1Akemi is still at it, expanding her doggy wardrobe.


Continuing our stroll down SGA memory lane with one of my favorites…



This one was a personal favorite for several reasons.  It offered action, humor, surprises and, best of all, genuinely heart-felt character moments brilliantly conveyed by our amazing cast and guest stars.  It was also a bit of a bitch to write and, as such, incredibly satisfying to finish, a fairly complex script that required a proper balancing act of three seemingly separate storylines – and their ultimate convergence at episode’s end.  My fellow Exec Producer, Carl Binder, considered it my best script of the show’s fifth season.  My other fellow Exec Producers, however, weren’t quite as enamored.  Rob Cooper felt it was “too literary” (which I thought was a nice compliment until I realized it was actually a criticism).  He, and Exec Producer Martin Gero, also felt I was way too rough on our hero, Sheppard.  My writing partner, Paul, meanwhile, had only one real objection – and that was the chopping off of Sheppard’s hand, for both creative and production reasons.  Yes, I agree that Sheppard does suffer greatly but I argue it’s fine because, at the end of the day, it’s all in his head. Also, the Shep-whumpers reaaaallly needed this one!

Just so much to say about this episode – and I already have.  Some Remnants-related past blog entries you might want to check out:

November 15, 2008: The Remnants Write-up – In which I offer some insight into my inspiration for this script (Harvey and a desire to complete Richard Woolsey’s rehabilitation from pencil-pushing suit to lovable Commander) as well as behind the scene photos and a breakdown of some of the scenes, beats, and dialogues that didn’t make the final cut.

July 22, 2008: Remnants Day #1 Behind the scene pics in Woolsey’s quarters.

July 23, 2008: Burgers then Back on the Program then Remnants Day #2 Behind the scene pics of the McKay/Zelenka scenes.

25 thoughts on “February 9, 2013: More from the Akemi Fall 2013 Collection! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Remnants!

  1. Lulu is stunningly beautiful in her new outfit. 🙂 .I could just squish her!

    Remnants was fantastic, loved it. That’s all I’ve got, have to unload groceries! . xoxo

  2. Joe, I watched this one this morning and I remembered loving it every time I’ve seen it. That, sir, is some mighty fine writing! A great, complicated story with all the elements introduced just at the right times. And like you say, the acting from everyone was top notch. As I’ve mentioned before watching these last season episodes is particularly bittersweet, since they’re so good and yet this show is off the air yet some of the other crap that’s on still gets good ratings. Ugh.

    Did Lulu mind the hoodie outfit? She looks a little out-of-sorts in one of those pictures.

    I’m STILL feeling the effects of this flu after 6 days. I can’t wait until it’s over – I’m sick of feeling sick!

  3. “Akemi is still at it, expanding her doggy wardrobe.”

    The outfits are very cute. Just one thing missing: Where are your outfits Joe, that Akemi is making for you?

  4. In those first two pictures of Lulu, she seems to be crying out for help as in get me out of these outfits. :p

  5. Remnants is an episode that grows on me every time I watch it. As you said, complex, an intense psychological drama, and anything with Kolya in it is worth watching Truly lovely episode. As for the dogs, well, I am happy Akemi is happy, but I don’t think the doggies feel the same way she does. Anyways, thanks for sharing.

  6. G’day

    Akemi is a marvel. In more ways than one. Cute outfits.

    Remnants is one of my favourite all time Stargate episodes from the whole franchise. I am not even a Shep whumper. Saying that, it was a brilliant to chop his hand off. Very well written episode. Just love it.
    My only gripe is, you finally introduce an Aussie and she was just a figment of Woolsey’s imagination. Grrrrrrrrr…

  7. Of course when it’s all in a character’s head, you have to do something extreme. When else can you do that? But now that I recognize that, something that extreme might have tipped me off that all would be reset and have been too much of a clue. Or does the fact that it’s a TV series main character tip off that all will be reset?

    I really was melting over poor Sheppard suffering, though.

    This story had that thing where you suddenly realize something else has been going on in the story than it appears. It’s like a whole ‘nother story I get to experience in one second if the reveal begs me to retread the whole thing over again in the new context, but without all the work of actually watching another story. It’s the heroin rush of story consumption. Anything that might spoil that moment is risky, but I think it paid off here.

    I took the kids to see puppies today. I’m really too sick for that, but I wanted them to see newborn ones.

  8. Yup, whumpers need love too, so thanks for this episode! It was good to get a little bit into John’s psyche. I always wanted to see more backstory and find out what demons haunted him that would cause such a dark hallucination. Also, I didn’t suspect Radek until the reveal, very well done. 🙂

  9. ROFLMAO, omg. that accusatory face on LuLu. That’s just sad. CUTE outfit, sad pup. LOL, I have seen that look here but not over clothes. Just tell Akemi keep at it, they’ll get used to it. 🙂

  10. Love it, Akemi! Now make a hoodie with ears for Joey! 😀

    @ Tim G – Thanks for the heads up about Chris Heyerdahl on CSI the other day. I finally got to watch the episode, and he was just as sexy as ever with that smokey French accent he did! Woo!! Sweet dreams tonight!

    @ cherluvya – Awwww! What a sweet picture (yesterday)!! Thanks for sharing!

    @ shinyhula – I’m jealous. I am in serious need of an Inspector Lewis fix…well, actually, a Sergeant Hathaway fix. 😉 I have been watching the last batch of episodes (for, like, the bazillionth time), but I really, REALLY want to see the new ones! I think these are the last, and the actors are moving onto other things now. I will so miss my lovely Hathaway. *sniffle*

    @ Joey – Remnants was a good episode, but as you were talking about the Shep-whumpers, I came to the sudden realization that I’m a Joey-whumper. I mean, stub your toe, and I point and laugh like Nelson on the Simpsons. I giggle at your every mishap, and wish butt-cthulhus on you. I even have a Joey voodoo dolly I stick with sharp, pointy pins…in a virtual, alternate reality called your blog, of course. I mean, if I had a real voodoo doll and stuff then I’d have to seriously question my sanity…which maybe I should do anyway, considering. But anyways, sane or no, it seems I am a Joey whumper. I kinda think Deni is, too…and maybe Sparrow and Tam…but definitely Deni.

    So, a question…

    How does it feel to have your very own whumpers?



  11. Remnants was good! Loved your humor:
    “Actually, you can call me…. Dick.”
    “You poached my private spot.” had me giggling like a 5th grader. And Woolsey calling Chuck – “Chet”, then just “you”. I love Woolsey!
    I was shocked by the hand cutting off. Pretty violent. It looked so real too. But then it didn’t bleed, so I knew something was going on. Didn’t catch on to Woolsey’s girlfriend until later and never realized the Zelenka one. Had we gotten a season 6, what were your plans for Emelia? And what was Ronon eating in the end? A plate of chicken meat or something?

  12. @Das, I’m really hoping this isn’t the end of Lewis, despite what ITV has said. I liked the Morse prequel “Endevour”, but I’d really miss those Oxford detectives.

    Lulu looks so pleased with her new ensemble that she’s accesorized her outfit with chew toys! Lulu’s expression are priceless: “Play? Play now? Let’s play!”

    All this Michael talk sent me back to youtube for Meyla vids, Sheyla vids and fun SGA clips. I miss the Stargateverse, I’m making do with action fare like Killer Elite and Kurt Russell’s Soldier but I miss that shiny blue gate.

  13. I loved this episode…right up until the hand came off! Don’t get me wrong, that was a touch of genius Joe, but I just don’t do that kind of whump…The rest however was brilliant. And you were so right about Sheppard. He was a tortured soul, which is why I enjoyed his character so much. My only regret was we didn’t see that explored more in the series.

    BTW…I feel for your dogs. I know Akemi means well, but she needs to give the little guys a break! I mean…a dog has his/her dignity!

  14. Remnants was good. I feel sorry for Sheppard, though, because even though the torture was all in his head that doesn’t make it any less real. Sure, he gets to have his hand back in the end but the pain he felt before then was real.

    The story had me guessing right up until the hand chopping scene. Then I realised it was all either imaginary or an alternate reality.

    Really nice to hear an Aussie accent and see the Aussie flag on a crew member’s uniform. As Janet says, pity she was imaginary. Although I like to think that somewhere in the Pegasus galaxy there’s a race of silicon based lifeforms talking in an Australian accent.

  15. Oh, I forgot to mention my appreciation of the movie joke from Dr. Conrad. As soon as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Planes, Trains and Automobiles were mentioned I knew who had written this episode. 🙂

    And thanks for the link to the extensive writeup. I missed it first time round and it was really interesting.

    I have a question (or three): When it comes to editing an episode and cutting stuff out for time how much say does the writer have in what gets cut? Are you wearing your Producer’s or Writer’s hat in the editing suite? And do you have the luxury of pickups in the TV world if the edit isn’t quite working?

  16. @ Das – What are ” butt-cthulhus”?

    I loved Remnants. I think that, even if writing partners were critical, it’s how the viewers react to the show that is important. So, well done. I really liked it.

  17. Das: I’m not a Joey whumper but thanks for the thought 😉 . Life is too short for controversy. They are ending Inspector Lewis? Nooooooooo!

    Remnants: One of my favorite episodes! This one really kept me on my toes. I’m going to rewatch it today.

    It seems Lulu enjoys being a dress up doll. Which outfit will she wear for Ivon?

  18. Crap. I left a long message and something happened to it. Heavy sigh. Let me see if I can write it again.

    @GForce Feel better soon. Those things are hard to ride out and then there is the period where you have to get out of that weakness to get back to your normal self. Listen to your body and don’t push.

    @Das. Joey whumpers? Hm… I laugh at the mishaps but when I think of whumping, it is more for me liking to see an actor’s character in that position because I know it isn’t real. That’s just me.

    I am, however, a big Sheppard whumper and loved this episode, especially the arm being cut off because, and this is important, I was not expecting you to really do it. I figured his hand would get pulled back at the last moment, etc. But it “hooked” me. I love being surprised and not being able to predict what comes next. Probably why I like The Following more than I like the violence part of it. Some of that I have to close my eyes and plug my ears. I got to see the preview for episode 4, and not so many moments were I was screaming or jumping or saying, “They did NOT just do that!”

    Did anyone catch Arrow this past week? It’s like a yearbook for Stargate alumni. David Anders from SG-1 (also of Alias and Once Upon a Time), Agam Darshi from SGU and SGA and Sanctuary, Roger Cross (a semi-regular, also from two episodes of SG-1), Ona Grauer from SG-1, SGA and SGU (same character in SG-1 and SGA but someone else in SGU, so I think Mike Dopud still holds the title of being 3 different characters in three different shows, Bill Croft (who was Sindar in SG-1), Adrian Holmes (SG-1 in Memento Mori and a different character in Nightwalkers). And of course BamBam does the fight sequences. This one included some sword fighting. It’s an excellent show. I’m not big into superhero shows/movies, but this, I like.

  19. @ shinyhula & Tam – I’ve heard the actors want to move on, and that – supposedly – they don’t want to top the number of episodes Inspector Morse put out. Also heard that, maybe. they’ll make the occasional movie here and there, but not a four-episode run like in the past. I certainly can understand, especially on Fox’s (Hathaway) part since he’s young yet and probably wants to pursue other opportunities, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. For the past few years Lewis has been the absolute highlight for me, and I seriously doubt anything will take it’s place. I’ve been watching Ripper Street, and that’s growing on me (I love Matthew MacFadyen of Spooks fame), but it’s dark, just like every single thing being produced these days. And I did really enjoy Endeavour, but – again – there’s a bit of gloom to it. Somehow Lewis managed to be serious without being dark, and humourous without being too light. It hit the right balance for me.

    @ PBMom – And butt-cthulhus are real? 😉

    @ Patricia Stewart-Bertrand – Speaking of which…remember those stories mom told you about not swallowing a seed because if you did, a tree would grow in your tummy or a vine would grow out of your butt? Well, it’s something like that, only with Cthulhu. 😮

    @ Deni – Adjust that halo a bit more to the right. 😉


  20. Thanks, PBMom – I did start feeling some better today, but then of course had to shovel tons of snow out of my driveway from the blizzard and tonight I feel a bit woozy again.

    I did get up to visit my stepmom this afternoon and actually had dinner with her. She is doing pretty well, so that’s a great relief.

    I keep meaning to catch “Arrow” but never seem to get around to it. Walking Dead starts up again tonight, so I’ll have to catch that, though!

  21. Looking at the McKay/Zalenka Pics reminds me how much I would absolutely love, love, love to have a naquadah generator!!! lol Prop or the real thing. I guess you probably don’t have the tech blueprints etc, for it do you? lol I have to say that is one of my favorites of all time of both SG-1 and Atlantis. Also I love the new line of Akemis’ Clothes! lol I’m a guy and they made my heart melt! lol I’m a pit-bull lover “whats left of us” and your starting to really make me want one or two or five of your breed as well. I see that you treat yours as family members instead of calling them just pets. I am the same way. They should be treated as such. They are more loyal than friends anyday. lol No offense friends. Akemi has a real nack for designing and making those. WIth a name as awesome as hers, I can see a new Doggie Clothing Line hiting the market! Akemi Wear or something. Maybe AWW as in Akemis’ Wonderful Works. Nah that too cheesy but hey Cheesy seems to be a in thing with product names these days.

  22. @ gforce- I must say my opinion of Arrow isn’t a good one. But hey, I’m a huge Smallville fan. I guess i just got too cozy with how the feel of it was and with the characters. Since they used a different actor to play Oliver Queen “The Green Arrow” it’s just not as good, for me anyways. But like i said thats just my opinion. It is a great show it just doesn’t have the “warmness” as Smallville did. I feel the same about the new Superman movie as well. Without Tom Welling playing Clark Kent and others revising their roles ‘wasn’t offered” it’s got a disconnect feel to it. To me their just “cold” and have no heart in them, just made for ratings and money. I appoligize to anyone involved in the making of them. It’s the creators who wanted them that way i guess not the hardworking staff. The Walking Dead on the other hand, is wonderful! lol I’m quite sick of the prison though, It’s just not enough action and dialogue to go with siting around a prison. lol The game they made really disapointed me as well. I don’t like when they make one without the characters in the shows! Thats what gets them made in the first place. They can always do a what if scenario or something so they don’t give anything away with the show. I wanna play as the characters i’ve grown to love, not some guy named bob who has nothing to do with the show characters. If i wanted that i’d just play any other zombie game. Sorry, I’m rambling again.

  23. Oh sorry, I meant to add that Remnants was one of my Favorites! Most of them are but Remnants really did a number on me. I’ve watched sooo many movies and shows etc that i just about know whats going to happen. “I love my Shows and plots”. When one comes along and throws me for a loop,…I frakin love it! lol It had amazing depth. It showed why Robert Picardo is still an amazing actor and gave a side of Sheppard that was good to see. It showed that regardless of anything, even people like him can be haunted by their past and the decision they make.It really Humanized all of them. I loved the fact that McKay got schooled “in a sense”, and he was humbled by it. Thats what i got from it anyways. Bravo to the Special Forces Writing Team for such an awesome raid on my emotions. lol

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