Every Saturday morning (and Sunday morning during the summer), Akemi and I head down to the farmers market to support our local growers.  Starting this weekend, we can now head down to the bakers market and support our local bakers as well.  And so, today, after swinging by Nat Bailey stadium, we headed over to the Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre to check out the sweets.

Sadly, because it was held indoors, Bubba – who had joined us for the trip – had to wait outside…which meant that Akemi and I had to take turns browsing.  She was a quick in and out, spending all of five minutes inside before returning empty handed.  I, on the other, went a little crazy.  Like I said, I was there to support my local bakers/entrepreneurs.  Their kids gotta eat!

And so do I!

Today’s haul…

My first purchase was from this animated entrepreneur who informed me that I was her first sale.  Ever.  It was maybe five minutes after the market opened, so I have no doubt she did a brisk business.
I had a choice between chocolate and orange but elected to go with orange for Akemi.
Chocolate-dipped orange shortbread cookies.
A trio from Sweet Lily: super buttery crisp palmiers, brown butter blondies, and soft chocolate chunk cookies.
Speaking of buttery, these lemon poppyseed friands from Yummy Workshop were that – and moist, and delicious.
Akemi is a big fan of marshmallow desserts, so I picked up a bag of these matcha gimauve.  She eyed them suspiciously, took a small bite, slowly chewed - then popped the rest into her mouth.  And another.
Akemi is a big fan of marshmallow desserts, so I picked up a bag of these matcha gimauve. She eyed them suspiciously, took a small bite, slowly chewed – then popped the rest into her mouth. And then another.
Akemi is also a big fan of biscotti.  I figure you can’t go wrong with chocolate.
This place offered a selection of ice cream sandwiches – and samples!
I went with the Affogato.  I’m not a huge coffee guy but the espresso flavor was great and the soft cookie was a perfect accompaniment.
I only picked up one cupcake from Vivi Cupcakes and Treats and ended up regretting the fact I didn’t get more.
They specialize in caramels, but I picked up the salted caramel sauce.  Looking forward to trying it with a scoop of vanilla.
Yuzu biscuits.  Subtle in citrus flavor yet no less tasty.
A foursome from Geek Sweets.  Clockwise from upper left: the Hello Kitty, the Easter Cream Egg, PB&J, and Red Velvet.  The owner strongly recommends I check out Battlestar Galactica.
And Akemi’s favorite – the red velvet cheesecake.  She prefers the corner piece.  I’m more of a middle kind of guy.

We returned home, dropped off Bubba, took Jelly for a walk, then headed downtown for a walk with Lulu.  Akemi was eager to check out the cherry blossoms.

1Lulu too, but for completely different reasons.

I never realized the number of cherry blossom trees in Vancouver. They line almost every suburban street.

IMG_4152Akemi – along with most of the city’s Japanese population – are anxiously looking forward to Vancouver’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival that kicks off next week and runs through most of April. Highlights will include umbrella dances, haiku, and blossom viewing. My buddy Carl has, I’m sure, already made plans to attend.  No one appreciates a good haiku like Carl.

24 thoughts on “March 30, 2013: Support your local bakers! And umbrella dancers!

  1. Ooh, a baker’s market! I wish we had that. There are a couple of bakers who show up at our farmers markets but we don’t have all the variety you have. Color me jealous!

    Thought you might like these posters. Some of them sound like the notes I imagine that you get on scripts. On the other hand, maybe they would be bad reminders and you don’t want to look at all. Oh, take a chance and try them, I bet there’s a chuckle for you in them somewhere. (My favorite is the one with the elephant.)


  2. Thanks for the delicious pictures, will be able to have sweet dreams tonight without gaining an ounce, yummy. Looking forward to seeing umbrella dancing,, heck I love any kind of dancing. again thank you for sharing the good stuff. Have a pleasant night.

  3. Your haul looks simply heavenly! Okay, you knew someone would say it…get Akemi a booth (or whatever) there next time. She is so good at baking beautiful cookies, etc. She could put her name out there for when she has her own bakery or restaurant.

    Wishing everyone a blessed Easter Sunday! Enjoy this special day.

  4. Dude. Have some mercy on those of us who are gluten-free!! 😛

    Will try to make this quick because I’m POOPED!!! (NOT to be confused with pooping… 😛 )

    Tomorrow is our 23rd anniversary, so hubby and I spent today with his folks. First stop was to catch the tail-end of a rugby match – Jersey Shore v North Jersey. I try to catch at least one match a year, but it’s been a couple since I’ve been able to get there. Got chatting with one of the guys who founded the team back in ’86. He was saying that it’s a fairly young team this year and they’ve only had 4 practices, but even though they lost today it was only by a few points, and they did score two tries in the short time I was there. Since it’s mostly just family and friends that show up for matches, they were quite impressed that I came to watch.


    After that, we went to a remote beach north of Atlantic City. We were fortunate because the road and bridges had not been washed away during superstorm Sandy. The first time I went to this beach a few years back I found a piece of agatized (fossilized) rugosa coral that reminded me of a stargate:


    This time, I found the largest piece of agatized coral ever in all my years of searching (and I’ve found hundreds of pieces of the stuff but most range from the size of a quarter, to itsy-bitsy). The pictures do not do this favosites (or honeycomb) coral justice – when the light shines on it the entire thing sparkles like it’s encrusted with thousands of tiny diamonds. It’s a nice, thick piece, and hubby and I both agree that it looks like a miniature pueblo cliff dwelling. (Forgive my ugly dishpan hands. It’s been a rough winter. 😛 )




    Afterwards we made a few other stops, had dinner, and chilled at the in-laws. It was a good day, but also a very looooong one. And here I am at 1:00 am, typing away and watching rugby (I’m obsessed!) and enjoying a bit of wine and chocolate, when I really should be in bed because tomorrow is an even bigger day. 😛


  5. Wow wonderful support of the bakers and yummy. It is Passover so not only is my mouth watering but I’m mad. You could have waited to show those til NEXT WEEK when I could have gotten some stuff here, but nooooo, Mr Gloating On Bakery Haul has to post them now. Hrumpfth.

    Hope everyone who celebrates Easter has a peaceful good day..

  6. Yum! I’d be scared to go to a baker’s market . . . I’d have to buy one of everything!

    Off to the in-law’s for lunch today. I’ve made a chocolate bread pudding using pain au chocolat and home made chocolate custard. The pain au chocolat is currently soaking in the custard and will be baked in the oven while we’re eating lunch.

    Happy Easter everyone!

  7. One of the first things I noticed on arrival in Vancouver back in 2011 for the SG convention was how many cherry blossoms were out. One of the many beautiful aspects of the city. I love it there.

    Those treats all look so good. I do hope you’ve scheduled a three hour workout for sometime this weekend to burn off all that sugar!

    He’s a great writer
    AND loves umbrella dancing
    Carl Binder does rock!

    Happy Easter (or whatever Spring time festival you celebrate) everyone!

  8. I’m jealous! It all looks so good. Did you have a favorite goodie?

    Those cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing all these pictures.

    @Das: So cool. Happy Anniversary!

    Have a great Easter Sunday all!

  9. I wished Phoenix had local markets like that, but there are too many regulations that deter public markets. 🙁

    I agree with Akemi on the Red Velvet Cheesecake. 🙂

  10. I wrote a letter to my local town council suggesting they plant ornamental cherry blossom trees in Langford. I assume they didn’t care for the idea. I never heard back.

    I have a cherry tree in my back yard. I love the smell of the cherry blossoms, and I look forward to it every year. I stopped getting cherries about ten years ago, I can’t get to the ones up high and there are hardly ever any on the bottom.

  11. Happy anniversary to Deirdre / Das and Mr. Das! Love the specimen that looks like a stargate! Am thinking about how you could wire-wrap it and wear as a pendant in a necklace.

    That was a serious pastry haul, Joe. Has your mom taught you any pastry confections? I second Ponytail’s suggestion that Akemi try a pastry/artisan confection booth. You could be her sous-chef. If I were there, I would buy your macarons for sure!

    Saw the sweetest gif clip of puppy love. Had to share.


    Happy, joyful Easter everyone!

  12. Oh, geez…I totally missed this. Thanks, everyone, for the anniversary wishes! Had dinner at the folks with two other couples – good times!

    Unfortunately, I pretty much lost Mr. Das to the television this week – free HBO preview with a Game of Thrones marathon…now he’s ready to buy the boxsets! Woo! No-brainer (belated) anniversary gift! 😀


  13. The cheesecake would have been my favorite. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. It is great you have these markets to go…and a wonderful walk. 😊

  14. Love that yellow check apron. That chocolate dipped orange shortbread looks delicious. I came back from Easter in D.C. with Wild Cherry Blossom taffy (pink clouds of deliciousness). My poor coworkers have no idea how many delicious souvenirs I purchased for them have ended up in my tummy, and I think the taffy will end up there as well.

  15. Well that`s it…! Spring is trying to come around making it good walking around weather here in the east. You`ve inspired me to try some of the farmers` markets in the area. I`ll have to keep my eyes open to find out where exactly they are and I`ll have to get back to you with what they have here. We had a great Easter, the menu being, herb-roasted turkey, parsley beans, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet and sour carrots with onions and freshly baked bapka, which is a Polish egg bread. The dough-in-a-pan was given to me by a friend on Friday, kept it in the fridge a couple of days and baked on Sunday morning. My kitchen smelled like a bakery and again, I am inspired to make a bapka myself, it smelled that good.

    I hope everyone had a great Easter, no matter what your beliefs may be. The wishes come from the heart and mean only the best. 🙂 We need all the good vibes we can get these days…

  16. The end part of cheesecake? Do they make square cheesecakes in Canada? I use a springform pan and every piece is a middle piece. All the treats look yummy. The blossoms are breathtaking.

    @das. very cool pictures and although you posted this before your anniversary, I’m reading it after so belated happy anniversary.

  17. Wow, so different here in the Maritimes, it still snowing and we’re in the maple season… mmm, maple syrup… so good on a piece of salmon…

  18. Yay for Markets! See you at Nat Bailey this saturday? (I’ll have more red velvet cream cheese brownies of course!)

    -Jenny (Geek Sweets)

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