Well, whaddya know.  At some point over the last couple of days, sometime when my back was turned, this blog welcomed its 9 millionth view.  Thanks for coming!  9 million is actually quite conservative since it doesn’t count the first year (or so) of this blog which started on blogger – until their spambots erroneously shut me down (December 11, 2007) – and then kept me hanging on for days until I finally got fed up and made the move here, to wordpress.com, on December 15, 2007.  Just prior to my departure, this blog celebrated its 750 000th visit (December 4, 2007) so, really, we’re closer to 10 million.

10 million!  I can’t help but think that if I had the foresight to charge $100 admission at the time, today I would have been able to personally bankroll SG-1’s 11th season, Atlantis’s 6th, and Universe’s 3rd – AND have enough money left over for pie and ice cream.

Anyway, it’s been a great ride.  Thanks to everyone who has joined along the way, but an especially big thank you to those who have been with this blog from the very beginning  Michelle, you hold the distinction of being the oldest poster still commenting today.  And, by “old”, I only refer to blog age.

AND an especially big thanks to the folks at WordPress who made the move here quite easy and continue to provide us with a terrific home and support system for this blog.

To celebrate, I’ve grabbed some totally random pics from my 6+ years of blogging and repost them here for your enjoyment/bewilderment:

Few realize I got my start on the original Star Trek series.
Few realize I got my start on the original Star Trek series.

Read about my big break here: April 27, 2007

Comic Con - it aint all fun and games.
Comic Con – it aint all fun and games.

My very first Comic Con: July 28, 2007


On the set of Stargate: Continuum: June 13, 2007

Carl having the time of his life.
Carl having the time of his life.

One of my infamous chocolate parties: April 26, 2009: The Best Chocolate Party Ever! and  April 27, 2009: Still Recovering, More Party Pics, and Marty G. Checks In

Louis braves the night shoot.
Louis braves the night shoot.

On location shooting SGU’s “The Hunt”: September 24, 2010: The Hunt – Day #4 (Location, Day #3)

Our former EP assistant, Trevor Finn, is thrilled as  this blog kick off the Name Trevor's Baby Contest!
Our former EP assistant, Trevor Finn, is thrilled as this blog kick off the Name Trevor’s Baby Contest!

June 24, 2011: Ensure your legacy in the Name My Co-Worker’s Baby Contest!  Sadly, neither of my choices – Rubella nor Spearmint – won out.


Dark Matter hits the shelves, our “lesson of the day”, and my handsome boy, Max.  January 11, 2012: Dark Matter #1 hits the shelves!

Now, how to commemorate 10 000 000?

32 thoughts on “December 8, 2012: Happy 9000000!

  1. A blog dessert (photo) party? I’ll order & photograph a pavlova (Google it, please) from the only place in San Antonio that makes them.

  2. Nice achievement, Joe! I was just thinking the other day of all the changes that have happened to us since I first started commenting on the blog in 2010. There’s been quite a lot. Here’s to the next celebration!!

    Have a great night!!!!!

  3. In that picture up there, Carl looks like a hitman who’s spotted his prey. And why are you looking in a different direction in your Star Trek picture? Were you mad about something or just being over dramatic again? 😉

  4. Aw, Max.

    I love that the picture of Carl has the gentle WordPress snowflakes falling past it.

    Wasn’t one of the choices for the baby names Euphemia or Euphonia or something? Maybe if you had gone with that, they would have used it! My personal picks of Smedley for a boy and Gert for a girl didn’t seem to get any traction at all, but there’s no accounting for taste I suppose.

    Congrats on the 9 (plus) megavisits! I wonder how many of those are the same people reloading to find out if there’s new comments.


  5. Joe, I didn’t see you on the set of Star Trek, I have that same photo, only I am in it and not you, hmmm, curious. We might have passed in the hall and not known it. I have had an enjoyable time blogging along with you. You keep us up on the latest topics and tidbits, so thanks.

  6. Oh, phooey, I tried to add something to a post and it disappeared. Anyway, to celebrate, I say dinner at your house. The menu should include (but not be limited to) the port-braised ribs and sweet potato mash you’re always talking about and making us drool, Akemi’s okonomiyaki and lotsa chocolate. Let us know when, k?

    Everything here is nuts. Baby’s due in 11 days, rushing to finish everything up in the nursery (and guys, it’s turning out so good!), washing mountains of baby clothes (that Anakin’s going to outgrow in a matter of weeks), arguing about all kinds of crap, and dealing with a very big-bellied and fed up daughter. 🙂 My lovely Pottery Barn chair-and-a-half disappeared into the nursery…but hey, with a daughter like mine, how can I say no? Cody and Riley are very curious about the nursery and are inspecting it at least 3 times a day. Riley got into baby’s closet last night, found a gift bag that contained, amongst other things, a rubber duckie. She took it in the living room and chewed its head off. Should I be worried? 🙂

  7. the congratulations keep rolling in. Too early to worry about 10M; got a few months to figure it out. Though swag is always good. I hope the rest of the holidays continue to go well with you.

  8. Quite the auspicious start, Joe! Remind me, what episode of TOS were you in again? 😉

    Congrats on 9mil+ and yay for Akemi being able to stay, now! Very exciting news all around.

  9. How to celebrate your 10 mil? How’s about telling us super secrets about each of our favorite Stargate characters (and yes, that includes Todd)? 😉

    Very sleepy, so will try to say something more intelligent tomorrow. 😛


  10. Wow, wonderful milestone whether 9 million official or 10 million actual. 🙂

    You can celebrate by sending all the regulars a box of macarons, of course. 🙂

  11. @Now, how to commemorate 10 000 000?

    That’s an easy one, how about a super special behind the scenes pic from your ‘newest’ show, let’s assume that by this point you either have one of your projects off the ground and in production/or you’re working on another show as a producer.

    Positivity 🙂

  12. Congratulations Joe! How about a combination 9 mil and Akemi can stay in Canada forever party? 😀

  13. **SEND MONEY**!!

    ..ah..wait..hang on… whatcha mean..? — *YOU*’re NOT the POWERBALL-GUY..??!! ..ffrraakkk!!!

    First those damn MATHie-Moronic-MAYAN-Calendar-Salesmen BAIL on me! Then, all the WHALES & DOLPHINS decided to stay… oh, and what’s latest on that “big” ALIEN INVASION..? hmm? – Don’t tell me! Let me guess… That MULDER Guy really is a FRUITCAKE, huh?

    *won-der-ful*…. JUST what I need!! NOW, I really DO have to **PAY** my AMEX BILL!! :-[

  14. Wow! You were on the original Star Trek? I knew that Joe Chekov fellow looked familiar.

    What do you mean you’d use that $100 charge on more Star Gate? I’d have expected you would have used it to fly us all in to Vancouver so we could stay with you for a month and all enjoy an up close and personal tour of the lower mainland. I, personally, would expect one of your awesome meals lovingly prepared by you.

    Do you guys read this: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/fe20121209rh.html


  15. WOW! 9,000,000! congrats as well to Akemi at being allowed to remain with you:) I just wanted to share that I have a Grandson, Ezekiel(zeke) Marshall born at 8.53this a.m weighing a hefty 9lb4oz. Bet he still looks like Winston Churchill tho!

  16. Woo-hoo! You have a lot to celebrate these days. I say a nice meal out would be just the ticket. Pictures would be nice 😉 .

    Deni: Thanks for the smile! I’m excited for you. Do you have pictures of the nursery? I can’t remember being cranky while I was pregnant. I’m sure my hubby remembers things differently though 😉 .

  17. @Shiningwit: Congratulations! Show us some pics! 🙂 Is this your first grandchild?

    @Tam Dixon: I’ll take some pictures today (although it still needs to be finished). I don’t remember being cranky either, but I think Lauren’s just had enough of being big and having to pee every 3 minutes. 🙂

  18. @Joe and the 9M+ visitor:

    Congratulations! With traffic like that, maybe you should put up some ads? Maybe the Vancouver Restaurant Association would be interested?

    As for celebrating, I’m with Deni…dinner at Joe’s house! I’ll bring the drinks 😉

    And congratulations to Shiningwit on the new grandson!

    Here we’re celebrating my wife Barb’s birthday; I’m making her pan-seared rib-eye, sauteed garlic spinach, and salt-crusted baked potatoes for dinner. Since we’re having our Christmas Open House next weekend, Barb decided to have a simple yellow cake for her birthday cake/dessert. Next weekend will be the big dessert weekend; right now it’s all steak and potatoes (I’m not complaining 😉 )

  19. Hey Joe

    How’s your Sunday coming along without football? Find something else to do?


  20. 10,000,000 views?? (I like your interpretation. ;)) Wow! 😀 You gotta throw us a party! Or…may be take us to one or your favorite eateries! 😀 I’ll help with the tip. 😉

  21. Reading your daily entry is as much a part of my routine as my morning cup of coffee. I love the stories you’ve shared over the years. My favourite is weird food purchase of the day. Speaking if that, with all your adventurous eating out, I seem to recall only one case of ( suspected) food poisoning. Lucky!

  22. G’day Joe

    WOW 9 000 000 visitors, that is awesome, congratulations.

    @ shiningwit – congratulations on the Grandson. Hope all is going well for Mum and bubby.

  23. My, my, I miss reading this blog for two days (shame on me) and look at all that’s happened!
    @ Akemi Congratulations on achieving your Canadian residency! Canada is enriched by your graciousness and beauty.
    @ Shiningwit Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful grandson — photos please!
    @ Joe Wow, 9,000,000 and counting! Just goes to prove there is something very special about this blog and it’s community of readers/posters. It all starts with a gifted writer and dear man who chooses to share his life full of ups and downs, injuries, tribulations and wondrous travels, professional successes and challenges, then in turn allows all of us to share ours.

    Yep, this is a nice place you have here Joe. Think I’ll pull up a comfy seat, laptop and stay awhile… onward to 10,000,000!!


    P.S. I agree with das “How’s about telling us super secrets about each of our favorite Stargate characters (and yes, that includes Todd)?”

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