My Snow Monkeys were clobbered this weekend, going down to their third straight loss.  They’re now a most mediocre 6-5 and sitting in sixth place,  barely holding onto the final playoff spot with only two weeks to go in the regular season.  Some terrible decisions by our General Manager (benching Romo for Sanchez, White and Bryant for Hakeem Nicks and that Titans wide receiver whose name I can’t remember), and some plain bad luck (my best player, Adrian Peterson, was injured and could be out for the foreseeable future) sealed our fate.  However, in running the numbers, I discovered that, even had I played all my most productive players, I still wouldn’t have won the week.  I don’t know if I should be relieved or panicked.  A little of both I suppose.  Next week, we play the team nipping at our furry little pink monkey feet, the Autodrafts, who are an even more mediocre 5-6, then end the season against the (as of today) winless Reagan’s Raiders.  I’m screwed on the tie-breaker scenarios, so it’s imperative my Snow Monkeys win next week – and the final week, just to be on the safe side.  I’m thinking it may be time to start wheeling and dealing.

So, I’ve started all those new comic book series I’ve added to my to-read pile.  As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, the plan is to pick up EVERYTHING and read three issues.  If I’m interested, I keep buying.  If I lose interest, I drop the title.  Simple, no?  Last night, I started with the first three issues of…


Okay, I’ve clearly been out of the comics loop way too long.  Batman has a son?  The result of a surprisingly out-of-character tryst with Talia al-Ghul (daughter of supervillain and long-time enemy Ra’ al-ghul)? And he’s apparently franchised the Bat-vigilante business as evidenced by the Moscow version of the Bat who is introduced in the opening pages of the first issue, only to get his pointy-eared cowl handed to him by some mystery (to me anyway) villain/vigilante.  Bruce Wayne has elected to take his son under his cape and train him as the new Robin.  While an admirable bit of parenting, one wonders whether he’s made the correct choice.  The young Damian is certainly capable, but one hell of an annoying brat.  He’s like an erudite Dennis the Menace in tights.

While I enjoyed the dynamics between Batman and Robin/Bruce and Damian, and butler Alfred’s attempts to play mediator (actually, his moments were my favorite), I found Batman a little too verbally reflective at times, a little too conspicuously self-aware.  I liked the book’s dark tone and liked the art, but found the pacing a little slow – especially the second issue which was cut short to give us a sneak peek at Batman Noel, a recent hardcover release.

Verdict: Undecided.  I find the premise intriguing enough that I’d like to see how things develop.  I’m going to give it a few more issues.

Holy crap!  I never thought it would happen to me but, today, I was witness to a miracle.  I used to make fun of people who saw Jesus in their taco or the Virgin Mary in the condensation that formed inside their shower stall.  Not anymore.  Not after this morning when, while making an omelet, I glanced down at the bowl containing the eggs and saw THIS –

Now is that or is that not the face of John the Baptist in my mixing bowl?

I swear, these yolks were NOT doctored or otherwise manipulated.  So what does this mean?  Is it a sign?  What is Egg Yolk Face trying to tell me?!!

27 thoughts on “November 20, 2011: Snow Monkeys on life support! Batman and Robin! A supernatural manifestation!

  1. Much appreciated Joe! I’m sorry that you didn’t get the pup. Sounds like you were looking forward to adding a family member, or two? Were you planning to keep both pups? If not, I’m glad they at least got to stay together.

    Das has it right. Group {{{HUG}}}. And thanks to all for the kind words and prayers. It’s evidently a small tumor, and I’m actually lucky it was found. Although I’d prefer to be lucky in lotto.

    I think your meal is trying to tell you that it’s friendly and you shouldn’t eat it. For me, food is about what I CAN’T eat right now. Soft foods just don’t do it for me. I’m starving! Hope the dang not-tooth heals so I can stuff my face on Thanksgiving with turkey and pie.

    @Zed of Earth: I’m a pain in the ass to doctors. I bring a list of questions, give them a copy and make them go over it with me. So far, I’ve got three pages for the unsuspecting neurologist. 🙂

  2. I think it’s telling you to have a nice day. That, or possibly that you should forget your current vocation and attend Clown college.

  3. Your eggs are telling you that you have two too many! Three should be enough for the two of you. Gotta start thinking of the old cholesterol. Hate to mention it Joe, but you’re not getting younger, like the rest of us you’re moving in the opposite direction.

    Oh, and you might not have done better with Romo, but you wouldn’t have done worse…

  4. Your eggs are telling you a five egg omelet is the path to arterial plaque and John will see you on the other side.

  5. @paloosa: No kidding, lotto would be MUCH better! Hope you get to eat Thanksgiving dinner! Please be well.

    @Gilder: LMAO, very well said!

    Joe, I think Gilder’s right. WACKO. That is so not John the Baptist. It’s either Bozo the Clown or John Wayne. 🙂

    My refrigerator took a shit overnight, so we’ll be throwing food out today. No idea if we’ll be able to it fixed or get a new one by Thanksgiving. Kinda fits with the rest of the year. Arrgghhh! Send emergency chocolate, please!

  6. You know what they say; “happy eggs, happy life.” In fact that was the title of the sermon last Sunday, and the first reading of course was from the Happy Days pilot.

    My best bud sent a link to this Italian bakery, they make a rootbeer chicken (at 1:55) that looked amazing, was it Lawren who made rootbeer ribs? If this is what rootbeer does do meat then I’m aboard:

  7. Looks a bit like a sesame street character,,,Only Joe would think to take a picture of not yet scrambled eggs, too funny. Love the Snow Monkey picture, how do you get them to pose for you? Have a great day!!

  8. 1. Paloosa – Wishing you all the best. {{{hugs}}}

    2. I’m tellin’ ya, Joe, you shoulda named your team the Sea Monkeys.

    3. Also, Joe, how in the hell do you manage to read so much so quickly? Your life is just too easy, or something. I mean, between keeping up the house, meals, the yard, the husband, the job, the cats (indoor and out), the car, the shopping, and the paperwork and bills – not to mention faith and social activities – I barely have time to read the instruction on a microwave package. So, how do you do it?

    4. Egg Yolk Face is telling you that you’re eggs-ceptional. 😉


  9. @Maggiemayday

    Your eggs are telling you a five egg omelet is the path to arterial plaque and John will see you on the other side.

    ROFLMAO. However, does anyone else find it odd that this man eats enough stuff that should make him DEAD DEAD DEAD, and we his readers are largely in much worse shape? I don’t think he’s human.

  10. Just look at that bowl of eggs! The crooked smile, the bulbous, jaundiced eyes…the resemblance is an uncanny self-portrait. Very impressive!

  11. Batman’s gotten to where he is lately due to the major “worldshattering” DC events of the past couple years. Bruce Wayne has recently realized (as only magical time travel to the end of eternity can teach us) that he has never been a “lone” crusader of justice. He’s always had Alfred there to help him. This apparently shocking revelation has significantly altered his view of things around him and is what caused him to set up a global Batman franchise.

  12. Egg Yolk Face is saying: Eggs are people too! Don’t eat meeee…

    ‘Although I’d prefer to be lucky in lotto.’

    ‘I’m a pain in the ass to doctors.’

    Which is how it should be. 🙂

    ‘I bring a list of questions, give them a copy and make them go over it with me. So far, I’ve got three pages for the unsuspecting neurologist.’

    Good for you!!! *gives supportive pat to shoulder* I make list of questions for doctors too! Otherwise I’m so nervous I just sit & stare at the floor, or say nothing in the hope of getting out toot sweet…which kind of defeats the purpose of being there. 🙄 People are scary; medical people doubly so.

    Actually, I make lists all the time, for every purpose. Lists are soothing. 🙂

    @Christoffer Grandin
    ‘That, or possibly that you should forget your current vocation and attend Clown college.’

    Arf! 😀

    @Mirth Mistress
    ‘Bert show up in the butter?’

    Snort! 😀

    @Tam Dixon
    ‘paloosa: I wish you a glutinous holiday!’

    A feast of sticky foods, perhaps?! 😉

    Thanks for the v. funny post, Mr M.
    But, that monkey pic disturbs me. 🙂

  13. On the egg-face; I don’ t know why no one else sees it…it’ s Marty Feldman! (Look at the eyes…)

    On travel matters, I could’ve used you as a wing-man tonight. I was at Milan-Linate airport, ordering a meal before my flight to London (and then back home on Tuesday). The waiter spoke no english (or Spanish…I tried), and the menu, while having english descriptions on one side, they did not line up with the Italian on the other.

    To make matters more confusing, the names all imply a style of preparation (think what a Philly Cheesesteak or a Chicago Dog is) which I obviously had no clue about.

    So I tried to order a prosciutto meat dish with buffalo mozarella and sparkling water (saying practically the only words I know in Italian: “acqua con frizzante”). What I received was a tomato and mozzarella dish (caprese insalada) with a glass of red wine (is my pronounciation THAT bad?) I really, really need and Italian meal translator! Or better yet, an Italian translator in person…maybe you can get working on those nanite translators?

    Wishing your US readers safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving this week!

  14. @ Deni – Doh! I meant to say that Joe was eggs-centric, but I was still half asleep. Praising Joe, when it’s my job here to keep him in his place. Boy, do I have egg on my face now, or what? 😉


  15. @JeffW: What you need is a Bablefish!


    @Joe: Bad day for football. You’re Snow Monkeys are faltering, and Chicago’s quarterback broke his thumb and is out for 6 weeks.

    The eggs? I see the little playdough guy from the Mr. Bill Show. In one of his happier moments!

    @paloosa:A lot of doctors appreciate it when you have a list of questions. And they like it when patients are actively involved in their own health care. I hope your neurologist can give you the answers you need and all goes well for you.

    @Zed: doctors do get sick and sometimes need surgery and have to experience being patients because they are people, too.

    One the subject of getting information about your diagnosis on the internet: Be cautious about the websites you use. There are good, reliable ones, like Mayo Clinic and WebMD. But there are also some pretty flakey ones out there. Use common sense.

    @PBmom: sending prayers and good wishes your way.

    @maggiemayday: a hernia? Well, it’s not great but better than some of the alternatives. Enjoy Hawaii!

    To everybody else, I’ll just join in das’ group hug. {{{hug}}}

  16. @das: Considering your eggsceedingly eggcellent eggschanges with Joe, your faux pas is eggscusable. 🙂 Somebody send me chocolate, please.

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