Looks like I won’t be making an addition to the pack after all.  That dog in search of a good home apparently found one.  He (and his sister) will be moving in with what I heard is a very nice family.  I have mixed emotions.  On the one hand, I’m glad he’s going somewhere where he’ll be well taken care of but, on the other hand, it would’ve been nice…

Think I’ll field some questions and comments…

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Paloosa.


Shiny writes: “I really enjoyed the Capn’ America movie.”

Answer: Haven’t seen it yet but heard mixed reviews.  Word of mouth was much better on the Thor movie.  I’ve been toying with the idea of watching every Marvel/DC superhero movie ever made, the good (Spiderman), the bad (Daredevil, Catwoman), and the ugly (the original Punisher movie with Dolph) and then having Cookie Monster and/or Baron Destructo rank and review.

Zed of Earth writes: “In its original form, Bill 101 banned languages other than French on commercial signs, said that Bills of Parliament be enacted only in French, made French the language of the workplace in companies with more than 50 people, and so on.
The Bill has been altered and challenged and changed since, but it’s still quite draconian, and leads to such silliness as 15 000 Dunkin’ Donuts bags being seized, Merry Christmas signs being ordered to be removed, and a delicatessen, Schwartz’s, being told that the apostrophe in its sign was illegal.”

Answer: Don’t forget the Office’s investigation into the unilingual English-speaking pet store parrot.

Keith Logan writes: “I am enjoying Justice League Dark, featuring many of DC’s magic-related characters (Constantine, Zatanna, etc).”

Answer: Got it.  How does it compare to Shadowpact, another series that focused on magic-related characters?

Christoffer Grandin writes: “As for comic book recommendations, I have only one. The new Batwoman.”

Answer: Picked it up as well.  Looking forward to checking it out.

dasndanger writes: “Joe, Marvel is cancelling a lot of titles right now – not sure if they’re gearing up for a total revamp like DC just undertook, or what. In other words, don’t get too attached to anything right now.”

Answer: Any ideas which title are on the chopping block?

dasndanger also writes: “As far as comics are concerned, the only ones I’m reading regularly is Uncanny X-Force, and Elric.”

Answer: No Wolverine/Jason Aaron?  Qu’est-ce qu’il ce pas?

dasndager also writes: “The Six Gun, Chew, Locke and Key.”

Answer: Not familiar with The Six Gun.  Who’s the publisher?  Tried both Chew and Locke and Key.  The latter wasn’t for me but I’m really enjoying Chew.

vickietaylor writes: “How’s that novel coming?”

Answer: Alas, it’s not.  A couple of other projects have bumped it from the top of my to-do list.

Mike A. writes: “So, did you buy each of the “New 52″?”

Answer: Yep.  I’m going to wait until I have the first three issues of each before I sit down to read ’em.

Bloomgate writes: “Hey Joe! I saw this and immediately thought of you. It’s the desert of choice of Billy and the Boingers…


Answer: Thanks for this!  I’m going to test it out later this week, then start playing mix and match with the contents of my replete liquor cabinet!

Maggiemayday writes: “Have you never watched TV in Japan? That’s where American celebs make their pocket cash.”

Answer: Yes.  Last time I was in Tokyo, I watched Tommy Lee Jones sell iced coffee.

Airelle writes: “Is the back deck all done, ready for grill?”

Answer: Almost.  Just need to install the railing and then I’ll be out there, in 3 degree weather, barbecuing!

Nola Shingledecker writes: “How could you NOT go with Romo???”

Answer: The Redskins’ defense is actually very good, and the Broncos’ defenses…isn’t.  The only thing I hadn’t banked on was Sanchez stinkin’ up the joint.

for the love of Beckett writes: “Hurray, Maximus! How is he today, and the rest of the Frisky Four?”

Answer: All doing well, thanks for asking.

19 thoughts on “November 19, 2011: The doggy update! Mailbag!

  1. ‘Don’t forget the Office’s investigation into the unilingual English-speaking pet store parrot.’

    You’re joking, Mr M! *laughs heartily* Wasn’t that a Monty Python sketch? 😀

  2. Hey Joe,

    Wouldn’t it be better if Cookie Monster and/or Baron Destructo saw the movies themselves. Hate to think you were putting words into their mouths!

  3. *returns from internet*
    You weren’t joking! *reels* Aye carumba!

    Don’t they realise that by being so antagonistic and downright petty they’re just alienating people who might otherwise support their cause?

    And that they come across as being exceedingly silly?

    Oh, you crazy Québécois(m)/Québécoise(f)/sometimes rendered as Québecois(m) and Québecoise(f), or Quebecois(m) and Quebecoise(f)/Quebecer, also spelled Quebecker…(did I cover everything?) 🙄

  4. Have you watched NHK World?…I try and watch everyday…very interesting channel…Just had a look and by the looks of things you can’t get it in Canada…bummer!


    By the looks of things you are getting on with David Eddings books…How are you finding them? Might find some of the characters in there have very familiar names….

    Kriss 🙂

  5. Mr M.:
    ‘Looks like I won’t be making an addition to the pack after all.’ 🙁
    ‘That dog in search of a good home apparently found one.’ 😀

    ‘vickietaylor writes: “How’s that novel coming?”
    Answer: Alas, it’s not. A couple of other projects have bumped it from the top of my to-do list.’
    A tease? Indeed. 😉

    Thanks for responding (espesh since it was a mega-long ramble 🙄 :-)), it was a nice surprise, Mr M! 😀

    Glad I amuse! 😀

  6. Word of mouth was much better on the Thor movie.

    Really? Can’t imagine why. I saw these pretty close together, and I thought Captain America was very noticeably better than Thor. More on the level of Iron Man, while Thor was more like maybe the Fantastic Four movies.

  7. Remember, grilling in 3 degree weather is more fun when wearing only boots, an apron and an oven mitt. Hat optional. Don’t ask me how I know, and I won’t tell the wildly inappropriate Rated G for General Audience story.

  8. Hey jOE ! Please answer 😉

    SG-1 – 4×06: Window of Opportunity

    Daniel Jackson said, “What do you think?” O’Neill after each jump in time ….

    What is the question posed by Daniel to Jack?

  9. @ Ponytail – You’re just figuring that out? 😉

    @ Everyone – Again, thank you for your kind words. I’ve been reading, just have been very busy doing ‘distracting’ things and not on the net much, so I haven’t been able to make personal comments to everyone. I also feel bad for ‘ignoring’ others that are going through rough patches right now – again, I’ve been reading, just have a little trouble knowing what to say. So, how’s about a group hug? I think we all need it! {{{hugs}}}

    @ Joe – Whoopsie, it’s The Sixth Gunhttp://www.amazon.com/Sixth-Gun-Vol-1/dp/1934964603 Not really my cuppa, but I know those who read it, love it.

    And yes – no Wolverine. I dropped most of my books to trade-wait. This way I don’t have to read arcs I don’t like (like, ya know, anything involving demons, vampires, or magic – stuff that in my mind have no place in a Wolverine book), AND I can read them wherever I want because I won’t be concerned about ‘hurting’ them. I am also getting Wolverine and the X-Men – for now – in monthly issues. So, some Wolverine in there, but I must admit to missing the feral beastman with no memories of his past.

    As far as titles Marvel is dropping: X-23, Ghost Rider, Punisher Max, Black Panther, Alpha Flight, Iron Man 2.0, and, I think, Daken. There may be more, but those are the ones I’ve seen people talking about. I was reading both Daken and X-23, and decided to trade-wait on them, and I guess because I dropped them the titles got canned. 😉 Both were good, but I really enjoyed Liu’s on the latter. Some characters, like X-23, are moving over to other books. Not sure what might be replacing the other titles. Just a lot of turmoil right now, and another reason for me to wait for trade.

    Hope that helps.


  10. Talked with a comic book afficinado yesterday who has seen the preview of your new comic and is planning to check it out.

    Hope you have a good Sunday!!!

  11. Joe, I have never read Shadowpact or other magic-related group books. I did follow Hellblazer for the first few years and quite liked the Books of Magic mini that introduced Tim Hunter. Justice League Dark captured the flavour of those books, at least at the outset, so I’m a happy reader so far. And the art is much better than most modern books (to my old/jaded/outdated eyes).

  12. Don’t forget the Office’s investigation into the unilingual English-speaking pet store parrot.
    That just makes them seem crazy. I’m surprised that PETA didn’t jump in at that point 😉 .

    Ponytail Come on over but watch the traffic when you hit Memphis. It’s a killer. I was going to make the huggie beans for the karate x-mas party this year. My mom wouldn’t have room for it at her house on Thanksgiving. She makes a 15 course meal and then I have to wash the dishes (no dishwasher). We call her a Cookoholic.

    I’m glad the pups found a good home. Unfortunately, there will always be another rescue that comes along.

  13. @Ponytail

    When The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan

    Just a comment cause, well, you can’t see me spit. Cesar Milan is a piece of crap who is going to get someone killed or injured and dogs killed. Please, find a better person to learn from. Don’t trust me? Read vets and others:
    He is dangerous, antiquated macho-man crap. Sorry, got to go spit some more.

  14. Coming from someone who saw all the Marvel movies this summer, X-Men First Class was by far the best based on plot and characterizations (I know some highly object because of certain characters dying or certain actors not being to par, but without comic book knowledge to judge the movie versions, I thought they did the best of the three), then Captain America, and then Thor. Thor was just…blah? Not bad, but I wasn’t moved by the characters or plot the way I was by the other two.

    Those movies, and the Avengers movie coming out in May have inclined me to actually read the comic books. Civil War looks particularly good. I just have to find a comic book store somewhere. 😛

  15. <>

    I’m waiting to see if avabird42 is going to call. She’s in the area and we might meet up for dinner. I’m very excited.

  16. @ Debra – I know. I stopped watching The Dog Whisperer when he went to a family’s house who had a little wild crazy dog that acted just like my looney beagle. He came in and just dominated and intimidated the dog. I lost confidence in him and realized that probably all the dogs he met were afraid of him and complied with what he wanted. I figured if he ever saw my dog, he could scare her enough into submission for the show, but she would be her same old self once he left and she got over the experience. I decided that is just her personality and I accept her like that. Even though she tears up the house, I love my crazy, gaseous beagle.

  17. Haven’t seen Thor but I finally put it in my Netflix queue; it got great reviews and I love Branagh but the glut of superhero, robot and alien movies was too much this year, so I’m slowly renting them on DVD.

    I loved the charm of Captain Am, the heroine was a bit blah but overall it was very Rocketeer. There is one scene at the NY Worlds Fair that is just gorgeous.

    I’m happy the young pup found a good home with a sibling, that is so sweet.

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