I had to convince Akemi that the lyrics to that H&M commercial campaign weren’t “You’re so thin!” but “Girls on film!”.  I informed it’s a cover version of a 1980’s hit by a group called Duran Duran.  My explanation seemed plausible but, upon closer scrutiny, came up short. After all, given the product and the models leaping about onscreen, “You’re so thin!” makes much more sense.

Today, I approved the (dialogue and SFX) placements for Dark Matter’s third issue.  Like some of you, a few of my friends have been unable to locate copies of Dark Matter #1.  Apparently, Vancouver comic shops have collectively sold out of all five copies they ordered.

Friend #1 at the beginning of his journey to source and purchase Dark Matter's first issue.
Friend #2 at the end of same journey. No dice!

While you’re waiting for your local comic shop to restock their order, why not head on over to SciFiTalk to catch excerpts from my podcast chat with Tony Tellado:


Hey!  I hit the 30 page mark on my horror film script.  I texted Ivon today to report my progress and inform him that, if it ever gets made, this movie will be the most disturbing horror film ever!

A gentle reminder (soon to be followed by a stern warning which, in turn, will be followed by a blistering harangue) to get your questions in for Batgirl Rising (and Smallville) writer Bryan Q. Miller!

Dog pics of the day…

They have four giant dog beds yet always seem to prefer the cozier sleeping arrangements.
Aaaah! Jelly stretches out.

So yesterday I received a stern reprimand from my mother for phoning her between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. on weekdays because it interrupts her daily viewing of Murder She Wrote.  At least I think it’s 7:00 and 8:00 p.m.  Could be between 6:00 and 7:00 or 8:00 and 9:00.  Not sure. Just in case, I think I’ll wait until after 9:00 p.m. EST before ringing her up.  Wait.  Anybody know what airs between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.? Dancing with the Stars?  American Idol?  Reruns of the Old Andy Griffith Show?

Off to check out a friend of friend’s pizzeria tonight.  Will, of course, report back tomorrow.  With pics!

43 thoughts on “January 18, 2012: What? Are you screening this blog now? Only skimming the title to see if I’ll be writing about anything interesting? Just read the damn entry!

  1. Aww, the pups are so cute! My two cats do the same thing. They always squeeze together in the smallest of spaces. Until I go to bed. Then they come sleep on my legs.

  2. I think we just ran out of pithy titles 😉

    And I’ll be watching Christopher Reeve’s Superman tonight, just so I can be ready for Da Cookie Mon’s review.

  3. Well I can tell you that the main comic book shop in Spokane, Washington (aptly named The Comic Book Shop by the way) had a very limited supply, but I managed to call them up and reserve a copy which I promptly went over and picked up right after I cashed my paycheck.

    I love the overall story concept. And I like the artwork, good because I think that bad artwork in a comic can kill a comic only slightly less faster than a crap writing. As for your writing, I love the dialogue. I thought you and Paul did great writing in Stargate, your standards and abilities haven’t lessened one bit. So overall I give it a 10 out of 10 and hope and can’t wait for the other Parts 2, 3, and of course Part 4!

  4. Questions? I’m not knowledgeable enough about Batgirl to have questions!

    Okay, I’ll try:

    Hi Bryan! I’m kind of a newbie to the whole comic book scene but I loved Batgirl:Rising. What was your inspiration for bringing out another incarnation of Batgirl?

  5. Wasn’t that Maximus’ new bed? Finally read Dark Matter and thoroughly enjoyed it…so when is the TV series going to start?

    What’s a copy of Dark Matter #1 worth to your friends??? 🙂

  6. Joe, try the Zap2It “What’s On” app for iPhone. You can save multiple locations. No more guessing when to call Mama Mallozzi.

  7. When I went to get my copy of Dark Matter, it was the only one left. The guy said he had ordered five, and it had sold quite well. So, at least you know you have fans in AL. 🙂

    @JeffW: I loved Christopher Reeve as Superman. I remember going to that movie as a child.

    Have a great night, Joe, and all!!!!

  8. Make it 10:15… All that song&dance crap is on at 9, and it’ll give time for the bathroom break…

  9. Always happy to see pup pics.
    And for your call scheduling needs: http://www.visiontv.ca/schedule/
    They have a truly … eclectic … selection of programming. Tonight they’re showing something called “The Church of Elvis”. Hmm. Perhaps Cookie Monster could do a review.
    – KB

  10. Hey, I always read the damn entry! Is it true that “Girls on Film” was Duran Duran’s tribute to porn? I heard that somewhere. Probably the internet, so it must be true.

    Cute dog pics!

    Also, exactly how many times has your mom watched through the entire MSW cycle? I hope people are still watching Stargate that diligently that many years after it ended!

  11. Looks like you may have jumped ahead of yourself Joe, today is January 18th, not 19th 🙂

    Also wanted to let you know that I also read every entry and eagerly look forward to the next day’s entry 🙂

  12. @ asdasdg
    What happend to the entry for January 18? Didn’t see one……

    Ahem– it is actually Jan 18, Joe just got his dates wrong.

    Stupid stores should have ordered a lot more than 5. But hey, fast sell out hopefully they will double or triple next order!

  13. Gotta love the mysteries on the telly. I’m currently zipping through Inspector Lewis, I had watched some of them but it does take a while for the story to get going and if you miss the first part like I always do then the rest of the story doesn’t make sense. But catching up on Netflix is a delight and Oxford looks like heaven on earth.

    I think I bought one of the only copies that was on Amazon last week, I’ve been trying to finish my fellowship app so I can hunker down and enjoy DM but no joy with my transcript; I hunted through piles of paper today with no luck so tomorrow will have to beg for a copy in person, even though the school’s website warns that they do NOT give out transcripts in person.

    If you’re horror film is anything like Whispers I will be having bad dreams for sure. My fave horror film is Assault on Precinct 13. The taciturn gang members were evil as hell. The motley gang of heroes was badass.

  14. I read, I READ!!!! I swear! I just don’t always have a witty rebuttal. 🙂

    Also, I apologize for being a tad preoccupied with Italian seamen lately… but men of the sea have long fascinated me, even before the Wraith, and comics, and – believe it or not – even before albinos. All it took was that commanding voice of the Coast Guard officer to reignite my passion for all things nautical…in fact, I might just have to pop in a Horatio Hornblower dvd for a little maritime fix. 🙂 I think I’ll go with the first one, The Duel/Even Chance…or mebbe I’ll just cheat and watch the ending…care to join me? (I’m sure Mr. Monster would have much to say about Mr. Fantastic in this clip, even though it’s not a superhero flick.)



  15. I read the whole thing, usually! Elway’s had a seizure, so I’m up, waiting for the next one. 🙁 Trying a different Valium protocol at home this time, we’ll see how it goes. Scary shit, I hate to see my boy like this. Nite, all.

  16. Hey Joe,

    You are so funny today. The title and THREATS! *giggles* Don’t you wish I was a geek or a nerd? Comics really are brand new for me. I honestly thought I could find Batgirl…but every thing comic…needs to be ordered…at least in my comic book life. I did purchase Geoff Johns’ Green Latern “No Fear” (in stock) but that was for my grandson’s birthday.

    The comic store owner called me today. He was rather excited that my “Dark Matter” comic arrived two days early. *giggles* I said I would come tomorrow to pick it up…He said “Really?” *smiles* I promise to be VERY grateful when I pick it up…but I can’t help but think my reaction wasn’t what he expected. I plan on finding out if he ordered more to have on hand.

    I have The Big Bang Theory on and it is all about comic books and the comic book store. I am so Penny. See…you can tell people you have a Penny in your life. Ha…

    I was going to comment on your two friends…but I borrowed your codsperm video of a certain someone and posted it on Twitter. It was Chev, me and the guys tweeting and the clip was a perfect finale…but Chev and I could possibly still be in time out.

    Love the pictures of the pups…and your mother quandary. Good luck with figuring that out. I think it is very sweet that you call. My son reminds me to read his blog if I want to know what is going on in his life. 🙁

    Best to you Joe…and your little family,
    Cheryl 🙂

    P.S. I am still giggling over your title. I swear I would ask questions of your guests…but I would most certainly be an embarrassment.

  17. Hugs @Deni

    It’s 3:39 a.m. and I’m up because we had a stupid power outage for less than 2 minutes which made Comcast fail for 1 hour and 15 minutes apparently and I had a 15-minute dictation that took me 2-1/2 hours to transcribe. At least it wasn’t a difficult report.

    Dogs like close quarters. Think dogs in the wild. That is why they like caves, small spaces, crates, etc.

    Guess what I got in the mail tonight? Yep, my nonautographed copy of Dark Matter. Later today or Friday when I decide to put makeup on again, I will have a picture taken with me in it with the comic for proof of purchase. Here is what I think you should do Joe — Get a post office box in Vancouver to which we can send mail without giving away your secret lair. Then have us send you $20-50 (the going convention rate for an autograph these days) for an autographed copy. Of course, then you could donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

    And good news for me! Not as bad news as I thought and I guess the doctor felt so sorry about all my bad karma lately that he called me himself to tell me and spare me the expense of a Feb 3 office visit. Of course I thought it was bad news and was upset with the timing of the call since Patrick was due home on the bus at any moment. And of course, I had to make an appointment with a therapist today to help me with the anxiety of having to wait until Feb 3 for the lab results, so I guess I broke even. LOL. Looks like my issue might be manageable pretty easily. Cannot undue damage already done, but a few minor switches, no immunosuppressants (amen) and I can wait until March to see him again. I can see you are doing the happy dance there for me.

  18. Hi!

    Sure you’ve already mentioned it but where can I buy Dark Matter on on-line? Preferably digital and hopefully iPad-ified 🙂


  19. This duranie here thinks it’s a pretty lame cover of the song – took me a while to realize it was Girls on Film. You’re so thin… yeah, I agree.

    As for the video, it was meant to play in dance clubs at the time, not on MTV. I think it was the Berrows’ idea. (their managers) The band just went along with it and had a lot of fun.

  20. Hey, Joe!

    If your Mom likes ‘Murder She Wrote’ then a I know a great gift idea for the next time you need to give her a gift. I bought my Mom a dvd called “The Snoop Sisters” starring Helen Hayes & Mildred Natwick. It’s what inspired the Murder She Wrote series. It was a set of 5 movies from the mid-70’s that was part of NBC’s Murder Mystery Movie of the Week featuring 2 sisters who were mystery writers that kept finding themselves stumbling on to murders. My Mom loved it, apparently there are a lot of big name guest stars in the movies… including Alice Cooper. Him and Helen Hayes together, I wonder why they don’t do TV casting like that anymore… that could be your new show, Joe, a murder mystery starring Betty White & Ozzy Osborne!! 🙂

  21. @ Das

    –the HORATIO HORNBLOWER movies are the best!

    Technically Ioan Gruffudd is still under contract to film the next 2 books in the series. A&E announced at the time that the first Fantastic Four movie came out that they were going to hold off production for several years… but they never specified if it was because of Ioan’s movie career taking off or if it was because they wanted him to age enough years to better match the age of the Hornblower character in the next set of stories since he would be older & married. Robert Lindsay (i.e.- Pellew) was signed on for the movies too, but I’m not sure who else was. Hopefully they’ll get made some day. During an interview for the “Amazing Grace” movie, Ioan Gruffudd said that Hornblower was his favorite character to play and that he still hoped to do more projects in the future, so there’s always a chance.

  22. @Das. Love the Hornblower series, have the whole collection(and the original novels of course).

    Ok, ok, I’ll be a narcissist and assume your title is aimed at me. Having now officially shaken whatever germ of the year has elected to abide inside my lungs. Now it’s back into what passes for a daily routine for me, including lurking less and speaking more.
    Alas, I was not able to find a copy of Batgirl Rising. I have a suspicion that the store clerk at the local shop did not in fact call the other stores in the chain(both of them) to see if they have a copy in stock, but I can’t prove it. I did however watch Batman, with many a smile. I’m always in awe of Batman’s level of preparedness, with boats, helicpoters, and water dispensers always ready to go. And I have a theory on the batpoles. As they slide, a special spray disolves their outer clothing. There is a msall platform about halfway down, and as they slide down, the lower halves of their uniforms awai, firefighter bunker pants style, for the duo to slide into. They then extend their arms up, robotic arms swing out, and voila. Upper part of the uniforms, utility belts, and capes are placed, the platform collapses, and they complete the slide. That’s what I figured out when I was a kid watching the show and I’m sticking to it today.
    tuesday is a good day for a Superman review, and I’m marking off a couple of hours that afternoon to wach the flick before you post Cookie’s review. I just hope to have better luck on the BotM club. I really want to see that continue, even if it’s only a bi-monthly activity.
    Dark matter sold out at the comic store here too, and like Batgirl Rising I couldn’t seem to get a copy from the sister stores. I’ll take that as a good sign on your sales. Overall, my one word review is promising. You’ve set up a lot of questions, and given us the broadest strokes on the portraits of the characters’ personalities, and I’m optimistic episode 2 will be even more satisfying. I give the issue a 7/10, with that number only because I expect the future episodes to get much closer to 10, and I want wiggle room.
    As always thank you for all your time and effort on this blog

    @deni; sorry to hear about Elway, and hope things improve.

  23. @das – It’s food for thought. I haven’t had much exposure to maritime culture – small boats on manmade lakes, a whale-watching tour, a Mackinac ferry.

    I swam in the ocean 3 times. Bad things happened due to inexperience every time. Once I was swept by a current for 2 miles parallel to the shore. I passed countless piers and worthless lifeguards. The only way I didn’t get smacked against any one of dozens of pillars I passed close to and didn’t tire before making it to shore was I was optimally conditioned for the explosive rounds of kicking it took to dodge the pillars.

    The ocean is dangerous and even competent people can be given to complacency. I don’t have the background to know the dangers or the trust in people to rely on their experience. It’s a great place for stories, though. Fictional stories that don’t involve actually going there.

  24. January 18, 2012: What? Are you screening this blog now? Only skimming the title to see if I’ll be writing about anything interesting? Just read the damn entry!


    Guilty. But still reading, most of it 😛

  25. Ah, Deni, hugs!

    MSW? In our time zone, it is aired at a seemly time for seniors. In the afternoon, I think.

  26. @All you beautiful people that care about me and my Elway: Thank you for the hugs, guys, it really helps. The night got worse, we finally gave in and took him to the ER at 4:00 a.m. (too many seizures to manage at home), picked him up at 7:30 and brought him home, and he had no more seizures while there ($340 just like that). I sat with him all morning and watched him sleep, on and off, and finally decided to give him his “dinner” at noon since he hadn’t had any more seizures. Mind you, I hadn’t left him alone even to pee, so I figured we were probably out of the woods and I could (pee). Nope. He fell to the floor and got into one of the worst seizures he’s ever had, bit his tongue (blood everywhere), the whole shebang, and me in mid-pee. I rushed him to my vet’s office, met the new owner of the place (WHAT a f***wad), thanked my lucky stars my regular vet was there today, and that’s where we’re at. He stepped in his water bowl on the way out, so I’m hoping his IV catheter is salvageable so he doesn’t need to be poked again (he has crappy veins now, too) and to save me the extra $70. Oh yeah, another thing. Elway’s been going to the same vet for many years and everybody there knows and loves him. He has his own huge memory foam bed there for days like this. Putting him in a cage is not a good idea because he’s big and so are his seizures, so he usually winds up hurting himself when confined. The former owner of the veterinary hospital and I discussed all this and he allowed Elway to remain on his bed in the treatment area. Not today. Dr. F***wad put him in a cage and pretty much told me that’s the way it was going to be. I disagreed, but at this point, I let it go knowing that a) he was leaving within a few minutes and my regular vet would have him out of there in a heartbeat and b) taking him to a new vet today would only cause more stress. But trust me, it aint gonna stay that way if we are to keep going there! I haven’t had any sleep, neither has Mr. Deni (and he’s out job hunting, poor guy), the house is a wreck and I’m coming a bit unglued right about now. Yeah, we’ve been here before and hopefully by tomorrow or the next day, he’ll be right as rain and wanting to play soccer and score many goals again (ok, ALL the goals). Still, I worry every time, knowing that any of these times could be the last. Thanks again guys, it’s good to know you’re all there. 🙂 xoxo

  27. Hey Joseph – I always read, just never comment because everyone else does such a good job of that. I’m out in Maple Ridge, I think Golden Age is probably the closest comic book store to me!! Not enough in the lower mainland is there?

  28. @ Lewis & Thornyrose – Hornblower is my favorite Gruffudd role, though his part in Warriors/Peacekeepers I believe is his best acted role. I have Amazing Grace, but haven’t watched it yet. 😛 I also liked him in that one about the sheep…can’t remember the title…he was investigating a murder…sheep were involved. That’s all I remember. 😛

    Anyways, I would love to see more Hornblower movies. I have all the movies, and the books. I won a contest years ago on A&E so I have an autographed picture of Horatio and Archie in full dress uniform, framed on a shelf (that a few years ago was replaced with one of Todd at the helm of his ship, but I can change that right back).

    The Hornblower movies, and the books, got me through a very rough time so they’ll always hold a special place in my heart. I would love to see more movies made, just not sure if they should do a remake of the Peck classic (which covered, I believe – Beat to Quarters, Ship of the Line, Flying Colours), or if they should tackle Atropos, which is one of my favorites. Or, ya know, they can do whatever they want as long as they make more movies! 🙂

    (BTW – Last night I decided to skip Horatio and watched Damn the Defiant! instead – one of the best age of sail movies made, imho. I just love the dynamics between the captain and his first lieutenant…what a bastard that guy was!)

    @ DP – Here’s a great write up on this Schettino’s failure as a captain:


    Also, this commentary (and the links within) sheds some light on Captain Schettino’s personality, including indications that he often took risks and liked to do things his way:


    @ Joe – I’m sorry that I have no questions for your guests! Outside of my queries into Marty’s beard, I’m at a loss. I just wasn’t interested in the Batgirl book (I don’t like female leads…but you know that already), and I’m so out of the loop regarding tv I can’t even ask questions pertaining to the shows these guys have worked on. I have failed you, Mr. Mallozzi, and I am sorry. 🙁

    However…if you wanna talk about seamen…



  29. PS @ DP – I forgot to say that I’ve lived at the shore all my life, and have been on many boats, including that schooner I used to volunteer on…and I can’t swim worth a lick…I just sink. I blame it on my lea… ummm… on my muscular rear end. 😀


  30. @Deni – hoping for the best

    @lenp – just go to the app store and search for Dark Horse. I think you can buy the comic from right within the app.

    @PBMom – things are sounding better!!

  31. @Deni, hope the pup is feeling better,and that you get some rest,{{hugs}} good luck to Mr Deni.

  32. Interrupting your mom while she’s watching her favourite show – that’s sacrilege! Any good son or daughter knows not to interrupt ‘good’ telly!

    In my mum’s house that’s Corrie (Coronation Street) and Emmerdale. Not that my mum wouldn’t speak to me, But I can always tell. She uses that distracted voice they have which tells me she’s only half listening. Kinda like I had when someone called when SGA was on!.

  33. @ Deni – Good lord, girl…how are you even still standing? {{{hugs}}} I wish you a peaceful evening, and hope things settle down and get back to some kind of normal. Give your big boy a big kiss for me, and keep loving him lots! xoxo


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