Cookies for everyone! Compliments of Akemi.

Seriously.  How can anyone say no to freshly baked cookies, even if it means having them for breakfast?  In retrospect, they were the perfect food for what lay ahead, full of the carbohydrate and sugar energy I would need to get me through a grueling day of eating.

Akemi and I met up with our foodie friend, Simon, aka JYS, for a little culinary excursion, Vancouver-style.  The plan was to check out the new pasta place in Gastown, but it was closed, so we opted for my favorite sandwich place in town: Meat & Bread.  And, as usual, whenever I go, I always get…

The Porchetta

One of the many great things about this sandwich (beside the juicy pork, salsa verde, and fresh bun) are the bits of crisp crackling.  I know, I know.  I’m sure the daily sandwiches are equally fantastic – but I go with what I know.

The Day’s Special – beef.  Don’t recall the specifics but it looked delicious.  
Simon throws caution to the wind and goes for it.

We strolled over to Vancouver’s best dessert shop, Cadeaux Bakery, for lunch – only to discovery it was closed as well.  So we hopped into my cover and motored on over to Cordova Street for a sweet one-two (three, four) punch.

We started at Giovanne Cafe (better known as G) for three terrific desserts:

The Chocolate Zeppolle.  It’s about the size of a softball.  My favorite.
The cream in this one is very subtle but its buttery finish contrasts nicely with the sweet, fine sugar exterior.
The Hedgehog – Simon’s favorite.  Peanut butter, chocolate, and hazelnuts.

And, since we were right next door, we decided to check out the best gelato place in Vancouver: Bella Gelateria.

He’s gonna eat that.

I don’t mind admitting that, by this point, I was stuffed.  So instead of going with a particulate-heavy selection, I decided to go with a light palate-cleanser…

A little palate cleanser: vanilla gelato.

Well, I had planned to launch into that rant today but an early morning skype session with my old friends, Alexander and Sarah, temporarily defused much of the simmering anger.  I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before it comes to a boil though so don’t mope, the rant has been postponed, not cancelled.  Anyway, it was great to catch up with Ruemy and Sarah.  She, sweet and upbeat; he, bitter and blase. They’re the romantic equivalent of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Akemi and I were hoping to go down to Berlin for the wedding and maybe do a little Madrid and Paris (actually, a lot of Madrid and a little Paris) but it seems unlikely we’ll be able to swing it.  Still, I’m hopeful we can make it work later this year.  And, hopefully, Alex and Sarah will be able to reschedule their wedding accordingly.

A reminder to cast your ballot (and leave a comment for a chance to win a signed script) in our Greatest Season-Ending Cliffhanger in Stargate History poll.  Vote!

34 thoughts on “July 24, 2012: Dessert and a sandwich and dessert. And more desserts. And Alexander and Sarah!

  1. And once more, you are making me hungry, Joe. 🙂 I’m going to have to sneak out, I think, to find a good dessert for myself as hubby is on a health kick which is good overall. Sometimes though, a dessert is necessary. 😉

    Have a great night!!!!!

  2. Yumm, cookies! And I want that chocolate zepolle. Actually, I would like them all. Guess I know I will be having dessert for dinner tonight! Lol

  3. Hi Joe,

    I’m on my way to Vancouver tomorrow night for business meetings Thursday and Friday. I’ve convinced my customer to go to Vij’s Restaurant with me Thursday night (should be fun and I’m looking forward to it).

    For Friday, I’m thinking about trying Peckinpah (you’re all welcome to join me). Regardless, I was wondering if you had been back there since your January 2011 visit and what you think of them now. Any thoughts or suggestions to share?

    I’ve been using your blog as a mini-Fodor’s guide to Vancouver Restaurants; simply type in the restaurant name and voila, instant review!

    The Porcheta Sandwich looks great, by the way. Is Meat & Bread in/near Gastown? I may have to stop there for lunch!

  4. Well I know where’ I’ll be heading next time I’m in Vancouver. I need me one of those hedgehogs!

  5. You? Stuffed? I didn’t know that was possible. Akemi’s cookies look delicious and all the other pictures look devine. Mmmmm. Now I’m hungry.

  6. More reasons for visits to Vancouver. Adding to the list of places to visit. Gotta get porcheta sandwich and desserts that just “CALLL” to us. Yeah, and now I am hungry again.

  7. 1. Food looks great!!

    2. Simon looks great!!

    3. Cookies look great!!

    4. I’m beat. 😛

    5. Kittens are more work than I remember.

    6. I just ate the most amazing Danish bleu…but I also dropped a piece on the floor, which I accidentally stepped on. Now I have bleu cheese between my toes. It’s times like this I really wish I had a dog. 😛

    7. Long day. Got home from work at 9 pm. Just when I was about to relax, got a phone call from a friend. I’m all talked out now.

    Nites Joey! Looking forward to that rant! Even if you don’t feel like ranting about whatever it was that was pestering you, I’m sure you can find something else that’ll get you butt-munching your underdrawers. Like Peta, or California banning foie gras, or mint, or something. 😉


  8. I hope they rent bikes in Vancouver. If I ever make it back there(especially if for more than a day) I am going to need the exercise. What with all the places I will have to try, and the calorie count on the food they serve. Not sure you are a humanitarian or a monster for sharing all those good eateries with your adoring public.
    Waiting impatiently for the rant, though conflicted. Not like I want you in a bad mood, after all, but I am really curious what is brewing to arouse your ire. Hopeully you will still honor us with a rant while still being in a good humot otherwise.

  9. Glad to hear your simmering anger was temporarily defused, but I have to admit I’m looking forward to the rant itself! Those desserts look yummy, and may temporarily postpone my decision to start my healthy eating diet today . . .

  10. Please ship me all three of those desserts (and two of the chocolate chip cookies). Thanks!

  11. The food looks very good! I’ve never had/seen a Zeppolle. It looks like a donut but much bigger. Have donuts gotten smaller in your part of the world? A few years ago, they started making them smaller here. Stupid downsizing!

    How do you eat so much? I don’t like that over full feeling but the journey is fun.

    Das: Yes, kittens are a lot of work. I always dread when the Humane Society gets a litter of kittens in. I think they’re organized. When I open the cage to feed/clean them up, they all head in different directions (including up) at the same time. It is literally “herding cats”. Knowing I’ll miss a kitten, I close all the doors before I open the cage.

  12. I wonder if the rant has anything to do with Dean Devlin wanting to do “his Stargate”?

  13. Oh…my…gawd! You’re killin’ me here with all them desserts. 🙂 That zeppolle is huge. Though…the chocoholic in me wants that hedgehog thing. 😛 I would be in chocolate heaven if I could have that. 🙂

  14. I want a dessert as big as my head.

    Not that my head is as big as a softball or anything strange like that.

  15. They look amazing, completely and totally. Anyone have any idea where you can find something like them (inc the desserts) in London. Most places you go for desserts are just mass produced, frozen then defrosted efforts. And sandwiches are nowhere near as generous. Wow.

  16. Regarding season-ending cliff hangers, I voted for “The Last Man”. A large multi-story building collapses on the team, and there was no way they got out. As this started off as a time-travel episode, the wonder was how some weird time-loop was gonig to get them out of this one. Alas, I think the followup story (bumped, bruised and trapped) was more realistic, but a little disappointing in the sci-fi side of it. “Camelot” would have been my 2nd choice, for many of the same reasons…. all looks lost… months before we find out what happened… Overall, great job on all of the season-enders… Thanks Joe!

  17. I voted for The Last Man. Major Lorne is one of my top 3 favorite Stargate characters (including both SG-1 & Atlantis) I remember sitting with my roommate watching the building coming down and turning to her and saying “if Lorne is dead I am never watching this show again” She just laughed knowing I was only ½ serious. I was always worried that Lorne’s character would make a great target for killing off. And when that building came down I figured his time was up; and knowing I would have to wait till the next season to find out if he lived was horrible. Side note: The Last Man is also one of favorite eps to re-watch.

    Also how is the eye doing?

  18. @ Tam Dixon – Taking care of the kitten just got harder. Took him to the vet today, and his blood work was good, but he’s running a fairly high fever and they put him on antibiotics. His eyes are clear, his poops firm, and no other sign of illness. I noticed the first night that he was very warm to the touch, and was breathing a bit faster than cats normally do, so now I know why. I hope he’ll be okay, but if not at least I’m prepared for it. If I hadn’t taken him to the vet and he just died on me, I would feel terrible. This way I know he’s fighting some sort of infection, so if the worst happens at least I’ll understand why.


  19. RE: Season Finales. It’s very hard for me to vote because, well…because. Needless to say I’m going to vote for an Atlantis finale since I never watched SG1, and though I liked Universe I simply loved Atlantis (well, I loved the Wraith…the show itself often left me with clumps of hair in my fists 😉 ). That said, since I watched the first three seasons (and part of the fourth) in boxsets only, the season-ending cliffhangers really weren’t cliffhangers since I could immediately watch the next episode to see how things worked out. Therefore, I must go with The Last Man. However, even if I had watched all the finales when they originally aired, I still think I’d go with this one. It was a good, solid episode with some touching moments and a great cliffhanger. Loved the flashbacks, especiall the one involving Todd (of course!), and just seeing something more of the galaxy and the characters in settings different from the norm. This was one of the best episodes, and not just the best finale.


  20. Hi Joe,

    Well…since Lost City wasn’t an option (seriously…Jack frozen in an Ancient stasis chamber–the Lost City of Atlantis dangling tantalizingly out of reach–the SGC in the hands of a civilian political appointee–and the look on Sam’s face as she realized…but I digress…), then I must go with Gauntlet for the obvious reason: we’re still hanging off that cliff and probably (sadly…) forever will be. And perhaps, for this reason, it’s also the most realistic cliffhanger of all: like those at the SGC, we stare at the stars and wonder what fate befell Destiny. They’ll never know…and neither will we.


  21. I’m baaaack, July has been busy… vacation, started a few new volunteering jobs, art class homework… then I finally had the chance to sit down and catch up. I think the last time I was here – Joe you had a black eye. How is that doing?

    Upon catching up, I see Akemi is getting more comfortable in front of the camera, as she should, she is very photogenic. The puppies seem to be doing well. Always enjoy seeing those puppy faces. Comic Con looked like fun. Hey did you happen to see Richard (Captain Apollo ) Hatch there?

    The ceiling in the Bellagio… Dale Chihuly he had an exhibit at the Norton Art Museum in West Palm Beach a few summers ago and he studied at RISD – Rhode Island School of Design – my home town,neck of the woods . It is spectacular what he does.

    And it’s funny, the greatest season-ending cliffhanger in Stargate history – I just happened to be watching First Strike the other day while ironing, I love that one. Love the part where McKay and Keller come up with the idea to use the replicators to revive Wier and the dilemma that rises. Ahh the good ol’ days of SGA. sigh.

    And may I leave you all with this – Wobble Your Knees .

  22. Das: Those little black kitties are tough guys! Let the meds do their work, you’ll see. Thank God he took the bait you left out. Funny how the other cats wouldn’t fall for that trap.

  23. Joe,

    It is surprising to me how little attention SG-1 is getting in your poll. With all of the elements taken into consideration, I cant believe that more people don’t believe that Exodus is the best cliffhanger. Carter blowing up a sun, Teal’c possibly dead, Apophis’ fleet destroyed, the team stranded hundreds of years away from home with Apophis’ ship before them…… When I saw that episode years ago when it premiered, it was shock and awe. Simply amazing. It is still one of my favorite all time Stargate episodes.

    I hope you have another poll. This is fun.


  24. I think an overblown sense of sentimentality is what has Gauntlet winning.

    Siege II all the way!

  25. I think it’s time that once and for all we designate the incontestable subtext behind the phrase “with all due respect”.

  26. I voted for an SGA episode – Seige, because I’ve forgotton most of the SG1 episodes in the haze of time and I never saw SGU. So SGA it is!

  27. Figure I may as well participate in an SG contest.. miss the good old days…

    In regards to the poll,

    Gauntlet by a mile. It had to be one of the most emotionally evoking episodes of Stargate. The looks on the cast’s faces literally told the whole story. I could have muted my television and the emotion would have still radiated off the screen.

    You could just feel how drained the characters were and feel the gravity of the situation. Every production element, from the visual effects, to the music, to the editing really added to the bittersweet goodbye. The montages were a highlight as well. The piece that plays 10 minutes from the end and then the ending piece affected me more than 99% of emotional Movies/TV moments ever have before. Joel is such a musical genius. I remember crying for almost 20 minutes after the credits rolled.

    It’s one of my favorite hours of television, and it represents an ending chapter of my life. Gauntlet holds a special place in my heart and always will.

    Stargate was such a monumental part of my childhood, and seeing Gauntlet reminds me of my pre teen/teenage years and reminds me of why I was so inspired to tells stories become a filmmaker (though still a very low level one at the moment, but I’m aspiring to be more) .

    Speaking of films, I sent you the link on facebook chat/messages. I could email you the link if it would be easier.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D.

  28. Ok, I’m a little worried. I hope you’re frantically polishing scripts before your LA trip, and not in a hospital somewhere with a macaron overdose.

  29. Again I make the mistake of reading this blog before lunch, so very hungry now from looking at that sandwich.
    My fave ending is Sateda; Becket saving Ronan, Ronan hugging Becket, Shep inflating his numbers to compete with Ronon and Teyla; terrific ep.

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