Holy crap do I have a lot of crap!  I mean stuff.  Well, stuff and crap. It’s a fine line.  I spent much of today going through my office, throwing away paperwork I’ll never need again and filing away paperwork I may – just maybe – need some time in the distant future. While skyping with my buddy Alex the other day, he advised me to throw away anything I haven’t used in a year.  Hmmm.  On the surface, it seems like a good rule of thumb.  I mean, I’ve got boxes sitting in my crawlspace that I haven’t opened since I moved into this house – back in 2004!  Still, just because I haven’t needed it in eight years doesn’t necessarily mean I eventually won’t.  Alex was quick to concede the point, recalling a stack of script notes he discovered and subsequently threw out since it was from a project that had moved on without him a year earlier – only to be contacted days later and told they wanted him back and could he resume his work?

Anyway, a few of the things I came across during my late spring/midsummer cleaning:

Oh, I know.  The first thing that crosses your mind is “Stalker Alert!”, but I assure you these aren’t mine.  They were actually left behind by our former Stargate script coordinator (and, before that, former producer’s assistant) Lawren Bancroft-Wilson whose job it was to coordinate the signing of posters, team pics and, evidently, dreamy photos of a young RDA.  Either that or HE’S your stalker!

Now this is kind of interesting.  It’s a brand usage manual put out by the studio back in SG-1’s ninth or tenth season.

Check out all the SG-1 taglines.  How many do you remember?

A list of the aliens SG-1 has encountered over the course of their many off-world missions.  I’m sure there were more.

Vehicles and weapons.  Hey, where’s the pain stick?

Oh.  Here it is!

And the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi Show!

AAAAH!  It’s the bugs from The Scourge!

Hey hey!  Check it out.

I’m Danger Beckett!

Let’s go with Dr. Mallozzi.  Or MacMallozzi.

Heeey.  I remember this script.  I’ll share in more detail when our trip down Stargate: Atlantis memory line takes us to the end of season 5. Oooh, in fact lots of interesting tidbits to discuss around that time.

Sadly, that was more or less it.  No zat guns.  No kino.  No puddle jumper.  Though, in all fairness, I’ve yet to do a thorough search of that crawlspace.

Only hours left to cast your ballot for The Greatest Season-Ending Cliffhanger in Stargate History!

Vote now and leave a comment for a chance to win a signed script and official (looking) Stargate security badge.

Use this one to visit the ruins of the Icarus Base, or get into Homeworld Command where you can use the communication stones to check out Destiny and give Eli a break from figuring out how he can get one of the damaged stasis pods working again.

Or use this one to visit Stargate Command and see how the old gang is doing.  Maybe join Sam, Cam, Daniel, Teal’c, and Vala on an off-world adventure.  Say hello to General Landry.  Steal Walter Harriman’s lunch.

Or use this one to gain entrance to Atlantis where you can pitch in with the science team and help get the city back to the Pegasus Galaxy!

36 thoughts on “July 28, 2012: Hoarders Vancouver: Season 1!

  1. 1. you need to have a yard sale or some kind of internet sale & have the money go to your favorite charity.

    2. i noticed that the birth year on all of those are the same (1968) apparently that was a good year for space explorer types.

    3. anyone know if those are “official” birth dates, or just something the maker of those put on?

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! If I am one of the winners of the poll, can I have one of those pictures of Richard Dean Anderson? I watched Macgyver all the time. I was in love with him. Can I have one? And one of those bugs too?

    Hey is that Marty G’s suit from Road to a Dream? He is Danger Beckett. You would have to be Danger’s unidentical twin brother Dagger Beckett.

    Joe may I suggest e-bay. You could make some money . . .

  3. Joey, why couldn’t you have saved something Wraithy? I would have gladly taken it off your hands. Honestly, the sheer lack of anything representing my favorite pallid Pegasusians… Pegasusers… Pegosians… guys from the Pegasus galaxy… makes me think that you’re a Wraithist. 😉


  4. That giant stack of RDA photos are hilarious. You should have started giving them away at comiccon or some fan event, just to see the reactions.

  5. @Tam Dixon – Kitten (temporarily named ‘Boo Boo Kitty’…and ‘Black Fart’ ) is doing better. He’s starting to eat, and he’s playing. He’s also mewing and wants out of the cage. I have to keep him caged pretty much all the time until his meds are done – I don’t want him disappearing in the house somewhere and missing a dose. And it can happen. The other day (Friday, I think) he had a bit of a scare (not sure if I told this story, or not). Mr. Das had to scoop him out of his hidey hole under a cabinet, and the little guy squirmed and fell and when I went to pick him up he bite me and fled the scene. We tore the entire house apart looking for him (I am ashamed at how many dust Godzillas we found 😛 ). Finally Mr. Das had to go to work, so as soon as he left I sat on the sofa and went ‘mew’. Immediately I hear a ‘mew’ in reply. I kept mewing, he kept mewing, and I followed his mews until I found him on the boot/shoe rack on our (inside) porch. He was sitting on top of my fuzzy black winter boots, so I didn’t see him when I had checked the rack earlier. I reached in, picked him up, and at once he started purring.

    I’m finding that he’s getting much squirmier as he gets better. So he certainly has more energy than just a couple days ago. I don’t know, maybe I’ll end up naming this little fart Piss and Vinegar…or Pissegar, for short. I also considered naming him Batman because he’s got giant bat ears, but if I did I think it would call to mind the shooting in Colorado, so I decided against it. In the end my mom will probably take him and give him a name, if she’s up to taking care of a ‘baby’. She still hasn’t decided, so for now he’s with me. I can live with that. 😉


  6. What a great collection joe! Also, why is *everyone* born in 1968? Makes me sad to think I was born roughly 20 years too late to join SGC 🙁

  7. I have been remiss and missed 3 days of posts. so I missed the Akemi request. No one not in a relationship would post the panties of a girl. That should shut them up. 🙂

    It is funny about your blog, my to-do list today was to clean out my clothes closet of anything I hadn’t actually WORN in 2 yrs– not looked at, not considered, but actually worn. I didn’t do it, same reasons I missed your blogs for 3 days (other real life stuff)– but I am tomorrow. It really will remove half my clothes in there. Next onto my storage unit and office. I am divorced and have a freaking trunk of wedding related stuff. Really? I think except a few things for our daughter, the rest can go. 🙂 We won’t even have to think about the many candle molds when he went through a candle making thing. Yep, declutter it will set you free. (AND make moving easier for me next year.)

  8. Definitely going with Gauntlet. SGU Season 2 was in my opinion the finest season of Stargate ever produced. The unanswered questions is absolute torment, but it nonetheless was a beautiful finale.

  9. Oh, I love the Brand Usage Manual. Awesome quotes and pics. But how were you supposed to use it? To give to press or something?

    I vote for “Within the Serpent’s Grasp” even though it’s clearly going to lose. That was classic Stargate, when the System Lords still had the power to take out Earth! I guess I’m just feeling nostalgic. 🙂

  10. It’s hard to get rid of stuff, isn’t it? Especially stuff with a significant level of sentiment attached. As much as I hate to suggest such a thing to someone as, err, technically challenged as you, you could always scan in the documents and such you might need one day? Hard to scan in a SGA jacket, but maybe one day technology will give us that ability…

  11. All that gear makes me nostalgic… 😀

    Re Last entry. Congrats on you and Akemi. I was so confused in 2009 when at first I thought she was a visitor and then she kept popping up, it’s interesting how we finally have the timeline. It seems like you guys are really happy. I’m glad for you guys. 🙂

    Ran into Remi Aubuchon at Warner Brothers studios.. they go back to Vancouver to start shooting Falling Skies in August, so I’m guessing a couple weeks. I was scared to approach him (add it on to the fact that it’s unprofessional to approach people at the studio because of their “celeb” status), but I decided to take a chance. He’s such a kind and enjoyable person to talk to. Love his work on SGU and Falling Skies.

    He says hi BTW.

    Also.. my 3rd column on Airlock Alpha is up.. let me know what you guys think.


    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  12. Cool stuff! I especially like the pain stick.

    On the taglines, I could remember about 1 in 4. My son David did much better…guess my brain cells are getting old.

    On travel news, I made it back to Chicagoland safely (and without incident). I’ll comment more about my recent trip to Vancouver later in the weekend; for now I’m a little shattered.

    Goodnight all!

  13. I just got back from a James Taylor concert. He is just as amazing as ever. And now I need to go to bed.

    Good work cleaning out the office, Joe!

    @das: I’m glad Boo Boo Kitty is better. I think you should just call him Boo. Good name for a black cat.

  14. Love all the treasures….I have many too. More from Star Trek Next Gen because I knew people that worked on the show.

    I still would like a Volker Action Figure. I would say doll…but somehow that sounds wrong.

    *smiles* Cheryl

  15. Hehe, awesome stuff – love the picture of you and the bugs.

    I should catalog the crazy stuff we have here – heaven knows my coworkers think I am a little nuts. Good thing the girlfriend is okay with all the Stargate stuff. 😛

  16. One can NEVER have ENOUGH “GOOD” STUFF!!! 😀

    BTW, I’m convinced that I was probably a “Curator” in at least TWO Previous LIVES!!

    And, still kicking myself that I don’t remember what ever happened to that Complete set of ’60s BATMAN BUBBLEGUM CARDS..??

    And, for ever putting together those 2 ORIGINAL “ENTERPRISE” and KLINGON CRUISER MODEL KITS… Or, know where the finished products got to? — But, hey, those 1977 STAR WARS X-WINGS are *still* in the Wrappers!!

    Say, Anyone need a Back Issue of “STARLOG MAGAZINE”? I’ve got the first 300 or so Issues of those too…

    And then, there’s my YARN…

  17. Sorry I couldn’t comment sooner, but I just wanted to add my support for Akemi.

    Your lives together is like watching a tapestry being created, woven with kind hearts, shared intelligence, adventurous spirits, and welcoming family and friends. Akemi’s willingness to embrace a new culture, language and, needless to say, food, is the full measure of her devotion to you and her new country.

    And thank you Joe for allowing your blog family over these past few years with Akemi to share in your joy, sadness, and best of all, the most wacky sense of humor I’ve ever seen. You two crack me up, and I cannot image one without the other. For you both, I have no doubt that love conquers all.

  18. Don’t throw anything out!!!! You might need it! Douglas Adams even had a word for it:

    NOTTAGE (n.)

    Nottage is the collective name for things which you find a use for immediately after you’ve thrown them away. For instance, your greenhouse has been cluttered up for years with a huge piece of cardboard and great fronds of gardening string. You at last decide to clear all this stuff out, and you burn it. Within twenty-four hours you will urgently need to wrap a large parcel, and suddenly remember that luckily in your greenhouse there is some cardb . . .

    (From The Meaning Of Liff)

    You might just have to move to a bigger house instead.

    @das: My two cats had quite a flatulence problem when they were kittens. Their names were Bart and Bella so, naturally, they ended up being called Farty Barty and Bella the Smeller (or Smelly for short). Sadly, fifteen years hence, Bart is no longer with us but Bella is still regularly called Smelly.

  19. I’d be happy to take one of those Mac pictures off your hands. Call me. :p On a more practical note, perhaps Paul Brown over at Legends Memorabilia might want them if you have no use for them. 🙂

  20. Going through memory lane myself, as I and the stepmom have been going through dad’s stuff. A bit brutal, as a lot of paperwork heads for incineration. But also means I’m bringing home a lot of stuff she doesn’t want, that has either monetary or sentimental value. Given his house is a lot bigger than mine, it now means I am becoming a candidate for a visit from the Hoarders film crew. Will have to spend the afternoon trying to reverse the flow a bit, and find a sensible place to stash the remaining stuff.
    I think the yard sale is a great idea, and I’d offer an alternative. Perhaps a raffle for one or more of the items? Auctions are great, but I know how many fans never get a chance for such great things because of economic circumstances. A raffle would generate a decent amount of money, and let even those with limited pocketbooks to have a shot at winning. Or perhaps a blind raffle. People buy into one or more raffles without knowing what the item actually is(or you can tease withe some Riddler style clues. Or you can offer them up in one of your various contests. Or you can hold onto them for yourself; you do look snazzy in that Atlantis jacket. The rest of us will just stare at the screen and drool at the thought of all that neat stuff.
    Very cool of you to share with us your finds, and whatever you do with the swag, I thank you for sharing with us. And we’re holding you to the promise of discussion on that script.

  21. Put that pain stick down, you will put someones eye out.. By the way, your eye looks much better now. Did the(scourge) bugs help the cure, like leeches..ick. You look very dashing in the Beckett uniform, Danger Joe MacMallozzi. and the mcdreamy pics of Rick..yum. I had forgotten some of those taglines, brilliant indeed, thanks for the list. Have a terrific day!

  22. Wow, cool stuff! That tagline thing was funny. You wouldn’t believe the number of those that have entered convos between hubby and myself. We’ll say them to the kids too, and they’ll look at each other and at us and say, “Geeks!” Why, yes, son, I wear that title proudly.

    And as far as the cleaning goes, we had to do that last year when we had to move. So much fun and so little time to enjoy it.

    Have a great afternoon!!

  23. Hey, I was born in 1968, too! In fact, I share the same birthdate as Young (February 20, 1968). Seems that I missed my calling in space exploration. Oh well….

  24. I loved SGU so much that I had to take a day off when I found out it was canceled. Never realy knew how much stargate ment to me until it was gone. Hey, could you start up a new stargate series on your blog just to satisfy a little of that empty gap I feel?

  25. Well, you COULD take all that extra stuff and distribute evenly among your most faithful blog followers! 😉 Just a suggestion.

    I actually suffer a similar affliction – for someone that lives alone, I have WAY too much “stuff”. I’m just about to start a purge where I hope to take an average of 30% (!) out of every room. That’s not going to happen in every case, but that’s my goal. I’m also going to try to not bring anything into the house without getting rid of something else.

  26. BTW, how many of those RDA pics do you have? ..’cause I was thinking… You could always recycle [oh how MacG!] them into Greeting Cards..? Something for those awkward occassion, like… “Sorry You’re having Problems with [fill in blank]. Maybe I can FIX IT! – Got any Gum or Paperclips..?”

  27. JeffW: 😆

    Das: You described your kitten hunting so well, it almost felt like I was there. I’m so glad “Black Fart” is feeling better. We have a cat that is a real pistol. The vet suggested a lobotomy because of her behavior. Her name is Ruby (a tortie) and we are always coming up with different names for her: Rubzilla, Rubella, The Rubinator, Rubisauras. It’s become a fun pastime.

    We had a fun lunch today with our friend the physicist. We argued/discussed everything from the bible to global warming. He has very interesting opinions and can back some of it up with facts, instead of emotion (very refreshing). Sadly, his career is in danger of going stagnant because he can’t leave the area. His father has Alzheimer’s and he needs to stay in the area to help his mother cope. So he is stuck teaching physics at a local junior college. If you’ve ever had to help a sick parent, then you know what a stressful situation it is. He seemed to enjoy himself today. On top of the great lunch…. we had a fabulous waiter!

  28. Lisarrr: One advantage of homeschooling-no enrollment forms! I’m working on those now 🙁 . Plus, you set your own school supplies. Some of my son’s teachers have very specific supplies listed. It’s hard to find some of the items.

    I promise to leave you alone Mr. M. and not post again today. Have a great evening! Give the pups a hug from me please.

  29. Gauntlet, of course. It’s the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers as it will remain unresolved.

    So, what is a “brand usage manual”? I assume a show guide, but who were they given to?

  30. I recognize the tagline “if you don’t make it, can I have your stereo?”. I do believe Tiny Toon Adventures beat O’Neil to it.


    You’re getting awful warm and fuzzy with us peasants with all these pose downs. We’ll forget our place.

    Regarding availability for comment chatting, my schedule’s flexible. I’d rather you pick a day my Tourette’s isn’t acting up. I may still lurk in deliberately-imposed shyness, afraid to let my impulsive side be known.

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