe one day the PTB will get smart and let you guys do a mini-series or something…. a nice gift for the fans. 🙂

  29. Joe, I read this blog post like a starving man finally getting some food. I can’t even imagine how good this would have been on screen. The SG production team continuously delivered stuff on screen so much better than I could have imagined, so sadly my imagination still can’t do this justice. It’s a damn shame that movie didn’t happen. I console myself with the saying that “in Sci-fi, no one is ever REALLY dead.” So… you never know. Not likely, I know, but still hope springs eternal and all that.

    Thanks so much for posting this!

  30. *weeps* We will never pass this way again. 🙁 Love it Joe! Y’know…just when those scars of old were just about to heal and I was ready to move on. Those old wounds just opened back up. Now…I miss SGA all over again. 🙁 Well…Joe…it would’ve been spectacular. 🙂

  31. Very cool! The only thing I didn’t like was the John/Teyla storyline at the end. The whole lunar plot was a stroke of genius! So much better than the books the continued the SGA storyline!!!!! Since Carson is Diector of Medicine, does that mean Jennifer gets killed?

    You just never know, there may be a SGA next generation that might use some of those plots.

    Loved your added dialogue Das! Maybe you should go into script writing.

  32. 😳 I misread it. Carson goes into R & D. However, does Jennifer get killed/written off the show? Rodney deserves a happy ending.

  33. Beckett taking the chair? Sheppard and Teyla as a couple?

    Not even Todd could make up for that.

    Thank god we ware spared this movie.

  34. It would have been cool to have the movie. I miss Shep’s messy hair.

    I’m enjoying the heck out of those plucky Vikings on History channel. Ragnar is a man after my own heart.

  35. Joe, it sounds great. I’d suggest you novelize it but you’ve probably considered that. Besides, someone beat you to it, and this time section has been covered by a novel already. Perhaps they would accept another book that conflicts. But then I don’t know what that would do to your rights on the script, and apparently the procedure for getting a Stargate novel published is quite a rigamarole. Even more so then any usual novel.

    Besides, I think I read someone you said you didn’t like writing novels. So never mind. Sigh. I’ll just have to act the script out with my lego set, or some such.

  36. Wow, I think this is the most you’ve ever shared of certain plot points of Extinction. Apparently, even after SGA is gone, you can’t please everyone! I for one, love all the great turns of events you put in. People need to realize that you really have to shake things up every year or so, otherwise things get stale and repetitive.

    I’m curious as to Teyla’s loss. I’m assuming it’s Kanaan’s death, otherwise, the whole Teyla/Shepard thing gets complicated.

    Any chance the new “big bad” would have been the grey, massively strong aliens from the Daedalus Variations? That would’ve been a neat twist.

    Why does everyone hate Keller so much? I never understood that. Carson could be the doc that goes on missions while Keller is the one that stays on Atlantis…..can’t we all just get along? 😉

    Love the “failsafe” idea for Atlantis, makes perfect sense. Also, wouldn’t the Pegasus Galaxy gate supersede the SGC’s Milky Way gate as soon as it showed up? I thought that was established earlier in SG1 or SGA somewhere, where the newest “version” gate takes automatic precedence at any one address. Can’t remember the exact reference or episode. I can totally see there being some sort of “extra” piece of information on one of the “city status screens” that Chuck just overlooked until Rodney happened to be in the control room and finally noticed it for himself. As he starts to look into it, all hell breaks loose with alarms and warnings and Zelenka blames Rodney for setting something off.

    Anyway, I think it would’ve made a fantastic movie, but like you say, an even better two-parter. Lots of new threads to pull at for a year’s worth of episodes! Then do a huge finale that ends with the team carrying on as usual(love those kinds of endings!).

    One last question, I assume this movie would’ve taken place during the events of Continuum, correct? Hence, Carter’s mentioning of the “new moon base”? Seems logical to assume, but hard to fit in the timeline because of the whole Pegasus Gate vs. Milky Way gate thing.

    Thanks again for all the great insights and details Mr. M!

    -Mike A.

  37. I might have accidentally punched myself in the eyebrow from trying to turn away from das’s comment and cover my eyes at the same time, but I manned up and read it anyway. I know! Wraith discrimination is my issue to deal with.

    It would have been a great movie, Joe.

  38. @ Sparrowhawk – Just doing my civic duty! 😀

    At least I didn’t write the actual backrub scene…

    Todd {massaging John’s shoulders): “Sheppard, try to relax…you’re teepeewigwam.”

    Sheppard: “Teepeeweewhat?”

    Todd: “Teepeewigwam – too tense! Aahahahahaha! Get it? Teepee…wigwam? Two tents…too tense? Heh! McKay taught me that one while we were dancing.”

    Sheppard: “While you were… dancing? As in…like…dancing?”

    Todd: “Yes. Practice for his upcoming nuptials. Something called a ‘chacha’.”

    Sheppard: “But really…dancing?”

    Todd: “It was either that, or helping him write his marriage vows. I chose the lesser of two evils.”

    Sheppard: “And how’d that go for ya?

    Todd: “It was…frustrating. Touching him…the taste of sweat on my hand…the scent of ripened human in my nostrils…hunger welling up in me…my hunger, John Sheppaaaaard… ” *squeezes John’s shoulders hard, then snakes a palm around to John’s chest*

    *John jumps up, turns around, and takes a defensive stance*

    Todd: “Ahahahahahahaha!! April Fools’!”


    (I know, don’t quit my day job. 😛 )


  39. Wow! Joe, write the book! Are you allowed? Well here’s a thought? Have you ever considered writhing sci-fi novels? One of which could turn into a smashing pilot, which could in turn, become a long running sci-fi space show? I would love to see you do something like that – and you could stay in Vancouver to do your writing. Actually, as you already know, you could write wherever you are, even while writing for other television programs… I would love to see this in a movie. What an opportunity missed by people who are having a hard time to manage what they should!

  40. “Sheppard DOA” & “The Replacement” ??!?!?

    No-o-o-o…. you wouldn’t, would you?

  41. That John/Teyla thing was quite a novel solution to leaving the shippers with confirmation no matter where the series ends, but not ruining the fun of the tension by ending the tension. Except by “where the series ends” I mean after you show the solution.

  42. OMG…..Joe…give us shippers s little warning. My heart still has not returned to normal pace….Shep & Teyla confirmed!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. So is the terrible loss that both Kanaan and Torren are killed? And I’m not so sure the copout of Teyla and John “destined to be together” (like Bella and Edward, cue projectile vomiting) via him consoling her with his penius is such a good idea. I’ve never thought anyone ‘consoling thier friend’ by taking advantage of their emotions to have them imprint a relationship on them was kind or in any way nice. It’s predatory! If Teyla had wanted to be with Sheppard, why did she pick an Athosian to be with and why was it set up in the fourth season that she was so sweet on Kanaan and had been since they were kids? Quite simply to kill Kanaan just to, it’s seems, get Sheppard laid by the most attractive woman in the city, again it’s seems just for the sake of she the hottest chick that would be the handiest because she’s already living in the city, doesn’t seem worth a storyline. Wasn’t that what Larrin’s for? The whole ‘Moolighting’ thing? I was with you on the story, thanks for explaining how the city all of a sudden gets it’s self destruct going when it’s been back in the Milky Way for two weeks, until that part. Again Teyla loses people she loves and again there’s a cliche of the male lead hooking up with the female lead because ‘love was here right in front of them all along’. If you were going to do that in an AU way, the simpliest thing would have been to do an Atlantis remake of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves’ ‘Cabin by the Lake’ movie. So much hope in this story until the cliche got thrown in, then it’s like I’m so glad this isn’t getting made and I never ever thought I’d ever say that; I’d be REALLY hard press to watch it let alone buy.

  44. This would have made for an awesome tv movie for sure. But like someone else asked, can you now write it into a book and sell it??? Us Atlantis fans need closure. And putting John with Teyla finally does that for most of us, 🙂 Thank you for sharing this Joe. I’m still holding out some shred of hope this happens in the future.

  45. Typo,,, *can you NOT write it into a book……” I really need to proof read before i click on post, lol

  46. I bet most of the people who don’t like John and Teyla (Sheyla) becoming a couple are Sparky (John/Elizabeth) shippers. Be careful Joe, you may have re-ignited the old shipper wars!

  47. Hmmm is this an April Fool’s joke… doesn’t seem like a real script – Triangulum Galaxy? and the Teyla/John thing seems contrived. I want a real movie. But I did like the nod to Stargate ep “Window of Opportunity”.

    Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

    Cheers, Chev

  48. @Joe: Epic….Thanks so much for posting this! How do you know my birthay is this week?

    A complete 6 season for me too but then for what Todd says in the end the final chapter should then be called: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner ”

    @das: I need a Wraith Queen too, for the manual work. 😉

    @ easter egg for all:
    stefanchik in RPF Forum buy in various auctions some of the Atlantis Tablets (Labs, Icarus Control room, etc) and SGU archos 5 (kino remotes) production used, and put together all the simulations files he have in a 6.79 Gb torrent discharge.

    Is necesary a torrent client like mtorrent or similar



  49. Thanks Joe for closure! As a Sheyla shipper I am ecstatic as well as nostalgic of what could have been.

  50. I’d love to have seen John and Teyla together in the movie or even during the show, but the idea of killing off Kanaan (if that IS what you mean about Teyla’s loss) to make that happen doesn’t sit well with me at all. I’m not saying that’s why you’d choose to do it, but it’s what heaps of people would read into it as. It’s too convenient and also demeans Teyla’s love for the family she built during the series.

    As another person said, the whole “destined to be together” thing makes it considerably less awesome as well because it almost seems to take away their choice in the matter – part of what I love about most couples in shows nowadays is that they CHOOSE to be together, not out of some grand design but because they want to be.

    That aside, the idea sounds fantastic! I wish it could have happened.

  51. Thanks Joe! I so so miss Stargate esp. Atlantis that any little bit of anything about it makes my day. There is no other show then or now that I watched with such passion! Thanks for firing us all up again and for me being a John/Teyla shipper, you know that I am beyond happy!

  52. Heavy sigh. What a wonderful script. The moon thing is very Space 1999. So many action sequences but that was always where your strength was. I would think that knowing the future would make these two (John and Teyla) awkward together. And time is always fluid, never set in stone. The future is always changing based on the choices we make. Th interesting question that would develop is if knowing the future changes the course of the future. So if John and Teyla know they are supposed to be together both fight it and drive each other away?

    @das. That whole sequence you wrote made me wonder if Todd could tell John he was practicing for his stint on Dancing With the Stars, where he goes on to win then opens his own dance revue in Atlantic City?

  53. Oh, that sounds like it would have been fun. Todd was always an entertaining addition. I almost think I would have liked that season 6 finale more, though. I love me some alternate universes.

  54. Why not work with Big Finish and make Season 6 of Atlantis through audio? Or start a kickstarter campaign to get the gang back together? Or see perhaps, Netflix would fund a return? There are possibilities out there.

  55. Thank you for all the years of stargate, and all the amazing stories and characters. I hope that in the future stargate will return in some form.

  56. I am not sure what I think but I would’ve HATED John & Teyla getting together I may have shipped Teyla with Ronon but I didn’t mind Kanaan it worked for me the reason I never shipped John & Teyla is because there were times when I really didn’t like the way John treated Teyla he didn’t see her as an equal Ronon did.

  57. Thank you Joe, it’s always great to dream a little. But I think we will have to wait 10 years or more for any re-make! If MGM hasn’t sold the rights to SG, and when they run out of ideas, we’ll see SG again! RE-Boot, Re-make… Re-shake! But sadly it will most likely be all new actors, writers and producers. I’ll be long dead by then, so I won’t hold out hope, but I will dream occasionally. 😛

  58. I like everything but the John/Teyla. I like Kanaan and they make so much more sense. Still, it’s a terrible shame we never got the movie. I miss SGA so much!

  59. Interesting and exciting ideas. Love you all finally making John/Teyla happen, but the build up would have to naturally occur over the course of the movie with the right kind of reveal. You all hinted at them forever and even after Kanaan came along, but now that he’s here it might be better that they “broke up” off camera while everyone was off doing their own thing while Atlantis was a moon base, and then have her and John get together. If you do that, then if Kanaan dies at the end to save Teyla or her and Torren both for some reason, it won’t seem so cheap. Sorry to use that word, but it’s what comes to mind. Maybe that’s what you had planned anyway. Too bad we’ll never see the team back together again. Thanks for giving us some details, though.

  60. I honestly cant see a reason why you foks dont make the movie, and use it as a marketing tool for new streaming subscriptions to the various streaming sites. There is a way to package them in this sort of way, and show what a direct impact your movie would have on these companies bottom line. the streaming market is where its at. and making financial decisions on what works and what doesn’t, needs to use the streaming stats as their barometer of success, as opposed to Nielsen ratings or DVD sales.

  61. Is there any posibility that you could publish the script as a book or something like that and sell it? I myself and many others would be extremly happy if it happend.

  62. Cool story, I like the visit to the Triangulum galaxy.Curious on the mysterious alien race though. Presuming those would be new guys instead of a civilization we had already seen. Not sure about the John/Teyla thing… I know people liked it but personally I was more partial to John/Larrin.

    I do agree though that this would have been great for a season 6. I really wanted to see what new alien races would come out of hiding like how the Asgard Lost Tribe came out. And more explanation on how the Ancients lost the war with the Wraith.

    But alas… well, one could dream on what might have been.

  63. OMG !!! Loved it so much !
    MGM has to sell the Stargate rights for another network, please!
    I want so bad more Stargate !
    It could be anyone of the previous shows, SG-1, SGA, or SGU!
    Or maybe a new one!
    Please MGM; do that favor to milions of Stargate fans around the globe!

  64. Put it on Kickstarter. I’m sure you will get backing. I know I’d put my money on it.

  65. We will need to see if people pressure can make Atlantis return. I am sure it will, great things always do! Would have been nice to get some of my science fiction machines on the Set too! See them here at http://www.sciencefictionmachines.com . So then, how can we all get involved and help push Atlantis back on the any sized screen? If this could happen, will it be possible to get the same actors back again to reprise their roles? Or will we need to re-cast? What are your thoughts everyone? Let me know, thanks.

  66. I loved Atlantis, and SG-1, and even SGU I think held some promise, but I think if there was a reboot I think they’d need to start a new series fresh to make it work. Put on netflix, I’d sub to streaming for it.

  67. i always thought it would have been epic for earth to have a orbital space station, but like a kick ass futuristic space ship type thing, shields weapons missiles energy weapons large vast open aras, and a star gate…. woulda made the gouold more squirmish back in season 3 lol
    if it had been atlantis or an atlantis class ship that woulda been epic ahh well… sjo are you guys gona get together and do like a few movies of some random sci fi scriptss? i has a script idea thats mediocre id lend you :p

  68. Guys, there is still hope 🙂 ilove this series i’ve watched twice each eppisode, so i know that in fact all you need is money to keep on going right ??? WELL how about kickstarter.com? Did any one see the veronica mars project there? It raised over 4 milions ain 2 weeks, please give it a try, plan for a new season at least and a final movie :):):):) and then post it on kickstarter, if you get the money to do it, then do it, if not we will all be saddened but that’s life. However i can hardlly wait to pich in and help build this great series. In fact you could make it be the first show that would be distributed only onlyne, and payed for by the users. You can say ok, we need that much money for a full season, and we need users to pay each 50$ per season, that’s about 2 $ an episode, so we need that many users. If you get that many users to prepay for it, then you can make the season. If you want more ideas, contact me 🙂 thanks paul

  69. That would have been freaking fantastic! Wish so badly it would have come to be. *sighs*

  70. This is a great concept! It is such a terrible shame that mindless crap stays on television while great MINDFULL shows like all the stargates are taken off! Keep up the fight I am so eager for more!

  71. I would love it if this was turned into a book. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  72. A little off-topic here, but does anyone know why SGA and SG1 were removed from Netflix while SGU is still on?!!!!
    Just for the record: very sad that SGA wasn’t given its due!! The movie would have been great! I wonder if the awful decision to can SGA in lieu of SGU was ever regretted. I tried SGU, I really did, but it was too dark, flat and disjointed for me. I just loved the chemistry on SGA so much, serious but not to much and the chAracters, well….Cudos for them and to the casting agent for picking the right actors to play them!!!
    Was the popularity of SGA that low? Wasn’t it the year before that it got the People’s Choice Award for best scifi show?!!!!
    Anyway, thanks for all the insight, Joe!!!!!

    1. @Lin Netflix rotates what is available on their streaming list. You can still order the DVDs to arrive by mail. Just FYI.

  73. This would have been so great–I was quite sad when Atlantis got cancelled. I loved both that and SG-1, but just couldn’t get into SG-U.

    What about taking a cue from Joss Whedon and turning the script (and maybe some of the other ideas) into a graphic novel? It worked well for continuing Firefly! And I’m quite intrigued by the Red Shirt Diaries title.

  74. Wonderful. sounds like a great finale to Atlantis. I also have a hope that SGU could back to life, maybe some cool Ancient tech hidden in Atlantis could save the people on Destiny. anyway, that’s a shame those shows end up that way. we need more Stargate. in this era of Netflix and new digital content distribution services I hope Stargate franchise have a chance to delight us even more.

  75. With the absolute huge success of the Kickstarter for the Veronica Mars movie. Smashing Records. Why not put one together for Stargate Atlantis:Extinction?

  76. is there any chance of convincing MGM on bringing atlantis back? I mean the show was getting awesome ratings when it was taken off the air to make way for a less successful SGU, and fans have been asking syfy for more programs that are not reality shows.

  77. I agree with Dan, I mean there must be some way to revive such an awesome series. I mean Star Trek The Original Series was taken off air at one point and fan outcry brought it back. Admittedly this happened back in the another era of tv but If people wanted it enough could it not happen to bring Atlantis back and maybe even get another SG1 movie? Stargate SG1 is one of, if not the, longest stand alone scifi series of all time. It and Atlantis were loved by many people and had a huge following. So ratings dropped now and then… it happens but these days companies seem to drop good shows prematurely at the first sign of ratings loss. Its just not fair and if I think companies should listen more to the people than to their ratings boards. So what if people didnt like this and this episode so it made things drop a bit, over all people like the series and many times come back! People demand series return online all the time with polls that companies never look at! Seriously to they care about what people think and want? We need to get back to the days where if enough people sent in enough of a plea a show could be resurrected.

    Is there any chance of any of these stories ever becoming more than words on a page? They sound fantastic and the Stargate franchise deserves better than what it has gotten… it deserves so much more…

  78. I think the best model for TV shows going forward is crowd funding. Come up with a budget for an entire season, get the crowd funding in the form of pre-orders for BluRay or digital download, then move forward with shooting.

    If I had read a synopsis like you posted in this blog before the series got canceled and had an opportunity to directly fund another season I would have said “here, take my damned money.”

  79. Loved Atlantis so much. You are a true genius, the writing was always amazing, especially Rodney’s lines and the interplay between the characters. I so wish it could continue, especially with a script like this.

  80. They need to bring back Atlantis! It IS AMAZING! I liked Universe, but it didn’t get enough seasons to really build up the storyline and it was a big mistake to cut Atlantis in favour of Universe.

  81. After reading over what would have an super awesome season 6 opener or a movie, I was reminded of HOW MUCH I MISS SGA!! Why, Oh Why can’t this happen?!? Someone out there is a SGA fan who is rich off their ass that could fund either continuances! Please Please Please someone take this and nurture it to it’s true fruition!! PLEASE! Great writing and characters are what made SGA so successful. And I know that the fans would agree with me on that! I am also sure that all the original actors would return for this as well! Someone has to do this!!

  82. Stargate Universe was the biggest waste of time. I would have much rather preferred to see a two-hour Atlantis special than the two-seasons of that pitiful soap-opera.

  83. I think maybe it’s time to go back to the so-called big shots and ask for the movie or for a season 6 of SGA. After all it was doing well was it not ??
    Like many I could not see the value of SGU I watched it simply because it was Stargate but I could not get hooked on it if I missed an episode of it I was not worried whereas SG1 or SGA I could not I looked forward to every week.
    So maybe I am speaking out of turn here but on behalf of the fans pitch the idea again it’s needed

  84. Why not approach Dynamite Entertainment for a Sixth Season comic series? I believe they currently own the publishing rights but have done little with it (2 mini series I believe).
    Look at the success of the Buffy line at Dark Horse and the buzz for the upcoming X-Files Season 10 at IDW. I’d say it’s worth getting the necessary parties involved for a sit down. I think you’d get more then enough fan support to carry it.

  85. Don’t know if you’ve noticed but The Veronica Mars Movie is breaking records on Kickstarter with a fan paid movie. Perhaps you should look into that. I, for one, would be happy to contribute to getting a made-for-TV-movie well, made.

  86. Now this has me rewatching all my SGA dvd’s and that is making me miss Atlantis so much more! So want to hear that gate dialing again….

  87. I, too, miss SGA so much! I found it via DVD after the fact, but have watched it twice and am ready for a third go round. I liked SG1, too, but loved the chemistry and story lines on SGA more. I was so hoping for a movie or 6th season when I saw the finale of the 5th season…too much left open! Loved reading this script, and would love seeing it on film!

  88. i don’t think it should be that way… i would rather want the wraith getting a foothold in the milky way and a full scale battle between earth and its allies against the wraith… no need to include the pegasus galaxy anymore… and every galaxy does not need to have a new advanced race… there are so many stupid scientific mistakes in the show and how stupid the ancients were(too stupid to comprehend)… rather than a lunar base there should be a titan base(our native gass giant’s moon)… and make the earth people more intelligent than the ancients and equip the city with some asgard beam weapons rather than those stupid old drones… a sustained beam weapon is greater than any drone stock pile as alteast it does not run out… actually wraith defeating the ancients is as unlikely as me moving objects with my mind as any half brain earth scientist would have defended the city better with better weapons than silly drones that run out and do not do enough damage… ancients cannot take out 60-70 wraith ships?? impossible… and they never had the sense to move the city?? equally impossible… the stargate saga takes too much liberties, which are horrendously implausible, to give us the upper edge with “against all odds” mentality… there are so many small mistakes in every episode of the whole 17 seasons of the show that defy common sense that it is mind boggling…

  89. You are right, so many missed opportunities. Universe would have done so much better had things not deviated from what Stargate stood for. :< I miss these shows so very much.

  90. Holy Hannah, that would have been AWESOME!!! I guess SGU did the lost in space theme instead of SGA. I could have even gone for a whole season of that with them trying to get back to Pegasus. And the adventures they come into along the way. The same way I’ve said that a new series could follow Sam’s command in the George Hammond. But it would require a format change. I also like the continued loyalty of Todd. I could have seen him becoming a team member, except that he would never just leave his people. Not being able to get back to his people solves that problem.

    Ugh, I loved the Legacy book series, but this sounds so much better. I’m glad to know that you intended for Teyla and John to get together in the series, too, like they did in the Legacy series.

  91. The other two Stargate movies had budgets of $7 million. I think we could raise nearly that amount from a Kickstarter campaign. At the very least it would lessen any financial risk the studio would take, so it could make them more willing to greenlight the project. It can’t hurt to ask.

  92. i’d be happy with a good book based on the premise described. a book usually has a broader and deeper storyline as well. is that a possibility?

  93. Joe…why not turn the movie into an app? The same thing that was done for SG-1. I’m sure everyone would love to play their favourite character(s)!

  94. Hey Joe, I sure whished that this happend. I was very attached to Atlantis and its crew. very sad

  95. I can I time-travel to a time line were the movie “stargate extinction” has been made!!! This sounds so great witty and funny. If only some one had the money to make it happen

  96. How hard would it be to get the cast on board for a Kickstarter for the series or movies? Looks as if Veronica Mars just got 5.5 million in Kickstarter funds from fans!

    1. Unfortunately Seth, they’ve auctioned off the set pieces and props. That sort of thing is a nail in the coffin of any show’s chances of making a come back.

  97. With the dying DVD market, the Veronica Mars kickstarter model is the way to go to presell these DVDs before the movie is made. I’m sure that Stargate can get enough $ from fans to do it, although it would obviously still require some studio backing (to gauge the interest for another series?) and getting all the actors to comeback.

  98. I love all the Stargate series & movies as well. It kept me watching every week. Your vivid description of a 5th season sounds plausible and would make an excellent addition. PLEASE BRING BACK STARGATE!!

  99. That would have been a great 6th season! What is wrong with these people that make the decisions to cancel these shows! Stargate was and always will be my favorite show. A coworker and i actually started from the beginning of sg1 last month, and are watching an episode a day over our lunch breaks. Man i miss these shows!

    Im in on the kickstatter idea, i would donate monthly to it if it was a long kickstart ( not sure how long they last…). Is there any way to possibly do this? Is it all about ratings? If we raises the money to put it into production, would it not matter because not enough people watched it when it was on? I recorded all mine because i was never home during airing (especially with the rediculous day Universe was on).

    Lets find a way!

    1. That’s pretty badass, dude. And it goes further to proving my point about if the studios can’t or won’t do or afford it, shopping out some the movie-making requirements to the fans won’t look or be bad. We can rock it out!

  100. Runner, Duet, The Lost Boys,Common Ground, McKay and Mrs. Miller, Sateda, Michael, Quarantine, Trio, The Last Man, Brain Storm, Vegas, Enemy at the Gate…sigh…Thanks for such wonderful memories. I would love to add Extinction to my list of favourites…along with SG1 Revolutions. Please help get O’Neill and Carter together–on screen.

    DVD Market dead? Well, I have every episode, even the disappointing unfamily friendly SGU that expected me to like the young lead after introducing him in such a tacky manner–no build up to make us want a ship. He just came off as a pig. Sad. I bought it anyway just to show support for the franchise entire, hoping sales would help solidify a decision to get those movies made.

    Seriously! Todd is on Earth, and Tayla’s baby is a galaxy away!!! Get ’em back to Pegasus! But at least Rodney is in a good place and Ronan had found Amelia.
    Notice we female sci-fi fans want our heroes to have someone to hold at the end of a long day battling the bad guys and feel no comfort for them when they are left dangling and alone–staring at a poster of Johnny Cash.
    Hint, hint.

  101. You know what would be an awesome way to bring this to life is to do an CGI or anime style film. It would be a cheap(er) way to bring it to us, all we would need is the voice actors.

  102. OMFG how sad that this great season and or movie will now never be seen. Such a loss to the whole stargate franchise and fan base in general.

  103. why a copy of the script. The script should be published as a book. So all the fans can enjoy what was missed.

  104. wow, not to sound like a dick or anything but I’m glad that wasn’t made now, the idea of Atlantis on the moon, while cool, seems quite silly and the whole self destruct protocol if Atlantis is moved feels like a cheap plot device. A great part of Atlantis was that the writers didn’t take the obvious Teyla and Sheppard route and falling into that seems unnatural, rushed, crappy and just downright wrong, although I did like the ideas and directions for Todd and Sheppard. Also, while I love Beckett, where is Keller in all of this? Was she just written out? She became a huge part of the show and not including her would have spoiled the show for me. Although I’m still sad over the cancellation and ending of Atlantis, it did, after all, reach 100 episodes and ended up in a really good place on a high, instead of a low – something that is hard to find in a lot of TV series these days.

  105. There was so much scope to continue SGA but im glad to know how the story would have progressed after enemy at the gate. I wish stargate does come back like the star treks, as it holds so much potential

  106. There is a great SGA series of books I just read that shows another idea that would be a great continuation of Atlantis after season 5. It is stargate Atlantis the legacy series. I did an SGA marathon then read the books and it was like continuing to watch the series. Parts of some of the books got too wordy but over all it was like watching the series. Authors were Melissa Scott and Jo Graham. Enjoy!!!

  107. Why not use kickstarter.com for seeding the movie and offer the series to netflix or hulu if Scyfy doesn’t want to take a chance on it. SG-1 survived a jump to a different network and thinking of TV as the only available medium now is close minded.

  108. in 2011, you’ve said that you will do a comic book if no movie. a french fan

  109. http://stargatenovels.com/ I have just finished the last book in the Atlantis stargate Legacy books. there are six in the series and they are great to read. I get the kindle so its really fast getting the newest book to read. the titles are: Homecoming, the Lost, Allegiance, Furies, Secret, and the last book is The Inheritors. There are more books for sg1 and atlantis also, but the Legacy series has been fun. I would recommend all of them. They are on Amazon to purchase the books or the kindle download if you use one. Enjoy!!!!

  110. http://stargatenovels.com/ check out the link, the writers are listed and some of the books on shown on the site.
    This is the place for STARGATE SG-1,STARGATE ATLANTIS and STARGATE UNIVERSE novels. Based on the hit TV series from MGM, the novels capture all the excitement and drama of the TV shows that we have come to know and love.

  111. i was talking about the book of sga extinction written by J.Mallozzi not about the legacies books which are written by some authors like Graham, scott, …Joe had talked about the possibility to do a comic strip.
    Other question : what about Veronica mars, a film will be made because of the fans and Chuck, an other serie, want to have his own film ?

  112. Just catching up. You lost me at Teyla and Shep together. That would’ve ruined what probably would have been a decent movie.

  113. Joe,

    perhaps, you ‘ve already answered it but can you tell us (or again) if you have decided to publish the script of sga extinction ? sorry for my english, i’m a french fan

  114. Stargate Atlantis is hands down my fav tv show. I have a lot of good times watching the shows with my dad growing up. Its a damn shame it ended the way it did. I told myself not to read this cause I knew it would make me miss it even more. I still have hope that one day the opportunity to open the gate for more adventures. oh and even though I joined the army, a small part of me wanted to go air force for a chance to see the stargate lol

  115. @ Joshua, not sure if you have ever gotten into costuming, but great way to carry on the legacy of these shows is the conventions and costuming. I have worked as consultant on Apollo 13, Green Lanter, Enders Game and LOVE everything Stargate! I offer screen accurate costumes for all three shows if your missing those Friday nights! My site is http://www.stitchsloft.com email me if you want something you do not see or have any questions! ~Ryan

  116. Have you ever considered starting a kickstarter for an Atlantis movie? I know it wouldn’t be the same as having the full support of a studio, but I’m sure legions of fans like myself would gladly contribute. Maybe even enough to make the studio take notice and fund one last Stargate movie! In the meantime, I will sit here and lament at the loss of my favorite SciFi show. (Yes, I’m still disappointed about it after all these years.)

  117. How much coin would have it required on syfy’s part to produce this?

    I can’t understand why the hell they didn’t even allow the movie to be made, they make some absolute stupid decisions in that office of morons.

  118. quoted text
    Have you ever considered starting a kickstarter for an Atlantis movie? I know it wouldn’t be the same as having the full support of a studio, but I’m sure legions of fans like myself would gladly contribute. Maybe even enough to make the studio take notice and fund one last Stargate movie! In the meantime, I will sit here and lament at the loss of my favorite SciFi show. (Yes, I’m still disappointed about it after all these years.)

    i agree with the above , surely the film would eventually pay for itself, and it would be such a cool thing to do, i would happily contribute

  119. Alfredo from Chile, thanks for sharing Stargate Extinction or seasson 6 content. Is really sad to not have more of the stargate franchise. From all the series i would like to ask a question, why Mckay never tried to make a regular ZPM?, he was near to make AU feed ZPM but never a regular one.

    Again, thank you for the amazing storie and i ‘d like to add tha the crowdfunding idea seems great or maybe MGM could sell the franchise to Netflix to make a exclusive content.

  120. The one series that i loved so much – gone.
    Dam you MGM – i wont be seeing anymore more movies made by MGM.

  121. Reading this article honestly makes me depressed. I miss stargate so much I can’t stand it, I at least need a video game, movie, miniseries; something to tie everything together. Heck I’d even take a new show with new charactors as long as one of the following is there, Dr. McKay, Shep, or Carson! PLEASE give us something!!

  122. Oooo Josh do not despair there will always be something SG out there. That’s why the prop and costume world is so much fun, you can have fun with your friend’s and fellow fans… and as Dan Kim from scifihero.net says, “Be the Hero” Have you ever looked into costuming? I hate term Cosplay its used incorrectly so much anymore. I prefer professional costumer.

    I always thought it been fun to have (AR) Sheppard from Vegas live through is episode in hospital for month wake up with Rodney there… and a new spin off show of him with new quest fighting off aliens on earth maybe becoming NID agent. I must say I am looking forward to ABCs new S.H.E.I.L.D. series…

  123. *cries* I loved Todd!!!! The idea of double him on screen….. OMG….*sobs uncontrollablely*

  124. Why don’t you write the remaining script for Star Gate Atlantis into books? Maybe if you get enough sales from the books MGM will change their minds about the making of a movie or movies…..it would be nice if the series could come back instead. I think there is far more crap t.v. and movies out there, anything worth watching seems to get cancelled! Now a days it seems to have a successful show the script doesn’t matter just as long as it has one or more of gore, foul language and porn…..my right to watch good scripts doesn’t matter unless there is a certian amount of people watching it to. And that amount is set unfairly high……..I wish MGM would have spent more money spreading the word on just how great Atlantis was during the actual airing of it. I would like to write a letter of complaint to MGM but I doubt they would care!

  125. Have completely boycotted anything to do with the syfi channel and MGM products… Absolutely refuse to give them my money or the time of day… There stupid mistakes and lack of faith in the fan base of these three series have led to the cancelation of two great series and one that had great potential … If everyone refused to watch the syfi channel or buy MGM products I bet they would give us the fans who keep you guys in business period!, the two movies which would at least given us some closure… Instead of dangling a much needed ‘ bottle of water in front of a man dying from dehydration a d then taking it away’…. Shame on you syfi… SHAME ON YOU!

  126. I’m going to join the navy, get on a submarine and get ditched in Antarctica. Once there, dig out the second gate, head on to P3R233 and try to find a reality in which I get to watch the rest of these remarkable series. Maybe even get some gear along the way (alien tech) to ease the process of finding this reality, since it’s bound to mean quite a few trips through that mirror…




  130. That would’ve made a great movie, but as you say it would’ve been an even better 2 part opener for season 6. Unfortunately things didn’t go that way and we ended up with the somewhat disappointing SGU instread, which regrettably seemed to dampen peoples enthusiasm for all things Stargate. SGU was probably a wrong direction, but I think there’s now a growing demand for some new Stargate and hopefully past lessons have been learned?

  131. Wow, I can’t believe there wasn’t a sixth season or even a movie! I LOVE this show and wish it were back for one more season at least.

    Joseph, isn’t there anything that could be done, like a petition, or maybe push the idea to someone else? The show has so many possibilities, it’s a shame to see it end so abruptly. On behalf of all Stargate Atlantis fans, we’d appreciate it!

  132. John and Teyla getting together? I can’t see it.

    However, I can see the bromance that John and Rodney have growing into something more. Come on, change with the times. Those two have been in denial for years. They hang out all the time and let’s face it, they fight and bicker like an old married couple. No one but John makes sure that Rodney’s eaten and gotten to bed on time and not stayed in the labs all night.

    DADT has been repealed and Colonel John Sheppard can finally kick that closet door open. Dr. Rodney McKay realizes that he really misses the “experimenting” he did back in college when he tutored those dumb jocks. Not to mention he got more action when he was “experimenting.” It also doesn’t take a “genius in two galaxies” to realize that by accepting your bisexuality, you double your chances of finding a partner.

    Heck, even Ronon knows these two have something going on and he’s fine with it. Remember when Rodney used the nanites to heal Elizabeth Weir against John’s insisting that he didn’t and Rodney had to later apologize to John for doing so anyway? During that apology Ronon started to walk up, but turned around awkwardly instead because he realized they were in a serious discussion.

    And who did Rodney seek out and then later on call out for in a heart-wrenching cry when that parasite occupied his brain? John, that’s who. Rodney’s love for John runs deep, beyond the reaches of that parasite’s tendrils and tentacles. There’s no denying it.

    Just think of their away missions and how the women always fawn over John. Except now John has to peel the women off and back away because his boyfriend(husband?) is a genius and physicist and doesn’t have any qualms about blowing (no pun intended) things up.

    Yes, yes, Rodney’s ego would go through the roof because the hottest Colonel in two galaxies is in love with him, but by now, aren’t we used to Rodney’s huge ego. Just the entertainment value alone of Rodney stepping up between John and some hot, overly flirtatious alien planet princess and saying, “Hands off, hussy! He’s mine.” Not to mention how badass Rodney would get when some Ancient, glowy bitch shows up and kidnaps John for herself. Those Ascended Ancients don’t stand a “ghost” of a chance.

    Plus, they’re in the Pegasus Galaxy. A galaxy overrun by life-sucking vampires. A galaxy where its inhabitants realize that each and every moment is precious. There’s no such thing as homophobia or anti-gay because any love between two human beings is acceptable in a galaxy where at any moment the Wraith could attack.

    Perhaps somewhere in the yet unexplored sections of Atlantis they locate a nursery with incubators and “artificial wombs.” And perhaps the Ancient Atlantians used these “artificial wombs” for couples that could not carry a child to full term naturally. So why not for gay and lesbian couples as well that wanted both of their genes to make up their child.

    Now fast forward two years on Atlantis, in the family quarters of the city, to see a little baby girl with piercing blue eyes, elfish ears, and thick, dark, cow-licked hair crying in a bassinet. Screams that inadvertently make the lights flicker due to her ATA gene. Screams that ironically quieten when she hears the rants and ravings of one of her dads in particular as he leans over to pick her up.

    “She’s not dating until she’s 50,” John smirks as he hands the baby bottle to his husband, Rodney.

    “And she’s not dating anyone that slouches, leans, or has non-regulation hair,” Rodney adds as he accepts the bottle from his husband, John.

    “Agreed,” John huffs.

    Now that’s how you end that series.

  133. Hi! Is there any chance that Stargate Atlantis might continue in one form or another. It’s been a few years since it ended so has there been any changes that would allow SGA to be continued?

  134. stargate is the best show i have ever watched also loved the movies. any chance we will get to see more in the future? please make more its an awesome show

  135. Ive Just Watched SG1 & SGA again & thinking i wish stargate would come back as i love the stargate series. Then today i thought id just check to see if there was any news about a new stargate series & to my surprise SGA might be coming back YEEHAA WOW WOW i cant wait.

    P.S. please hurry & start this series

  136. Please make this a real movie!!! SGA is my life right now and I watch it every single day!! A movie would just be amazing and especially because it has Todd in it <3

  137. Hi Joe,

    can you give us more details about the story of SGA Extinction, thank’s

  138. Why don’t we start a pettition to get this made,if enuff of us get behind it surely somthing could happen..

  139. Why if MGM won’t make it won’t they sell the rights to a company that is more into syfy and then maybe we would get more stargate on tv aswell

  140. @Tony73- What are you referring too I have heard nothing of anything coming back, not sure where your getting this info and I think Joe would let us know if something real is in works… or maybe he can not say just yet?

    @Selina- SGA is done im sorry, you do know the set is gone everything was sold off or destroyed pretty much. The chances of us every getting a type of SG movie are still slim but the SGA is not going to happen as Joe has pointed out many times…

    @ fobkick- there have been a few already… Here is one for SGU… Good luck

    @Richard- its has been talked about, think at onetime Spyglass Ent was looking at buying it but not sure how true rumor was… If MGM sold the rights AND it was done correctly it could come back… that is big IF…

  141. It’s definitely not to late, I mean come on, the amount of support you have from all us fans, you could seriously throw out there, “STARGATE ATLANTIS” series renew! I have seen that happen many times! JUST make sure you have a season trailer that will catch everyones eye! THE stargate franchise will catch on fire and take off again if you bring back our Atlantis series!

  142. It’d be so nice to have SGA back… it’s the first series I’ve watched xx times. Heck, can’t even sleep without it on! Since there wasn’t a renewal, the only thing I can do is watch it over and over again (it’s the next best thing, haha). Even knowing what happens and the lines too, it’s still incredible. Oh well, back to watching.

  143. I think it is a shame not to continue the adventures of Star Gate. New teams New stories. Atlantis provides a look at different galaxies. The wraith issue is not finished and they showed that changing out personnel is not a problem. kill off or retire the older characters and make way for others. Remember replicator elizabeth said that there were other advanced technology civilizations in the pegasus galaxy that the energy form replicators encountered. Oh and i think finding her alive would be better and she should have had a relationship with sheppard NOT Tayla.

    How about a show in the Ori galaxy? Now that they are dead it would be interesting going there and looking at what toys the ancients and the ori left behind when they ascended.

    Or maybe another galaxy where the ancients fled to to avoid the ori and some new outposts. Or going to the original asgard galaxy after they commit suicide and seeing what is left (i know the replicators ate most of the technology) but it would be interesting to go there.

  144. It is such a pity that the creators of these type of TV multi episode series do not have a conclusion organised for their series that ties up all the loose ends as they did in Babylon 5. The forgotten basics of all stories: A beginning, a middle and most importantly, an END. Stargate is a great series that ended no-where, “Lost in Space”!

  145. Aaa too bad there isn’t any SGA film. I would love to watch some more stories from Pegasus. But I don’t think adding a new aliens is a way to go. You shoud resolve things with wraith. After all those season they are still the best enemy there is. And I am not a fan of John/Teyla…come on…John had more chemistry with Todd then Teyla :D…acutally…when you think about it he had a great chemistry with Todd 😀

  146. so badly wish this came to pass i think the problem with past petitions is they were not getting spread around enough . love everything bout this storyline and totally agree with john hitting that athosian booty i always had hope for them two as for SG in general its my baby and its gone i will never have those mind altering fantasy’s i once had nothing ever gave me more of an adventure than SG could go to bed and imagine the outcomes till the sun came up and i realised i had fantasized all night in all my years nothing ever came close to the euphoria of imagination that SG has given me not even LSD i am till the end of days a husk of a man whos given up im bored of life without the adventures of SG when will they ever learn that to some people these shows can be like oxygen or like feeding is to a wraith some people need these adventures to survive to function and making us go cold turkey from them is worse than an opiate based withdrawal some people would commit suicide for the loss of these shows some people already have 🙁

  147. I want to thank all involved in creating an “alternate” Universe that took my mind off a very difficult period in my life. Thank you all for all the effort. Too bad about the film.

  148. Honestly it’s probably a good time to do the follow-up to Stargate Atlantis. The JJ Abrams hacks have become such cliche that we’re really ready for something familiar + upbeat.

  149. Why do we live in a world where what stays on TV has nothing at all to do with what the people actually WANT to watch and more to do with stupid statistical juggling, politics and arguing about mere pennies?

    Isn’t the whole point of making a good TV show that people want to WATCH it? It’s like printing a book and complaining about the lack of ad space, people have completely lost sight of the reason this medium even exists in the first place.

    It’s already WRITTEN. The people want to see it, the producers want to produce it, the actors want to act in it and I’m sure there are directors wanting to direct it. Can someone give me a logical reason as to WHY, in the name of Judas, they can’t just be allowed to make the damn thing?

    TWO shitty SG1 movies and not even one to give us closure on Atlantis. I don’t understand why TV works this way, when you can still be refused the right to do something even when everyone wants it. What’s the point?

  150. Forget the movie for now………just bring everyone back on board, and continue the series…..hell, I’ll even fund some of it via a Kickstarter project, or anything similar. The fanbase is still out here, and growing…..and SA is head and shoulders better than 6/7ths of all the trash on TV now. BRING BACK SG-A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. i vote for a kickstarter, get someone to lease the rights to sga, they clearly aren’t using it so they might consider a lease on the rights, from a financial standpoint it would make sense, they go from making nothing on rights to making something and having to spend nothing.

  152. Hi Im Paul & I would just like to say if you guys deeply regret not getting the movie & the sixth season of Atlantis made then I strongly believe you should find a way to achieve it other wise it’s always going to be on your mind & also think of the stargate fans, I’m sure there’s a mammoth amount of people who would like to see it made, it would complete the stargate series.

  153. We miss stargate specially SG1 & atlantis. What about making another series or movie ?

    Stargate is the only science fiction based on accurate science & history details
    specially origin & ancients I can understand the history & both religions they talking about.

    please make another Stargate series or movie based on true history & science details

  154. Universe was another movie, but I can hardly call it stargate. =( I tried.

    When I am 90 years old I’ll still be waiting for that SGA movie =))

    Kickstarter is a very good idea though.

  155. Sounds awesome!! To bad it wasnt made into a movie or even a two part opener. Some great funny parts and about time John and Teyla hooked up

  156. Stargate Atlantis was the best out of the whole franchise, surely you guys could move from MGM and use a different company. The franchise is still being aired on sky in the UK so you’ll be getting royalties from that. We need Stargate back, not universe as that destroyed your fans faith in what you do. It just never got off the ground and was, I am sorry to say, boring

  157. @Dawn Holmes

    MGM owns everything Stargate related, and unless you’re a company with enough money to release the franchise from MGMs death grip, you’ll just have to wait till they deem it worthy of being revived.

    Certainly there’s a network cough Syfy that would be interested in Stargate movies/something else Stargate related. MGM just has to care enough to revive.

  158. Kick starter? I paid for Amanda’s project before it got picked up…… Hint hint hint

  159. The cancellation of Stargate Atlantis just shows how idiotic networks can be. They always cancel the good shit. This movie sounds like it would have been a great finale to an awesome series. Literally couldn’t get enough. There were endless possibilities. I feel like the show could have still been running today if it had the go-ahead. I wonder if there’ll ever be an opportunity to revive it..

  160. Also, what I liked about the show was that the ideas were so different to other shows. Episodes like “The Last Man” for example. Each concept kept you wanting more.

  161. Hi Joe,
    I am not too sure if you are going to get this reply but its worth a shot. Can you release the Stargate: Extinction and Stargate SG-1: Revolution scripts as eBooks? I am sure there is a ton of red tape that we, as fans, don’t know about. I think this may bring closure to a lot of Stargate fans, including me.

    1. forget releasing the scripts. use them to do a good novelization of the story. reading scripts is terrible.

    2. That’s actually a great idea. If no network will pick the show back up or if they’re not interested in making a movie, my vote is for the ebook. Although I do wonder how much copyright the network has over the characters… still… there is obviously a huge demand for more Stargate Atlantis!

  162. Because I am a fan of Stargate, I would of watched the movie; but I am sad to say it seems a bit off-color. For starters, Stargate Atlantis had been on a steady decline since season two. The actors are great, but the writing, and overall development had gotten poor. While it is great to know Beckett would’ve been coming back, what about Weir? She was a very important character to the show;and most fans can agree with me when I say, leaving her floating in space is hardly a fitting end. Weir being “killed off” almost marked a turning point; or should I say a point-of-no-return for Atlantis’ downward spiral. (The fact they switched actresses to play her early on, was almost like a bad omen). I don’t mean to sound too critical, but I have always thought it seemed as if Atlantis recieved half the attention, and creative thinking SG1 was given. Finally, what is the point in having an expedition team in the city of the ancients without a archeologist? I had pondered that question from the beginning; even hoped maybe Jonas could be written in the show to serve as an archeologist for Atlantis; but it never happened. I love you Stargate. Please forgive me. I’m just a disappointed fan. 🙁

  163. I have to disagree with the above, Stargate Atlantis was my favourite series in the franchise. Don’t get me wrong, I loved SG1 but Atlantis had so many possibilities left unfufilled.

    On topic, I really liked the concept of Extinction as described. Sounds like it could provide some really top action, drama and emotion. It makes me sad and a little angry at how a series in its prime was cancelled when so many other terrible shows continue to air.

    I seriously hope MGM reconsider the decision and give us fans an Atlantis movie. If its a question of funding, they should turn to Kickstarter as I’m sure many thousands of fans would be willing to contribute. I know I would.

    I like books but SGA was destined to be a top sci-fi TV show. It should be allowed at least a fitting finale, although another series or two would be better.

  164. I am a huge SG! fan.Have been for years now. i re watch the seasons over and over. I would have loved to be in them with the rest of the crew. Is there any way to start something new and maybe cast me into it as a main guy.. lol wishful thinking

  165. I think the biggest regret of the series for me is the fact that Teyla and Sheppard never got a chance. And reading this brief synopsis of Extinction makes it even more of a pity.

    Still not giving up hope though. How much would a DVD movie cost exactly? Surely not as much as the budgets on some of the terrible shows/movies that are being churned out consistently these days.

  166. Please, Please make this movie, I am 24, haven’t read a book since I was in elementary school and just started reading the Stargate Atlantis novels because of deprevation… I don’t know what to do next.. I may just wilt away :(:(:(

  167. My heart is bleeding and my head screaming in pain that this movie, or even better, a next season are not gonna happen. All because of “money” and “politics”. The film industry is putting so much money in abolute crap, they could use it for this instead. It really is a shame!!!

    Plot seems really awesome! But I don’t think that John/Teyla would be a good couple. John & Larrin on the other hand were having an absolutely fantastic chemistry!

    Isn’t there a way to “force” MGM to make the Stargate movies after all? Like a “giant petition” and fundraising? *getting desperate*
    ’cause it would have to be done soon. In case they would decide to pick up the story again much later, the cast would probably not be the same and that’s just NOT AN OPTION!

    Anyways, thank you so much for giving our brains at lest some new food 🙂

  168. @ Bill Donovan and anyone else who cares to read:

    Reading scripts is not that bad…I just recommended it since it would be an easy upload, all the work is done on the writing side, this would be easy for the “studio” to upload, besides most fans have seen at least every episode twice and can easily visualize the story just by reading the script.

    Unless Final Draft 8 has a script to novel option I don’t know about, leave it in script format.

    Bottom Line: How much money could be lost by turning this into an eBook?

  169. ive waited years to see this movie to bad i can never see it or the 6th season that probably would have been better. at least give us sgu back i want to see the 3rd season before i become too old

  170. Mr. Mallozzi, It has been years since the last SGA episode and we’re still averaging a comment a day on this page. Look at how many of us go out of our way to show support and hope for more. I’m sure there are thousands of other fans that just haven’t found this page or just don’t follow Stargate like we do. There has to be a way to bring SGA, a movie, a spinoff, anything to get the franchise going again!

  171. Ah it really sucks that SG1 and SGA got scrapped…

    what about crowd (start)funding?

  172. Growing up with Star Wars (IV-VI), I didn’t think any subsequent epic sci-fi story arc could come close to that gold standard..until Stargate SG1 and Atlantis came along. Love the plots, character developments (except I’d have wanted to see O’Neill and Carter tie the knot), and “the good guys win” endings. It’s a fun sci-fi series that both older folks and young kids can watch. I especially miss SGA, and I hope you, Mr. Mallozzi, and your SG team will revive the series (tv or movie) and bring this script to fruition.

  173. Just finished rewatching Atlantis. Such a good show and needs to come back. The story lines left are so interesting (as proven by this blog entry)

    1. Try the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series, it continues the story after the 5th season and is very entertaining and eye opening. I haven’t read in years but I’ve ready 8 Stargate Atlantis books in the past month because they’re so good!

  174. de mon coté je pense plutôt à un retour dans pégase de la base d’atlantis mais un évenement qui pourrait bien changer l’histoire des wraiths (utiliser le rétro-virus mais en gardant la mémoire d’origine des wraiths) malgré que je n’ai pas les autorisations ainsi que les droit le 9 octobre 2012 j’ai eu un déclic et j’ai commencer à écrire une ultime saison pour stargate atlantis avec un nouveau personnage et une autre vérité sur la porte des étoiles qui serait un spin-off officiel de la série stargate atlantis le premier épisode est fin prèt si sa peux intérrésser la team je serais prés à écrire l’intégralité de cette ultime saison et j’ai aussi d’autres idées comme pour le vaisseau le destiné que je pense que personne ne sait par qui et comment ce vaisseau à était trouver j’ai la solution avec tout les détails en attendant une réponse de la part de joseph malozzi en personne j’en serais très enchanté de travailler avec la team

  175. Oh my god. I hate syfy. why oh why did they cancel sga or sgu. i own season 1-10 of sg1, 1-5 of sga, & season 1 of sgu. im a die hard fan since the original sg movie w Kurt Russell in it. i want a season 6 or the movie. err…. i haven’t watch syfy since they canceled sgu. i watch the shows over and over and still i never get bored w them. pls what must the fans do to get sga back.

  176. will there ever be a come back? Why wreck a dam good thing!. The SGA could have gone any place for many years. I just hate the big wigs and the money side of TV.. Does not matter about the fans around the world.. So will we ever see them back on the screen? Could not the public find founds to get things rolling once again.. I can say for all fans around the world…. WE WANT STAR GATE ATLANTIS BACK.

    S.G.A was just the best. it took us all to worlds that normally we could not even dream of. what syfi is all about…getting the mind to open..

  177. Hey Joe,

    Hope springs eternal… I’ve been reading all these replies with a lot of sadness and disappointment in the “great and wonderful decision” makers who are anything but. It’s quite clear that there are people around the world who would dearly love to see SG1, SGA and SGU on the screen again with their respective stories continuing. It’s also pretty clear that there is nothing comparable to any of these shows that’s on TV now.

    It seems that TPTB cater to the “flavour of the year” all the time. There is no variety. It’s either all vampires, zombies, or what have you. And if there are any interesting shows, they get cancelled after one, two or three years, with stories left up in the air and no proper closure.

    As far as I’m concerned, TPTB are rank amateurs where genre and fan satisfaction is to be accomplished,,. playing at the game of “developing” new shows without actually giving the characters the chance to develop when they finally do get the go-ahead. Too many “cooks” in developing and continuing a show eventually spoil a show. I don’t think that sponsors or self-important others should have much input in what goes on in a show and wonder how many shows strayed off the original destination, ruined the ambiance of a show, causing it to be yanked. Too many, I would think.

    I’m tired of investing my time and involvement in shows that are yanked off the screen before their time. I hope that there is some interested party reading all these comments from people all over the world who would love to see SG1, SGA and SGU pick up where they left off and continue for some time. It can be done and each or some of these Stargate shows could become classics like Dr. Who, which has been on in various incarnations for how long now? It can be done – all it needs is vision and not a short attention span on the part of those who can make it happen.

  178. Joe thanks for letting somewhat the cat out of the bag with the script run down! Sounds insanely awesome, sad though that we’ll never get to enjoy the fruits of your creative labour with that 6th season madness and beyond!

    I just have to say that I understand the SG:1 story did come to an end and had an impressive run but I can’t fill the gaping void left with the cancellation of SG:Universe the way it did… lost my faith in good scifi television forever now. Such a gripping tale sucked me into following the journey that was “Destiny”… now we’ll never know the ultimate pursuit of the ancients…

    Just too sadening…

  179. I just cnt bear to read it, i would love to see mre series, just watchin them all on netflix am totally gripped

  180. This would have been amazing :/ so sad the show got cancelled because I honestly think it is one of the best shows made. Why start something so amazing and leave so many questions. At least with the original stargate it got wrapped up. But with SGA how do the team defeat the wraiths? I never got into Stargate Universe it was never the same !

  181. It would be amazing to see the Stargate journey continue. So many people love these stories from all walks of life. I am always watching the reruns and would love to see this movie or something that continues. Extinction sounds great.

  182. We should really deserve the new series joe, you owe to your self to dude your such an awesome writer, i used to watch sg 1 with my nan every sat

  183. SGA deserves a good, a true finale! Can we do something do make it happen?

  184. star trek renegades tv movie (pilot???) for 2014, any chance of star gate tv movie for 2014 😀

  185. J’aimerais que l’aventure continue. Pourquoi avoir arrêté alors qu’il y avait tant de fans ?

    I miss Stargate 🙁

  186. Re-write it as a book. In fact, start a new book series called it SGC or something…. Tell more about the war with the Lucian Alliance. What happens to the crew on Destiny in SGU…. Somebody needs to write about it. Shoot I would do it if given permission, by the creators and whoever else.

  187. Omg that just made me really want another movie or season. Such a shame that they aren’t making anymore.

  188. Always loved SG1, just started watching SGA on sky reruns and fallen in love with this. Please bring them back I need some new offworld fixes.

  189. Please..just name what it’ll take to get more SGA. I’ll admit, I haven’t rewatched the series enough times to be able to recite the script along with the video, but enough to know what’s going to happen while watching. I could take a break from rewatching 🙁 , or, more content could be made! 🙂 SG-1’s 10 seasons seem like a good amount that by the time I’m at the end of season 10 I’ve forgotten enough of season 1 that I can watch it again. But I liked SGA more. McKay was definitely my favorite.

    Also hopeful that since SGU was in stasis for 3 years that we’ll see more episodes when they wake up in May 2014. Really, would add to the ability to pretend these events really happened since there wouldn’t be a point in 3 years worth of watching them sleep.

    1. Dang-it-all!!! I looped through the whole SGA episodes and have just finished watching “The Rising”. It was absolutely spectacular! The story and CGA is outstanding! The start of this series just blows me away…. every time I watch it. I’m glad to read that there are many in other countries who are enjoying this series too. So sad that it ended.

      I’m not holding my breath waiting for another comparable series (taking place in outer space) to appear too soon. Too many silly sit coms and ridiculous reality shows to wade through, I guess. Ah, TV land… :<

  190. Only one thing comes to mind when it comes to funding, Kickstarter.
    it could get SGA back on track and finish up a very unfinished story!

    1. That’s what I was thinking the other day my sister was telling me about kickstart and I said why can’t Stargate Atlantis producers do that.

  191. Just reading this makes me miss it even more. Nothing like it on tv today. Either too serious or too stupid. SGA was the perfect mix. Thank you for at least letting us get to read what would have been. I can only hope by some miracle that it can be made into reality!!!!

  192. Joe,

    Since this thread will not stop and there is threads like this all over the web that blame SyFy or the producers, and of course MGM. I am not asking you or anyone to point fingers, but can you explain more how the process works between the studio, the network, and producers and how these decisions are made? Where and how does the money go and come from?

    So many do not seem to understand that the pulling of the plug on SGU was MGMs call correct? They wanted to make BOND movies, which I get, but they were hurting so bad for money, they had to trim some fat and that was SGU!

    I have heard that the Stargate producers did help decide to cancel SGA in hopes to launch SGU, not my favorite decision of course, but I think that was done with some broken promises of the movies in the future.

    I just see PAGES and pages of people that are clueless to how these stuff works and always been curious myself…

    Maybe the next mailbag you could touch on this?

  193. In a few months when I have some money again, I will be able to contribute towards a kickstarter-type campaign for any and all SG continuations and/or movies. Please PLEASE bring it back! I want movies for SGA and SGU first, since we were left totally holding the bag – not cool. At least with SG1 they made a good ending and a couple of movies to feed the need. Please come back!

  194. You know I honestly almost cried at the end of the last Stargate episode… (End of Stargate Universe). Knowing that new episodes would never be revealed to us. I as well still regret that we never got to see the wonders of the Stargate Atlantis Movie and the Jack O’Neil movie… I wish so bad that they would have continued the Stargate series… Best series ever shown…

  195. Greetings!

    Please do not give up on Stargate, try to get the license owners agree to at least work together with Bioware or Obsidian to make the stories into a PC game rpg reality similar to Mass Effect or Alpha Protocol. If it would get founded via a Kickstarter project the franchise owners couldn’t complain about money issues either.

  196. that would have been an awesome film, no matter which way they chose to play it.
    unfortunately it was an oppertunity that was missed, and should be brought back and continued.
    the idea of it being used as a game is a brilliant idea. the audiance is already set in place so selling it won’t be a problem, however the game should also give the player the choice of first-person and thrid-person views

  197. There’s still a large audience waiting and wanting this movie or even a short series of twelve episodes for a year or two. Surely someone out there has the umph!, and at least some of the $, necessary to get one of these balls rolling?? Pleeeeeze!

  198. Curious is anyone is planning on going to Creations LAST SG con? Wife and I planning to go be fun to meet some of you! Its our anniversary weekend so we will be just costuming and relaxing and having one last Stargate farewell!

    Con info for those who are interested. GOLD is sold out already so I would not delay! http://www.creationent.com/cal/sgchi.htm#tix

    @ Joe do you ever do cons? Be nice to do dinner and shake your hand for all the great years of writing you gave us!

  199. Some good ideas and it would have been interesting to see them on screen. I think there is always the danger of trying to put too much into a movie… As a side note, why would the self destruct activate? I know you say its because the city was moved, but it was moved once before… Sounds cool though.

  200. I am over 40. Atlantis is one of the only shows that have brought out my personal emotions like no other. My family and i have been watching the seasons now for the last week, SG1 before that. Please, we need season 6 and a movie!!! Please…..

  201. I just got done watching the Atlantis series all over again. I still miss this show. I would willingly read a follow up book on this, go see a follow up movie, buy dvd’s. Just bring it back. Please!!!

  202. So how much would it cost to revive Atlantis? I would be willing to pay a lot. It is my absolute favorite TV show of all time ! Why do all the good shows get cancelled?

  203. I guess it happens (show are cancelled even though they are huuugely popular) because the way ratings are calculated doesn’t take into account that many people these days do not watch shows when they actually air, but record them and watch at a later time…but I might be wrong, since recording shows are as old as the vhs and beta max technologies 😉

  204. Most people, who watch TV don’t know or heard of a thing called Stargate Atlantis; therefore, my suggestion is to make a movie, which entails all the Stargate Atlantis series together into one 2 and a half hours long Sci-Fi movie, which could be even put together through old versions cut and pasted in a well designed and overviewing tale. And later on it could continue with couple follow up movies, where people would get to encounter the main ideas and their branching outcomes.

  205. Mr Mallozzi,
    My husband and I, we enjoyed SG1 and SGA so much that we own the collection of DVDs and watch them over and over every now and then. I can count on one hand the movies that we do not get tired of, even after seeing them dozens of times. It is the chemistry and the right mix between the characters, as well as the pace and composition of the events, and the right balance of shifting between various moods, with few surprising twists of action here or there, just the right amount. The series had a little bit of everything for “each type of the weather”. We appreciated no “graphic” depiction of violence or cruelties. In SGA, Todd is my fovourite character. Maybe it is just me, always siding with the underdog and being devil’s advocate. Maybe it is Christopher Heyerdahl (btw. also Canadian and only 3 months older than me) and his manner of playing Todd. The bottom line, Todd is the character that captivates and leaves something for the imagination to fill in. If it was up to me, I would portray the Wraith behaving less Halloween-like. After all, if I read it correctly, their intelligence is more developed than in humans, and the behaviour usually follows, especially considering Todd’s comment to Teyla about her bearing. The costume design and overall image of the Wraith indicates certain elegance and pride, which is particularly enhanced in the hand combat scenes ( I wonder if some actors grew their own hair for the Wraith role). Too bad that the series did not continued. Your story is addictive, and the ideas for the next script are reflecting the same high standard as before. You have a gift. Thank you. I hope someone will turn your script into a movie before the cast gets too old to recognize the characters.


  206. It would be great if a new stargate series started up! It could start from the arrival of atlantis in san francisco bay. They could have adventures protecting earth etc and interacting with locals etc. etc. Please we need more stargate!!

  207. Currently watching Stargate Atlantis on DVD and reading this makes me wish they did make this movie. We need to patition to have this made and to bring back SGU.

  208. I just finished all 100 episodes back to back in about 4 days..all in glorious Blu Ray. Oh, my. It was like I had never seen SGA before…not like this, anyways.
    I fell in love with it and the characters all over again. If we didnt have a season 6, at least we got cliff notes from a couple of scripts and ideas for the continuation. I am SO sorry that none of this came to pass. SGU was so horrible. I blame that for ruining the chances of any future SGA DVD’s/movies.

  209. If you ever had a chance to bring it back–we would be faithful!

    Trouble with being a minority is all the shows we hold dear are eventually cancelled due to the majorities preference for mindless drivel. First Star Trek was going to be cancelled (we got one extra season by writing letters, at least), then TNG, Star Gate Atlantis and others.

    Thanks for the great writing/superb imagination, great direction and great acting–while it lasted! Take care. Dan

  210. This story would be an excellent way to end Atlantis. Just wish it could be made, would give SGA a sense of closure.

  211. Can the story of what happens next please be released properly. Either as a book, T.V. show, movie, script, whatever I don’t care. I want more of this story.

  212. Nikki

    I really hope MGM decides to make this movie with all the same characters.
    It would have been successful !

  213. Has anyone thought to try and do a Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to get this show back off the ground? If Veronica Mars can get funded then SGA shouldn’t have a problem at all. I would sure back this project, and it would be a great marketing move to draw up the needed support and buzz.

  214. Ben,

    You do understand the cost for show like Stargate Atlantis would be nothing like Miss Mars. The cost of redoing the props and the gate itself would make most cry. Kickstarter is great idea, but rallying the troops all to one area would most likely not be taken seriously unless it was someone like Joe or one the leading actors pushing the idea… Then getting MGM to buy off on this is more of nightmare than most can fathom. If you see Joe Flanigan or David Hewlett maybe ask them to start one? =)

  215. You know I’m far from wealthy but I’d kick in a $1000 to see it actualized. Yes I’m aware of the ridiculously high budget this production would involve, but you have to wonder, this show has a loyal fan base. With proper impetus and organization I’ll always wonder what could have been raised: Because sadly , it will never happen…

  216. Ok, so I personally have love hate relationship with this blog thread… I love this thread and I hate this thread… I love the fans like Ben, Jeff and Niall who I know have the passion that could help see a project like a SGA MOVIE into forwishen.

    However, I can’t get to the delete key fast enough when I read, “Hey when is the next Stargate movie? I really miss it? Duh!! and it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! THEY SOLD OFF EVERYTHING THE GATE IS GONE!!! GET CLUE STOP ASKING!!!! AHHHHhhhhhh (bang head on desk). So with that….

    So Joseph, my all powerful and most knowledgeable friend, seriously if you and Robert crunched some numbers, what kind of numbers we talking for you guys to walk into MGM and say “Hi, remember us, we STILL have a script, we now have a kick-starter account with “$$$$” from the fans,

    THEY WANT A MOVIE… What will take for us to make one maybe two SGA films straight to DVD???

    I think if KICKSTARTER was led or backed by couple like Robert and yourself or whoever would be on board for this, it would have a “chance”. And I know between your followers and we getting word out to people seen as SG fan leaders like myself, the old crew from Propworx like Dean and David, who I personally consider fellow Stargate experts! Also we have all the top players at scifihero.net like Dan Kim and Rook, plus socal media twitter the stars accounts and hot some the larger FB groups I know WORLDwide.

    I currently have a SG costume customer base in over 52 countries!!! I just feel if few of us step up and we have the PROPER leadership with the knowledge and know how, maybe, just maybe Ben and Jeff are right! But this will not be accomplished by some common Joe off the street we need the “Joe” everyone loves to help us plan this!!!

    Besides Joe, its not like your working on anything else right now, your probably just sitting around with dogs eating all day watching SGU??? LOL

    Humbly awaiting your reply, ideas, and acceptance of the challenge Sir! =)

  217. Kick that asses from MGM and make Season 6 of Stargate Atlantis..

    That was the best series in TV ever!

    Greets from Germany

  218. As much as i love the Stargate franchise this whole movie idea sounds horrible. C’mon moonbase? “For cryin out loud” (O’neill voice) I don’t know where to begin in exposing the holes in that idea. How would they breathe? I know, i know the city has a shield but wouldn’t it have to be running 24/7 to maintain atmosphere? We’ve already seen what happens there *cough super volcano. The SGA legacy series virtual season 6 novel is the best storyline i’ve read so far. Honestly this show went down hill after season 3. Fans knew things were really bad when we saw that episode Vegas wooo! that was crap.

  219. David,

    I do not see your point as valid in many cases. The city would be air tight, we know this is the case from Season 1: Episode 12 Hot Zone, if it locks down to prevent spread of airborne virus I am sure it could keep out the vacuum of space. The inner doors would not be as strong but only the outside structure as we know can take pretty big hit.

    Even so yes the shield would need to be on… the lunar atmosphere is always out-gassing the release of gases such as radon and helium resulting from radioactive decay of the surface crust and mantle. Another important point to point out is the risk of the bombardment of the lunar surface by micrometeorites, the solar wind, and sunlight having no atmosphere to protect them. So yes the shield would be good idea… It also can be adjusted to strength levels as we have seen under attacks.

    With 3 ZPMs they made it 10,000 years at the bottom of the ocean I am sure little space vacuum wouldn’t be so bad even for YEARS on end, but we know they were not there long at all before the fail-safe made them leave the Milky Way.

    Secondly, I know for fact Vegas as a fan favorite of MANY MANY fans! Even the iMDb rating is 8.5 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1252208/

    Also many do not see it as you do… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1252208/reviews

    I am sorry you did not like it, but was something different and very refreshing. A true fan would understand the alternate reality of such a world and event taking place.

  220. Years down the line and I have just finished re-watching all 5 seasons back to back and enjoying them as much as I did the first time… It is still such a shame knowing that Season 6 will never reach the screens, the movie would have been an acceptable alternative but personally… I was hoping to see 10 Season for SGA just like SG1 enjoyed!!

    Keep nudging them Joseph… maybe one day they will listen and give you the green light to make Season 6 or a movie to at least wrap it up as it deserved. The fans have spoken!

  221. From reading what you wrote. I believe sometimes if you have a regret it never hurts to try. I am not sure if you read these.
    But in my life I am trying to avoid one regret and that is trying for my bachelor’s degree. I have already completed my associates. It took me 7 years. The bachelor’s degree is going to take me longer. I am trying to avoid to have a regret of not trying.
    I guess what I am saying is that if you have means to do this and have the regret of not trying. You should try.
    By the way the degree I am going for is writing. So I go on forever on many topics sometimes. So please think on this.

  222. Cant see why it couldn’t be tried with the loss of SGU (although not as good as SG1 or SGA) it would review old fans love for the series and also bring in new fans from another generation.

  223. Damn it. We need closure. SGU lacked personality. Atlantis opened a myriad of choices. It is a real shame to lock it up, as the potential was endless. Financiers saw the bottom dollar. We saw the potential. how many half arsed sci fi programs have we seen since? Too many, with no depth, no further storyline and nothing going. Not to mention no character interaction that was believeable.Fringe is the exception. Damn you. This was an enterprise worth watching. If I had the money I would finance it today, like most fans.

  224. Starting to catch up now: Bloodyhell Mallozziman, that is a pretty intense script to say the very least.
    I was only streaming SGA the other day on Amazon Prime… lol. Of course, like so many I guess, you sit there concocting possible futures of how to get back to Pegasus.

    But several things I learned through watching them back. 20+ episodes a season is probably too many. It can tend to feel like some weaker episodes were simply fillers – yet others are worthy of Oscars.
    Why oh why did no one ever ask Replicator Weir or an Ancient for a ZPM? or at least the location of the manufacturing facility (to get themselves in trouble in). OR…. drone manufacturing?

    But Joseph, this is after all – scifi… and we never say never. Someone, somewhere will one day give it all a kick again…

    Great story line and I really appreciate you sharing it (albeit, I’m only reading it now)

  225. I’ve become a huge fan of the Stargate franchise. (I’ve been watching streaming on Amazon). I am at the end of the 5th season of Atlantis now, but plan to go back and start over again, since I’m sure I lost a lot of detail previously. (I watched all seasons of SG1 several times).

    I love the entire concept and it would seem the possibilities are/were endless with that show. I just never understand the willingness of a business to throw away vehemently loyal followers.

    TWBrit, I think that you may not understand the ‘season’ per se. I believe that originally, 20 episodes weren’t broadcast end to end – that there is a break in there thus the 20 episodes are spread out over a year. At least, that’s the way that it appears both Eureka and Warehouse 13 did it.

    The economy is coming on strong now. Please, Mr. Mallozzi, just keep pitching it!

  226. Adding: It seems that the streaming industry is coming on really strong right now. We LIVE on Amazon Prime and my husband and I each have Fire HDX’s and just bought and installed Fire TV. We watch nothing else. We’re happy to pay for content that we want, so we can watch it WHEN we want. We’re about to drop Dish.

    What I’m getting at is that the industry is changing FINALLY. I’d be more than happy to prepay for a season or seasons of a show, i.e. SGA and I believe that most everyone here would feel the same. That could be a fairly hefty concept fiscally for a series development. And I’d think it would be attractive for a studio. It’s not as if they’re just HOPING it will sell. They’ll already have a certain amount of committment from viewers.

    Just trying to think outside the box. After all, Jeff Bezos thinks outside the box and we all profit.

  227. If there is not going to be a revival of Atlantis (or SGU) then I think a movie to end all would be in order. Here is my idea…

    Combine SG-1, SGA and SGU together for a full length movie. First, the Trust gets their hands on Todd the wraith and implants a gao’uld in him. Todd then escapes and builds an army of Humans and Jaffa from other planets that are in fear of his power and abilities. Meanwhile, without Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy, the wraith start taking over and the human population is all but withered away. With no food supply they are left in disarray…until Todd Shows up in a Gao’uld mother ship, hyperdrive technology and the coordinates to the Milkyway Galaxy with a seemingly endless number of humans to feed on. Todd becomes ruler of the Wraith with his own army of Jaffa and human followers due to his symbiote. With this threat heading to earth, Sg-1 is reassembles along with Sheppard, Ronan, McKay and the Atlantis crew.

    While the war starts raging and the appearance of immanent doom, the SGU crew on the destiny happen to come across an civilization of humans that relocated over 10,000 years ago from the Ancients. They learn that these Alterrans had left due to dangers of Wraith and Gao’uld to build a new civilization in peace. They had lived in peace for 10,000 years until they learn of this combined threat that now faces the universe. Since they are not part of the Ancients that ascended, they agree to help fight the war against the Wraith and Gao’uld. Due to their understanding of the enemy and technology, they devise a way to win the war with the combined efforts of SG-1 and the Atlantis crew.

    After entering the Milky Way galaxy they learn the fate of their ancestors who ascended and decide to join them where they feel they belong. They thank the humans for reuniting their race and ascend.

    That would be an awesome movie!!! Please put it together and create an awesome conclusion to what has been one of the best series on TV.

  228. Why don’t you turn to Netflix? They’re making a lot of Awesome sci-fi series these days… Ok I admit, SGU was a bit of a dissapointment, but Atlantis was Awesome after SG-1 🙂

  229. Wow. The only thing to make these ideas better is Ford. He could have escaped that ship and i just need Ford back or at least an actual conclusion that he did go with the ship. And think of what could be if he didn’t die in the Hive? Oh man. 50 thousand possibilities and a great story every way.

  230. I would sell someone else’s first born child for the opportunity to read any and all of what was written for the 6th season and/or the movie. Atlantis was one of those series that I raced home to see every episode and was actually depressed when it ended.

    I know that realistically it’s been too long to get it going again. The cast has aged. Some still look the same, but some don’t. The stories that would have been are what is important to me at this point. I wish there was a way to get that stuff released for us to see.

    I basically didn’t look back after Atlantis ended, I was getting to the point I was getting so mad that every show that I really loved got cancelled. Just recently I have re-watched all of Atlantis on Amazon and am figuring out how to afford the blu-rays. Tonight I realized I never really had heard why it was cancelled so I went to the net to know… and I found this. This wonderful continuation idea. If I ever find myself in possession of a time machine I am going back to try to change history so the show doesn’t get cancelled. If that doesn’t work I’m at least going to find a way to sit in on the planning/writing/etc of this post 5th season stuff. I feel robbed by the money people. I’m just saddened by the loss of what would have been.

  231. Thanks for sharing this. Stargate Atlantis is one of my favorite series ever, I would watch the hell out of this movie!

  232. So sad….what was Teyla’s loss? The could have done a Stargate show from the perspective of the Wraith where Todd is the leader.

  233. I agree with what has been said above. The show was amazing and I believe that if the show were ever to continue, it could EASILY be done under the supervision of Netflix. They have picked up (or at least offered to) and created enough shows that this would be an easy task. Obviously we all want the show to return, but the most likely scenario would be a movie. Either way, I’d love to see either one and I guarantee that Netflix would pick it up. Please don’t let this idea go, as it could be a real money maker, and it would make a few million people happy.

  234. I JUST BOUGHT ALL THE SERIES… I watched Stargate SG1 before on tv but now I am crazy about Atlantis. Well my husband and I love it. 😉 It’s such a shame there won’t be a season 6 and more. Will there really never be a sequel or a season 6?? I am considering buying the books lol

  235. Well this has to be the longest running thread on here! What I recently discovered was the efforts of Joe Flanigan trying to carry on the series with serious investors and MGM was either too skeptical or too dumb to see the light!

    For those who do not want to watch it all jump to time stamp (5:36)

  236. As interesting this plot is, it still makes me feel bad because of the complete lack of resolution or ever move towards a resolution for the Wraith. Was adding a new species really necessary? I feel this whole time travel thing would be done to deepen the knowledge able the ancient and the wraith. Oh well, 2 cents.

  237. Would love to see SGA back in action … Maybe try on netflix or somethin? It’s such a shame …

  238. Why only target dvd/blueray market, with an epic scenario lika that, and the SG effect that are adreally good as movie ones, so trow it on Cinemas, Seeing Atlantis flying on an IMAX screen would be awesome. ;P

  239. I think it’s safe to say that fans of the series, desperate for more SG, still hold that same desire 5 years later. These were stories that inspired passion, wonder and excitement across generations. We haven’t given up hope!

  240. Oh my goodness this would have be amazeballs! This movie must be made, or at least a book written so we can have our own mental visuals. There are enough fans STILL who would love to see this made. Please don’t give up on this entirely. Especially sealing the deal with Teyla and John, I had figured something would eventually happen with them, it just fit. We need to see our Atlantis crew once more!!! I’m deployed right now and I’m watching SG: Atlantis to help me pass the time here, THERE MUST BE A WAY.!! The show never lost it’s magic, it was really something special, a shame it was ever taken off the air.

  241. Ok, I had read this thread some time ago, but, as it happens, in a recent past-life regression, I found I had lived in the actual Atlantis. There is much to this past life that might be boring to you all, but, I was the top teacher in the school that brought the most talented citizens with the greatest gifts (clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.) in to teach them to develop these gifts and to spread their teachings to others.

    You know, I’m sure Joe and the powers that be were NOT operating in a vacuum in writing this show and in developing the basics. I’m sure the writers were working off of Plato’s info and recent (2009 – 2010) archaeological finds as well. But having ‘visited’ that time, I’m shocked at how ‘right’ you guys got it. Well, up to the presumed destruction of Atlantis, that is.

    I have always had a special relationship with crystals. As a very girly, tidy little girl, I was constantly digging in the dirt looking for crystals, which was, of course, not normal for a tidy, girly girl. As an adult, I surround myself with crystals and choose carefully what I wear on a day-to-day basis based on what energies I need at that time. Obviously my ‘thing’ for crystals was born with me in this lifetime. Now I see where it came from because in this regression, it seems the city of Atlantis was very technologically advanced and ran on – you guessed it – CRYSTALS. (And look at all the crystals in SG-1 and Atlantis shows!)

    In that lifetime, it seems that there was a faction in the city who wanted to access the ‘red’ or forbidden crystals, which were dangerous and used for serious power and protection issues. The students and other teachers in my school saw this, of course, and what was coming, and fled, many ending up in Egypt. I did not. I tried to stop the faction. They won, used the ‘red’ crystals to make some sort of bomb, it destroyed the tectonic plates under the city and in the surrounding area, causing a massive tsunami that destroyed the city and the inhabitants. I was one who died. But I was so furious with those people and angry that they didn’t see the danger of what they were doing, that I’ve carried it with me all these years. I find it hard to forgive stupid people even today.

    Anyway, long-story-short, it is a first step for me to work on realizing that stupid and crazy people are living out their own karma and I need to do the best I can and try to stay on my own path and not let them ruin my peace and calm and my life and my path.

    I know I’m sometimes long-winded, but for me, this just was confirmation as to why I love crystals, and why I loved Stargate and Atlantis so much! It resonated with something in my soul.

  242. After the supremely awesome comeback Veronica Mars made via Kickstarter, why can’t this fandom do that too? I would totally contribute to a project to fund a movie, or short series….

  243. You had me at “the funny one.” Damn… I miss this series so much. I’m going to go wallow in nostalgia by rewatching the end of season 5.

  244. Ever since I watched the final 4 episodes of SG Atlantis I sensed danger… somehow knowing it would never get the 6th season (or more) nor the film it deserved to wrap things up justly. I blame the TV networks for that, being insurmountably retardedly stupid and failing to realise how fantastic SG Atlantis was. But, to this day I have hope that the Atlantis film at the very least will get made. Kickstarter anyone? 😀

  245. if the 6th season was made would they have gone into more dept, like showing more about the final moments of the war between the ancients and the wraiths, the history of the wraith, the social structure of both the wraith and ancients, the wraith homeworld (they can’t all live on ships), other technologically advanced cultures capable of fighting maybe even fighting in a distant part of the galaxy, the state of seteda before the fall, during the fall and after the fall (they would have had there own version of area 51 or secret bunkers), the in dept look at the history of the genii, the history of the travellers, and maybe the possibility of the travellers making a permanent city on the same planet as Atlantis and regaining their ability to make new ships with the help of Atlantis and earth. They could also give Atlantis the ability to make better energy weapons like the one Ronon uses. Also would Atlantis have it’s very own f304/302 and could they possibly learn how to produce or where to produce drones.

  246. Aaaawww… I want more Stargate Atlantis, this is still incomplete. My daughter want to show me about Stargate Atlantis DVDs all seasons episodes. I am now became big Fans! Low rates? Who cares! Please make more seasons 6 and more, what happened to end of Wraith ? No more hostile, or turn back to return humans as successfully ? 🙂

  247. Still kicking myself that this show ended. So sad watching the last dvd knowing that the journey has finished. Im glad that I was able to grow up and enjoy it 🙂

  248. Ok Dun, ill bite? What is it? Maybe good for fan film too? Think Joe is little busy with Dark Matter at moment! =)

  249. I wish the network would revive the franchise and run this movie as a season opener. Sify channel has become a pathetic dead zone, totally boring without Stargate Atlantas. Robyn

  250. How many years after the final episode? I just finally got to watch this series from beginning to end. I have always loved stargate…all of them. I miss them. Tough to let go of old familiar characters sometimes. My hope is for resurrection of this line of stories. SGU was another one lost to us before they had a chance to get a firm grasp on their fan base. Well, here’s to wishful thinking, hopeful watching, and more Todd. Lol

  251. I like the idea of a book. Then we can keep in our minds the characters as we remember them. 7 years is a long time for makeup to make people look the same. I love that they go back to Pegasus and that John and Teyla finally get together. But I also wonder, what about the wraith? I thought we’d see a solution to that eventually. Them becoming extinct would be okay, but it would kind of suck because of the development of Todd. But if they did perfect Keller’s treatment, who would the wraith become? That question in one of the episodes has really made me think. Who are the wraith without feeding? Their sole existence is to feed on humans and then hibernate? They don’t seem to really form attachments, or have any goals other than superior technology, and that for the purpose of feeding. So many questions. And of course, they don’t all need answered. But I would at least like to see a book based on the movie idea of the above blog.

  252. stitchsloft, Dark Matter is a pretty good show hope it continues. So one of the concepts i was thinking about was a deeper look into wraith society. For instance what was Todd doing from the time Teyla faked being the queen to the end of season 5. Also, it is mentioned that there are many different factions in their civil war, wouldn’t that suggest that over the course of the 10,000 years since the ancients left there should be a faction that has technological superiority. I think that at least one faction of the wraith should have shields on their hives which in turn would mean that they don’t need to drop out to regenerate making their ships faster and stronger. There should also be a faction with better weapons, one with better sensors e.t.c. I was thinking of a show were we see all the factions and their territories(the major players and the minor players). we also see them trying to make alliances and steal each others technologies. The most important thing i think would be the alliance playing a greater role in the war(supplying man power & information mainly) and atlantis playing a greater role in the alliance politics(maybe even bringing the Travellers into the alliance and having another major power apart from the Genii that will back atlantis). The alliance in my mind would be like earth during the first few seasons of sg1 their goal would be to take advantage of the situation to acquire technology especially ancient tech. I think atlantis would be like the elder sibling warning members of the alliance not to do certain things(taking the role of the Asgard as mentors). What do you think?

  253. I have liked the show for sometime now but i never liked how the asgard went out. I think it would have been interesting if they had given at least one of their ships to earth. Imaging an O’neill class as the permanent ships of Atlantis and the rouge Asgard trying to get it.

  254. Why oh bloody why did this brilliant show have to be cancelled it had so many really good story’s to show us what a terrible mistake” in 20 years time you will see WHY’ a shame it really is ” there could of been 11 series by now and 1 or 2 movies’ and I was’nt a fan until I made myself watch a couple of shows’ what a shame it really is’ loved it ‘ will have to make do with box set’ sg1 yours DB!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. omg thank god this didn’t happen. john and teyla? so happy that didn’t happen.

  256. This movie would have been amazing, they left so many unanswered questions at the end of season 5. I’m guessing there’s no chance this will still be a movie at this point? Is there a petition or something?

  257. For what it’s worth, Stargate Atlantis was and is my favorite show. PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!! No excuses!

  258. Just finished SG Atlantis on Netflix. Fourth time watching the show, it still has me hooked. It is by far my favourite SG-show.

  259. Just reading the above, I think you yourself realise Atlantis was NOT FINISHED by a long shot. The plot of the moon-base etc as outlined here IS a kick-ass 2-part opening for another season and I hope that when Black Matter is concluded (or even in conjunction with it) you re-present Atlantis to the powers that be… who should see clearly how much of a fan base has evolved since its close and would watch it, myself included. Having just switched on to Atlantis some 2 years after its running! I am sure you can ally that one last regret – please – and consider reviving this series exactly from where it left off. If x-files can do it… please make them see the need here. Atlantis fan base has grown exponentially since its ending…which was premature and totally unfinished!!! Your ideas are brilliant! Please sire finish this work as part of your reason for this lifetimes being… thank you. Atlantis was the very best!

  260. Biggest mistake to start a new team (that didn’t gel) when you had such a great family (that worked) on Atlantis …. so very disappointing. They stole the two seasons that belonged to Atlantis!!! I could go on… but you’ll see I am very upset about this whole thing having just finished the last episode… I feel ripped off. Sorry.

  261. So often brilliance like Roddenberry adn yourself is too far ahead of the curve… it takes time for things to catch on… You now have the chance to resurrect Atlantis (with a movie [and possible new series]); Just like Abrahms brilliantly did with Star Trek, bringing it to a whole New generation. However, I would suggest the old crew…?

  262. Indeed!, it would of been great. I really miss both Stargate SG1 and even more Stargate Atlantis. Sad, so sad.

  263. they should partner with hulu or netflix for the movie and make it animated im sure you could get the actors to do the voice over for one or two movies second movie being wrap up or maybe a movie and a mini series

  264. Atlantis is and has been my favorite show for years. Why not try a kick starter? Seems to work for everything else. I really miss this show. 🙁

  265. @ Dun , with the loss of Weir your alliance politics would be strained at best… I do not think as humans we are in position to be mentors to many of the races. The Wraith will not stop thats the drama of walking the line of extermination or saving who you can? Becoming the Galaxy Police is something we see with the US military even in our own lives. Even with the IOA it only got worse, then you right back to who is educated enough to make those calls on a dailuy basis. I like most of you feel this show had another 5 years in it and its shame that MGM and some the powers over the writers would not let them finish their dream…

    I will maybe open huge can worms with this but its what keeps me up at night! Now we are staring down another potential disaster on the horizon and that is Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin trying to re-boot the franchise. Now granted as SG fans we are starving like a Wraith for more, but at what risk? Roland personally hates all of the series so he will attempt to ignore 98% of his fan base and act like 17 season of TV never happened.



    In short… Devin already stated “Twenty years later, we can’t really do part two,” he said. “We have to start over from the beginning. So let’s reboot the series, put in all the things we couldn’t the first time, and set it up properly.”

    Beyond Roland’s blatant stubborn and self centeredness of just trying to relive his past and go back and do what he didn’t get to do from the start do we need to see the past all over again? We have seen how most of Hollywood’s reboots pan out. How many more movies do we need to tank because people will not listen to the masses? It could work but why not consult some the experts from the past and give the fans what they really want?

    As fans I would be more worried about that then a show like Atlantis we will ALWAYS love, but the set is torn down, the actors have moved on and the cons are even starting to disappear! I work everyday in my business to keep SG alive and well I and I see that it is and always come back to this thread! It is shame but we as fans need to help shape what we want in the future and pass those requests on to those who do not understand what it is we hunger for!

  266. So there’s absolutely no way Atlantis is coming back to us 😵😞 the wife and I got hooked on it. Should start a GoFund me I’d donate as much as possible….-and buy DVDS.

  267. To be honest… I grew up watching Stargate SG1 and SGA. I am now 19 years of age. Of over 3000 people that have attended my high school, myself aswell as the VERY FEW people my age that watched stargate, it was a tragic loss. I am now an adult in my own eyes aswell as the eyes of my father. I own the entire first two series, and will one day share them with my children. I have kinda built a friend group who like both of the premier SG-Teams is built on trust and friendship and we have become a family. We paintball as our sport and wear axact replicas of the All Black and Black and Grey uniforms of SG1 and SGA teams. Hell I’m still watching reruns of the shows, As I write this. Please if ever the opportunities arrive to make the SGA movie… Please Please do it? I was not a fan of SG1 because they were no longer a family and everyone became more sinical with nearly every episode. I mean that in no unkind manor. I will continue to wear the uniforms and emblems aswell as insignias of the teams until the day I die. Stargate will always have my support and that of my family. I just ask that you please give the movie another chance if you ever read this. Somebody will produce it eventually. Thankyou very much for all the years of joy you have brought me. I feel that I am a better and more well rounded person that I got the chance to witness hero’s without super powers that didn’t dress up in flashy colors. They fought for the people they saw as family and that is just as honorable a concept no matter what things you believe in. Thankyou again.

  268. @ John Emmons, the next thing you will see is Roland trying to relive his childhood and re-booting the movie. We know the story we want NEW ones… not re-runs with better CGI… So you paintball in costume? That’s awesome I have a few airsoft and paintball customers… If you ever need uniform support let me know! http://www.stitchsloft.com...

  269. Why can’t we donate money to fund this conclusion and future Stargate ventures? I guarantee you that it will succeed and beyond.

  270. @ Soorena, you do realize everyone is working on new things and all sets are GONE!!! At this point its a lot more politics than just money, plus MGM is turning it all back over to Rolland and Devlin… The biggest issue is will they let these young writers that are working for them do what fans want or will they ignore 90% fan base just to do what “they” want and then we never see the trilogy because of potential for its to be tank after week and word gets out! I am very worried and trying to find way to maybe reach them and see if they would even consider to listening to not only a fan but a guy like me that knows a lot about this franchise and little about being behind camera too!

    I feel some simple cameos from RDA, CARTER, MCKAY anything to help this along would go a long way! Now had the studio for Ghoastbusters done this from start we maybe seen a lot less bad press and feedback! They just showed Dan Aykroyd in one first trailers couple days ago and everyone loves it! I am just the little guy, but I know people want more REAL Stargate! I started a poll on one our FB Pages too! Love to see what everyone thinks over there too! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1539030689695109/

  271. A 6th season of Atlantis?Should have and would have been fantastic,well at least I can watch the rest on dvd when ever I want

  272. I know it’s wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be nice if Netflix picked this up and created a Netflix series, as they’ve done with other shows.

    BTW – has anyone else seen the new Start Trek movie and thought there were a few concepts lifted from Stargate Atlantis? Don’t want to give anything away, but if you see it, keep it in mind and you’ll see what I mean!

  273. I’d love to see SGA taken up by Netflix – find a way of excusing away the lost years and pick up again with some of the ideas from this article. Netflix have done it with other shows and this one actually would get people to sign up for Netflix!

    But most of all, I miss my regular dose of Ronan!

  274. @ Natasha, if you miss Jason, you need check out the new teaser for Justice League then!

  275. And the next one can be called, “Stargate Atlantis Ancient Legacy”. Where they finally find out how to make what the ancients once had. And just in time as they have another run in with the cyborgs from the alternet reality.

    What would happen if they ran into all sorts of myths and legends. Or the other races Dr. Weir (sorry about misspelling) was talking about. Or even (animal like or not type of) beings that only talk with a mental connection/telepath.

    It can be limitless.

  276. The heck with a Direct to DVD. Why not just make this into a traditional box office movie. I think this would make mega bucks at the box office but you must have the original SGA cast! Make it a movie!

  277. The last I heard, the original Stargate (Movie) was being rebooted by it’s original creators, Thank you Mr. Mallozzi for SG1 and SGA.

  278. While some of the details of the imagined sixth season of SGA sound amazing, others leave me cold. While I was a fan of the Sam/Jack potential relationship on SG-1, I was so glad that the writers and show runners didn’t do the same thing on SGA. I liked the team and friendship dynamic of SGA’s flagship team. I know some people saw shippiness anyway, but I never did. To me, John and Teyla had a strong and respectful friendship with an almost brother/sister feel to it. I know a lot of people also shipped Teyla with Ronon , but I would not have wanted her paired up with Ronon, either, as that would also have changed the team dynamic.

    Putting John and Teyla together romantically would have totally turned me off the show, so I’m glad that never came to fruition.

  279. Just the response to this blog alone (years after it was posted) shows there is still a hungry fanbase for Stargate. I’m constantly getting e-mails saying someone new has posted on this. There is definitely still potential in this franchise. Great work with Dark Matter, by the way. It’s given me a kind of Stargate fix even if it isn’t totally the same.

  280. Why not make a whole new series, one to introduce the Ancients. From their beginnings and how they created the wraith and became what they did.
    How they created the stargate and their involvement with early earth.

    It could create a whole new stargate phenomenon.

  281. I agree with everyone hating on Teyla/Shep pairing!
    I wouldn’t mind them so much if they got together at the begining, but after Kanaan and baby it is just ridiculous- So Teyla’s baby daddy is killed and she is looking for a new one?come on! They have known each other for 5-6 years, she choose another guy and now they get together because they are “destined” to create patchwork family?
    Absolutely hate it, lazy writing because of course the only female character has to end up with the lead male character. Duh!
    So overall, I am late to the show and was sad to see it finished with only 5 seasons and no movie, but after reading this and the books I am happy , very happy we didn’t see more.

  282. I think Sheppard/Teyla would not have happened if they came down to filming scripts change and often they change a lot!! On Green lantern they had Hal Jordan dropping off his sleep over blonde at a bus stop like cheap hooker but script changed and they opened it with him leaving her in bed with “water in the tap” a much better shot then what script says!

    @Krafty… I agree and we just ended the USA Stargate Con in Chicago with its last one and people want more!!! I think Atlantis was cut very short we should seen 8-10 seasons for sure… I think Universe was good idea but maybe came too soon!

    @Jay77 I kinda love that idea… would be neat to see some of that… but we saw some that with Weir and would we get any real heroes we could relate too? SG has always been built around a “team” concept and I do not view the Ancients as very team based. We saw how they acted with secret labs and counsels… Even the movies gave us more of look of that. a Prequel like movie would been neat to help base line it all…

    @lodo you might want check out the new MGM authorized comic series! It does pick up in season 6 timeline… http://www.americanmythology.net/ three comics= one episode! They are on ebay as well.. The first three have been released!

  283. How about a new story line, based on the overarching ideas of the stargate mythos, but moving forward an appropriate space to the present? So we are not stepping on the toes of the past, yet not required to bring all of the same people or places back.
    I think a good way to do this would be a story about a galactic government. The city of Atlantis could remain transitory or set up as a permanent capital somewhere within the Pegasus galaxy, and a consort of ships could both protect it and travel the galaxy protecting allied planets. Of course, you would still have the wraith threat, but, as they are factionary, you could have some factions of wraith, like Todd’s alliance, join the planetary alliance. You could have further, non-aggressive competing alliances, like the Asgaard and Travelers, and introduce new enemies to threaten them all.
    Of course, members of the old cast could be invited to take part in the story, say as leaders, captains, or ambassadors, but the story would revolve around, like in SG-1 and SGA, the strike team and the political drama.
    I think whatever they do, ZPM’s and ancient drones need to start being manufactured in Atlantis, and be used not only for Atlantis, but to power and defend cities all over the galaxy. Cold fusion, as discussed in SG-1, could also be significant. And replicators or other androids could be created and used as a slave force to build and maintain cities, farms, and ships.
    After Doctor Who made it back to tv, its hard not to expect Stargate to come back someday. And hopefully, it starts with a “20 years ago…” and Atlantis, under fire from the hive ship, crashing into the Pacific outside the Golden Gate.

  284. I have just finished watching Stargate SG1 and Atlantis and wondering if there is any plan to wrap the Atlantis story up? Now with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu rebooting older shows and The X-Files getting a mini series if you had any plans or considered it? Or with the recent popularity in comics in the recent years The Walking Dead, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. name a few if you would make a comic to warp up the story.

  285. Can’t you sell it to Netflix ,Hulu,Crackle ,or Amazon like to see it come to its conclusion!

  286. Thank you so much for sharing this sir!!!

    I really miss Stargate. I’ve never been able to accept that it’s really gone and not coming back…
    And now we’re getting Stargate Origins! I know it’s just 10 episodes of 10 minutes set while the gate was still in Egypt, and none of the creative talent involved with any of the series is involved 🙁 But it is certainly better than nothing—and to be honest I’m super stoked! And I hope that fans really show their support! I pray that people realize that this may quite likely be that last & only chance we get to show that there is still a fan base for Stargate! And that although it’s not what I’ve been hoping for it has the potential to lead to more Stargate and the fantastic storytelling that defined the franchise.
    And it is really SUPER cool and awesome that the ORIGINAL actor to portray Catherine Langford–although brief–when she was just 11 years old is involved in some way (sadly not reprising her original role, but oh well…).

    The Dialing Home thing with C. Judge also looks pretty awesome and promising! I loved seeing C, Argenziano is a teaser—his recurring character has always been one of my favorites! His last appearance, the 90 minute “Threads” was certainly amazing and heart-wrenching; we lose Jacob, Selmac, Oma, Anubis and Pete all in that episode. It’s one of my favorites of the series!

    What I still can’t wrap my head around is–why there was such a lack of support for SGU! I’ve read a number of the criticisms and to be honest I feel like they weren’t even watching the same show!!! I absolutely LOVE SGU, I’ve watched over half a dozen times sharing it with new friends each time and there hasn’t been anyone who disliked it! A few were resistant and a bit harder to bring on board; but so many aspects of the show were so compelling and well-done. I have been truly baffled by some of the critics–I suppose we just have entirely different perspectives or something because my experience & opinion of the show is EXACTLY opposite. Many of the characters or scenes that they disliked–calling them boring, superficial or one-dimensional, or criticizing the acting–were some of my favorite moments of the early episodes! And the stories, characters and episodes just continued to get better. I really feel like many of those critics would’ve have come around if they had given it a real chance and not let their expectations contaminate and sabotage their ability to experience and enjoy the show for what it was! Fantastic television!!!

    (Oh, and the soundtrack… WOW!!! Joel Goldsmith’s BEST work—so intense, emotional, dynamic and compelling! He really took it to the next level with the music for SGU! He was obviously given more freedom; and boy did he really shine! The orchestration and instrumentation is so much more expansive and deep. It is absolutely haunting and powerfully emotive… His work on SGU was masterful, genius and deeply heartfelt. May he RIP!)

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing this!!!

    1. You’ve put in writing what I’ve been thinking and feeling about SGU all along! Great write up.