Bubba says: “Come on in! The water’s fine!”

Today, I was up at the crack of dawn – ish, at a little after 9:00 a.m., so that we could pack up up all three dogs and head on over to the beach for the monthly Pugs on the Beach gathering.  Lately, there hasn’t been much of a turnout, but that hasn’t stopped the Jelly, Lulu, and Bubba from enjoying the sun and sand…

Bubba and Lulu.  A romantic walk on the beach.

Lulu was particularly excited today, scrambling up onto every lap in sight, charging up and down the sandy expanse, and even venturing into the water.  A first!

Lulu even inspired Bubba to take the plunge.
Ah, forget it.
As usual, Lulu was the life of the party.  Bubba, her wary sidekick.
While Jelly stuck with routine: hobbling about, barking at the other dogs playing around her, and getting winded a lot.

We brought the dogs home, gave them a quick bath, then headed over to the Kitsilano farmers market.  As is often the case, we were on a mission to locate a food item we’d watched someone prepare on Food Network the previous night.  In this instant, it was zucchini blossoms.  And I’m proud to report we found them!  More on their preparation below.

For brunch, we stopped off at Fable Kitchen where I enjoyed –

The smoked salmon eggs benedict.
The rossti with chive cream
The homemade sausage with tomato jam
And, for dessert, a surprise from the kitchen, delicious home baked cookies

On our way out, we stopped to talk to former Top Chef Canada contestant Curtis Luk, the man behind the restaurant’s outstanding desserts (including the killer lemon pot de creme and assorted macarons), who suggested I check out a recent addition to the dessert menu, chocolate pudding (!), the next time I’m in.  Most definitely.

Akemi does her Ultraman imitation.

We returned home and got right to work – washing, slicing, cooking, seasoning…

Akemi on onion duty.

We didn’t have enough mayo so I ended up making a batch:

One egg, a cup of oil, a teaspoon of dijon, a teaspoon and a half of rice vinegar, and season to taste.

I stuffed the zucchini blossoms with a mixture of crab, mayo, sweet onions, choco-sweet peppers, and zucchini stems, rolled them in olive oil, then baked them for about twenty minutes at 350.

Akemi made a crab mousse (my mother’s recipe), a wonderful corn soup –

I like to add a touch of chili.

And a kohlrabi salad.  I sauteed the leaves with a little garlic.

I spent the rest of the day putting together the package for Immigration Canada – printing up more photos and blog entries, asking more friends to write letters confirming our 2+ year relationship, and even gathering up last year’s Christmas cards that were addressed to both of us.  My trip to L.A. has been pushed – and it’s just as well.  I have a busy week ahead.

But, hey, enough about me.  What of you?  Specifically, those of you who won signed scripts and the security badge of your choice in the Greatest Season-Ending Cliffhanger in Stargate History poll.

There were a little under 800 total votes cast, with one season-ending cliffhanger receiving the lionshare.  The winner with 41% of the vote, more than tripling the 13% garnered by second place Camelot (SG-1, season 9):

Gauntlet (SGU, season 2) !!!

And the winners of the signed scripts and security badges are:

Joan Chem_Is-Try


Shane Cossever

Drop me a comment with your email and choice of security badge and I’ll get the ball rolling.

Congrats to the winners and to everyone else – don’t despair!  Plenty more chances to win!  Later this week, we continue our trip down Stargate: Atlantis memory lane as the focus shifts to SGA’s third season.


28 thoughts on “July 29, 2012: Snapshot Sunday! The results of The Greatest Season-Ending Cliffhanger in Stargate History Poll! And lucky winners!

  1. Yum! The food looks good. I tried something new tonight too—salmon burgers. They were quite good. I liked all the doggie pictures too. And congratulations to the winners. I had a feeling Gauntlet might win from all the chatter I was hearing.

    Have a great night!!!!!

  2. Curses! No badge, no Macpicture, no bug for me. But congratulations to the 2 lucky ones. That stuffed zucchini blossom looks good! All the pictures look good.

  3. Shane C checking in! Love the new blog post, I was out at the beach last night for the fireworks, I hop the dogs didn’t have to tread through too much garbage… a lot was left over post fireworks.

    Thanks so much for the contest! Years ago a signed script slipped through my fingers (for the episode “Spirits”), but not this time!

  4. Congrats to the winners! Computer’s kaput, using daughter’s, so I haven’t been around lately. Hopefully this week that will be resolved, in between doctor and dentist, new job for the daughter, Mr. Deni’s car taking a sh*t, blah blah blah.

    Have a good night, all!

  5. Aw, crap – did I miss the Akemi blog thingy? I thought I had a few more days. (I’m crazy busy, and when I’m not crazy busy, I’m sleeping. 😛 )


  6. Still time. I’m waiting on a couple of letters that won’t be in until mid-week.

  7. Whew. Thanks. Will get right on it! Though I can’t say it will be all that great…I’m mostly brain dead lately. I think it’s called Kittenitis. This is a great reminder why it’s best I never had children. 😛


  8. Well done to the winners of the contest! The homemade sausage looks good, tomato jam, hmm, sounds like fun. Have a great evening.

  9. G’day Joe

    Congratulations to the winners.

    That food looks scrumptious Hope the puppies had a great day at the beach.

  10. G’day Joe

    These people seriously want proof of your and Akemi’s relationship. Geez just look into Joe’s eyes when he looks at Akemi. I am just watching through a computer at photos and I can the love.
    I remember when Akemi was here in Australia and Joe was miserable, wanting Akemi to go back to Vancouver.
    The bento boxes Akemi made for Joe in Toronto were amazing, trying to cheer him up at work. That is love.

    Janet Jones

  11. Damn there more than one shane that follows this blogg oh well maybe next time

  12. Joe, the last time I woke up after 9 am I was sick with fever. Must be nice to be such a man of leisure that you can sleep in like that…ya ol’ bum, you.

    Today, I was up at the crack of dawn…

    There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’ll behave. 😉


  13. I had staff meal out on our terrace today. Highlight of the day. Next time we see each other ill share a recipe for squash blossom tenpura

  14. congrats to the winners. I probably should have re-watched Gauntlet, rather than going with memory. Having seen the older shows more often, there is a natural tendency to favor them. But who has time any more, especially with Cookie Monster and his movies of the week?
    Food looks great, and glad to see the dogs get out into the water. The local parks and recreation has extended the riverside walkway by over a quarter mile, making for an even more pleasing stroll. And guests at a couple of the local hotels can step out and use it for a job or walk if they like. Sometimes my little town seems almost civilized.
    A little depressed afterward though. Looks like someone dropped off their dog at the pound, which is near one end of the walk. Tried to coax him close enough to put a leash on, but he was scared off by another car approaching. Would have risked putting him my car, except that my own pooch was already there. As protective and bossy as she can be, couldn’t take the chance. Animal control will hopefully catch the poor fellow. On the plus side, our pound does not usually put down animals unless they are super aggressive.
    Anyways, off for a few more crazy days of work, then heading north for a few days of escapism at Shore Leave. Thanks as always for the daily post.

  15. Dogs on the beach! Life doesn’t get any better than that.

    I didn’t enter the contest, although I deeply covet a security badge, a signed script would be wasted on me. A signed book is one thing, but in general, autographed items don’t do much for me. Better these go to those who will love it most
    Congrats to the winners. Now if the bugs go up as gifts…. we may have to erect a ThunderDome and battle it out (Hey, I know where they actually do that….)

  16. @das –

    Don’t forget to let Joe know your availability for the comment chat he mentioned scheduling in another entry. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

    It’s okay to be brain dead and have children. They have this built-in reminder system that gets louder and louder every time you delay responding to it.

  17. Bonjour Joe, je sais que vous parlez un peu le français, donc je vous pose ma question en français :
    Dans Stargate SG1, qui est Adria ? Est-ce un Ori ayant repris forme humaine ?
    Thank you for the answer ! 🙂

  18. Das/b>: Pretty cute!

    What a great day you had! The pups had a blast and the food looks good. Thank you for sharing. Congrats to the winners!

    Deni: hang in there!

  19. I don’t think I could cook with zucchini blossoms. They’re so delicate. I never even bring them into the house. If I eat them at all, I do it while I’m standing in the garden.

  20. @ DP – What if you’re brain dead withOUT children? 😛

    Also, thanks for the reminder.

    Joe, Thursday and Friday nights are pretty much out for me. Sunday nights are relatively slow (unless we’ve been invited out), so that’s a good night. Saturday night might work, too – I’m often just chillin’, or watching Psych reruns or rugby. Other week nights can work, too, if my day hasn’t been too crappy.


  21. @das, what a cutie Boo is, and are you gonna be able to give him to mom when its time??
    And Joe, how was that dinner you and Akemi put together ??, I bet it was wonderful..

  22. Loved the family beach outing. Pictures were great.

    The food as ALWAYS looks and sounds yummy. I think you find the best…and it is a pleasure to enjoy the view.

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