Well, they would be – IF there was snow on the ground.  And IF they were outside braving the elements like those courageous pooches in that Cuba Gooding Jr. movie instead of just parking themselves under the Christmas tree in expectation of a treat.  All the same, they’re clearly in the holiday spirit – Jelly, lounging amid the tinsel, Bubba suspiciously sniffing presents, Lulu furtively snacking on low-hanging ornaments.

1No football for me today.  And I didn’t really miss it.  Akemi had a hankering for pancakes, so we headed over to De Dutch where she got her fix –

Banana Maple Nut style!
Banana Maple Nut style!

Then it was over to Home Depot where I was disappointed to learn they’d sold out of indoor Christmas lights.  As a result, this was the best we Akemi could do:

1She did a great job, decorating the tree with an even mix of the tasteful and tasteless.

1While Akemi wrapped gifts, I did a little work, finishing up the series bible and script outline for that SF series we hope will get the oh-so-elusive green light.  If not, then l may consider an alternate career path that will allow me to maximize my skills set (which includes speed reading, watching t.v. on DVD, and, as of today, making a mean chicken, eggplant and sweet potato yellow curry).

Well, because my bitterness knows no bounds, I’m no longer paying attention to the NFL.  But I did check in with our fantasy football league playoffs so that I could congratulate the following first-round winners: The Landsharks, Tebow Sucks, The Mighty Molsons and, in all probability, The Vinegar Strokes.  My, aren’t we successful?

These closing doggy photos compliments of Akemi (http://peasnatch.wordpress.com/):




28 thoughts on “December 9, 2012: Snow Dogs!

  1. I love that last picture of Lulu, she’s absolutely gorgeous! Chicken, eggplant, sweet potato curry? Howzabout sharing the recipe? It sounds delicious!

  2. Heya, you probably can find indoor lights at other stores. There are a number of “drug stores” – don’t know if these are in Canada – like Walgreens and CVS.
    There has to be an “equivalent.”

    More importantly….LOVE the puppie snaps that you and Akemi have shared.

  3. I am with Deni. Would love to have the recipe. It sounds great. Also wanted to say how festive the dogs look. My husband is a killjoy and won’t let me even put a red bow in our dog’s hair for the holidays. Will have to live vicariously through Lulu, Jelly and Bubba.

  4. The dogs are absolutely adorable, the tree is too thin, that “peasnatch” link doesn’t work, and now I’m hungry for pancakes!

  5. Do you not have a Canadian Tire there?? Yes, I know. I hate going there, but sometimes you just have to.

    The dog pics are, of course, terribly cute and Christmas-ey. Although, Jelly does look a little Grinchy.

    Surely there’s some kind of job where dedicated grudge-holding is also part of the skill set! I suppose that could be combined with watching old football games on DVD and maybe doing scathing voice-over commentary. 😉

    In other news, I found the ending of The Amazing Race terribly disappointing. I’m not usually into the whole “they did (or didn’t) deserve to win” mindset. I figure whoever wins by default deserves it. But, in this case? Hmmm.

  6. Dogs look great in red. I really hope the sci-fi series does get the go ahead, as well as your other projects. 🙂

  7. The dogs don’t look very happy to be wearing the Christmas additions. Maybe they were hoping you lost them this year? :p

  8. Gad, I’ve been too busy to keep up.

    Congratulations to Akemi and you!! The puppies look so adorable, and huggable. And congrats on 9 million!

    Hmmm…I distinctly remember you mentioning working on a comedy. Is that on your list?

    And very glad to read that Brad Wright has a couple of projects he’s working on. I so hope that all of you will have your hard work start paying off in 2013.

    Day and night jobs are crazy busy. I’m picking up an extra night to work, which really helps. I had an MRI on Thursday to see if my meningioma (aka; small brain tumor, aka; “Norman” – yes I named it. It’s driving me insane just knowing I have it) is growing, or not, and if so, how fast. These things usually grow slowly, so I figure I’ll be ok. It’s just nail biting having to wait.

    Again, I’m so happy for you and Akemi! I can’t image you two ever being apart.

  9. The dogs look so very 🎅FESTIVE🎄

    Our dog Toby would sniff all the presents and could tell which were his…and would quickly open any package with a dog toy in it. I wonder if they smell different…I guess he just figured out the present thing.

  10. Playing catch up again. For someone who is unemployed, I’m busier now than when I worked full time. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Congrats Akemi! That must be a great feeling after all the paperwork and waiting. You will make a fine Canadian citizen.

    The dawgs are too cute. They would look cute on a Christmas card. May I?

  11. Congratulations Akemi! (And Joe.)

    Wow, 9 million eh? Yep, you should have charged admission.

    Currey recipe? Yep, you need to post that.

  12. You have to share your method of getting the pups to pose for photos in their festive attire. I have some items for my two cats and they will not keep any on long enough to point the camera and click. Anyone?

    Love the photos and the tree is precious too!


  13. The Peasnatch link is working now. Hi Akemi!

    The dog pictures are adorable. My lab has no patience for getting dressed up.

    I think a lot of those reality shows are like professional wrestling. As the producers figure out who the favorites are, they bend the competition as it goes to add tension and keep the viewers but the outcome is a done deal waaaay before the show ends.

    I don’t usually watch reality shows (see above), but I do watch Food Network a lot. I watched the first episode of The Amazing Food Truck Race, which was sort of entertaining. But instead of determining the winner based on the food or the service or anything that made sense, they made the two final teams drive into downtown New York City and the winner was the team who got to the roof of a certain building first. How does that make any sense at all???!!! And, of course, the Vietnamese sandwich team that had won almost every challenge based on their talent lost to the hamburger guys. Seriously. Anyway, I gave up watching any of their reality shows after that.

    @paloosa: Hope the news is good!

    @Shiningwit: Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

  14. I love the look of that pancake! Wish you had smelly vision with the photo…then again, maybe not!

    But…and sorry to mention it, but isn’t your tree a teensy weenie bit on the short side for you house? Just saying…

  15. @ I did a little work, finishing up the series bible and script outline for that SF series we hope will get the oh-so-elusive green light.

    I bet that would be a huge weight of your shoulders, to be able to get something you know will last for a while on TV off the ground, and to get yourself busy again.

    Hope things work out for you regardless Joe!

  16. Thats not the same tree that was living behind your couch for a while?
    The pups look adorable, and I bet they were thinking that also.hmm.


    Also, I’m a tad snookered. 😛

    See, hubby and I worked all day in mom’s yard – until after dark – and I skipped lunch. We only got about 1/10th of the yard done (mom and dad have a BIG yard!). Today we tidied up the bit between the fence and the street (about 150 ft frontage), and one of the front flowerbeds. We got a late start because it poured rain in the morning, and then after we did get started I had to stop several times to do office stuff. Anyways, as soon as we were done we hit the local watering hole for dinner, and I drank half a glass of wine on a very empty stomach. WEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I haven’t felt this stupid in a long time! Now that I’m home I feel obligated to sample a bit of every type of chocolate I have in the house (Hachez cocoa d’arriba classic, and with mango & chili, Vosges Oaxaca bar, dark chocolate Raisinets, and a bunch of other stuff. I think I’ll take a nap now. 🙂


  18. They are adorable! Home Depot is the only place in Vancouver that sells Christmas lights? Seriously? And hey, it snowed in Dallas! Perhaps you are in the wrong place for Christmas. Many Texans await your arrival and welcome you in complete Texan fashion–BIG. Although I still consider myself a New Yorker, a Brooklynite.

  19. Christmas puppieeeeees!! 😀 Sooooooo…..sweet!! 😀 Love the tree! Very cute! You should see my tree. I got fed up with the lights the tree we had. It was a pre-lit tree that came in 2 pieces that you put together. It was like 4.5 ft. Well…the stupid thing wouldn’t light right. No matter which way I plugged it…there was alway one section that wouldn’t light up. I just fed-up with thing. Put the tree back in the box, and went out and bought a 3 ft pre-lit that comes in one piece out of the box. I just can’t deal with such agony. 😉

    Mmmmmm…that pancake looks scrumptious! 🙂

  20. Joe, for shame…. you make people (those other than Canadians) think that you’re somewhere on the tundra in the middle of nowhere north where there is only one store that sells Christmas lights…. On the other hand, many years ago when living in Vancouver I took a drive to Seattle (not too far south) and while stopped for a fill-up, someone in another car with skis on the rack asked us how bad the snow was.. to which we replied, “very”. Skiing’s good though… and off he went for a ski weekend…. in July. Ya – the devil made me do that..:D

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