Came across this message in the production office kitchen the other day:

Seriously?  Flicking the switch kills the lights in King Henry VIII’s court?  Are the torches and braziers in the royal palace all on the same power grid?

And then there was this message that flashed up onscreen during a recent episode of Top Chef Canada:

Not sure what the controversial ingredient may have been but I’m guessing they were barbecuing placentas.  At least the show can take solace from the fact that, given its poor lighting, bland judges, and uninspired contestants, it’s unlikely all that many people were offended.

Stargate: SG-1’s seventh season was one of change.  Well, actually, season six was one of change.  Season seven saw a return to the status quo with the return of the recently deceased Daniel Jackson and the departure of Jonas Quinn.  I remember Rob calling me into his office to tell me that he was planning to reinstate DJ as a series regular.  All online flack aside, it made sense to me.  With Richard Dean Anderson scaling back his appearances on the show, bringing back Daniel would help ease long-time fans into the change.  For my part, even though I’d disagreed with Michael on several aspects of the show’s creative (we’d long since buried the hatchet over Jack Daniel shots at actor Chris Judge’s behest), I had nothing but respect for the guy as passionate, committed, and immensely talented actor.

FALLEN (701)

Before work began on the show’s seventh season, I emailed Rob Cooper a notion I had of an angel cast down from heaven, stripped of his memories and left to start a new life on Earth.  Rob ended up taking the whole “stripped” thing literally – much to the delight of Michael’s fans.

Paul flagged an exchange at the script stage.  One off-worlder notes Teal’c’s presence with: “He is Jaffa.” to which O’Neill replies: “No, but he plays one on t.v.”.  Paul felt it broke the fourth wall but was ultimately overruled.  When the episode aired, many fans loved the exchange – while many others followed suit and waved their own red flags.

Following the scene in which O’Neill appeals to an amnesiac Daniel, DJ refer to Jack as “Jim”.  It’s a gag that Brad calls back to in SGA’s The Shrine.


Even though the Jonas Quinn character never found firm footing on the show, I was nevertheless sad to see him go.  Actor Corin Nemec was a good guy and we got along well so I wanted to make sure he got  a proper, respectful send-off that left the door open for a possible return.  And I think we accomplished that in Homecoming.  Corin returned later in the season seven to guest in an episode for which he received a story credit: Fallout.


Actor Michael Welch delivers one of the show’s most impressive guest performances in the role of a young, cloned Jack O’Neill.  He captures (Rick as) Jack’s mannerisms and rhythms perfectly and so wowed us that, in the following months, we tried to spin several different stories that would have seen Young Jack make a return.  Unfortunately, none of these stories panned out.  I did end up running into Michael Welch at the that year’s Saturn Awards (Best Award Show Ever!).  He told me how much he’d enjoyed his experience on the show while I told him how much we’d enjoyed having him.  Interestingly enough, it was the same night I first met actor Ben Browder.  We discussed Farscape, scifi, and the possibility of him doing a guest spot on the show.  I ended up writing a part for him as a potential recurring character on Atlantis but a scheduling conflict prevented him from accepting the role – which, in the long run, was a good thing because it allowed him to accept the more substantial role of SG-1’s Cameron Mitchell two years later.

This episode also sees an appearance by the beautiful Theresa Lee, a friend and huge film and t.v. star in Hong Kong and China (where she recently headlined their version of Dancing With the Stars).  Whenever Theresa comes into town, we try to grab dim sum and rare is the occasion when she is not recognized by someone at a neighboring table.  The last time we grabbed a bite, I glanced up from my sticky rice purse to catch her on the restaurant’s t.v. screen, starring in some Hong Kong comedy.  Loved in Big Bullet!


Not to be confused with season 9’s Morpheus, Orpheus is another Peter DeLuise extravaganza.  You can always recognize Peter’s episode because they always contained one of three things: Unas, noble Jaffa, and/or explosions.

Loved Carter’s review of Signs in the gym scene.  Other movies I would have liked to see receive the onscreen review treatment: The Village, Lady in the Water, and The Happening.


This story started out as a pitch about a town living within a hermetically sealed bubble surrounded by a toxic atmosphere.  SG-1 happens upon the scene and discovers its inhabitants are hiding a terrible secret.  I hesitate to reveal the shocking conclusion I originally envisioned because the story we ended up with was so different that I’d love to repurpose it given some future opportunity.  Anyway, even though the episode ended up quite different from the way I’d originally envisioned it, I loved it nevertheless.  And I wasn’t the only one.  Then VFX Supervisor James Tichenor really enjoyed the script.  It’s a great SF standalone episode.  And the location we found for the town was perfect in its bizarre cross-cultural architectural weirdness.  It is, in reality, a former amusement park, Fantasy Gardens, with a fairly interesting history:  We would return here years later to shoot SGA’s Irresponsible.

Carl Binder gets into town today.  Tonight we check out Toronto schnitizel!

56 thoughts on “May 19, 2011: Strange messages! Stargate: SG-1 Season 7 memories!


    no comment. okay maybe one comment:

    “For my part, even though I’d disagreed with Michael on several aspects of the show’s creative (we’d long since buried the hatchet over Jack Daniel shots at actor Chris Judge’s behest), I had nothing but respect for the guy as passionate, committed, and immensely talented actor.”

    What happened back then? why did you disagree with Michael? He didnt like the script? I don’t get it, hes an actor, you a writer, what possible disagreement could happen?

  2. I missed Jonas but I was never really a Daniel fan.

    Ben Browder was so good in Farscape! I’m glad you worked him in the show. I’ve never met him but he comes across in interviews as a really nice guy.

    Thanks for the memories!!!

  3. Heh, remember when I said (and others echoes) that ‘Wormhole X-Treme!’ was great because it made us think “Hey, what if what’s going on in Stargate is really happening, and…and…” etc.?

    Well ‘Orpheus’, and specifically that review of ‘Signs’ by Carter, played into that as well, with her comment about whether or not they get it close to right.

    Loved it.

  4. Got a million questions, but mostly I just wanted to thank you for a great blog!

    Really appreciate you taking your time to answer to continue to answer questions about Stargate and letting us all take part in selected portions of your life.

    I’m gonna follow the Transporter series as soon as it arrives in Sweden. I don’t think that particular type of TV-show would be something I’d ordinary watch if it wasn’t for you and your dedication to the fans (and the fact that you’re somewhat talented as well…:) ).

    Thank you again Mr. Mallozzi, every time I watch a Stargate episode and your name shows up in the credits, I cannot help but to smile.

    Best of luck with the Transporter, be safe and keep being awesome (and pet the dogs from me!)

  5. *Correction:

    Really appreciate you taking your time and continue to answer questions about Stargate and letting us all take part in selected portions of your life.

    It’s late in Sweden and I have to keep focus on not being eaten by all of the zombie polar bears that roam the night streets of Malmö.


  6. i, for one, was sorry to see jonas go. i loved some of the exchanges between him and daniel in homecoming.

    i liked fragile balance, but a lot of people were/are weirded out buy the ending; a teen clone with an adult’s mind set loose among high schoolers.

  7. Hey, Joe
    -an intriguing Stargate mailbag question-

    I remember reading an interview w/ Dean Devlin in one of the British sci fi magazines about a year ago that he & Roland Emmerich were in talks w/ MGM about filming 2 sequels to the original Stargate movie (from 1994) once the tv series had finished. I don’t remember it all now, but he said something like they had to wait until the tv shows ended since the storylines for their sequels were very different in concept using different mythology/ideas. The other thing I remember it saying was that they had the ideas for the other 2 movies at the time of the original movie w/ MGM, but that the story line takes place many years after the original (12 or 15 years maybe?) so they were waiting for that time frame to pass first before making the sequels, and that Kurt Russell & James Spader had planned to reprise their roles for both movies. Not to sound like a conspiracy theory freak or anything, but do you think if any of that is true that it could be part of the reason why MGM shut down all things Stargate tv related?

    I wish I could remember the name of the magazine. It was one (in a stack of Sci Fi related magazines) I picked up and read during one of the times I was in a Barnes & Noble store last year. I remember reading that article and thinking, “Oh, no. I hope they don’t cancel the tv series just to make a totally unrelated movie… all the while still not making ‘Extinction’ and ‘Revolution’ which were promised to the fans.”

  8. I’ll admit it. I had to look up Homecoming to refresh my memory. I enjoyed that send off of Jonas. He was always naively funny with his one liners. Loved Nightwalkers too. Also, Michael Adamthwaite as Herek I enjoyed for his scene chewing since The Other Guys. Always a hoot.

    I wondered if you could convince Carl to do a spot on your blog to fill in questions about some of his episodes on Universe. I know he has Twitter but I’m a bit of a dinosaur and haven’t jumped the social media bandwagon.

    If he doesn’t have time (okay, I’m surprised you have time) can you explain aside from character development why did writers: 1) choose such a devastating disease (ALS) for TJ; 2) why didn’t Young allow any of the descendants to stay aboard Destiny as crew replenishment; 3) Since the Novans knew there planet was dying, wouldn’t they have managed to take copies of their history over time to their new ‘expedition’ planet? Aside from on the ships I mean.

  9. It’s May 19th no?

    Also lived Michael Welch as young O’Neil was always hoping he would make a return. Did you ever have a story idea as to how that might have happened?

  10. Okay, Joe, I have to ask you something. Do you go out to try and find these strange messages or do they just drop into your lap? They’re great blog material anyway.

    My favorite eps in this bunch were Fallen, Homecoming, and Fragile Balance. I thought Michael Welch’s portrayal was spot on.

    Have a good evening checking out the schnitzel!!

  11. hi, joe,

    you’ve stated recently that when mgm decides to continue the stargate franchise, you don’t believe it’ll include our sg1/atlantis/sgu mythology.

    is this still true?

    you know, you KNOW how many fans are wanting just *that*, to see a continuation of their beloved characters. there’s also quite a few loose ends that need closure.

    so, joe, is there any hope? might mgm decide to revisit these characters, just to, at the very least, tie up those loose ends and provide closure?

    there’s some shows that you just know is ready to go (i’m there with ‘house’ right now), but this is not the case with sg1/atlantis/sgu. their stories are not finished. they need closure. we need closure.

    please, what’s your opinion?

  12. @Lewis. Sounds intriguing. Can’t wait to hear what Joe has to say.

    Loved Fallen/Homecoming! 🙂 I have to admit that my eyes were quite glued to the TV when they revealed Daniel/Michael completely ‘stripped’ on the ground. 😉 Definitely not bad way to bring back Daniel. 😀 I also loved how Daniel and Jonas worked together. They were definitely kindred spirits. Also, loved the whole team effortness to stop Anubis. It was a very good 2-parter.

    Fragile Balance is great episode! 🙂 Michael Welch was just spectacular in playing younger version of Jack O’Neill. It’s like RDA had shrunk or something. He even picked up RDA’s humor, and quirkiness. I laughed everytime. Very funny episode. 😀

    Thank you, Joe, for this stroll down Stargate memory lane. 🙂

  13. Hi, Joe,

    What was the part you were going to write for Ben Browder on Atlantis? (I had read gossip somewhere that he was the original frontrunner to play Sheppard, but the Farscape mini-series intervened.)

    Did you ever wish that out DJ’s return and JQ’s departure could have been played out over a longer arc, like maybe 2 2hour episodes? It’s always felt a bit rushed to me.

  14. For those who use Mac computers:

    “A fake security program for Apple computers called MACDefender has racked up a significant number of victims.”

    This is just the beginning. Hackers have preferred going after Windows users because Windows’ security has been so easy to compromise, while Mac computers’ security is better. However hackers would of course one day take advantage of the untapped market they have been missing out on.

    Think about it: Most things sold by Apple are generally more expensive than regular electronics that other manufacturers sell. Generally speaking, if you can afford Apple products, either you have money or you saved up your money to buy those higher priced products.

    If you are a saver, then maybe you have money saved up in your bank account. If you did not have to save up money, then you are well-off enough to buy the more expensive things you want any time you desire. This increases the chance that you also are more likely to have money in the bank. And that is what hackers are after, your money.

    Your best defence against hackers is to continually educate yourself about all options available to help keep all of you personal/financial data safe in your computer.

    Just look at what the CEO of Sony recently said, that he could not guarantee the security of their online gaming network. That is a mind-boggling admission for a CEO to make, when referring to the what, something like 100 Million Sony PS3 video game users who are now at risk since a hacker hacked Sony’s network?

    Back on topic: I did get the feeling from various reports that Michael Shanks was not happy with the scripts, or his allotted time on camera, or whatever was going on that resulted in him leaving the show. Also wondered why he agreed to come back. Maybe he learned that a lot of past actors and actresses who leave a series before it is over, end up without having much of an acting future? Wesley Crusher comes to mind.

  15. Joe,

    Do you know of anyone at MGM who might have a blog or offers Q&A?

    Any word yet on if/when Brad and Robert will offer a Q&A?

    If you earned a doctorate, what would be the topic of your dissertation?

    I deposited my dissertation about a month ago, finished the doctorate about a week ago, and while life is no different today than it was in the pre-doctor days, there’s definitely a huge weight that has been lifted. It’s quite refreshing! Now, let’s hope the job search doesn’t land me a position somewhere like Toronto. 😛 Those winters? Yikes. Maybe something will come up in an area with a bit more of a warmer climate.

    Anyway, you’re (and anyone else) welcome to stop by my new blog.

    Ah, almost forgot:

    Any recommendations on blogs to visit?

  16. Michael Welch! He was fantastic. Another young actor might have come off as just imitating Jack, but Michael Welch *was* a young Jack.

    Checking out IMDB, it looks like he’s had a fair amount of work since. I’m glad for him.

    And…Ben Browder! (I’m just in an exclamation point frame of mind tonight I guess.) Really enjoyed his work on SG1. But I guess we’ll get more into that in seasons 9 and 10.

  17. Revisions was a really enjoyable episode, liked the way people randomly vanished, so when SG1 was like, where did so and so go, the people are like who? Then the real story starts with SG1 realising something was wrong.

    Thought it in a sense, was a great little filler episode.

    Best story out the bunch being Homecoming.

  18. Hey Joe,

    Your love of anime is well documented; what series are you following at present?

  19. One of the stations I worked for had a sign on the frig saying: Do not freeze sodas. The offenders were mostly the production guys.

    I have been enjoying all your trips down Stargate memory lane and the new adventures in Toronto. So two of the “kids” get to go to private school and the others had to stay public, huh? I’m sure they will thrive in their respective environments. Got a kick out of the Max puppy pics. He was so tiny.

    Loved Gauntlet. Thought it was a brilliant episode, but then most of yours always were. 😉

    I liked both Jonas and Corin and was sad when they had to go. I met Ben B. at Dragon Con last year and he was quite lovely — came across as kind, considerate and humble and very funny. His attitude turned me from a somewhat fan to a total fan of his.

  20. Lisa R wrote: I wonder if Joe will ever comment on that one.

    Obviously, not. 😉

    @ Tammy Dixon – Thanks. Sweet dreams of Joey fondling his chest hairs! 😀


  21. chris-

    Thanks for the article! It looks like a Stargate 2 movie could be a reality… I’m guessing the 2011 release date has been changed tho.

  22. @Sg1efc

    “This is just the beginning. Hackers have preferred going after Windows users because Windows’ security has been so easy to compromise, while Mac computers’ security is better.”

    thats not true, they target windows because 80% are windows users, makes their hard work worth while when they can infect more people. Its only recently that hackers are beginning to realize that OS X is popular enough to warrant some targeting. either way, a virus needs your permission to install itself, its not a disease, its more like falling for a con.

  23. So, Joe, you got a thing against Peter DeLuise? You’ve been pretty condescending when it comes to his episodes. His episodes, while obviously not your particular cup of tea, did an awful lot to show an expanded universe that the characters inhabit. The Jaffa stuff, the alpha site stuff, and yes, even the Unas stuff are all part of what makes SG1 by far the richest and most carefully crafted show Stargate has put out.

    But I suppose it’s easy to rashly dismiss work you don’t like with a quick generalization. For instance, your episodes always feature a forced outside perspective (Hailey, Barrett, Felger, Woolsey, Varro, Tyre, the all girl squad of buxom beauties from Whispers, even Vala’s ridiculous pater), usually based on the simplest stereotypes imaginable (geeky scientists, sniveling Frenchmen, evil cabals of businessmen, dungeons & dragons, and just for you, hot, sexy asian diplomats.

    See, easy.

  24. loved fragile balance. My favorite part is when Carter and DJ come into the room and are perplexed as to who this child is and why is he here? funny.

  25. I am confused. Before you said you were unaware of any issues with Shanks. Now you say creative differences and “buried the hatchet” at Judge’s behest.

    LOL @ das and the Joe scenario. Eww.

    I am a Daniel fan. BUT I began watching the series when Jonas joined (and bought all the previous seasons and caught up fast), so it wasn’t related to Daniel.. I just thought his character had the charisma of a tooth retainer. The actor, however, is a class act, kind and wonderful. He practically took a teen under his wing (I had taken her to Dragoncon with my daughter) and made it a wonderful event. His behavior toward all fans, whether they were buying his autographs or not, was impeccable. I cannot say the same about a couple of other SG actors. 🙁

  26. Mailbag Qs:
    1. I heard somewhere that Lord Yu, despite being stabbed through the chest by RepliCarter actually survived and is still out there. Kind of fits with what Osiris said in that he simply refuses to die. Do yu (lol) think that he is still around?
    2. Whats Teal’c up to these days, is he Jaffa President yet?
    3. Was Destiny, and the seed ships, built on Earth, in orbit, on the moon, mars, nearby etc?
    4. Is there anything left by the Ancients elsewhere in the solar system, perhaps a moonbase?

  27. you know i actually watched Fragile Balance a few times just to make sure it was Theresa Lee in the episode when i finally got my all season box set for SG-1.
    I’d never thought that HK celebrity(at the time) would appear in an American TV show. I miss her roles in TV.

  28. That light switch could come undone if an Aussie walked in. Our switches are down for on and up for off. ‘Ah! It’s off! I’d better turn it back on’. Flick. Screams from set.

  29. Just seen that chris vance was cast as the lead in the transporter tv series, he was very good in prison break. Cool.

  30. hey Joe,

    I just read this regarding Transporter: The Series on a german website:

    it basically says that Luc Besson will be showrunner of the series which will be produced by RTL, HBO, HBO Canada and M6. they also mention Klaus Zimmermann, Alexander M. Rümelin, Michel Julienne and Cyril Raffaeli. it also says that Chris Vance has already been cast.

    just wanted to give you the heads up. I’m looking forward to the new show.

  31. JeffW: Camping or the beach would be more my style of vacation. Hubby is a city boy though. He doesn’t do any vacation w/o wifi and AC 😉 . We are going to Disney World in Orlando. Can you say HOT?

    Das: Imsomnia here I come……

  32. I used to work for a very small video game studio in the Chicago area and one day we found a sign posted in the men’s bathroom that said “PLEASE STOP PISSING ON TOP OF THE URINALS!!!!!” (there were indeed 5 exclamation points)

    Nobody could figure out who was doing it or why.

    A few days later at a meeting, one of the programmers said “Have any of you noticed how low the urinals are in the bathroom here?”

    Mystery solved.

  33. Hope Carl made it to town safely and is having all kinds of schnitizel fun.
    I am enjoying my macbook pro laptop, but I don’t get as involved in using it for all the different stuff. It works great for me. But I also have the PC at home. I remember the conversations you had Joe about getting one and it made my decision easier, that and all the others posts explaining the workings. so far so good. Good luck to Alex.
    Michael Welch was great as the younger Oneill, I think he aced the mannerisms, terrific performance. I have seen him in other shows,ex,NCIS, very talented.
    It was exciting to see Daniel come back on the show, whatever the reason, sorry to see Corin leave, enjoyed his acting. You all did a great job of putting it all together and making it believable, fun entertainment. Peter DeLuise is always great to see and was so funny in the Sanctuary episode the other week.
    ….Psst…get Carl to flip the switch,,I won’t tell anyone…

  34. @Yuri

    Of course I wouldn’t want to speak for Joe, but if you read other blog entries here, I think you’ll find that Joe has written very nice things about Peter DeLuise.

    Just because someone calls out the tropes of a thing doesn’t mean you don’t love that thing.

    ‘Star Wars’ is one of my favorite movies of all time, but there are plenty of things to make fun of in it.

    That doesn’t change the love.

  35. Joe,

    Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes info. I didn’t get Showtime at all and no SciFi until somewhere in the midst of SG-1’s S7, so I had to play catch up in a hurry (I loved SciFi’s Monday block of SG-1). I missed all the drama of Daniel dying since he was already back by the time I started watching, but I can see how stressful that must have been on the fans and go TPTB.

    BTW – please pass along to Joel Goldsmith how much I enjoyed the orchestrations in SGU’s final ep, specifically the last scene with Eli staring at the stars. The music adds so much but I’m usually caught up in the drama and take it for granted. But the score he created for that last montage was spectacular.

    Looking forward to your big reveal on what channel Transporter will be showing on. (PS – I still don’t get Showtime. Or HBO…)

  36. Revisions is still one of my very favourite Stargate episodes. 🙂 It’s utterly horrific without being gory or messy.

  37. @Tammy Dixon:

    Can you say HOT?

    Yes I can; I lived in Boynton Beach for a year (Between West Palm and Boca Raton), until I got tired of the endless congestion over the winter months (snow-bird season).

    Maybe you can convince hubby to take a day trip over to Cape Canaveral? The shuttle won’t be flying much longer…

    @Lou Zucaro:

    Somehow that fits my image of Video Game Programmers 😉

  38. the Top Chef debocle was all because they used horse meat, i read about it in the paper.

  39. Hey Joe,

    Chris Vance better be shaving that hair off.

    (And when do we find out who’s playing Tarconi?)

  40. So Chris Vance aka James Whistler from Prison Break? Is playing the Transporter guy? Yes.. Yes..

    I think he did his best work in Season 3 of Prison Break, mostly because he was the focus of them being in Sona, but still, he was just plain awesome.

    Please get a blog Q&A going for him Joe.


    You jump to conclusions way to easily. I’ve never personally seen Joe be negative about him on any of his entrys, granted I’ve been commenting here on and off around 3 years now.

  41. @ narelle

    Is it true the toiletwater turns the other way around in Auzzieland?

    Thanks for the memories AGAIN. I watched all the ten season from january till march but somehow im feeling the need to dust off the box AGAIN.



  42. I stumbled upon this piece of Mallozzi gold from January 11, 2007:

    “One of the highlights of the camp was “tuck“, the thirty minutes every day when campers were permitted to purchase junk food. On my first day there, I bought my first ice cream sandwich. It was incredible, a delightful mix of soft cookie and vanilla ice cream. It was so good, in fact, that I wanted to buy another but, unfortunately, our allotted thirty minutes was up and the tuck shop had closed. The following day, I had the foresight to purchase two ice cream sandwiches, and they were just as good as the first one I had – creamy, chewy, and oh so delicious. If the tuck shop had still been open, I’d have no doubt bought a third. So, the next day, I wasn’t going to be denied. I bought five ice cream sandwiches, just to be on the safe side. As it turned out, two and half ice cream sandwiches was my limit – but the goods were melting so I forced down that extra half. I tried to give away my remaining two sandwiches but there were no takers. Rather than see them go to waste, I ate them as well. I haven’t had an ice cream sandwich since.”

    I 😆 ‘d.



  43. Joe,
    Is MGM going to throw a Farewell Franchise party for the cast and crew??It’s the least they can do for a Job very well done by All….

  44. Just curious……do you ever read anything that is posted on Twitter? (you don’t have to actually be “on” Twitter to read the posts.)

  45. @dioxholster

    “thats not true, they target windows because 80% are windows users, makes their hard work worth while when they can infect more people…”

    Sorry but the 80% reference really has no bearing on why hackers prefer to target the Windows operating system. Let’s say you are leading SG1 on a mission to infiltrate and plant explosives in Goa’uld ships being built on Ba’al’s home planet. Your reconnaissance shows you that there are two distinctly different groups of ships: 14 ships (the Linux ships) have Goa’uld soldiers guarding them inside and their internal sensors are online. The other 6 ships (the Windows ships) do not have Goa’uld soldiers guarding and do not have internal sensors. Which ships will you try to infiltrate and plant bombs in? Most people (hackers) would try to take out the 6 ships that don’t have guards or sensors. The ‘quantity’ of the ships that have guards and sensors does not matter. The smartest determining factor is figuring out the best, safest, easiest and most feasible method to infiltrate ships (computers), plant explosives (a virus or trojan) and make a clean getaway. To do this, you figure out which ships have the worst security measures (the Windows ships) and those are the ones you try to infiltrate (hack).

    For years there have been a few main operating systems in use: Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux. Windows by far has the worst security. Mac’s have better security in part because of the fact that the Mac operating system is a Unix-based operating system. Unix (which has been around for around 5 decades) and Linux are the most secure operating systems in my opinion.

    There are so many security flaws in all versions of Windows that this is the major reason why hackers target people who use it. Windows is “closed source”, meaning that Microsoft keeps the programming code to themselves and do not allow others to see it. The people who do try to see the code who do not work for Microsoft, are usually hackers. Why do they look at it? To find security flaws that they can exploit by writing a script or program to take advantage of the security flaws they find. The problem with Microsoft keeping their Windows operating system “closed source”, is that only Microsoft programmers usually look at the code. This is a bad thing, because hackers can find security flaws before Microsoft programmers can and in turn, do their damage before Microsoft can fix the security flaw. Even when Microsoft finds out about a security flaw, it can take them weeks or even Months to finally fix it.

    Now if Microsoft made their code “open source”, like the Linux operating system is, anyone in the world can see the Linux code, find problems and try to fix the flaw themselves or let the Linux community know about it and people around the world will start to fix the security flaw right away.

    “thats not true, they target windows because 80% are windows users, makes their hard work worth while when they can infect more people.”

    That is incorrect. If Windows did not have so many security flaws, it would not matter if 99% of people used Windows or if it is only 2%. Hackers hack Windows because they know there are so many security flaws in the code for them to exploit. They also know that Microsoft can not fix all their security flaws fast enough to prevent the hackers from doing their damage.

    “either way, a virus needs your permission to install itself”

    Incorrect, a virus or trojan does not need your permission to install itself. A virus or trojan can gain entry into a computer via a security hole. Example, a Reetou will come through the StarGate when invisible and can wipe out all personnel in StarGate Command if your security people are not actively scanning for Reetous. You are not giving the Reetou your “permission” to enter the SGC. They just come in anyway and do their damage because your security is flawed, like Windows is. 🙂

  46. “Zac

    Stargate Universe has left its mark… I give you the kino V1.0”

    That’s cool and there goes another new millionaire. Wish I thought of that.

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