In no particular order:

1. Receiving alarming news during dinner from someone who then leaves the office, ruining my meal and leaving me to stew all night over the particulars.

2. Presumably progressive laws that treat women like they’re in the 1950’s.

3. Competitive reality shows that offer previously eliminated contestants the opportunity to return to the competition.

4. Creative executives who insist on imagining the “worst possible” execution of any given idea.

5. Creative executives who only only want more of the same.

6. Most creative executives.

7. Really thin crust pizza that approximates the textures and flavor of eating ketchup on a saltine.

8. Drivers who race up the parking lane to cut in front.

9. Drivers who don’t honor merge etiquette.

10. Clueless drivers who don’t realize an inoperative traffic light is equivalent to a stop sign.

11. “What have you done for me lately?” attitudes.

12. Delusional individuals.

13. People who order their steaks medium.

14. People who pretend to really “dig” jazz.

15. People so desperate they’ll laugh at absolutely anything to endear themselves to painfully lame comedians.

16. People who invite you to dinner and then keep you waiting.

17. Waiting staff who show off their incredible mind skills by not writing down your order – and inevitably screwing up your order.

18. Individuals who try to take advantage of you assuming you’ll think it too much trouble to oppose them.

19. Those same individuals who seems surprised or upset when you oppose them.

20. Pathetic excuses for human beings who claim to LOVE dogs, and then end up giving theirs away.

21. Losers who consider themselves smart and fiercely independent who consult psychics, attend endless self-help seminars, and get suckered into pyramid scams selling everything from super juice to vitamin packs.

22. People who don’t take responsibility for their sorry, sorry lives.

23. Really great books with really shitty endings.

24. Sears Home Services who you hire to install new window blinds, forget to install two of them, and then don’t call you back for two days and counting after you leave a message at their call center.

25. People who die too young.

26. People who don’t die soon enough.

27. Vitamin water.

28. Salesmen eager to sign you up to a “new contract” who seem genuinely puzzled when you request more information on the penalty incurred for breaking said contract.

29. The Vancouver real estate market.

30. Characters in film/television/books/comic books who constantly refer to each other by name.

31. The officiating in the NBA.

32. The NBA in general.

33. Biting the inside of my cheek.

34. Cell phone plan providers.

35. Junk.

36. Liars.

37. Hypocrites.

38. Deceivers.

39. Lazy parasites.

40. Suicidal nutjobs who decide to bring innocent people with them.

41. Any competitive reality show episode that DOESN’T end with someone being eliminated.

42. People who who insist they can’t taste the chlorine in tap water.

43. Parents who let their kids run wild.

44. Kids who run wild.

45. People who don’t clean up after their dogs.

46. Bouncing a two and a half pound metal bar off my face.

47. Not being able to sleep.

48. Thieves

49. Ungrateful ingrates.

50. Home or office pools that reward second place finishes.

51. Or worse!  Third place finishes!

52. Clutter.

53. When someone promises to get back to you but never does.

54. And then contacts you later asking for a favor.

55. When the sexy chef is eliminated from that cooking competition.

56. Flat just-opened Perrier.

57. People on flights who take any seats, assuming that the people actually assigned to said seats won’t kick up a fuss.

58. Fair weather friends.

59. Cheap Q-tips that go all bendy and shit.

60. Filtered bottled water.

61. Banging my elbow.

62. Stubbing my toe.

63. Not being able to find something I just saw the other day.

64. My home theater system.

65. Individuals who claim they love original ideas, but really just want more of the same.

66. Individuals who can’t be bothered to fix bad writing.

67. DVR screw-ups.

68. Uncomfortable hotel beds and/or pillows.

69. Crappy customer service.

70. Crappy customers.

71. People who smile way too much.

72. People you barely know revealing way too much about themselves.

73. People who act A LOT more important than they really are.

74. People who charge into traffic in a panicked life-or-death rush to catch a bus.

75. Almost every superhero movie made prior to 1999.

76. Nickel-and-dimers who fancy themselves high rollers.

77. Paying for wifi at upscale hotels.

78. Waiting.

79. Adding pickled rhubarb to anything.

80. Bookstore staff recommendations.

81. Forgetting poopie bags when I take the dogs out.

82. Driving around looking for parking.

83. Resident Only parking.

84. Dog-killing Belfast City Council.

85. Vancouver’s narrow parking spots.

86. Those seemingly endless battle arcs in Gintama.

87. Accounting.

88. Taxes.

89. Wire coat hangers.

90. This douchebag: Owner of dog found in Kitsilano dumpster arrested on unrelated charge

91. Moving.

92. Blu-ray.

93. Worsening vision.

94. Undercooked brussel sprouts.

95. Remakes.

96. Dropping my cell phone.

97. Trying to deal with any sort of computer issue.

98. Being served a moscow mule NOT in a copper mug.

99. The bullshit many of my friends are going through.

100. The Real Housewives of Vancouver

Just off the top of my head.  Feel free to add to the list.


86 thoughts on “July 25, 2012: Things that really piss me off!

  1. 1. People that are late for everything and get frustrated when you point it out to them.

    2. People that expect you to show up at least 30 minutes early for an appointment and hold it against you if you dont.

    3. People that smoke while walking and are oblivious to those that may be right behind them.

    4. Idiots that stand in a long line and wait until it is their turn to look at the menu and change their minds half a dozen times before putting in their orders.

    5. People that suggest we declaw our cats and say “So?” when I inform them that said procedure is actually the amputation of the first digit of every toe.

    6. People that laugh at their own jokes as if it were the funniest thing in the world and dont seem to notice that no one else is laughing

  2. Out of touch studio executives that cancel great shows and then refuse to release the final season of that show on bluray…

  3. My list:
    1. Mosquitos in your bedroom.
    2. Customer service people who seem to forget the key part of their job – customer service.
    3. Idiots who figure that they need to play their car stereos so loud that folks in the next city can hear their crappy music.
    4. People who don’t spay or neuter then try to give away unwanted offspring.
    5. People who abandon their pets and hope someone else will look after them.
    6. People who spit on the sidewalk.
    7. People who fart in elevators and any other closed in spaces.
    8. People who invite you into their home, then carry on a conversation with others in a language you do not understand.
    9. People who’s every second word is a vulgar swear word. Then when you object, they look shocked and tell you everybody does it.
    10. Public drunkeness.

    I could go on for quite a while, but that is enough for now. I like your list too, Joe.


  4. Sounds like you’ve had a bad day Joe. I’ve had a shitty ten days myself, but given no 27 I’ll keep my misery to myself!

  5. How about:

    101: Having a large group of high school girls in front of you in the airplane boarding line who keep inviting their friends at the back of the line to join them (and not having the line move for 10 minutes as a result).

    102: Being stuck on a plane filled with high school girl’s volleyball players and hearing “I know, right?” for 3 and a half hours.

    103: Having one of the volleyball players lean bodily across your seat (using your leg to lean against), while she talks to her friend at the window seat for 10 minutes.

    That was my flight into Vancouver tonight. There were at least 40 girls (who all seemed to know each other). How big are high school volleyball teams in Canada anyway?

  6. I got one:


    …went to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at an I-Max theater today and sitting beside me was a young couple with a 2-3 year old daughter and 5-6 year old little boy. The movie was way too scary for that age! The little boy sat in the seat next to me and kept jumping over to my lap during some of the scarier scenes ..don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with trying to comfort a child that is scared and try to explain that it will be okay (ie- that Batman will be okay, etc), but I do have a problem with the parents being totally oblivious to the situation. Their daughter cried most of the movie, not because she was scared (because she was too young to comprehend what was going on up on the giant screen), but because of the loud noise. A 2-3 year old’s ears/ear drums are way too little to be able to absorb those kind of loud decibel sound effects ..she wasn’t crying because the movie was loud but because the movie was hurting her ears. And the parents had to audacity to scold her (over and over again) to be quiet. I just wanted to slap the parents, but didn’t want to set a bad example because apparently those kids are already forced to see bad adult behavior 24/7 in their own home. I bet nobody in that household will get any sleep tonight because the kids will be having nightmares ..and the sad thing is that the parents will be too ignorant to realize that it’s their own fault!

    okay I feel better now after having vented

  7. Great list Joe. Must agree.

    Have to add:
    Waiting to see the doctor two hours past your appointment time.

  8. Great list, although I am guilty of liking my steaks medium. I totally agree about the Vancouver parking spaces! I had a rental Corolla when I was there and STILL had a hard time fitting it into some of the spaces!

    Can I add another – people who try to enter the elevator while people (i.e. ME) are still trying to get out. Major pet peeve.

  9. Awesome list Joe!! I do a couple of those things… Oops

    May I please add:

    101. Golden Boy being on band 6 while I’m stuck on band 5 even though we do similarly skilled jobs.

    102. People who are rude and hang up on you when they are in the wrong.

    103. Bullies

    104. Snobs

    105. Outdated TV ratings system

    106. People that treat one of my fave guys like shit.

    107. Tissues in the wash

    108. People treating me differently because of my age and what I look like.

    109. Cooking shows

    110. No consequences for bullying on Top Model

    111. Lazy writing

    112. No thank-you wave

    113. People that hurt children and/or animals

    114. Being charged extra for travelling alone.

    115. Leg extensions

    That’s all for now…..

    Cheers, Chev

  10. That was quite the list. Don’t think I would add much…but AT&T comes to mind. Customer service isn’t the same…and at times down right sucks.

  11. Out of touch studio executives who cancel a really good science fiction show and then refuse to release the last season of said show on bluray…

  12. #53.. You’d hate my home, I am a material object junkie. Hubby has a Pacrat tattoo. Like living in American Pickers.

    #72 …. but I love TMI, it makes people so damn uncomfortable.

    #73 … Don’t You Know Who I am? and I Know the Artist.

    #93 … I can’t find my readers this morning. Argh. I can’t afford new ones, they’re a strange expensive prescription.

    I would like to add:

    1. Serving Size: you mean this one little square of yummy is FOUR servings? Gah..

    2. Yogurt with gelatin added.

    3. My 420 friends who insist pot is good for my asthma.

    4. People who eat meals in movie theaters. Snacks I understand, but an entire order from the restaurant across the street?

    5. Vehicles hauling more kids than they have seatbelts for.

    6. People who can’t walk away from an internet disagreement. It is called OFF.

    7. Politics over people.

    8. Humans who start wildfires by being careless.

    9. People who assume everyone loves babies.

    10. People who make life decisions based on celebrity chit chat.

    What I can’t complain about:

    1. I’m still breathing.

    It is all gravy after that.

  13. You had me at 2 😀

    All of your driving peeves would be substituted with bus related peeves:

    1. people with huge bags on the bus who then..
    2. hit you with that bag
    3. accidentally somehow rest that bag on any part of you and pretend not to notice
    4. have to have a whole seat, on a crowded bus, for their bag
    5. bus drivers that wanted to be nascar drivers and stamp on the gas before you’ve managed to hold on for dear life
    6. drivers who always manage to stop so that the back door is right in front of a light pole
    7. people that step on your feet
    8. people that give me dirty looks for sitting in the front of the bus and lessening those looks only a little when they see the cane. Yes, younger people get messed up too.

  14. Debates on Internet forums/social media where both sides claim to be discussing in a civil manner, but actually never have any intention of even trying to understand/acknowledge the other’s point of view and are personally attacking each other… and they go on and on…

  15. HMO doctors who blow you off when you tell them your symptoms, then send you a LETTER through the regular mail to tell you, by the way, you might be right and to call them back, then making you call them back over two more days before finally calling in the prescription… (can you tell this just happened?)

  16. #55 – Oh, crap, I’m behind on MasterChef – did Felix get kicked off?!

    Ones I heartily agree with: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 (don’t drive in the U.S., Joe!), 10 (REALLY don’t drive in the U.S.!), 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 (or any pets), 21 (ugh), 22, 24 (substitute J.C. Penney), 28, 29 (substitute, well, pretty much any of them), 30 (I really, really hate this), 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 46 (I’m just assuming), 47, 48, 49, 53, 54 (!!), 55 (really? Felix?! crap), 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, 63, 67 (!!), 68, 69, 70, 71 (don’t go to the Container Store, Joe), 73, 76, 77, 78 (!!), 82, 83, 87, 89, 93, 94, 96

  17. 95. Remakes
    95a Remake of SPIDER MAN ! WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY !!!! for God sake …why !

  18. Very busy with work and sick kitty and life, so my rants will have to wait, but I would like to comment on a couple of yours.

    7. Really thin crust pizza that approximates the textures and flavor of eating ketchup on a saltine.

    Yes, yes! We have a place here just like that – it’s terrible! Ketchup on a cracker is a perfect description.

    8. Drivers who race up the parking lane to cut in front.

    Whoopsies! 😳

    13. People who order their steaks medium.

    How about medium-WELL? Kill it, KILL IT DEAD!! You would hate dining with me. 🙂

    20. Pathetic excuses for human beings who claim to LOVE dogs, and then end up giving theirs away.

    This, x 1000. It bugs me even more when people who can’t afford a pet in the first place take on not one, but two or more, then blame the economy when they have to give them away. Really? Didn’t you factor in the expense BEFORE taking on the responsibility? And don’t get me started on your kids…

    33. Biting the inside of my cheek.

    You mean that spot that you bite not just once, but a couple dozen times during the week that follows? I hate that, but why the hell are you complaining – you love raw meat! 😉

    36. Liars.

    37. Hypocrites.

    38. Deceivers.

    39. Lazy parasites.

    Eventually they get their comeuppance, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    43. Parents who let their kids run wild.

    44. Kids who run wild.

    This. This is right up there with irresponsible pet owners. Usually the two go hand in hand.

    52. Clutter.

    You would hate my house. It’s not cluttered as much as it is overly decorated. 🙂 I do not like disorder (so everything must have a place), but I also don’t like spartan spaces. Think English cottage meets gypsy caravan meets the Museum of Natural History. 😀 And all of that meeting The Hall of Dust Bunnies. 😛

    59. Cheap Q-tips that go all bendy and shit.


    72. People you barely know revealing way too much about themselves.

    Whoopsies! 😳

    82. Driving around looking for parking.

    You should live in my town in the summer. Trying to find a parking space is like trying to find Jimmy Hoffa.

    84. Dog-killing Belfast City Council.

    I am just disgusted with them.

    87. Accounting.

    88. Taxes.

    Don’t remind me!! Ugh. I really hate my job.

    89. Wire coat hangers.

    Dude…DUDE! Wire coat hangers are great! (Well, the old ones – these new flimsy numbers aren’t worth shite.)

    90. This douchebag: Owner of dog found in Kitsilano dumpster arrested on unrelated charge

    See…if you had a wire coat hanger, you could take this craphead, and the wire hanger, and…oh, just use your imagination!

    93. Worsening vision.

    Join the old fart club. But as you do, look on the brighter side, too. As long as your creative vision is still keen you will continue to see for miles and miles. Well, until you get writer’s block, that is. 😉


  19. Did I ever tell you I try to read between the same lines?

    I can’t wait to see how many of these das can make into dirty jokes.

    You never said nothing about no broth what was crafted by multiple cooks. Ain’t sayin’ ya’ meant to.

    I got a new fortune cookie quote: Expect certain personality disorders types to suddenly be more reasonable/ decisive/ agreeable at the last, last possible minute, to the point of being giddy about and adorably proud of prospects that were shot down/ left in the air before. That way, his supplier will look silly for complaining about obstacles that never made sense anyway and those who don’t want to confront the real problem will have their excuse to re-victimize re-distribute blame more equally than honest discernment would require. …It was a big, narcissistic cookie.

  20. Perfect list, Joe. I especially commiserate with you on 10, 12, 22, 25, 26, 32, 37, 39, 40, 43, 44, 47, 63, 65, 66, 69, 73, 91, and 95.

    Oh, and I have a funny story about #43. Several years ago, I was with the family at a Chilis in Michigan. We went there twice a month when hubby got paid. The boys were late elementary age, 7 and 10, I think. Anyway, we were waiting for our order and quietly talking in the restaurant. The boys were playing with their Gameboys and behaving perfectly. At the next table, some preschoolers began acting wild–yelling, screaming, climbing everywhere. We came close to leaving. A few minutes later when our food was delivered, the manager came to our table. He had two coupons and made a big production of handing them to the boys. Said that Chilis liked to reward good behavior, and he wanted to give them a free meal on him. He also told me and hubby to keep up what we were doing. The other table left within two minutes after he walked off with the adults giving us nasty looks. We loved it!!!!!!

    Have a great day!!!!!

  21. A very good list Joe. However I’m thinking tomorrows entry should be 100 things that make you happy just to ballance it out. 🙂

  22. Actors that believe they are the moral compass for society. Hey douchebags, just because people stick a microphone in your face doesn’t mean you need to stand on a soapbox. Just shut up and play your role in our favorite TV shows/movies. If you must give an opinion, make sure you state it as such.

    People that follow said Actor’s opinions just because they love the characters they play in their favorite TV shows/movies. Everyone has different needs and desires in life. Please look within yourself to decide what you believe in. Don’t adopt the opinion and stances of others just because you want to connect with them in some way. Yeah, you know who you are…

  23. Great List Joe,

    I agree with almost everything on your list except #20, the people who give away their dogs. I think anybody who can’t take care of their dogs and gives them away, is a much better person than those that keep them and either neglects, or mistreats them. At least the dogs will be going to a home that will love them and take care of them.

    My additions to the list:
    101. When a car drives by your office building blasting so much bass on their stereo that you can feel it in your 6th floor office.

    102. When you tell the barista at Starbucks that you want room for cream, and they give you a cup that is only 3/4 full.

  24. People who let their dogs roam and then become hysterical when the dog is hit by a car, injures a child, etc. Take responsibility folks! [someone hit a German shepherd (who looks just like my guy) on one of our local highways yesterday with such force it split the poor animal in half–I still can’t look at my guy without tearing up]

  25. Feel better now? Please add: People who hurt animals for fun. I’ve seen way too much of that and I’ve never understood why society lets it happen without consequence.

    Number 20 is a good one! I don’t understand how people can casually dump their pets when they move. Find a pet friendly place.
    Number 21, 35-39 describes most of my relatives. This explains why I want to move far away when my mom passes.

    I saw something new today. They recently opened a new gas station with two pumps on each row. Today I saw an old lady park in the middle of the two pumps. Effectively taking up both pumps, of course. Annoying but thankfully, there were free spots in other lanes.

    I do dislike being pushed into someone’s agenda. If I “don’t” believe what a fanatic is pushing then I’m either a racist (very popular jab in Memphis) or I’m stupid. I’ve been getting this since we decided to put our kid in private school. They would comment “Obviously, you don’t want your kid around ethnics and by abandoning the school system, you’re not supporting the community.” More examples: If I don’t vote for Obama, then I’m a racist. Personally, I don’t like either candidate but that is not taken into account. If I don’t like abortion used as birth control, then I’m against it completely. Not true. In this society, you are either completely FOR or AGAINST something. I see shades of gray though. There are very few absolutes in life…at least that is my opinion. That is the most ranting I can do today. After reading some of Cherluvya’s posts, I appreciate things. She is so strong and I look forward to her inspirations on Twitter. I don’t mean to embarrass you Cherluvya but you Rock!

    Das: I sent words of “support” in yesterday’s post (at the end). Basically, I hope he feels better and the meds to their thing.

    Lisarrr: Good story! I do dislike sitting near crazy kids. We used to hate sitting near crying babies but now we just look at each other and say “Glad it’s not ours”.

    1. @Tam Dixon: I agree with you about being pushed into someone’s agenda. Ahh, the joys of living in the American Southeast. 🙂 We’re about to start our seventh year of homeschooling, and I get the comments about not supporting the public school system all the time. “How about doing what’s best for your kids,” is my reply. I’m not militant. I just wish people didn’t think that I think badly of them because my choices are not the same as theirs. I don’t. I just want the freedom to make my own choices. Of course, all of the problems with our local school system are starting to change the comments.

  26. @ DP – Just for you…

    47. Not being able to sleep.

    That’s whatcha get for having a girlfriend half yer age! *ba-da-DUM!*



  27. About people giving away their dogs (or cats!), I will NEVER understand this. I don’t have a dog myself (yet), as two cats in a 1.5 bedroom apartment is (sadly) a full house right now. But I love those 2 little cats as much as you love your dogs, Joe. And when I get a dog (and different apartment), it will be forever. People who are like, “I have to move and I can’t take my pets with me, so I’m giving them away to a good home!!!11!!1! ” make me want to rip my hair out. REALLY? You couldn’t find a place where pets are welcome? That’s f**king lazy and you are a horrible excuse for a pet owner.

  28. And yet this blog always makes me happy! Cute pug videos, great food and terrible, terrible movies. Good sleep; what’s that? Even my 2 year old niece had a nightmare that a monster ate her. I’m guessing it was an adorable cute monster out of Monsters Inc but still, already she’s joining the insomniacs club.

  29. Great list, Joe. I would add:
    1) People who park full-size raised pickups with oversize tires in ‘Compact’ car spaces.
    2) People who park at an angle that’s not the same as the parking space.
    3) People who park on the end of a row of spaces, but not actually in a space.
    4) People who are in a straight-only lane but turn anyway.
    5) People who merge all the way to the two lane upon entering the highway and then go slower than traffic in the lane next to them.
    6) People who walk down a narrow apartment driveway because they can’t be bothered to walk the 10 extra feet to the sidewalk.
    7) Bicyclists on a sidewalk (especially when they are rude to walkers on said sidewalk).
    8) Hotel prices for Comic Con.
    9) Things like ‘Twilight’ and ‘Glee’ at Comic Con.
    10) The religious folks who come to my door but won’t talk to me because I don’t speak Spanish. Not that I want them to talk to me, but still.
    11) Cable TV package prices because they think I want 500 gazillion channels when I only one the ones that carry Stargate.

  30. @ Tam Dixon – Thanks, luv. He’s perkier today, but still not eating, and not sure if he’s drinking. So I’m dropper feeding him fluids, just to play it safe. Last night he was like a rag, I could do anything to him, today he’s resisting when I give him water and meds, so I think that may be a good sign. Still holding my breath, though, we’re not out of the weeds yet.


  31. Lisarrr: When we lived in Memphis, the schools were split into normal and optional schools. The “normal” schools were a year behind (in grade level) compared to our private school. The optional schools were fantastic but you had to literally camp out for days to get on the list. So when hubby got a raise, we enrolled our son in private school. At four years old, my kid knew all the presidents of the U. S. . At five he was reading. Now that we are in Mississippi the schools are better but we decided to keep him in private school. Now we just have to deprogram him to believe in evolution. Religious private schools have agendas too. 🙄

    Hats off to you and your hubby for going the home school route. I couldn’t do it! I know a few people that homeschool. It seems you get what you put into it. It sounds like you go all out!

    Das: Do you have any nutrical)? It’s a high calorie, vitamin enriched paste you can force feed the little monster. It’s messy but it helps. The vet will sell that or something like it. You’re a cat gal, so you probably already have some in the cabinet. If not, it’s a good product to keep on hand.

    1. @Tam Dixon: Thanks. Your son was like our oldest. At the end of third grade, they told us that our oldest was at least two grades ahead, but weren’t willing to do any extra work with him. With the bullying problems we were having with our youngest, it just made sense to do it. Older son is really looking forward to the Japanese this year.

  32. Really great books with really shitty endings.
    Really great films with really shitty endings

    Really great games with really shitty ending.
    Really great TV shows with really shitty endings.

    TV networks that cancelled shows without an ending
    TV networks that order a new TV show but have no intention of supporting it.
    TV networks that cant be arse to do descent promotion of a new show and then moan it does not gaining an audience.
    TV networks that will release a cancelled show a rival TV network (this is just spite full)
    TV networks that sabotage show by picking them up so late and keep on delaying their decisions on whether they want the show or not. (this happen with defying Gravity)

  33. @ Tam Dixon – Yup, already forcefed the little monster Nutra-cal…or however it’s spelled. But just did that this morning. Let’s see how this all goes. Not getting my hopes up, and it’s really hard taking care of a sick kitty and working, since my hours are insane, and so are Mr. Das’. We’re both getting home between 8pm-12am the last week or so, and so needless to say all of our routines are screwy.

    I can’t wait for October!!!!!!


  34. Add to my previous list:

    Eyeglass lenses that remain streaky, no matter how you wash them.

  35. People who bitch about something that is free, or worse something they stole via torrent…

  36. (May be duplicate comment)

    Things that rile me for JM

    English-mechanics errors in print media, professionally-written brochures & advertisements, TV graphics.  Such errors indicate sloppy proofreading or none at all. 

    Major cities without bypass highways, forcing through traffic into downtown congestion. (cough…Vancouver…cough)

    Major cities with exorbitant transit-pass fees. (cough…Van…cough)

    Commercial areas that develop faster than roads can be expanded. (San Antonio’s Stone Oak neighborhood)

    Delivery services that leave packages marked “perishable” on doorsteps without knocking. 

    People who insist on leaving an hour early for a 15-minute drive. 

    Sorting & taking 21 individual pills per day to stay reasonably healthy. 

    Physician ADDING two more pills/day in hope of eventually discontinuing five of the 21 pills. 

    Medical offices that ask you to fill out new form(s) when last office visit was YESTERDAY. 


  37. 1. Stargate Atlantis being cancelled
    2. Stargate Extinction not being made
    3. Stargate Extinction’s script not being relesed
    4. Stargate Universe not being cancelled
    5. No Sum up all 3 series movies
    6. Terra Nova Being Cancelled
    7. Steve Carell leaving the office

  38. Maybe I’m just tired but far to many points there to give an opinion on LOL.

    But a few that I find annoying.

    1. People who abuse animals.
    (Animals dont deserve to be hurt or killed by some deranged ass with problems).

    2. People who abuse other human beings
    (Self explanatory, anyone that does this deserves to be locked up with the key thrown away and left to die).

    3. People who have a superiority complex, thinking they’re better than they actually are(they usually arent).

    4. Those who don’t treat others with respect.

    5. Those who thought ending Stargate Universe was a good idea.

    Added the 5th point for old times sake.

    Not much actually annoys me. Guess its just my personality if anything, too passive/carefree/happy at times.

  39. This are the two things that really piss me off:

    -Wait so much for something.

  40. Have to agree with most of the peeves, although I don’t like to eat steak that either moos or is charred. Medium it is for me. 🙂

    I still view online comments as spontaneous conversations, exempt from rigid rules. Boy, though, does careless use of the English language get me going. Saw this piece and thought, “Hurray!”

    “I won’t hire people who use poor grammar…. Sloppy is as sloppy does.” ~Kyle Wiens

  41. ~~People using handicapped sticker to park when there is not actually a handicapped person in vehicle.
    ~~junk mail
    ~~telemarketing calls
    ~~anything you buy and bring home and breaks 20 minutes after using…(our new pole saw)
    ~~voles eating my tomatoes
    ~~having to reset my cable box every day to keep getting data unavailable on the guide..damn cable company.( and calling for repair and they tell me to reset the cable box…)duh!!

  42. “80. Bookstore staff recommendations.”

    But I love recommending books! 😉 Okay, only if asked and I’m extra happy whenever someone wants to buy some new Fantasy or Science-Fiction.

  43. wow. Worth the wait. Nice rant. A few of my own.

    Facebook posters who have to put up 2 dozen supposedly cute posters, usually of a religous nature at a time, and 3-6 times a day.
    Religous people who become hostile simply because I do not share their particular belief system. Then get offended when I point out WHY I do not share their beliefs, and act as if they are being persecuted.
    Having to jump through hoops to pay off a simple bill, because the business does not maintain a physical office, and their web site is so badly set up it takes literally an hour to coax it into accepting a payment.
    Being a regular customer and big tipper at an eatery, only to have the dumb blonde waitress be clueless as to what I want, even though it’s the same thing I’ve ordered the last 30 times.
    Not getting the back story to someone’s list of things that piss them off :-).
    going to have to print out the list, make sure I am not an offender, and add some of the other rants to the list. Hope the week improves, and that when it becomes time to deal with the creative executives face to face you can maintain your calm and charm, instead of acting on your fantasies.

  44. Merge etiquette… are we talking about late-merging? My peeve has to do with the people who merge early and end up sitting in a long line, holding up traffic because they think they’re being polite, when in fact, the traffic engineers WANT people to late merge (use both lanes until the actual point of merging, then take turns via zipper effect). They’ve been trying endlessly to get us in Minnesota to do it right (newspaper articles, signs on the side of the road…). Instead people think they’re being polite by merging early and then blocking the people using the open lane. (Once, they had a sign saying that the left lane would close in X miles. There was this huge traffic jam in the right lane. I, being a late merger because I actually bothered to read MNDoT’s articles, whizzed by. Guess what, some road worker forgot to remove the sign. The left lane wasn’t close and all those people sat in line for no good reason.)


    Sorry. That’s my biggest pet peeve (when driving) 🙂

  45. Very busy, but I have time to share one big thing that pisses me off…

    Pedestrians who cross against the traffic signals. I could fill this entire page with a rant about that one.


  46. i agree with a lot of those.
    and i agree with jgeoghan, that you now need a list of 100 things that make you happy (or at least things you like) for balance.

  47. I have to add one on behalf of all the kids – in particular my daughter, looking for a job.N
    No you aren’t suitable for job x – which is casual and an entry level position (even though you have just graduated after 3 years in college getting the necessary qualifications) because you have no experience. How are you supposed to get the experience if you aren’t given a chance at entry level.

  48. What really ticks me off is when someone starts a sentence, and then never ……………..

  49. People who pull out in front of you at the last possible second, even though there are no cars behind you, and then go slow

    People who continually tell me I pronounce my name incorrectly, and insist on stating they are correct and I am wrong, regardless of what I say

    People who state they love to debate politics/religion/any topic in general but all they really want to do is tell you how you are wrong and they are right.

    People who don’t understand how you can be really good friends with a person who has drastically different beliefs and opinions then yours

    Jackass in general

    People who berate you for saying thank you too often

    People who don’t say thank you

    Dinner guests who show up a ½ hour late, without calling or texting you in advance

    @ Alfredo De La Fe
    4. Idiots that stand in a long line and wait until it is their turn to look at the menu and change their minds half a dozen times before putting in their orders.

    – I fully support you with this one, drives me crazy

    @ Joe
    63. Not being able to find something I just saw the other day.

    – This is the story of my life. Luckily one of my roommate’s super powers is finding my missing items. I don’t know how she does it, but I am grateful.

  50. Drivers in the left lane going 20 mph below speed limit with the left turn signal still on.

    Drivers who don’t turn off their turn signals for miles and miles.

    Cable networks that never give a final conclusion to a series. (You know who they are)!

    Cable networks that don’t follow the namesake format. (Wrestling Really)!

    People who bring their baby/toddler to an R or PG rated movie. (They call them babysitters or wait for the DVD)

  51. Joe I hope you feel better now. Hey, I have to ask for my steak “medium”. If I say “medium rare” it bleeds and cries when I cut into it. If I say “well done” it tastes like jerky.

    I was in a good mood until I got to about #20. Then your pissy list started to piss me off. The only thing that is making me irritable lately is:

    1. Not having my wireless mouse and having to use the keyboard one. It sucks!

    2. People who drive fast thru neighborhoods.

    3. Or when I pick up a paper clip and it has several others hanging from it like some damn trapeze act. That will make me have a stroke one day.

    4. And I hate work! Why do I have to go to work? Other people I know don’t work! Why do I have to? I am saving up to take a year off. Maybe in a couple of years.

  52. Since I put a certain cable network down for it’s bad programming choices thought I’d add a one I like. The Science Channel for it’s at least omce a month “Firefly” marathons, and prime time showing of “Serenity” after. I watch even though I have the series and movie on DVD.

  53. Oh! The long awaited rant! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I’ll add: Hostile takeovers masquerading as mergers.

    @das: I hope the kitty gets better soon. Sorry I’ve been too busy to communicate much. I promise I’ll do better. Email coming soon.

  54. My list is short:

    1. People who text/email while driving
    2. People who continue to talk on their cell phone while they’re checking out at a store or going through a drive-through
    3. SyFy

    Yep. That pretty much covers it.


  55. I work at a small supermarket…

    1. Customers who don’t grab a basket/trolley and just bring a few items at a time and leave them on the counter and expect you to remember which items are theirs. My policy if people walk off mid-transaction is to put them to the end of the queue.

    2. Customers assuming you naturally know everything about every conceivable product line no matter how obscure.

    3. Customers asking store hours when it is clearly displayed.

    4. Customers holding up a large queue, trying to find small change that makes little difference to how fast I can produce change.

    I think I’ll just say customers lol.

  56. Customer service reps/wait staff/etc. who insist on telling the customer what can’t be done or what the customer has done wrong instead of trying to solve the problem.

  57. You ended that sentence with a preposition! You bastard! 😉

    I.E. Bad grammar, lol

    ~ LJ

  58. Things that piss me off…

    1. Smokers who smoke on the sidewalk in your path while your trying to hold breath trying not inhale secondhand smoke.

    2. Tailgaters.

    3. People who don’t respect animals.

    4. People who hate cats.

    5. Smokers who toss their cigarettes on the ground.

    6. Smokers.

    7. Syfy TPTB who decided to cancel SGU on a cliffhanger.

    8. Prejudice.

    9. People who want to take away our freedom.

    10. People who want to alter the U.S. Constitution.

    11. The son-of-bitch who shot and killed people in the Colorado movie theater.

    12. People who don’t recycle.

    13. People who don’t care about the enviroment.

    14. People who bash Catholics.

    15. People racing through a parking lot when your trying back up.

    16. People who block the intersection.

    17. People who wait after the light changes green.

    That’s all for now. 😉

  59. Actually can add:
    – people on Twitter or Facebook who will text something like “oh fxxk”
    and nothing else seeming to expect everyone that sees that to ask…
    What’s wrong, etc.
    – people who do that and NEVER reply to those asking what’s wrong.

    Another reason I dropped out of FB.
    At least on Twitter it is easier to unfollow those who do this.
    ok…climbing off soapbox and leaving $5.00 – no change required.

  60. @ Sparrowhawk – No worries. I’ve been crazy busy for weeks. The past two-three weeks have just been unreal. So I understand, just take your time. 🙂


  61. @ majorsal – I ADORE grumpy Joe! When he’s in grump-mode he just reminds me so much of cranky Todd.* 😀

    *Note: However, I do not enjoy grumpy Mr. Das. I have come to the conclusion that grumpiness and/or crankiness is only endearing when you don’t actually have to live with the person…or the Wraith.


  62. While some of your list I don’t agree with, I’ll add one to the injury part.

    Biting your tongue while chewing.

  63. 101. Publishers who tell you they’re going to get back to you about the manuscript you sent them and then YEARS LATER, still haven’t gotten back to you!

  64. 1) people who feel that they should get a free phone “just because”
    2) people who think they are entitled to anything they ask for.
    3) flies
    4) pedestrians who think its ok to start walking once hand has been flashing and know its about to turn yellow. And I AM a pedestrian can’t drive.
    5) People who have to run for bus.
    6) people who think they know it all.
    7) people who don’t shovel after a snowfall.
    8) really rich people.
    9) headaches
    10) heavy metal music.
    11) dumb commercials
    12) people who don’t use active listening skills.
    13) the fact ping pong is an Olympic sport.

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