Last night, I had dinner at Pizzeria Barbarella, a new restaurant down on East Broadway owned by a friend (of a friend).  The place hasn’t been open long and still has a few bugs to work out – chiefly, on this night, a lack of dessert.  And heat.  To be honest, I missed the dessert more than the heat.  According to my friend Jodi, the owner is very particular about his pizza dough and the ingredients used in his toppings.  His pizza is apparently a cross between Naples and New York style.  We sampled four varieties:

Simple is best no? The Margherita: tomato, fior di latte, aged mozzarella, basil, parmigiano reggiano and extra virgin olive oil. The best of the bunch. Bursting with basil flavor.
Something a little different. The Bianco Rosa: red onions, rosemary, pistachios, parmigiano reggiano and extra virgin olive oil. A close second. The pistachios give it a nice crunch.
The Salsiccia: tomato, fior di latte, aged mozzarella, fennel sausage, house pickled peppers, basil, parmigiano reggiano and extra virgin olive oil. Possessed of a nice, spicy kick but a little heavy on the parmigiano reggiano for my taste.
Diavola: tomato, fior di latte, aged mozzarella, spicy salami, kalamata olives, parmigiano reggiano and extra virgin olive oil. Surprisingly not as spicy as the Salsiccia. I preferred it over the former although I found it a tad salty and wasn't a huge fan of the olives.

Very good pizza.  Hopefully by the time we revisit, they’ll have sorted out the lack of heat and dessert.  And, oh yeah, tea.  It wasn’t listed on the menu and maybe they don’t plan to feature it in the future, but it certainly wouldn’t have been nice on this night.

Damn.  Didn’t get any work done on the horror script today.  I remain at the top of page 30.  While NOT writing today, I did manage to: a) start playing catch-up with American Horror Story (six episodes down, six to go), b) picked up some trade paperbacks at my local comic store including Chris Roberson’s I, Zombie and the latest (and presumably last) installment of Gail Simone’s wonderful Secret Six – “The Darkest House”, c) resumed my on-again-off-again-still-off-again workout regimen in preparation for my Tokyo trip, d) had a sit-down with my accountant, e) fielded a talk-down call from a friend, f) purchased ingredients for tonight’s dinner and prepared same, g) started a new book: Stephen King’s Nightmares & Dreamscapes, h) spent some quality time with the dogs, especially Maximus who hasn’t eaten anything for over a week but today consumed an entire slice of bread!

Les chiens. Lulu (foreground) and Jelly (background).
My boy Maximus is quiet contemplation.
Akemi, all excited about her high ponytail.

So, what are the top three most exciting things you’ve all done of late?

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  1. 1) Finally started reading this blog again

    2) Started shooting a new short film

    3) shot/edited a full length concert (80-90 min) for a local band. 3 cameras… edited after the show (Didn’t have a live switcher/adequate equipment on hand)… took me quite a while 😛

    Anyways… Whats up Mr. Mallozzi!

    I haven’t seen you in forever. I really miss this blog. I have been lurking but I’m always too busy or lethargic to post….

    It sounds like you have some interesting things in the works, especially with Dark Matter.. can’t wait to read it (need to pick it up sometime soon).

    Also, cool piece of news. I just got accepted into the University of Southern California Cinematic Arts Summer Program…. I will spend 6 weeks in LA this summer taking college courses in Production and the Business of Film and Television.

    This is truly exciting for me, as my aspiration is to work with film/video, specifically to be a producer. There’s nothing else that captures my passion like visual arts/media.

    Now I still have work to do (plus a year of waiting) if I want to have a shot at getting into the USC School of Cinematic Arts Undergrad Program, but this is a start…. and even if this is the end of the road, I’m thankful I’ve come this far.

    I’ve done a lot of video related projects over the past year (and even a few paid jobs). It truly has been a blessing, especially considering I haven’t left high school yet.

    Funny thing, what initially got me interested in film/video was…. you guessed it… Stargate. If it wasn’t for SG I doubt my interest would have progressed this far or amounted to anything.

    I finally wanted to thank you personally. Your blog has been a big influence on me over the past few years. Being able to read all about production and the entertainment industry sparked my interest and caused me to explore the wonderful world of media arts. Just like Stargate, you’ve been a huge influence on my passion and I wanted to say thank you. 🙂

    Anyways, hope all is well


  2. Top three, most exciting, recent activities:

    Successful special-needs grocery shopping at Sprouts Farmers’ Market (formerly Sun Harvest)

    Hugged my husband

    Read PBMom’s good news on her blog

  3. Nothing exciting here…all tedium, unless you count setting up a wireless router (which is still not talking correctly to the satellite box), fixing ABS Brake Sensors (my wife’s car), and re-tiling a master bath as exciting. Well, I guess it will be when I’m done, but for now I feel like an over-worked handy-man who also runs an IT support line and a car garage. I hope nothing else breaks until spring!


    Sorry to hear about Elway’s difficulties. Sending prayers your way…


    I’m glad to see that Maximus is eating something at last. Hopefully he’ll continue to improve.

    Last night, I had dinner at Pizzeria Barbarella, a new restaurant down on East Broadway owned by a friend (of a friend).

    Have you ever tried or wanted to make your own pizza? I have made homemade pizza for about 3 years now (for “Family Friday Pizza Movie Night”).

    The recipe is simple if you want to try:

    6-oz of warm Water
    1 Tbsp of Sugar
    1-1/2 cups of Bread Flour
    2 Tsp of Yeast
    1 Tsp of Salt
    1/2 Tsp of Ground Black Pepper
    2 Tbsp of Olive Oil

    Combine Water, Sugar and Yeast and wisk together and pour into a large bowl. Add Flour, Salt, Pepper, and Olive Oil, stirring with a spoon. When all the water is absorbed, kneed the dough until it’s an even consistency (I like to stretch the dough and then fold it back on itself). Roll the dough into a ball with your hands and put it in a covered plastic bowl in a warm place. Let it rise for an hour.

    Preheat oven to 500 degrees (for at least 30 minutes if using a pizza stone).

    On a flour-sprinkled board or counter top, stretch the dough into a disc (you can flatten the center with your hands if the edges get too thin). Place dough on a cooking-spray lubricated pizza screen (yes I know that’s cheating) and add tomato sauce topping and cheese. I like to use a mozzarella cheese with a sprinkling of Parmesan or Romano on top. Toppings to taste.

    Bake on top of a pizza stone for 9 or 10 minutes (the time will vary from oven to oven so watch it closely the first time to dial it in). The pizza stone provides that crispy bottom layer that really defines a pizza…otherwise it’s just bread. After 4 minutes you should be able to remove the pizza screen using a pizza peel and then leave the pizza directly on the stone for the last 5 or 6 minutes (or just leave it in place for a softer/bread-like pizza).

    I’ll be making pizza tomorrow so I can take pictures of the steps and post on Flickr if anyone is interested.

  4. 3. Made it home through snow in a stupid Toyota which has no snow traction – exciting, but not in a good way;

    2. Got to stay home from work this entire week due to above mentioned snow;

    1. Read PBMom’s great good news on her blog!!!

    @Gilder –Couldn’t help lifting your choice – it was definitely one of the best moments of the week!

  5. Hey Joe,

    Most exciting…hmmmm

    1. I have survived TWO years since finding out I have cancer. That actually is probably more amazing than exciting…but I know it would make the top of my family’s list.

    2. My 2nd eldest daughter Melanie (remember I have five daughters) invited me to spend Thankgiving and Christmas with her. For Thanksgiving we went to Disney World. While the time of year and the vacation were exciting…I loved just being with her and her sweet little family. Her husband loves me…and truly welcomes me into their home.

    3. Officially retiring and finding out I have enough money to live on. Maybe not exciting in some minds…but I was way too young in retiring. Working in Hollywood gave me the income I needed to boost my earnings. I always thought I would have to work until I died…I spent every dime I made on raising my family, college and two weddings.

    I see my life as blessed…all dreams I have ever had have come true. My life has been amazing…the last two years have been a hard struggle. I reached the other side…you know..where the grass is always greener.

    Actually…it is really my six children and nine grandchildren that make my world go round. Exciting…is having one of them say “I love you!”…treasures are in what we love…not in what we have…not where we have gone…but who is by our side when we go.

    Best to you Joe…hope Maximus feels better. You should try making him warm bite size pancakes. *smiles*

    Cheryl 🙂

  6. LOL getting my daughter ready for, visa done, finances settled and off to France tomorrow pretty much tops my “excitement” list.

  7. So far, so good, it’s been a quiet night! I suppose all the Valium poor Elway got before we came home helped (and boy, was he high…), but he’s sleeping soundly since 10 p.m. and so far, no more seizures. He’s on Mr. Deni’s shoulder getting hugged. No idea how they can sleep like that!

    #JeffW and Das: Thank you! 🙂

    All my love to Max, Joe.

  8. Gym, discovered old termite damage and did some demolition (don’t jump out of your seat with excitement).

  9. 1. The film production I’ve been working on (The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists) officially wrapped on Friday. Woo hoo! Now we’re working on some extras for the DVD.

    2. I’m experimenting with time-lapse stellar photography and soon will be trying some extra long exposures to get some star trails. (If the fickle English weather cooperates!)

    3. Technically something I’ll be doing in the future but it’s still pretty awesome: I’m going to the recording of an episode of Red Dwarf next Friday. I’ve been a massive Red Dwarf fan since the early 90s and the chance to actually see an episode filmed live just blows my mind!

  10. Well, I thought we were out of the woods and then Elway went and had another seizure this morning. 🙁 No idea what the day will bring.

    Major Davis: What a change in you, it’s like you grew up overnight! Congrats on your achievements, kiddo!

  11. Top 3 most exciting things I’ve done of late:

    3. Baked a delicious apple pie. Literally. I went against conventional wisdom and used delicious apples and it was, in fact, delicious! The apples baked down so nice, much nicer than the types traditionally used in a pie.

    2. I got a sinus infection. That wasn’t the exciting thing, though. The exciting thing was that I diagnosed it as a bacterial and not a viral infection, went right to the doctor, convinced him it was bacterial, got an antibiotic, and am now quickly on the road to recovery. I learned my lesson 3 years ago when I ignored a sinus infection, and ended up with pneumonia.

    1. And the most exciting thing? I read this blog! 😀

    Which leads me to ask a question:

    Joe, don’t you like olives?

    Olives are one of my favorite foods. I love kalamata olives in or on just about anything, or just straight out of the jar. I like salty olives, bitter olives, green olives, purple olives…about the only type of olives I’m not particularly fond of are the canned black olives that have that rubbery taste, and often find themselves on nachos and other ‘Mexican’ dishes. I’ll still eat them, though. 🙂


  12. 3. Bought a new suitcase for my trip to Vancouver this Sunday. Our 22 year old Samonites weren’t up for the trip. Hopefully we’ll get another 22 years out of this set.

    2. Made an emergency visit to the vet yesterday with our 8mo puppy who developed a severe gastrointestinal virus. Thankfully she was enclosed in a tiled area so cleanup wasn;t too bad. She’s feeling much better today. Dr. said we did the right thing bringing her in right away.

    1. Made an incredibly easy and delicious Roast Beef the other day. It’s nice to make tasty food the children enjoy as much as I do.

    Joe, to expand on #3 above. I will be visting your fair city next week for meetings at work. My hotel is in Gastown. Any good restaurants in the area? I’ll be taken out a couple of times, but I’m sure I’ll be on my own a few times.



  13. Three exciting things? Like that’s gonna happen around here.
    1. Started a new semester this week – not teaching Economics now, Government instead!
    2. Doing my bit to fight SOPA and getting mad as hell at the US Congress. Yes, let’s fight online piracy, but please, can we not try to cater to an outdated business model?
    3. I woke up one more time – each day is a gift.

  14. Exciting things… Hmmm. Yesterday, I did start the day by putting something in the back of my CUV, then didn’t step back quite far enough before closing the liftgate. BAM! Right in the face. It still hurts and it looks like someone punched me.

    However, this was balanced my my finishing up my arrangements for a vacation to Australia this April! It should be fun with a few days in Sydney, then driving up to Brisbane for a couple of days, then on to Cairns for some SCUBA on the Great Barrier Reef. Then on the way home I’m stopping in Vancouver for a few days! I’m really looking forward to it!

    Good to hear Max is eating at least a little.

  15. wow,pizza, I love pizza, was the crust good? my favorite part. Hugs to Maximus,love you sweetie. Akemi looks real excited, yes its a nice pony tail.
    …Lets see, 3 most exciting things done recently,,,finally finished the baby quilt for my nephew and niece(baby in dec). does looking for Dark Matter and can’t seem to find it count?!?,,and,and. still thinking about a number 3. Have a great day!

  16. I finally found a copy of Dark Matter! Per my previous post, the ‘distributor’ for my local comic book shop screwed up the order and they only received enough copies for their reserve orders. Translation: The owner didn’t order enough.
    Barnes and Noble only carries DC and Marvel comics.
    There is another comic shop a mere 5.8 miles south of my office (according to Mapquest) and when I went on Monday at lunch only to find them closed on Mondays. So I tried again on Tuesday only to find that they had ordered plenty of copies, but the sold out.
    So finally yesterday I checked out another comic shop only 7.3 miles northwest of my office and they actually had two copies. In addition to Dark Matter I also picked up The Ray (amusing), and All Star Western aka Jonah Hex, which I really like. I’d recommend both.

    I enjoyed Dark Matter, but I thought the incident with the security robot wrapped up a little too quickly. It would have been nice to have a running game of cat-and-mouse with him which lasted a while, but hey, it’s only four issues so I guess time isn’t a luxury. I hope this can be made into a series, it looks good so far.

    Those pizza pictures are killing me. I’m really trying not to eat gluten, but damn, those look good.
    Glad to hear Maximus is eating, at least a little bit again.

  17. Let’s see—my top three things.

    1) getting settled in our new home

    2) paying off the first of hubby’s hospital debts

    3) finishing my most recent short story which will allow me to go back and work on my NaNo novel from last year

    I have to add my thanks to Adam’s on the influence of your blog. If I had never come here, I wouldn’t have started writing again. So, thank you.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  18. 1. Took my kids (21 and 18) on a beer, monastery, monasteries with beer, and castle tour of Bavaria this past summer. A good time was had by all!

    2. Finally got myself a set of cross country skis.

    3. Got myself back in fighting shape! (making it possible to use #2).

    Not as dramatic or inspirational as some folks, but it’s all I’ve got for now.

  19. @akemi: I like the ponytail!

    @Joe: Of COURSE she’s excited about the high ponytail. It’s cool when your hair is finally long enough to wear it up that way. Unless, of course, you’re just messing with me and she was excited about something else and just happened to have her hair up at the time. But it still looks cute.

  20. Hey Jeff! Thanks for the recipe. I think I’ll try it this weekend. I’m still looking for the “perfect” pizza dough recipe. The quest continues!

    Nothing all that exciting happening here. It’s the dead of winter, so I mostly hibernate. But I guess I can list three “events”.

    3. I’m receiving new quotes for a new business system server! Oooh…exciting! So far, it’s between an IBM Power7 and X3500. Either way, it’s going to cost my company upwards of $20k. So I guess telling the boss will be really exciting.

    2. I may go wheeling in the Pine Barrens tomorrow with my Jeep club! Here’s mine, btw: However ice is a concern. A buddy of mine did about $700.00 worth of damage to his rig two weeks ago. Broken fender, headlights, fog lights, turn signal, brake line. Not fun when you’re miles back in the woods.

    1. It’s FRIDAY! That’s pretty exciting eh?

    Hang in there Max. We’re pulling for you buddy.

  21. I’m sure you’ve tried everything at this point to entice Maximus’s appetite, but just in case you haven’t tried warm honey water, I found that very effective with one of our dogs who wasn’t responding to antibiotics after a tooth infection. She couldn’t eat anything solid but she would let me give her 30mls of warm honey water (one large spoonful of honey to a cup full of water) with saline every two hours through an oral syringe. She didn’t mind drinking it, because she liked the sweetness, (otherwise one would have felt like an ogre). She did manage to subsist on that for several months and is now recovered and still with me two years later (and still insists on a saucer of warm honey water every afternoon). If all else fails, it does seem to be quite a nice comfort food for dogs, it does keep them alive, and it gives on something to do other than feeling desolate. I’m so very sorry about Maximus – it only seems like five minutes ago that he was a puppy.

  22. Mmmmmm…pizza! Love pizza! 🙂 That margherita pizza looks yummy! 😀

    Let’s see….

    1. Wed morning had appt with neurologist
    2 Wed afternoon went food shopping at Shoprite.
    3. Yesterday saw a psychiatrist. (I have some anxiety issues.)

    Gee…I live such a dull life.

  23. The three most exciting things I’ve done lately:

    1. bought new pillows
    2. started working again on my NaNo novel
    3. finished season 2 of The Walking Dead (liked season 1 better)

    Joe, I mentioned you and your blog in my own blog today. I wrote about SF/F books I liked in 2011, and gave you (well-deserved) credit for getting me started reading in the genre. I’ve included the link if you want to check it out–no problem if you don’t want to post it.

  24. Exciting LATELY? No, no, I have small children now. I have given up my impulsive, adversarial, and spectacularly adventurous ways for grace and poise and stability. In theory. I’m working on it. I at least hand any baby I’m holding off to someone first.

  25. @ JeffW – I was thinking the same thing about the pizzaria’s name. 🙂

    Also, you are quite amazing for making your own pizza! We have so many pizzarias around here I don’t even bother trying to make it from scratch. I don’t know what ‘style’ pizza we have around here…I guess it’s the NY style. I do not like thick crust pizza. I want toppings, not bread. Fortunately (for me), in my area there’s now a few places that serve brick oven-baked Naples style pizza with a super thin crust. Granted, some suck (with crust like a crisp table water cracker), but others have a good, chewy crust and unique toppings. I’d say that the only problem with the super thin crust is that it can get a bit soggy/soft in the middle. But I don’t care because it tastes great! My favorite place is Lucky Bones:

    I usually go for the skipjack, or the classic jule, with kalamata olives added, of course. 😉

    (They also have seasonal and special pizzas, like duck confit, roasted seasonal veggies, and even a chocolate pizza for dessert.)


  26. Deni I hope Elway is doing better today? Hugs to Elway!

    Major Davis: Woo-hoo Congratulations on your acceptance to college!!! Good luck on your chosen career path!

    Mr. M.: I’m sorry to hear about Max. I hope you can get him to eat something substantial today.

    The pizza looked awesome! I used to make homemade pizza all the time. I even tried grilling it and it was very yummy! With a teenage son around, we get very tired of pizza. If we are brainstorming for dinning ideas, we don’t ask him anymore. His answer will always be…pizza.

    Lately, I have just been doing routine things. I’m still swimming in the mornings. Going to karate class 2 or 3 times a week. Doing shifts at the humane society.

    We put ceramic tile in the bathroom to replace carpet (carpet in the bathroom must be a Southern thing?). Hubby put the tile down and I had so much fun grouting it. I’ve discovered that I hate grouting. One more tiling project in the bathroom and it will be finished!

    Hubby’s working on rebuilding the school band website AND learning a new computer language for work in his spare time. I’ve been trying to do more of his work around the house, so he can concentrate on those projects. It’s keeping us busy.

    One question for you Mr. M.: Your new comic seems to be in short supply? Is that a good thing from your perspective?
    Hugs to Max!

  27. I’m glad Maximus ate something. When my deeply adored cat was 16 years old, he wouldn’t eat any sort of cat food. I began giving him baby food, the pureed chicken. He would lick some off of a spoon. One of my other cats groomed him, because he wasn’t able to groom himself.

    Pizza, yum!

    1) I watched NOVA’s “The Fabric of the Cosmos.” The DVD set was my holiday gift to myself.
    2) I haven’t fallen down in almost a year. I have nerve damage in one leg, and because of that last year I fell and hit my head on a door jamb, which resulted in a concussion. Every day I don’t fall is a good day for me.
    3) I was finally able to trade for the book “Eats Shoots and Leaves,” something I’ve wanted to read for years. I’m halfway through it.

  28. @Tam Dixon: Thanks for the hugs! Love, Elway 🙂

    He’s hanging in his big bed, just looking out the front door and chilling out a bit. We’ll see how he goes on, this thing has lasted a lot more than usual. Took him for KBr and Phenobarb levels this morning, we’ll see what comes back this time. Started using the liquid Valium rectally for him today and it seemed to work much better than the stupid suppositories. I told my vet that I’ve used them and complained about them for years, and it was time for a change. For all the good they did, I could have been putting marshmallows up his bum. It took me a long time to get it all in, but have since gotten a bigger catheter and a huge plastic syringe in case that doesn’t work. After about 40 minutes of getting it, he literally fell over and went to sleep (which is hard to take, too), but at least no more seizures for now.

    Hi Joe! Kisses to Max!

  29. American Horror Story is great, but extremely disturbing, though in an entertaining way. It gets crazier with each episode!

  30. 3. Managed to ride my 10-year-old paint mare with no rodeo impressions and/or Bella (2-year-old shepherd) hasn’t destroyed anything expensive in the last month (toss up between the two).
    2. Went to Maui after a 10-year hiatus and saw the sun rise from the volcano.
    1. Got married while in Maui to a wonderful man.

    Been through tough times, but sometimes those times make the good things that much better and always appreciated. Really, really happy for the first time in a long time….I wish that kind of happiness to you and all your blog followers.

  31. How come Comic stores only order 4-5 copies of new comics? When I picked up my copy it was the last one so I said gee must be a good story. You sold a lot of copie’s.The guy at Trilogy comics said no he ordered 4 copies. I picked up my copy 1 week after it came out. It was the only one left…

  32. So I was watching my SGA series on bluray, props to Ivon for some great special features, when I recognized some young kid as a Genii. After searching, I discovered it to be Corey Monteith from Glee! Also discovered that he played young Mitchell in SG1, pretty interesting stuff. Also on the topic of SGA actors, I have to say I have been loving Jewel Staite on The LA Complex, but then again I have been in love with her since she was on Space Cases.

  33. Opps…if anyone is making the Pizza recipe I posted, I just noticed a typo. It should be 5-oz of warm water not 6! Sorry about that; guess I got typing too quickly.


    @ JeffW – I was thinking the same thing about the pizzaria’s name. 🙂

    Yep…I kept expecting to see a blond waitress with beehive hair wearing white knee high boots as I paged down through Joe’s blog entry 😉

    Also, you are quite amazing for making your own pizza!

    Thanks, but it is really easy. I started making it at home because then everyone could (mostly) have the pizza they wanted. My wife likes heavy sauce and moderate cheese, my son like pesto-pizza, my daughter likes heavy sauce and very little cheese and I like very light sauce and moderate cheese. Try telling Dominos to deliver that! I also get to play with toppings that ordinarily aren’t available at most pizza joints.

    And Lucky Bones Grille looks awesome…if I ever get out that way, I’ll be sure to look it up.

    @Tam Dixon:

    I want to try grilling pizza (I bought a book and everything 😉 ). Guess I’ll have to wait until warmer weather…

  34. Poor Maximus! 🙁

    Those pizzas look and sound amazing. Wow.

    I see you’ve joined the American Horror Story bandwagon. I feel like the only person in the world that doesn’t like the show. And I wanted so much to like it, at first.

    Three most exciting things? Hmm.

    1. Moved into a new office on campus. I have a window! And only one office mate!
    2. Suffered my first flat tire ever. At midnight. Stuck at the mall (having just gotten out of work).
    3. Ummm…yeah. Nothing much else is exciting by any stretch of the imagination.

  35. 1- Shovelled.
    2- Shovelled some more…
    3- Chopped ICE.

    Have I mentioned that I have no Life..?

  36. @das, saw on Masterpiece Mystery website you can get a sneak peak at the new Sherlock Holmes, due to come out May 6,2012.

  37. Well, I have 2 exciting things. Today I took a day off from work. After week upon week of stress, anxiety and much exhaustion, I deserved a day off. What did I do with this time? I slept in. Then…

    I visited the Monmouth County SPCA, where I met and found another cat to adopt. His name is Stash and he is a 1 yr 8 mo. old, male domestic shorthair, black and pure white coat with green eyes. He has two black smudges on his upper muzzle, giving the appearance of a mustache. Someone else named him, but I decided to keep it. He was brought in as a stray last October. At the shelter he was very affectionate and lovable. So far here at home, he is hiding behind furniture in the bedroom he is sequestered in, to become accustomed to his surroundings. My other cat Basil will meet him when they are both ready.
    I have hopes they will get along and like each other, be companionable and play together. It takes time to ease a new pet into a home. My girl Basil has to adjust also. I’ll keep you posted.

    Dear, sweet Max, you are in my thoughts little one.

    Waiting to see if it snows tonight.
    2cats, once again

  38. @JeffW – I buy the frozen dough balls that Sam’s Club uses at their snack counter. You have to ask the snack cooks. It comes out to about $1 per dough ball and I get two pizzas and some scraps per dough ball and I like them better than my homemade attempts. I make pretzels and monkey bread out of them, too.

    We haven’t found the nirvanna of tasty homemade pizza yet. It’s more about letting little kids roll dough and throw cheese.

    I don’t have a pizza stone. I think I’ll borrow some of my dad’s patio tiles and spend the savings to test them for lead.

  39. @ 2cats One of our feral cats – the only one who lets me pet, scratch, squeeze and basically maul him – is named Mustache, or Stashes for short. 😀 He’s a black and white tuxedo-type cat, but mostly black, with big white mustaches, thus his name. I really need to take a picture of him, he’s a pretty boy. 🙂

    @ Airelle – Thanks for the heads up!

    @ Luis – Comic shops will often base how many books they order on pre-orders. Comic book solicits come out about 3 months in advance, and so that gives people a lot of time to put in orders. Though we know and love Joe and Paul, they’re relative unknowns in the comic book industry, so many readers won’t just order the book like they might for a writer they already know. Also, a lot of people (such as myself) are now ‘trade waiting’, which means they don’t buy the individual copies when they come out, but instead wait for the entire story in trade paperback format (I am getting it in comic book format, and trade when it comes out).

    @ Joe – WOOOOOO!!! Speak of the devil – hubby just brought in the mail and my copy of Dark Matter just came! I’ll let you know what I think as soon as I read it! (Hopefully will get to it tonight – I’ve had a little wine and I’m a bit noddy…don’t want to read it when I’m half-asleep. 😛 )


  40. @ Joe – Okay, couldn’t wait. 🙂

    Read #1 and loved it! Kudos to you and Paul! Only problem is that I wish it was longer…wish the bit with the android guy (whitey…heh 😉 ) took up the entire book. And samurai boy…oh, my…what a pretty fella! Yeah, I like that one a lot. 🙂

    And now I have a lot of questions. I’ll ask just one – why only 4 issues? Was that what Dark Horse wanted, or was that your call? I’m asking because already I can see how this could easily have covered 6 issues. Of course, maybe I’m just being greedy. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a good sci fi anything, and I’m already sad that there’s only 3 issues left.


  41. Eating again is a good sign. I’m sure Maximus appreciates the time and attention despite the writer’s block.

    I seem to be having the opposite problem. I’m trying to scrounge up the cash for vet bills by writing. Got a second job writing grant applications for another lab and taken a freelance job writing articles for a biomedical company. I’m pretty sure if I stare at the word processor for much longer my eyeballs will explode.

    I don’t think I have three exciting things to mention but it’s good to hear that there are other things happening out in the real world.

    Give Maximus a hug for me.

  42. Joseph…

    I mentioned in a previous comment that I force fed my dog. For the most part, I really just shot some strawberry yogurt into his mouth with a medicine syringe. After the first squirt, he started eating again. For a while at least. He always loved strawberry yogurt.

    My first and oldest Vet suggested KFC original chicken (sans bones) for dogs that are not eating. I really hope Maximus starts eating more.

  43. So, what are the top three most exciting things you’ve all done of late?

    1) Participating in the Stargate Rewatch (YAHOO!)

    2) Reading “STAR TREK Cast No Shadow” (So far so good.)

    3) Just got done seeing the “Red Tails” movie. (Oh My God, everyone go see; it was awesome! I’m buying it as soon as it comes out on DVD. And to think it almost didn’t get made because no studio wanted to make it because they thought that people wouldn’t go see a movie with an all black cast, my idea to those studios: Wow, you were stupid! and Thank you George Lucas for putting out the movie all by yourself then when no one else would.)

    All that and working (at a daycare) and writing (Stargate Atlantis novels and a Leverage script) so…I’m doing great!

  44. Heat has been sorted out and we now have tea as well! I like your dogs. I have a French bulldog named Peanut. Terry

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