Sigh.  Someone I know has decided they can’t take care of their dog anymore and wants to find it a good home – which is a nice sentiment but, I think, easier said than done.  The fact is, you have no idea what kind of home a dog will end up in. Even with the best of intentions, the most stringent of screening processes, there is simply no way of knowing for sure.  Of course, I always imagine the worse case scenario – and that worst case scenario inevitably finds me assuming the dog’s POV,   uprooted to a new home, confused, wondering when the hell he’ll be going “home home”, wondering what the hell happened to the good old days, wondering what the hell he’d done wrong.  There is no way to know for certain that that dog will go to a good home.  Well, no way but one – and that’s to welcome it to the best possible home.  And that best possible home is, of course, my home.  Yes, even though I already have four fantastic furballs, I’m thinking about it…

I’m crazy, right?  Tell me I’m crazy.

So, I’ve been reading comic books, on and off, since I was a kid.  Over the years, my interest has waxed and waned, waxed and waned.  In the past couple of days, while I’ve been reorganizing my massive collection, that interest was piqued – and then peaked today when I hit my local comic shop and dropped a Tokyo sushi dinner size bill on a slew of titles.  This is the way it’s going to work (based on past experience): I’ll pick up almost every title out there.  Each will have three issues to hook me.  If a book fails to hook me, I’ll drop it.  If it hooks me, then I’ll pick up the fourth issue.  So long as the book continues to hold my interest, I’ll continue to buy it.  If, at some point, it stops holding my interest, I’ll stop buying it.  Simple, no?

A few of the titles I look forward to checking out:

Planet of the Apes

My love of all things Planet of the Apes dates back as far as my love of comic books!


In the past, it’s always been the Bat books that have most impressed.  I’ve always loved the dark knight and his colorful rogue’s gallery.


Another character that has always appealed.  I’m just afraid that, like Batman, my interest may collapse under the weight of the multitude of titles.

Captain America

As far as Marvel superheroes go, Cap was never at the top of my list of favorites.  But with Ed Brubaker at the helm, I’m cautiously optimistic.


Joe Kelly’s run on the original title was one of my favorite’s in comicdom.  I’m interested to see what Way does with the character.

Incredible Hulk

Like Cap, the Hulk was never a character I loved to read.  That said, I love Jason Aaron’s work on Scalped, so I’m looking forward to being won over.


I always felt Frank Castle was somewhat limited as a character.  There were only so many Punisher vs. the mob stories you could tell.  However, Rucka’s work on the Bat titles mightily impressed, so I’m eager to see what he does here.

Any recommendations from the comic book aficionados out there?

48 thoughts on “November 18, 2011: Somebody stop me! Riding the comic book wave!

  1. Tell you you’re crazy…. Okay, you’re crazy. But a woman with six kids telling a man with 4 dogs he’s crazy probably doesn’t carry much weight! But, dogs are like kids right? And, there is ALWAYS room for one more!

  2. You should welcome the homeless pup and make him a new family member. You are the ★♥✽BEST★♥✽ Daddy to these sweet dogs. They reflect you love and care. I had 6 kids …you can do five dogs…YOU are better than anyone with just one dog.


  3. I’m not saying you are not a little crazy thinking about adopting another dog, but if you have the space and money it requires, and of course time to spend with it, than it’s not THAT crazy 🙂

  4. Yes, it’s 4 am and I’l still awake (well, in all fairness, I fell asleep about 8:30ish, slept until 12:30ish, woke up, straightened stuff around the house, drank a lot of water (which has resulted in more trips to the bathroom than I can count 🙄 ), washed up a few dishes, paged through all the catalogues I received this week and decided the only thing I needed was a $14 shoe rack to replace the inadequate one I have now…although I was seriously tempted to buy you a couple funny t-shirts, Joe…watched two episodes of Psych, fixed an antique rim lock that had a broken spring (hubby hasn’t had time to get to it, and he prefers me to fix the ‘puzzle’ locks, anyway), watched some football (a.k.a. soccer) and rugby news, counted and rolled my loose change, and collected together the cardboard recycleables. Whew! A busy morning! 😀 Now…to try to get some more sleep. I just put on House of Wax – I find Vincent rather soothing… 🙂


  5. So what type of dog are you thinking about adding to the gang? I have three already (beagle, boxer and pug) and the wife and I are going to be adding a Boston Terrier to the mix in the next couple of days.

  6. Hey Joe, long time no post. Been reading your blog, just haven’t posted in a while. Very busy lately, it seems. Unfortunately I’m comiserating with you on Sanchez. I drafted Kevin Kolb for the express purpose of filling in for Drew Brees when Brees is on bye and here we are in his bye week and where’s Kolb? Ridin’ the pine, injured. So, off I went to the waiver wire for a QB and thought Sanchez should be a safe bet. I never really watched him play before, my mistake. The man is a total wuss. I saw Tebow on the wire and merely entertained the thought of picking him up for only a couple of seconds. Apparently, he was the wiser choice. Personally, I’m sick and tired of everyone saying how Tebow’s not a great QB and his numbers suck. Ten years ago, Vick was pulling these same exact numbers and everyone sang his praises. Tebow gets the W’s, that’s all that matters.

    As for comic books, I share a lot of your tastes. I haven’t bought anything new in a while but when I was a more avid reader, it was Batman, Punisher War Journal, Spiderman, Wolverine, and going further back to when I was much littler, G.I. Joe and Transformers.

    Of note, I have the pleasure of having one of my best friends from high school go on to bigger and better things by the name of being a director for various animated DC properties. He’s worked with Bruce Timm, Paul Dini(my personal fave), and many others on multiple Batman and Superman properties as well as a sting doing that CG shaded Spiderman series that was on MTV a while ago. It’s kind of a crazy feeling to be watching a show that you are genuinely into and enjoy watching and the guy you’ve known for 20+ years’ name shows up in the credits! Or even to see him interviewed a ComicCon, is a treat, too!

    So, did you buy each of the “New 52”?

  7. You’re not crazy. You have a calling to provide a “forever home”, as we say at the shelter.

    Speaking of which, I met ADL’s new Sebastian yesterday; some may remember I helped socialize another Sebastian last Spring.

    This Sebastian is a loving little one-eyed, white Cockapoo, found stray and brought to ADL this week. He has good manners and puppy-like enthusiasm. I had the pleasure of transporting him to a local pet store for a donated grooming.

  8. Ever watch Animal Horders? Every single episode starts out with “I knew I was the only one who could…” and some communities have limits on the number you can have without getting a boarding licence. That being said, only you & your’s know what’s best. Some dogs bond for life & some couldn’t care less. Good luck! I know you’ll do the right thing

  9. The problem with Frank Castle is that he is a serial killer and everyone wants him to be more. The character can’t grow…won’t grow. He’s in too deep.

    There’s only so far you can take a guy who’s every waking moment is taken up with planning murder.

    That’s why the Punisher movies fall flat or don’t feel right. They either try to humanize him or go with the character as he’s supposed to be.

    No one can relate to classic punisher and the Thomas Jane Punisher is too…cuddly.


  10. I hear you about the pets. I recently wound up with an additional bird (a budgie) in addition to my African lovebird. He was originally part of a pair whose companion wound up getting chomped to death in front of him when a visiting dog knocked over the cage and went after them. The owners were looking for someone to take the surviving one, and rather than see it go to someone who might not look after him well, I took him. The poor guy has some understandable fear/trust issues, but I work with him every day to try to get him tamed. I don’t ever regret it though. He’s part of the “family” now.

    So, I say go for it!

  11. JOE! Congrats on the comic books!!! How cool is that? !! Well, we made the move and playing catch up again, I spent most of the packing and shlepping on BOOKS! We donated over 400 books and still have about 400 more in storage and about another 300 we took with us. My back hurts.

    Glad to see Maximus is doing well, awww sweet thing. Any dog that that is adopted into your home… will be thinking… “what did I do right, I must’ve been real good.” They will be very happy, no you’re not crazy.

  12. The dog I have now I got from one of those situations. The one downside is that when someone can’t take care of their dog anymore they rarely put time into quashing bad behaviors. It took many years to get rid of his “quirks” as they put it, but the effort has also made him insanely loyal and affectionate. He is my joy and mobile foot warmer. I wouldn’t trade him for the world but there were some rough patches getting him there. Though you’ve got a pack which might make things a lot simpler.

  13. Joe,
    I don’t comment often, but love to read your blog and look forward to it every day. I originally came for the Stargate news, but got hooked on your love of food, the dogs, and Akemi. I couldn’t think of a better place for a dog in need of a home. I say go for it.


  14. You’re crazy. But in a good way.

    Have you met the dog in question? Have your pups met the dog in question? If everyone is compatible, then, heck, go for it.

    Can’t help on the comic books. I just read the ones that das recommends. 😀

  15. Get the dog, Joe! You know you want to. I have found over many years of rescuing animals that there is no greater balm for the soul, no greater comfort than to look down at a dog curled contentedly at your feet and know that you made that little animal’s life better. Not to mention that the need to buy kibble motivates me to get to work every day.

    How’s that novel coming?

  16. Joe you are not crazy!!!! Get that dog! I wish I was a dog so I could come live with you! I have been thinking lately that you need to go to the animal shelter and adopt an unwanted dog so it could be loved and taken care of like your other babies. Get that dog!!

    @ paloosa – so sorry to hear about your continuing medical issues. I would be a basket case by now. Take care and know I will be praying for you.

    @ das – beautiful puzzle!

  17. I’d LIKE to be a dog you adopt in my next life. Seriously. That family can be totally assured you will take great care of that dog, and that dog will adore it there. What breed is it?

  18. It’s funny that society has society has coined terms like “crazy cat lady” for people who have 20-50 cats on their property, but no similar term for people with dozens of dogs. No implication meant for anyone in this case…it just got me thinking of the subject in general.

    If you have the time and resources to properly do it, sure, go ahead. Dunno how the other dogs will react to a new play friend but they seem to get along well with others typically.

  19. I think the pup is already yours. No better home, indeed. Has he/she meet the other family members yet? If not, that’s the real test. But I’m sure it’ll be welcomed with open paws. And can’t wait to see the added pics!

    I haven’t been able to keep up much lately. But I’m so sorry to read about so much loss.

    for the love of Beckett: I’m very sorry to hear about your friend. If you’re not close to someone, it’s almost impossible to pick up the subtle signs. And as others have said, there may be no signs at all. And thanks for the advice on dry socket. The dentist never mentioned it. I was in and out (completely, thank god) with nary a full sentence spoken by the dentist. I’ve had a few cavities in my life, but never a root canal or other issues. So this was scary. But it was badly abscessed, and I’m glad it’s gone. And I’m thrilled about Captain Starship. I’m in LA, and I would have loved seeing the screening. But I’m just not up to getting out yet. Hope the show gets picked up, and they can have the Atlantis gang back in some way for an episode!

    Das: So sorry to hear of your loss. She was a beautiful kitty. She reminds me of a friends cat. I call him a Zen kitty because there’s always a calmness about him. Marbles eyes remind me of him.

    2cats & Deni: Big Hugs for your losses. Sometimes there’s just not enough words to express the pain of losing a loved one. But I hope the void will soon be filled with the warmth of their memories.

    Maggiemayday: Dang, hope your test comes out well.

    PBMom: I seriously don’t know how you handle all that you do. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Penny: Hope you’re ok. Let us know.

  20. Joe, Marvel is cancelling a lot of titles right now – not sure if they’re gearing up for a total revamp like DC just undertook, or what. In other words, don’t get too attached to anything right now.

    As far as comics are concerned, the only ones I’m reading regularly is Uncanny X-Force, and Elric. I’m kinda done with superhero books right now, and not really into most of the alternatives out there. I think I just have TOO much to read, and after a bit everything blurs together. Also, I’m switching to trade. I used to think that buying the single issues kept a book alive, but not now, not with how quickly companies cancel a title and create new ones.

    One book I really enjoyed was Moriarty. I read the first arc and thought it was great, so I’ll pick up the next in trade. I’ve been looking for books more along those lines – detective/mystery stories, preferrably in the Gothic style, or the Victorian age through to the 30s/40s. (if I recall correctly, Moriarty took place in the 1920s.) Mystery has always been my favorite genre, so I’m leaning heavily towards that.

    One new Marvel title that I enjoyed is Wolverine and the X-Men. I think the book has possibilities, I think it could be fun. It also has Gambit, soooo…yeah, that’s a plus, too. 😉 I’ll probably get the first arc in issues, then switch to trade. (Please don’t ask me to explain what’s happened in the mutantverse over the past two years. Things are changing faster than I change my underwear. So, you just have to except that Wolverine – while leading a black ops team of assassins – is also now the headmaster of a school for mutants, without question. Otherwise, your head might explode.)

    I’ve heard nothing but good about Ultimate Spider-Man, but I haven’t read the Ultimateverse since they went and screwed it up.

    There’s a crapload of non-hero books that everyone seems to like, including The Six Gun, Chew, Locke and Key…but I have no idea what any of those are like. You really need to find a good comic book store with a good comic book guy who can keep you up on things, or listen to my comic book guy’s podcasts:

    Hope that helps!


  21. Hey Joe,
    I’ve been getting back into comics of late, especially with the release of DC’s new 52. Aquaman is surprisingly good, Nightwing and Justice League are pretty good as well. Green Arrow is getting a lot of criticism, but I like it.
    I hear there is also one called Dark Matter coming out as well. It might be good…

  22. As for comic book recommendations, I have only one. The new Batwoman. So far I’ve found it to be great, three issues in. Even if you don’t end up buying it I would at the very least recommend a quick look the next time you’re out hunting. Good story, beautiful art, good characters. A strong woman in the lead role were they aren’t focusing on using sex to drag readers in. And she’s a lesbian. All good selling points.

  23. For all the hype, the New 52 from DC have been decidedly not new at all, and of little interest. However, I am enjoying Justice League Dark, featuring many of DC’s magic-related characters (Constantine, Zatanna, etc).

    Marvel-wise, I like Howard Chaykin’s Avengers 1959 but I’m pretty much always a sucker for Howie’s stuff. Also, the reboot of Ultimate Spider-man works for me, so far, although I don’t dig the art. Actually, I’ve been having trouble with superhero comics and their art for about a decade now, the garishness just turns me off. Add the shiny paper and horrible, horrible computer colours, and I have a difficult time finding anything that thrills me the way comics used to.

  24. @paloosa XXOO

    Just to let you all know, my tests results came back and he definitely wants to do the kidney biopsy (my rheumatologist agreed if certain things came back positive, which they did). I gave him the top 9 reasons why I shouldn’t have one done, but he didn’t feel like any of my VERY GOOD reasons were strong enough for him to change his mind. The only pro? I’m at 100% coverage on my insurance and January 1 I start back with a $7500 deductible. They are scheduling it the week before Christmas, but I told him when I walked out there was a 50/50 chance I’d cancel because I’m a bit freaked about needles and people not making sure I’m numb before they proceed. Apparently they would sedate me, but not knock me out. I watched one on YouTube (which the dr said was a mistake). That a one big-ass needle. No thanks. He named a few things, three of which were seronegative lupus nephritis, IgA nephropathy, minimal change disease. All of those things are supposedly treated with steroids if you have them–I cannot take steroids–allergic to them. See, this is how I’d like to play it: No procedures in 2012 except for blood work. In 2013, when I’ve distanced myself from my posttraumatic stress of this year, I’ll be able to make a better decision. But I know in my head that if it really is one of these things, it needs to be treated sooner than later. However, my emotional state is a lot stronger than my rational thinking.

  25. @Tam Dixon
    ‘I’d heard something about a French committee but I wasn’t sure if the information was correct. It seemed like a joke when I first heard about it.’

    Indeed. Like King Canute trying to hold back the sea. 🙂

    ‘Do you know if other countries regulate their language also?’

    I haven’t heard of any others, only France, and Canada.
    (Perhaps it’s a French thing. ;-))
    Anyone else out there know?

    In Canada they had the Quebec Charter/Bill 101 & the Commission de Surveillance de la Langue Francaise (now the OQLF, I believe), implemented in the early 1970s, and still a matter of controversy today, I understand (perhaps Mr. M can enlighten us? :-)).

    I can understand an ethnic group wanting to preserve their cultural heritage, but in this situation it seems to have been more a case of one group forcing their culture on others, in a heavy-handed and contemptuous manner, rather than an endeavour to legislate equality (and, actually, bilingualism was already official policy).

    In its original form, Bill 101 banned languages other than French on commercial signs, said that Bills of Parliament be enacted only in French, made French the language of the workplace in companies with more than 50 people, and so on.
    The Bill has been altered and challenged and changed since, but it’s still quite draconian, and leads to such silliness as 15 000 Dunkin’ Donuts bags being seized, Merry Christmas signs being ordered to be removed, and a delicatessen, Schwartz’s, being told that the apostrophe in its sign was illegal.

    Illegal apostrophes! That’s punctuationism gone mad. 😉 Don’t let them loose on the internet!

    Presumably, if I was typing this in Quebec, I’d be facing a fine for not including the diacritical marks in the French phrases I have used.

    The laws must lead to a lot of waste, and compliance must be a burden on business.

    And then there’s the sinister aspect, such as in 1988, when the supreme court of Canada ruled that parts of Bill 101 were illegal, and 15 000 francophones protested in Montreal, some by vandalising shops with bilingual signage, spraying them with the acronym FLQ (Front de Liberation de Quebec) – one was firebombed. 🙁

    The FLQ is a story in itself; responsible for numerous acts of violence during the 60s & 70s, including the kidnapping & murder of government minister Pierre Laporte; they – or people using their acronym – still crawl out from under the woodwork now and again, even today. Which is depressing. 🙁

    Make tea, not war, people! 😉

    ‘Language is certainly evolving here in the U.S.’

    While I think that languages should be protected so that they don’t die out, I also think that a language like English is enriched by its ability to evolve.

    A fascinating & very readable book on English and its relationship with other languages is Bill Bryson’s ‘Mother Tongue.’ (Some of the info above, I gleaned from ‘Mother Tongue’).

    Here endeth the lesson. 😉

    @Tam Dixon
    ‘a chocolate version of the macaroon around here (South USA). It’s more like a candy, with toasted coconut and milk/dark chocolate mixed to make a yummy glob of heaven.’

    *drools* The macaroons I had as a child were the ones made with shredded coconut, crisp & toasted on the top and chewy inside. Your choccy version sounds divine!!! *drools again* I haven’t yet had a macaron (I don’t get out much) but I love almonds/marzipan so macarons sound yummy to me *drools some more* 😀

    ‘The doc mentioned something else on the report, but didn’t seem too concerned.’

    Yeah, well, it’s not HIS brain, is it! 🙁

    ‘It’s ridiculous that I have to Google my test results.’

    Too right! And what the fricking h*ll do people do that don’t have access to the internet? (I didn’t until recently – it’s not a given). Trust their medical professional? *laughs bitterly* I’m sure there are doctors/nurses/specialists out there who are deeply caring, but the ones I’ve encountered mostly couldn’t give a rat’s arse (‘scuse my French ;-)), and lack listening skills, empathy, and don’t explain things well, if at all.
    I don’t think they have any idea what it’s like to be a patient – I think they should have to go through the system, like in that film, ‘The Doctor’ with William Hurt.

    I don’t mean to be negative. My bad.

    Bright side, you do have the internet, and even though it’s not ideal, you can look up your condition, so you know what questions to ask & what to expect. Be pushy with the medics if need be – it’s YOUR health, so do what you need to for you.
    Maybe the doc genuinely feels your tumour is not too worrisome. Maybe he’s seens loads of these and feels the outcome is generally positive. The internet can be very helpful with medical issues, but it can tend to dwell on the worst case scenario.
    I hope everything works out for the absolute best with you, I’ll be thinking about you, best wishes.

    ‘And in three hours I’m off to have a back molar pulled.’

    Ouch! Hope this went well too!

    I find jigsaws very soothing too!
    Have chaos + brings order to = soothing. 😀

    Also, das –
    ‘I just put on House of Wax – I find Vincent rather soothing…’
    – you are a strange, strange person.
    But in the best possible way. 😀 😀

    I had champagne and mint ice-cream once, and it was heavenly. *sighs dreamily* Years later, I am still searching for somewhere that makes this.

    Cockapoos=cuteness maximus!!!
    AND smart, thanks to the ‘poo’ part. 😀
    Could you explain what you mean by a new Sebastian, please? I’m both curious & ignorant. 😀

    @Gilder, Gforce, antisocialbutterflie, and all who rescue animals:
    YOU are my heroes. Love ya. 😀 x a gazillion ( or, *tries to make ‘heart emoticon* <3 x a gazillion)

    Mr. M, many here have written of all the sensible questions to ask regarding adopting a dog. To which I heartily suscribe. All I have to say on the matter is:

    C'mon. You know you want to. 😉

    Apologies for the long, loooong post, peeps. 🙄 Feel free to ignore. 😉

  26. I’m thinking of changing my name to ‘Too-Much-Information of Earth.’ 🙄

  27. @paloosa
    ‘I was in and out (completely, thank god) with nary a full sentence spoken by the dentist.’

    Those crazy health professionals and their over-effusive inter-personal relationship skills!!!

    Glad the tooth thing went well! 😀

  28. @Dave Clark
    ‘I hear there is also one called Dark Matter coming out as well. It might be good…’

    Dang it, I was going to make that joke!!! 😀

  29. @das
    OH MY GOD!
    *scourges self in shame*

    but see:
    You and everybody else hear!
    Ooooops….here. I meant here. 😀

    To air is human, to forgive, divine.

    I mean ERR! ERR!

  30. I vote yes on the dog. You could always think of the new dog as a “foster” until you find it the perfect home. Unless the newbie doesn’t get along with Max or Jelly, of course. Another option is a “pug” rescue in your area. I’m assuming it’s a pug but other breeds have their own organizations. My vet friend is always picking up unwanted Persians. She had up to six cats at one time but lost three to geriatric illness.

    I love the comic artwork!

    PBmom</b & Paloosa: So sorry you are both going through medical problems. I hope you get answers soon. Sending prayers.

    Ponytail: I’ve got my white beans and country ham in the crock pot. Can’t wait until dinner. I’ve eaten only veggies for a month now but I just can’t eat veggie beans.

  31. Ok, you are crazy. But good hearted. A lot depends on how well the new arrival is likely to get along with the old gang. Given the age and health of a couple of your pack, it’s a tricky proposition bringing a new dog in. You’d have to decide if the newbie is a good fit. A short visit might go a long ways towards helping you decide. And adopting a new animal will also do much for the well being of his previous person. I know I’d be worried sick if my K’Tesh were to end up with a stranger. I only have 2 people I’d consider turning her over to. I suspect the same applies to the owner looking for a new home for his/her loved one.
    Can’t help you with the comics. Too many new titles, not enough time and money to keep up with them all. But all sound interesting and I’ll be checking out a few of the titles in the next couple of months. Anyways, when do we get pics of the prospective newest four legged Mallozzi?

  32. I hate to be the nay-sayer– but I’d hold off getting the dog until Maximus is gone. Adding another dog is stressful, no matter how wonderful it is. Can they keep the dog for a while? You have a great pack there– none of them doing what all too often happens and while “normal” very very distressing– trying to kill a sick dog. Maximus is secure, happy to be back “home.” I really would wait.

  33. My kids want a dog and I would choose an adult dog (a known personality) for them but I don’t consider a home with a toddler to be a good home. She’s not a very persistent kid, but she’ll be 3 someday and I’ve been around too many 3 year olds and dogs to not know better. We’ll see what her personality is when she’s 4 1/2.


    Hulk sharks!

  34. Hope Max is ok with a new dog hanging around and getting all the attention. Give him lots of extra love if you do adopt a new pup, it might be hard for him at this point in his life.

  35. I wouldn’t ask the question if you are crazy or not, or whether its the right thing to do or not. Who am I to do judge and decide for someone else.

    But you should serious think of doing some autocritic and try to see what it means and where it stops. The crazy cat lady that lives in the excrements of 50 cats is seriously worth considering. Why does she do that ? Does she have a condition ? Would you have the same condition ? Do you want to save every dog around you ? I never heard of anyone taking a plane West to East coast with 4 dogs, never. I can only admire one’s dedication and kindness towards his pets. So that would be 1 more dog to take care of and move around and pay medical bills for. The economic argument is very current. I don’t have kids yet because we really couldn’t afford it until recently. We could barely pay the rent for the last 3 years. Hopefully, with a new job life should move on for me.

    Overall, the point I wanted to make Joe, is that you take a deep breath and understand well the commitment and consequences of sheltering a new dog, not if you should it or not, just that you take that decision with a cold head and not on emotion. Commitments and decisions made on emotions can have disastrous consequences, I don’t want my favorite writer in trouble. Sleep over it a couple of days and consider again.

    Take care.

  36. Joe,not gonna try and stop you on the dog, I would like for it to have a stable good loving home and I don’t even know the baby, but it is in need. And I believe you are a wonderful doggy daddy. So unless you have another candidate in mind,,tag you are it! Did you look into its eyes??, will get you every time!

  37. Dunno, there are lots of good homes out there, not as great as Casa Joe but still nice. I’ve got five siblings so I can tell ya, someone is gonna get forgotten in a large brood, wether it’s the missed birthday, getting left behind at the airport or forgotten when the family goes off to see grandma.

    I really enjoyed the Capn’ America movie, Chris Evans was very likeable in it and Joe Johnston knows how to capture the swell 1940’s. I’m getting into Kitchen Confidential on Hulu, didn’t realize the show had Owain Yeoman, John Francis Daley and John Cho.

  38. You’d be a good dad, but yes, would the pack accept another member at this time? Follow your heart, though, Always.
    I have four cats, because I took in two of dad’s. I couldn’t let my niece with two rotten kids and several large dogs and no sense of how to treat sweet little cats have them. It took a while, but I am mom now, although I must divide my time between the two sets, or my aggressive Siamese goes after the girls. I feel guilty when I must lock the girls in the guestroom while I am out of the house, or sleeping. But they are safe and warm and loved. They were with dad when he died, they were the last living creatures to know his final hours.
    Ah, the doctor visit. I have a hernia, oh joy. I have a referral to my surgeon and will call on Monday to set an appointment. Joy, joy, joy. More surgery. I’m still going to Hawaii, dammit.

  39. An argument for taking the new dog:

    I never encourage anyone without a dog to get one. Dogs are like todlers that never grow up, they unfortunately just grow old. Dogs require a lot of care. Not everyone should have a dog. But in your case, you can take on another dog (or two).

    You are not a hoarder. Hoarders have 30 to 100 animals and they cannot take care of any of them. They cannot afford to get them medical attention, or keep them in a clean and safe environment. The animals suffer greatly. With a hoarder, the poor animal mearly exists.

    Your dogs enjoy the luxury of nannies, live-in baby sitters, doggie daycares, and the best medical attention any dog (or person) could ask for. They have a clean home and a super loving parent to attend to their every need.

    When The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan wants to calm down the behavior of an unbalanced dog, he takes them to live with his pack of dogs. His adjusted pack helps calm even the most frightened or emotional dogs. His pack demonstrates good behavior. Joe I believe your pack will do the same thing. I know you will bring the dog to meet your dogs first to see how they get along.

    You love dogs, you can afford several dogs, you are willing to take care of their every need. You are the right choice.

    @ Tam Dixon – white beans and ham?! I’m coming over!! By the way, your Huggy Beans are on the Christmas menu! I’m already drooling!!

  40. i say you’re crazy. imagine if you’d have to move again with 5 dogs! you must know someone who would welcome this canine into their loving home. that way you and it’s current owner could rest easy knowing it’s being taken care of.

  41. ban stp moi se karim je parle pa englais ..jadore voutre serie stargate je suis algerien je c pa si tu conais ou pas lol ta boucoup demagination tou et calkulè davance et je fai tro erreur en ecritur lol dan bann contuniation pour stargate univer se bien dajoute un personage .de puisson dacotte des terrien moi man imagination se lance puisske en parle puis deux boucoup des enccien dison un melance entre un heuman et une ensionne il sapell (kalak) pas kalal .mai il foudra explike comment amoitè houman amoitè etre de lumiere sa va etre tro bien dison ke il et banis par les outre comm il et amoitè houman les outre ne pe rien commtre lui et il peu utilese ses povoir en+ il et le contrere de le fis d anubis et de la sa commence un gran avanture^pluis de mister

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