“I’ve never seen so much drunk zombies.”  – Akemi walking home after drinks at the Hilton last night.

Well, not really Comic Con Day #2.  Actually, the second half of Day #1 and part of Day #2 as the festivities are ongoing.  Today = my Dark Matter signing.

Where: The Dark Horse Booth (#2615)

When: 4:00 – 5:00

Why?: In addition to checking out my cool new black eye, I’ll be giving away signed copies of Dark Matter #1 AND Stargate swag including signed scripts!

“Back off, lady!”
Zombie family out for a stroll.
Zombie Queen in line-up outside some zombie party.  Braaaaiiiins!  And drinks!
Former Amazing Race contestants, Kint and Vixen (?), not really dressed up at all.
Chicken chillin’
Cookie Monster partying when he should be home watching Steel for our Supermovie of the Week Club!
Wonder Woman teams up with Los Luchadores!
Vader vs. Zombie Nurses! I’d watch this movie!

For dinner, Akemi and I met up with ace editor Lou Anders, extraordinary artist John Picacio, and uber-talented novelist, short story writer, and Astonishing X-Men scribe Marjorie M. Liu for dinner at a place called Seersucker.

John and Marjorie
Cowboy Caviar, a.k.a. Prairie Oysters, a.k.a. bull testicles. I mean, it was on the menu. How could I NOT order it? John and Marjorie were brave enough to try some with me. Lou and Akemi, not so much.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Hilton for drinks with Night Shade Books’ Jeremy Lassen and friends.  On the way, ran into Remi Aubuchon, formerly of Stargate now of Fallen Skies fame, who promised to come by the booth during my signing and offer some supportive heckling.

Lunch at Nobu today.  We’re going back tonight for the sea urchin tempura!

Now, back at the hotel packing up the Stargate swag.  Off to Ghirardelli’s for a peanut butter sundae (and waffle cup for Akemi), then back to the convention center to track down a Hydra and A.I.M. t-shirt, some Dexter-related merchandise for sis, and track down some missing back issues of The Avengers and Thunderbolts. Oh, and sign some copies of Dark Matter!

20 thoughts on “July 14, 2012: Comic Con Day #2!

  1. Hmmm…wonder if Picacio is free for lunch in S.A. next week?

    (Possible duplicate comment, Joe.)

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated. Looks like a good time is being had by all. And this is a question for all on the blog—Any idea how to get someone to move so that our apartment parking lot isn’t completely blocked in without having them lose their temper?? Yes, I’m serious. Our little part of the parking log is blocked in by a moving truck with its ramp extended on one side and a fancy sports car on the other. And yes, we’ve already called the office so now it’s time to get creative. Thanks in advance.

    Have a great time at the signing, Joe!!!
    Lisa R

  3. Looks like a blast! the stargate stuff you’re giving away is awesome, can’t wait to get mine! Good luck to everyone there, wish it was me!

  4. Hey Joe,

    Everywhere seems filled with news of ComicCon. So thrilled you will be making so many fans happy. I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy but know so little of comics and animi. My youngest daughter has been into it for years and attended the convention. She is now finished with college and moved from California to settle into a job.

    So…you are now my first had teller of what goes on. Still get lost with much of it..,but I love to here about things that people have a passion for.

    Best to you Joe,

    P.S. I have been reading far more than commenting. I believe my life has it’s ups and downs. Some downs last longer than others. I have lived long enough to know the bad passes and you eventually come out the other side. My blessings will always outweigh my troubles.

  5. *waves at John Picacio!*

    Would love to meet John someday. He’s a real sweetie, and I just cherish the original Elric sketch of his that now adorns my wall. A true talent, indeed.

    Joe, it sounds like you and Akemi are having a great time! Loving the pictures! They make me feel so extraordinarily normal. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the con and your trip! Eat some chocolate for me! 😀


  6. Was first in line for your signing at comic con today! Was great meeting you and I say again Window if Opportunity was the best stargate episode period. Enjoy the rest of the con -Nicole 🙂

  7. I’ve never seen any drunken zombies..my life is boring 🙁 .

    Cool pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    Have you seen any of the Dr. Who cast? That would be a good gig for you.

    Mountain oysters? Not unless I was very, very hungry.

  8. P.S. Mountain oysters are what we call Prairie Oysters. They still sound ….like something I wouldn’t order but I’m glad you are having fun.

  9. OK, waiting for a picture of you at your booth, signing and having fun. Food and friends pictures, more please. I just knew Cookie was sneaking in to your luggage. Party on!!

  10. (sighs) now I am really regretting being mature and responsible. Shoulda blown the money and headed west. Ah well. Just motivates me to bucket list comic con. Keep having fun!

  11. If I went to one of those conventions, I would dress in something outrageous and be totally unrecognizable, and just “let it all hang out”. Looks like everyone there is doing that. Great pictures. There is a satelite channel (G4) that is broadcasting live from the convention. I’m looking for you and Akemi in the crowd…

  12. No Foie Gras but California allows Rocky Mountain Oysters?!?

    I think California has a little foreign food related protection racket going 😉

    More evidence to support this claim; no Steak Tartare!

    On other matters, I was planning to follow some of the ComicCon activities on G4, but I have an inlaw visiting who is NOT a fan of Science Fiction or action comics. So when the TV has been on (very little actually), we’ve been watching “Mirror Mirror”, “Holes”, and the McLachlan Group.

    I need to try and setup the DVR to record anything that might be covered for Sunday…

    P.S. I would’ve joined you in trying the Rocky Mountain Oysters 😉

  13. Joe, my brother thought you were a pretty cool guy. Of course, that was something I already knew. 🙂

    Have a good trip back!
    Lisa R

  14. Bravery has nothing to do with it. I was all set to dig in when I realized that I don’t eat beef, and as they are still part of a red-meat animal, the testicles are probably still legally beef. I shall go out of my way to find us something equally disturbing, but non-red, to eat next time we meet.

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