A HUGE thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment on yesterday’s entry.  Akemi and I greatly appreciate each and every one. Next week, amid the documentary evidence of our relationship that I’ll be sending out will be said blog entry – and all of your accompanying kind words.  It’s been a bit of a frustrating/maddening/depressing week on my end (fodder for a terrific blog entry some day) so your responses and support were greatly appreciated.  And yeah, I’ll admit it, kind of touching.

So thanks again.

And, as a thank you, I’m thinking of doing something a little difference for an upcoming blog entry.  I think I’d like to go interactive in the form of a (sort of) chat.  I’m going to pick a date and time and have a little real-time Q&A session in the comments section.  Post your questions and I’ll answer.  Post any follow-up questions and I’ll answer those as well.  To make things easier for our friends overseas, I’ll probably do this more than once.  The session (s) will last for about an hour and, once completed, I’ll publish the whole as a dedicated blog entry.

Sound good?  Alright.  I’m thinking sometime next week.  Since many of you work, maybe weekends would be better?  Evenings?  Let me know.

Hey, a reminder to vote for The Greatest Season-Ending Cliffhanger in Stargate History!   Cast your ballot and then leave a comment on the poll page for a chance to win a signed script or one of these Stargate security badges that should grant you access to Stargate Command, Atlantis, or Homeworld Command.  Provided you look anything like the picture:

Polls close tomorrow at midnight:

Another little reminder, this one from resident film critic Cookie Monster, who reminds everyone that our Supermovie of the Week Club (in which we watch, review, and discuss a difference superhero-themed movie every week) will reconvene on Monday when Monster will review Mystery Men.  He is downright excited at the prospect that “Dis one may not suk!”.

20 thoughts on “July 27, 2012: You’re all awesome!

  1. Next weekend is Shore Leave in Baltimore. though if you do the q and a then, I might find some folks who want to sit down and participate. But it IS a con, so, odds are anyone attending that will not be online.
    glad ther comments cheered you up a bit. and thanks for the reminer figure I’ll watch the movie tomorrow night. Hope the weekend is a happy and pleasant one for you.

  2. Glad I was able to brighten your week. 🙂 I’m flexible about the interactive chat. Just need to make sure kiddoes are fed and out of the way. It’s amazing what food can do for teens. 🙂 Mine went to a youth gathering tonight and had pizza while hubby took me out to P.F. Changs. We had never been to the one here in B’ham, and it was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Have a great weekend!!!!!!

  3. @Joe:

    I like the comment-Q&A session idea. I can’t really suggest a time though; I’ve been traveling so much lately that I can’t really predict my availability (even my weekends have been taken up with business travel). I’ll just have to see what happens…

    Cast your ballot and then leave a comment on the poll page for a chance to win a signed script or one of these Stargate security badges that should grant you access to Stargate Command, Atlantis, or Homeworld Command. Provided you look anything like the picture:

    With my balding pate and reading glasses, I think I could pull of a passing resemblance to Woolsey (Robert Picardo) 😉

    Would that work?

  4. If I win a badge, I’d take any one of them, but would really want Carter’s. It is shaped exactly like the one I have to wear at work. I would wear it and see if anybody noticed. I have blond (getting a funky shade of grey now) hair and work in a secured area. So the “Priority” at the top would be normal.

    “Since many of you work, maybe weekends would be better.” Don’t rub it in! I don’t want to work! They have worked me so hard over the past few years, I am very burned out. I am ready for early retirement. Weekend sounds good to me.

    “. . . Monster will review Mystery Men. He is downright excited at the prospect that “Dis one may not suk!”.”

    Wanna bet?

  5. Joe, is there still time for me to post a more mature comment for Akemi? I’ve been terrrible busy, and today has just been insane. Tomorrow, won’t be much different, I fear. So if we can still post, lemme know please.


  6. Yep. Feel free to add to the thread. I won’t be printing it up and mailing it until next week.

  7. Ha…now it says “By Joe” again. Somehow my world feels all better. I admit to being confused easily and change isn’t my favorite…but hey…*smiles*

    Hope all goes well and Akemi gets to stay. 😊

  8. Been thinking about this poll for a bit. I think it has to be “Within the Serpent’s Grasp.” Friend of mine swears by it, and I have to agree that it has a great “us against the world” feeling.

    A live Q&A sounds cool, too. Will have to think about a question.

  9. Joe have you ever heard of an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.com? they are pretty fun, Bill Nye just did one yesterday(11,000+ comments) and Neil Degrasse Tyson does them fairly often. You just post some sort of verification of who you are, usually a picture or link to a blog entry in which you say you are doing an AMA on “X” day. And you answer questions from the fans and general internet population. “I AMA scifi writer, Stargate exec producer, foodie, internet blogger, Joseph P. Mallozzi” would be a big hit! Check it out http://www.reddit.com/r/iama

    P.S. Reddit loves cats & dogs. Your pooches would melt their hearts.
    P.P.S. I always figured your middle name started with a P. it just sounds cooler even if it’s not.

  10. Whew! Just making the cliffhanger deadline… 🙂

    Although I voted for “The Last Man,” THE greatest Stargate cliffhanger was really Atlantis’ Season 5-ending “Enemy at the Gate.” It too was written as a cliffhanger, like SGU’s “Gauntlet.” Sadly, both became series finales as well.

    EATG gave us so many plot twists and turns in this wild ride, it could have been a feature film: Todd the Wraith barters ZPMs and intel, the Wraith target Earth itself, Sheppard’s fighter jet’s nearly taken out by Wraith darts, the darts take out the Ancients’ control chair & drone defense, Carson Beckett pilots the Pegasus chair in pursuit of the Wraith and we see Atlantis fly, Sheppard plans to detonate a nuke inside the hive, the crew discovers that the gate dials directly into the hive, Ronan is killed, the crew stops Shep from blowing the nuke with them inside, a Wraith revives Ronan to learn the number of crew aboard, Beckett fires drones at the hive but Atlantis loses altitude, the crew escape the hive through the gate just before the nuke blows the hive in an atomic blast, and Atlantis plummets into the Pacific ocean, cloaking itself just before floating into San Francisco Bay.

    Roller coaster? Jaw-dropping pyrotechnics? Yes, but “Enemy at the Gate” gave us two huge cliffhangers that no other Stargate episode has done: 1) The Wraith have successfully attacked Earth. 2) The city of Atlantis’ flaming entry across the ocean and presence in SFB forces the command’s hand. Will the public finally be told that the Stargate program exists? Will the Wraith return to harvest Earth now that the Ancients’ chair is gone?

    We may never know.

    Unfortunately, EATG was not put on the ballot. 🙁 In lieu of that, I voted for “The Last Man,” it’s exploration of an alternate universe gone wrong, and two characters tested beyond their limits. Both used the past in order to put right the future, powered by more loyalty and peril. Excellent episode!

  11. @ DP – I think you are mistaken mister. Joseph Mallozzi is real and not a fictional character. Cookie Monster did not make up Joseph Mallozzi for his own amusement and is not handling him and making him do things like some cheap puppet. Joseph is real, I’m (pretty) sure, just like Cookie Monster is. 😉

  12. @Tam Dixon:

    I was eating a crab cake in the Dallas airport when I opened that picture…that was disturbing. 😉

  13. Polls close tomorrow at midnight:
    would that be in your time zone? just wondering. because that way people know how much time the have to vote.

  14. My wife and I watched Mystery Men together on one of our first dates. She had it on VHS. I was impressed that such a woman had such a sense of humor. Prepare to be awesome-d. Or prepare to realize you’re immune to awesomeness.

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