Many not know dis but Monster on short list to replace Simon Cowl on Amerikan Idol.  Deal almost closed (with jenerous chocolate chippee dressing room rider) when show hire Cookie’s bitter enemy = Jennifer Lopez!  Me and JLo be feuding since Monster walk off set of Gigli (me fired after complain JLo too rough during sex scenes – ie. fur tugging) and force produktion to hire Ben Afflek.  Notice how dat turn out? Anyhoo, Monster and JLo definitely not work together again so Cookie walk away from lookrative contrakt.  But, on bright side, have free time to pursue other interesting projekts like role of Cop #3 in Prime Suspekt and clean out basement.  Point me want to make is dat Monster very good judge of others.  So when Joe ask me to do reviews for  SuperMovie of Week Club, me say yes because me love the projekt, free time open up in Monster busy skedule, and me great at critiking (ask anybody on Sesame Street).

But after last week, Monster not so sure me want to continue.  “Super” movie of week not so “super”.  More “supershit” dan “superfantastik”. But Monster not a quitter.  You all depending on Cookie to tell you what to tink of movie.  And, anyway, sign contrakt so not want to be sued by JosephMallozzi Inc. Ltd.

So, Monster sit down and watch dis week’s pick: Batman!  Movie shot in gloryus Teknikolor and have not one, not two, not tree, but FOUR villains.  Dis Batman BC version (Before Codpiece) very charming. Adam West best Batman ever and Burt Ward (who play Robin AND Bruce Wayne yoothful ward – Ward play ward.  Coincidents?  Me not tink so either) pretty darn good Robin.  Helpful narrashun very good for set tone – and help stupid audience members.  Why movies not do it more?  Monster can tink of severul films would have been so much better (Memento, Godfather III, and De Artist).

We introduced to Bruce Wayne and yoothful ward Dick Grayson but – surprize! – dey be really Batman and Robin after pole slide to Batcave! “Atomik battery to power!  Turbines to speed!”  Batmobile off to de races!  Monster like attenshun to scientifik detail like dat.  Notice in later Batman movies no mention of either atomik battery OR turbines? How new Batmobile go?  Power of wishful tinking? 🙁

Batman and Robin take Batcopter out to sea and, while Batman climbing down Batladder, he attacked by Bateating shark.  Leads to thrilling man vs. shark battle where even best Batpunches (take dat stoopid shark!) have no affect.  But Batsharkrepellent does – and in nick of time too because turn out shark not your average every day shark.  But exploding shark! Den turn out not even your average exploding shark…but trap exploding shark!  Dis movie  layers upon layers upon layers!

Turn out bad guys (Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and sexy Catwoman) have kidnap Admiral with sekret invention.  What sekret invention?  Wait for it….wait for it…Bruce Wayne lounge around wearing ascot….wait for it…Robin very good at riddles…wait for it…Bruce Wayne go on romantik date, drink milk out of cognac glass, kidnapped then saved…wait for it…Best bomb-getting-rid-of-sequence ever!…wait for it…Dehydrashun machine!  Bad guys use to dehydrate seamen, den put dehydrated seamen into Batcave, but dehydrated seamen unstable and end up transported to other realm (Monster tink bedsheets of nearest Motel 6). Den bad guys dehydrate members of United World security council. Gather up dehydrated bits of multicolor powder and go back to sub for partaay!

But Batman and Robin crash party!  Fight on deck!  Everybody overboard!  Stand-ins swim-ins look nothing like actors.  Batman and Robin get back onboard and discover – HOLY HEARTBREAK! – Miss Kitka really Catwoman!!!

Miss Kitka!  Russian reporter Miss Kitka!  From Moscow Bugle!

Bruce Wayne almost fall in love wit her!  Remember?  No?  I forgot to mention?  Okay.  So earlier in movie, Bruce Wayne interviewed by Russian reporter working for Moscow Bugle and fall in love but turn out she really Catwoman.

Oopsy.  Maybe need spoiler space.













Miss Kitka really Catwoman!

Multicolored vials holding dehydrated Security Council break!  Batman and Robin have to vacuum up all de little bits (and probably some submarine dust) and put in special machine to separate.  Everyone around de world interested in how it going to turn out.  Commissioner Gordon even get call from George W!  Security Council rehydrated. Sort of!  Monster not going to spoil ending but lets just say Security Council members switch personalities.

Monster like dis movie a lot.  Like any great film, leave a lot of questions unanswered.  Questions like: How Bruce and Dick change into Batman and Robin by sliding down poles?  Why bad guys have to pretend to Admiral Shippledipper dat he at sea?  Do penguin quack? Beside fact dat movie make hardly any sense at all, me like it!

Final Verdikt: Movie have it all – action, romance, suspense and exploding shark!  Oh and also one exploding seamen!

Rating: 8 out of 10 chocolate chippee cookies

Pleaze diskuss.

Next Tuesday, me back to review and diskuss 1978 Superman:

Already me don’t believe.  Monster have bad attitood. 🙁

39 thoughts on “January 17, 2012: The Supermovie of the Week Club! Guest Blogger Cookie Monster reviews the 1966 Batman!

  1. Oh, Dear Sweet Cookie,

    You liked this movie? Just what have you been baking in those cookies you’re eating? And, Joe, I have to keep reminding myself that you’re responsible only for compiling the movie list. You’re not actually responsible for making the film.

    Does anyone else think that watching a bad Adam West’s Batman is like watching a bad William Shatner’s James T. Kirk? I can’t decide if this is fine quality 60’s camp or just really bad acting. In my younger, gentler years I would have leaned toward ‘camp’ but, now I just shudder. Apparently there is a fine line between campy and awful.

    On the plus side, I DID appreciate how they label the props – from the Bat Ladder to the Drinking Water Dispenser, which interestingly enough dispenses heavy water along with the calorie free ‘light’ version – so we don’t get all confused and muddled in this doubtlessly an action packed drama.

    All in all, I think I just tarnished what was a pleasant childhood memory. Some things should just remain in the past, eh?

  2. Holy Deja Vu, Joe!!

    I think I must have watched this one way back when the Earth was still flat because I have a vague recollection of the multi-colored powder business Cookie mentioned, and I did watch Batman back then.

    Yeah, I know, I’m dating myself back sometime into prehistory. *le sigh*

  3. The last time I watched this Batman movie – which was a while bad I admit – I couldn’t get through the whole thing. It just felt so torturously long.

    I can look past the silliness of Bat shark repellant… but it just wasn’t interesting. I’ve been on a bit of a Batman kick recently (watching the 90’s animated series which I’d never seen as a kid), but even I can’t put up with 1960’s Batman.

  4. I have to agree with Cookie on this one – I thought it was great! Too self aware to be actually “bad”, it’s a practically an atomic pile of hammy acting, cheesy props, and over the top dialogue. And… I loved every minute of it, right up to the (hopefully intentionally) awkwardly delivered final line.

    I loved the bomb disposal sequence too, Cookie. Comic genius.

    Can I also just say that Lee Meriwether is the hawt?

    Another great review, Cookie! Looking forward to next week. And, I don’t believe either.

  5. The spotlight opening was fun.

    Adam West is a pretty man. Not many men could pull off that extended running around the pier holding a bomb over his head scene and still be that sexy.

    I liked the penguin’s laugh.

    I googled camp. Yes, that was camp. A very clear example of camp.

    Now, the balloon-popped pirates, the heavy water coming out of a drinking fountain… If something can be so bad it’s good, that fits the bill. No, it’s just bad camp.

    Am I right? Did they arrest Penguin and take him to the Batcave to identify him? How can a supervillain penetrate a bunker that’s in an unknown location? Like a boss, that’s how. *said with layers of snark and sarcasm even I can’t dissect*

    Just in case Joe’s worried about coincidence… Batman thought he spotted the bed of foam rubber out of the corner of his eye before the chopper crashed. That makes it okay in a genre where it doesn’t even have to be okay in the first place. Win-win.

    The mixing of minds at the end, some kind of statement about resolving problems through empathy? Awwww, darling. Disgusting and darling. If only the problem they were trying to resolve wasn’t how to subvert the sovereignty of all nations…

    I can’t call Batman (1966) a good movie. However, there were clearly fun-loving people behind it. The movie hints at how the TV series run by the same people with less budget and less screen time per story might be the right formula so now I want to try the series again.

    And when Danny Glover got to the spaceship and the hunters surrounded him and they didn’t kill him, but gave him a trophy instead. Wow!

  6. Cookie Monster is a great critic! You are so funny!

    Robin was always so high strung compared to the calming and in control Batman. I always loved Adam West as Batman. He was soooo handsome. When he wore his Bat mask hiding his face, all you saw was his dreamy eyes and beautiful chiseled jaw. I always wondered why Batman couldn’t fly if he had a cape. Batman having to fly in a helicopter is just wrong!

  7. @Monster: The costume changes – didn’t you notice the special instant costume change box with the levers and red light between the Batpoles?

    My unanswered question is “why does an atomic powered car have flames shooting out of the back?”

    @das: Getcher mind outta the gutter, girl. 😉 Hmmm, now that you mention it, Cookie does seem to have kind of a fixation on the seamen…

    My kids have gone retro recently, so we’ve seen a few old Batman TV shows which helped me get back into the Bat-mood.

    I kind of liked the movie. I found Adam West as campy and charming as ever and Burt Ward as Robin wasn’t too annoying.

    Fun stuff:

    1. Rubber exploding shark.

    2. The loose affiliation of super villains, getting together to take out Batman and hold the world’s leaders for ransom (though I always prefered Julie Newmar as Catwoman).

    3. The Penguin’s cool toys. Loved the flying umbrellas and penguin intercom system.

    4. Penguin sub! How can anyone not love the Penguin sub. (yeah, I know it is a Penguin toy, but it was so cool it needed its own entry).

    5. Bruce Wayne drinking milk out of a brandy snifter.

    6. Catwoman’s amazing pointy bra. Ah, the ’60s.

    7. Batman disposing of the bomb.

    However, the movie did start feeling a little long and several scenes (the dating scene for one and the bomb disposal scene for another) could have been shortened a bit.

    Overall, a good time.

  8. Dear Cookie,
    I saw this movie when I was a kid, but I didn’t realize that it (or the series) was meant to be funny. My loss.
    And by the way, if you became a judge on “American Idol”, I’d watch it. Every episode. No matter how painful.
    – KB

  9. @ Sparrowhawk – He baits me, I tell ya, he BAITS me!!! 😛

    I wish I was as technologically advanced as everyone else, because I would have liked to watch this movie. I loved the old Adam West Batman tv show. It was my favorite!

    But, alas…no movie for me. Why? Well, the last couple days I’ve been crushing over this guy:

    Who is he, you ask? Why, it’s Gregorio De Falco…my new favorite hero! And who is this new hero? It’s the guy who ordered, “Get back on board, dammit!!”

    I’ve been reading through the transcripts between this Coast Guard officer and the cruise ship captain, and it reads like something out of the historical naval fiction stories I so love. Sadly, in this case real lives were involved. Just tragic. However, I can’t help but admire this officer for taking charge of the situation when the captain proved to be such an incompetent boob.


  10. Watched this one with my 4 year old daughter and she thought it was great. When the move ended, she asked if we could watch it again. I kindly declined her request.

    Campy though it might be,..even campy can’t make up for bad acting and a ridiculous plot. Honestly, the only thing that saved this movie for me was Catwoman!

  11. @ Sparrowhawk – I finally took a couple days to finish Ghosts of War by George Mann. I had put it aside to take care of paperwork and catch up on my comics, and…well…to sleep. Now that things have settled down a bit, I turned my attention back to it and finished it in two days! I really enjoyed it, a lot – and liked it more than the first. Now, I will say that there are no surprises, so if you’re looking for surprises then it’s not for you. It’s a pretty straight forward story, but ties in very much with the first (so there is a bit of rounding out of that first story). It was good pulp fun, and I enjoyed revisiting these characters, and meeting some new ones, too.


  12. I found it pleasantly cheesy to begin with, but I think I appreciate this movie more now after Cookie Monster’s review. However, the scene in which they deduce that all four criminal masterminds are behind it is genius. “It happened at sea. ‘C’ for Catwoman!”

  13. Dear Cookie: I know what will improve your attitude! COOKIES! Chocolate chip cookies, I hear, are your favorites. I know a certain special someone who is close to your….hands?….who could make you some really awesome ones? Yep, that would be Akemi (you thought I was going to say Joe, though, and I bet I made you smile).

    I loved the Batman TV series, although I did not get to see this movie again this weekend. I had to work. And watch the Giants kick-ass in their football game. We had our trifecta lucky charms working (the ones we had when they won the Superbowl). My sympathies, of course, to any of the other people’s teams who lost. My marital contract only states I have to watch Giant games that may lead up to the play-offs or the actual Superbowl. Then, I must root for the Giants in said games. However, if the Giants are sucking wind during the season, no viewing is required other than the Superbowl, in which I am free to choose the opposing team to make my life miserable for my husband who makes me sit through the Giants games on their good seasons. So technically I was asleep, but present in body form, for the first half of the game, when he screams got so loud they woke me up. Otherwise, I was pretty depressed contemplating life, death, the why of it all, and missing my friend terribly. I will try very hard to watch next week’s movie, Superman.

    I’m hoping for my Dark Matter comic any day now. It would make for good reading and discussion.

    Nice to see Patrick Gilmore. You know he killed Rosie in The Killing. I’m certain of it.

    Very nice to see Paul showing up in Alcatraz.

    @NarellefromAus You are close to my heart daily.

    @Tam Dixon They sell both yams & sweet potatoes here and they are definitely not just interchanging the words. Definitely different things. I find I prefer sweet potatoes over yams. So does Patrick.

  14. I must admit to having purchased this many moons ago on dvd and it is a “camp” favourite in my collection. The rubber exploding shark shall forever be a memory of mine and stay with me.

    Great villain selection, love all of them and they’re all in great form !

    Terrific fun 🙂

  15. I, too, had not watched this since I was a kid, and didn’t get to see it before this review, but Cookie’s review made me feel like I just saw it! The things that stay in one’s head…

    @das — A very good friend of ours and her husband were waiting to board the cruise ship when it went down — she doesn’t swim, and it when I learned the captain had high-tailed it, I felt like he should have been strapped to that shark and become one of those exploding seamen!

  16. Best part of movie: Batman running around the docks holding the giant bomb above his head trying to get rid of it but too many unsuspecting people are in his way, “Excuse me citizens!”

    If you saw a guy dressed like that running towards you with a giant bomb about to go off would you really just stand there acting like you didn’t see him? I guess the citizens of Gotham are used to such things, nothing fazes them.

    Riddle me this… reruns of the old Batman show starring Adam West play on the HUB channel every night, but they don’t air this movie based on the series… however, AMC airs the movie all the time but has never shown any episodes from the series… maybe the 2 channels are trying to cross-promote each other.

    Was this movie how they ended the television series or was it shown in theaters at the same time that the television series was on the air?

    (2nd) ? FOR COOKIE:
    If you could be a superhero, who would you be? And would you form your own Monster Justice League w/ SuperGrover?

  17. I didn’t re-watch Batman, but I did watch it many times as a kid. And even back then, I thought the shark bit was corny. Ahh, the 60’s…

  18. Cookie Monster you know nothing agout moovies.
    “Batman the movie” was the one and only good Batman film. Nothing good since then.
    Ok you little beast know-it-all-better-than-anyone-of-you…

  19. Didn’t have a chance to watch the movie, but remember the tv series well. I always thought that was strange that they could change into Batman and Robin when they were sliding down the poles. Oh, and Cookie Monster, your review was quite funny. Thanks for making me laugh.

    Have a great day, Joe, and Cookie Monster too!!!

  20. I’ve been watching classic Batman on the crappy tv stations you get when you only pay 10$ for cable and it’s amazing to not remember any of the plots; it’s all fresh to me. But Lost in Space is the real surprise, oh boy does Dr. Smith suck. So evil, so conniving. He let Judy get eaten by replicating flower creature that body snatched her, then he refused to tell the Smiths where the real Judy was because they’d threatened to leave him behind on the planet. It had way more tension, chills and backstabbing than Grey’s Anatomy.

    Been waiting for my transcripts to apply for a fellowship and got real excited when a big manila envelope came, but it turned out to be Dark Matter! Which proves again that comic stores are more reliable than colleges. Now I’ll have to schlep in the snow to the registrars office to get my transcript in person, but I can read Dark Matter while I wait in line.

  21. I love that shark.

    Oh, couldn’t watch the movie, was being held captive in a jet over the Pacific. They had some horrible thing on with Sarah why for the love of God do they all use their middle names now Parker…. business woman, mean boss, adorable kids, neglected husband blah blah blah. I wasn’t listening to it, or really watching, but the awfulness oozed out of the tiny screens all over the plane. I dozed a lot.

    Aloha. I have to go do stuff. Or maybe just lounge around. Can’t decide.

  22. @das re: “Get back on board, dammit!” This illustrated to me how much my head was stuck in science fiction.

    I always thought the captain being the last one off was just maritime sentimentality. I hadn’t thought about how complex abandoning ship is. The science fiction captain’s always busy fighting anyway and the question around life boats is whether you get there in time.

    My main thoughts regarding safety from the moment I got on the ship would be what can I do if something goes wrong. I don’t like to think of my life being in the hands of someone else’s competence and honor. But the reality of evacuation is too complex not to give some of that independence over.

    I still temper my reaction with my skepticism of the media. They’re focusing on the worst moments out of thousands of stories. You won’t hear from the people who walked straight to a life jacket and their life boat deployed just fine.

  23. Holy Batman!
    I didn’t really like the movie but there were a few funny stuff.

    Funny stuff that I liked :
    – the opening credits.
    – the final scene.
    – the big signs on everything.
    – the bomb’s scene.

    Have a nice day.
    PS: Joe, you have given me your cold. I should be more careful with virus and computers! LOL

  24. Fun, fun movie. A classic of all time.

    Some thoughts…..

    Amazing how Gotham looked a lot like Los Angeles while they were flying in the Batcopter. 😉

    I thought that there was an excellent use of magnets and reversing polarity for their escape from the torpedoes aiming for them on the buoy. Hmmmm Magnets! 😉

    You gotta love some good body swapping action. Perhaps this was the inspiration for Holiday and Duet. Evidently there are only so many unique reintegration of mind/body issues once someone’s mind gets separated from their body. 😉

    The camp was classic. I loved Alfred wearing his glasses over a mask while riding in the batmobile in his full butler garb. Like the mask would really hide someone’s identity when wearing exactly the same clothes as usual and glasses over a mask. 😛

    Who knew that Polaris missiles could be repurposed for skywriting? Or that when the Navy sells off retired submarines, that they come completely armed?

    Best Alfred line: Upon seeing the flying penguin jetpacks “Bless my dustpan”

    While Lee Meriwether was (and is) a beautiful woman…. Worst ….. Catwoman …..Evar!

    Now many may have missed the underlying moral of the story for younger viewers: You don’t want to grow up to be an evil henchman. Period. It’s a very hard life when your bosses are mentally unstable. You might find yourself flung out a window by a giant spring-loaded platform while brawling with masked vigilantes, or you may get experimented upon by your bosses where they dehydrate you into dust. So kids, stay in school and avoid mentally deranged bosses like supervillians or writer/producers that are foodies. 😉

  25. Thanx for the review Cookie Monster . . always a fun time with this movie – the bomb disposal scene is a Classic !!!

  26. Scary stuff is going on in the US House of Representatives and Congress. They are debating a bill (Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA, H.R.3261)) that will severely curtail free speech on the internet. If you are a US citizen, please read this and contact your representative. The webcomic xkcd has some nice links:

    @Joe: if you don’t want to have this on your blog I will understand, just delete this post. But I am very concerned about the potential for internet censorship and felt the need to do my part. Thanks for listening.

  27. @Cookie M. — Motel 6 … bwa-ha-ha-ha!

    How much do I love Adam West as the non-ripped, no six-pack Batman? Very much. I adore him. I think the scene with Batman trying to to rid of the bomb is hilarious. I haven’t seen the movie in decades, but Cookie’s review reminded me about many of the movie’s scenes. I do remember enjoying the movie for what it was, and having a blast annoying people with “Holy [fill in the blank], Batman!” quotes.

  28. “why does an atomic powered car have flames shooting out of the back?” ~Sparrow_hawk

    Because it’s cool, that’s why!

  29. (I’m sure there’s typos in this puppy…my apologies to the grammar nazis. 🙂 )

    @ Sparrowhawk – I really don’t understand this bill and how it will affect me, but it sounds too much like an ‘all or nothing’ sort of thing. I don’t download movies or music, so okay there, but I have downloaded a lot of pictures, and no idea if they ‘belong’ to someone, or not. Ugh. If it passes and seems to complicated, I’ll just stop using the computer except for absolutely necessary things.

    @ lspacediva3 – Yeah, but now the captain says he didn’t abandon ship, but that the ship tilted and he was catapulted into a lifeboat. 🙄

    @ DP – Yes…we’re hearing the worst stories. I try to be unbiased when these big stories break because I know there has to be an investigation, and right now there could be a lot of misinformation out there. However, I’m finding it hard to be unbiased about this one. There were just too many things done wrong.

    1. The ship went off course. There is no debating this point, and even if the ship has taken this route before (as some reports suggest), that doesn’t justify doing it, and it certainly doesn’t excuse what happened as a result.

    2. A waitress reported that she was serving the captain dinner when he was urgently called to the bridge. If this is true, then he wasn’t at the helm while the ship was underway on an alternate, unofficial (and/or unauthorized by the cruise line) course.

    3. At the first sign of trouble the passengers were told that there was an ‘electrical/technical problem’. This was also the first report given to the Port Authority/Coast Guard (according to transcripts). This is inexcusable. It may have delayed the evacuation, and it probably cost lives.

    4. Some passengers have said that the crew did all they could to help, but there was total chaos and confusion because they had no leadership due to all the officers abandoning ship. Now, that may or may not have been the case, but I’ve yet to hear one report come out where someone says that a high ranking officer actually helped with the evacuation.

    5. Lastly, but most importantly, a captain is responsible for the ship, the condition of the ship, and all lives aboard. This isn’t science fiction, it’s real life fact. When I worked on our state’s tall ship ( ), the captain drilled this into us. If we saw anything out of the ordinary we had to immediately report it to him because he had to answer (to the Coast Guard, amongst others) for any damage done to the vessel or any lives put in danger. Even if he wasn’t directly responsible for it, he WAS responsible for it.

    Now, in some cases this is a moral law – women, children, men, crew, officers, and lastly the captain abandons a sinking ship. A captain doesn’t have to ‘go down with his ship’, though in centuries past this may have been preferrable to a court martial and execution if it was found that a captain’s actions caused the loss of the ship.

    However, in our modern day some countries – and Italy is one of them, as I understand it – actually do have laws stating that a captain is not to abandon his post. This captain’s admission that he abandoned the ship before everyone was off is going to be a big problem for him, and probably why the Coast Guard Officer (De Flaco) was so adamant that the captain return to his post. This may not happen in other cases if the country involved has more lenient rules about a captain and his post.

    Still, as I said earlier, a captain does have to answer for the ship and the passengers, even if there isn’t a specific law about leaving his post. There are still laws about reckless behavior and putting lives at risk. This is one of the worst examples of how a captain should behave. One of the best?

    January 15, 2009 – almost 3 years to the day of this accident – Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger successfully crash landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. After walking through and checking the interior to ensure the evacuation was complete, he was the last to leave the sinking plane. He was in command of a different kind of ship, but he demonstated how any captain of any vessel should conduct themselves in an emergency, especially when so many lives are involved.


  30. Adam West is the best batman. I grew up watching reruns of that batman, good memories.

    It’s been a long day, 12 hour shift…13 inches of snow waiting for me when I get outside… Help others get unstuck, then dig my car out… Head home only to get stuck on my street and spend another hour digging. It’s been a fun day. Very much look forward to sleep.

    I agree with Sparrow, SOPA is scary. Facebook and Twitter should just shut down their sites for a day with a notice about SOPA to bring more awareness to it.

  31. PBmom: Who knew that Texas would be more Continental than Mississippi? (Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes) 😉

    JeffW: Sweet potatoes are very big food staple around here. Until I looked it up, I thought Yams were just a Yankee way of saying Sweet Potatoes. Yams have an interesting history.

    This morning was stinky! It was my day for cleaning up the cats at the local humane society. Unfortunately, a litter of nine lab mix pups are being kept in the front room. Puppies are professional poopers! After they moved the pups outside, I mopped that room 4 times and it still stunk. I mopped once more when I left, then opened up the windows and got the fans going. Working with animals, the odors just permeates my hair/clothes. I ended up smelling like poopy puppies after just a few minutes of exposure. Why do all these TV shows have the M. E. doing autopsies with hair/jewelry dangling down? Then they go out on dates after work. No way! I’ve helped on Necropsies (animal autopsies). Even after a shower, the smell just sticks to you. Sorry I’m drifting off on another topic. The poopy smell has probably done brain damage but as my hubby would say, “Who could tell?”

    How are your pups doing today? Do they want to eat Cookie Monster? I saw what they did to their Christmas stuffed toys 😉 .

  32. Oh the movie, thanks Cookie, I tried watching it,,not too much luck,the quality on utube was badddddd,and then there was the movie itself..eek! The actors must have had fun making it, way back then. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the bloopers and out takes or maybe the movie is the bloopers and out takes…

  33. For some reason this movie is repeated on TV every couple of months here (UK) and I keep switching over to it at exactly the same point when Bruce and Miss Kitka are kidnapped and locked in the bedroom. As a result I never knew what the hell was going on and would soon lose interest and switch channels again.

    So, this time I downloaded the movie and watched it from the beginning. It didn’t help. I still didn’t know what the hell was going on but this time couldn’t switch away.

    When Batman was pulled out of the ocean with a bad rubber shark latched onto his leg I nearly snorted milk out of my nose . . . but as I was drinking cognac at the time (my preferred movie watching beverage) it was much more painful than milk!

    @Lewis: I believe this movie was made between season 1 and 2 of the TV series.

    As for the bomb disposal scene . . . After the second time we’d seen the nuns I shouted, “And . . . cut!” After the fourth time my eyes had rolled up into the back of my head and I think I blacked out for a second only to be roused by the bomb finally exploding and the sweet possibility that Batman had been blown to smithereens by it.

    And is it just me or does anyone else have trouble listening to Adam West as Batman and just keep picturing Mayor West from Family Guy? Just me huh? Oh well.

    That’s 104 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back!

    Speaking of bad movies, Cookie Monster, I don’t think I saw the 1980 Flash Gordon film on your list. Does that count as a “super” movie? It’s certainly based on a comic book character.

  34. I have to say I’m surprised that you only gve it 8 out of 10. Even though this movie is super dorky, even for the time period it came out in, it’s still one of my favorite movies. Definitely “Cult Classic” status. I’d have given it a 10 out 10, especially considering how super dorky the Batman TV series it’s based off of was, again even for the time period it was on TV during.

  35. i haven’t seen that movie in years.

    if i recall, i did think the getting rid of a bomb scene went on too long.

    i heard the penguin laugh came about because burgess meredith was coughing on the cigarette smoke (he was a non smoker & they used real cigarettes in those days) and was trying to cover it up. you may have noticed that he tried to keep the lit end of the cigarette in it’s holder up away from his face. like in the photo posted.

  36. Camp. Pure camp. Probably the only reason parents could watch that show with their kids without their eyes rolling back in their heads.

    Don’t get me wrong–we have that one in our collection. Had to buy it so we could watch it with our own kid. I don’t remember him being terribly impressed, but he didn’t grow up in the sixties. Now this has me thinking about hunting up the tv series.

    I loved the bomb disposal sequence, especially that Batman couldn’t throw the bomb into the water because of the baby ducks. Though I did wonder why he didn’t take out that awful brass band.

    And did any of those guys REALLY believe those tiny masks hid their identities?

    Enjoyed the review. Glad to see Cookie Monster wasn’t wearing his special made-to-look-like-a-red-velvet-smoking-jacket-so-he-could-suffer-through-a-cold-in-style blanket this time.

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