Hey, you know what my fellow Transporter: The Series Co-Showrunner, Alexander Ruemelin, hates more than haute cuisine, French moving companies, and guys in black turtlenecks combined? Macs!  And not just Macs but the fact that several of his co-workers, myself among them, are supporters to what he views as an elitist techno-cult bent on world domination.  You see, Alexander is a PC guy and, as a PC guy, he’s outnumbered in the writers’ room 5 to 1.

The fact that everyone else here works on Macs REALLY annoys him.  How much?

THIS much.

Look at how enraged he is by the mere thought of our syncing our iPhones with our laptops.

I can empathize.  Really.  I remember my first experience Mac encounter. Then Stargate writer Damian Kindler brought one into the office one season and it was all sorts of weird.  It looked funny, didn’t have a right click, some of the keys were in the wrong place, and any script that came out of that thing was always ten pages too long.  I termed it the “Norwegian Fancy Writer” and dismissed it as a fad.  Sort of like that drink, Orbitz, with the floating edbile balls that fairly approximated the sensation of drinking your own vomit (“Kids’ll love it!”).

Mmmm. Chunky!

Well, while Orbitz went the way of New Coke, The Geico Cavemen t.v. show, and the McDonalds’ “I’d hit it” campaign that seemed to encourage consumers to fornicate with a double-cheeseburger…

Oh, yeah. Check out the pattie on that one. Mmmm, sexy...

…Mac thrived and, before I knew it, almost everyone in the Stargate writing department had one: Marty G., Carl B., Rob C., even my long-time technologically-challenged writing partner, Paul M.  Well, that made me want to dig in my heels all the more.  I didn’t care how amusing Apple’s commercials were or how much my co-workers seemed to love their new laptops, I was a PC guy!

Until I saw this –

WTF?!!  I was never bothered by those Apple commercials that seemed to imply PC-users were a bunch of loser-dorks because I figured, hey, that’s just Apple marketing.  But when PC marketing seemed to confirm the point by having Bill Gates star alongside Jerry Seinfeld in a painfully unfunny ad spot that had absolutely nothing to do with computers and culminated in Gates awkwardly adjusting his pants, I was left confused and, admittedly, a little frightened. Then, when they followed that spot with an equally excruciating four and a half minute commercial that ends with a gawky Gates doing the robot, I realized Apple was right.  Loser-dorks, adjusting their pants, doing the robot, and spending millions of dollars on a confusing vanity ad campaign that has nothing to do with the product your selling.

The following day, I bought myself a MacBook and never looked back.

Hmmm.  Well this…sucks.  No sooner do I extol the virtues of Mac than it freezes up on me, necessitating a force quit of Safari.  I return to my post-in-progress to discover it failed to auto-save the rest of the entry which included my rundown of Michael’s return to SG-1 as a series regular and some insight into the first six episodes of season 7.  At this point, I’m too enraged to start over.  How enraged?

Yeah, something like this.

I am presently regretting the loss of my loser-dorkiness.

Ironic, no?

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Lisa R
Lisa R

Joe, I could have told you that. LOL We’re PC people here. Computers are hubby’s field (He’s in desktop/help desk support.) so I am blessed to always have someone here who can get a virus off my computer or fix whatever’s wrong with it. Pretty cool!

Have a good night!!!!


Windows may be quirky and unreliable, but it’s quirky and unreliable in a way in which I’ve grown accustomed smile

It’s ALL dorky grin

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I’m not getting into the Mac vs. PC argument. Emotions get messy on that subject. I did recently buy an ipad. I like it but there a few things that really bother me. It seems Apple is a “big brother” with this device. (aren’t they always accusing Microsoft of being a big brother?)

Apple dictates who I can buy books from and EVERYTHING has to go through itunes. I hate itunes.
Did you see where Apple ran iFlow ebooks out of business: https://www.iflowreader.com/Closing.aspx

Plus, I have to buy special adapters to hook the ipad up to my camera or TV. I would LOVE a Windows based tablet but they don’t have anything that is comparable to the ipad yet without a montly fee. When they do, I’m selling my ipad and getting something that is not so tightly controlled. I miss Flash!


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A couple of questions, hope you’ll answer cause i’ve been an SG fan for along long long time.

1. In season 4 why did you have carter transfer over to Atlantis instead of Jackson? Carter on Atlantis was never as good as she was in SG-1 and jackson fit in great during First Contact/Lost Tribe during season 5, i think his character would have been awesome to the show, especially since that where he always wanted to go plus the ancient experience, civilian, he’s been in crazy battles before, SG-1 experience etc. Carter shared too many traits with Rodney (Science and techy) and Sheppard (military). Any thoughts?

2. The final replicator battle, 30 warships and the whole planet vs about a dozen ships, of which the travelers ships where pieced together, Wraith ships where are shown to be easily destroyed by drones (ex. no man’s land) and 2 earth ships. The ships powers and capabilities where never consistent. It seemed like they often changed without notice or warning?

3. This has bothered me ever since i watched the Atlantis finale enemy at the gate. When the wraith attacked area 51 with darts how could the only possible defense be 302′s. No anti air? no fighter jets? The whole thing seemed pretty easy for the wraith. Considering how important the chair was why didn’t you guys depict Earth throwing everything and anything at the darts?

Thanks in advance


My issue with macs are, they are over priced. They’re no good for gaming, although I will admit they are getting better with the addition of Steam, and Valve support. Long term upgrade-ability isn’t possible. You can’t build one from scratch, customizing it to ones uses. And the fact that every tree hugging hippie I see has one… How can they afford it when all the do is not bathe and hug trees?

That being said, I still wouldn’t say no if given one. What can I say, curiosity killed the cat.

Along the lines of the Transporter, any news to when it will start airing (Fall 2012?), and where it might be airing?

Also, thanks for posting your memories of working on Stargate. They’re highly entertaining, and I was a bit disappointed that yesterday was just a mail bag.

Have a good one.

tidusspear08 (bjoern herzog)
tidusspear08 (bjoern herzog)

See? That’s what you get for using a Mac.
Never used one – never want to buy one.
But yes, the commercial is bad. And the end scared me a bit… If I would’ve seen this spot a few years ago, I would be a Mac user today. grin

Good night!

Lisa R
Lisa R

@Echelon said, “And the fact that every tree hugging hippie I see has one… How can they afford it when all the do is not bathe and hug trees?”

I got a kick out of this. Thanks for the laugh.

James Gamble

Poor Joe!

If it’s any consolation, you’d probably have lost it on the PC, too wink

I once spent about 2 hours doing a “My Day” email to a mate, with photos and everything, all from my handy little iPhone. Then I clicked send, and it sent everything up to the first photo (about 2 paragraphs in) and completely threw away everything else.

Gee.. Thanks!
^That much^!

It happens.
And it’s times like this that I usually freak out, grab my spare harddrive, and do a good backup before anything else annoys me.

Craig Keith
Craig Keith

Hey, in a mailbag the other day you said you emailed mgm about a book/script/watever for the 2 movies. Have you heard back from them yet?? Would you be the one to do it. Also have u got a uk brodcaster for transporter yet ??



Narelle from Aus

It is inevitable that with its increase in popularity, Mac will become Microsoft. Circle of Life. Yarda, yarda, yarda.
Jon Stewart says it better.


Hey Joe,

Here’s an SGA-related question that’s been bugging me and my friends.

If the Wraith’s food supply was limited, why didn’t they just select humans from their feeding grounds and clone them en masse?

Michael didn’t need a facility to clone Beckett, so it sounds like it shouldn’t have been too hard.

Sue Jackson
Sue Jackson

I’m a PC gal! smile Hate Macs. I think they’re way too complicated.


I use Macs, and maintain a fleet of PCs at work – Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. The Windows PCs are a never-ending hell of constant updates. We have one Windows 7 machine (from a high-end maker) that’s had almost all of its parts replaced under warranty and still doesn’t work quite right.

The Macs are easier to keep up to date, and more reliable, hands down. We’ve never had a virus on our Macs, yet our PC users seem adept at circumventing any anti-malware software and get viruses, trojans and worms with aplomb. The seven year-old Mac upstairs at home still runs like new – amortized over that period, it’s positively low-cost.

This could easily become a flame war; both sides have points of view that they’re unwilling to change – although only some of us have actual deep experience in both systems. Pretty much all of the points Windows (or should I say “anti-apple”) advocates come up with are easily refuted. Flash doesn’t belong on a mobile device, for example – it kills the battery on my Nokia in no time.

Thanks for the hilarious pictures of Alexander though. You should have a caption contest!

Looking forward to more Stargate season reminiscences – I guess I’ll have to fill my time with something else this evening.

P.S. Do a Command-A then Command-C (or Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C for Windows users). Do it every so often when you’re editing something long and you’ll always have at least a portion of your work on the clipboard. Then it’s just a Command-V (Ctrl-V) to paste it back if something goes wrong and eats your work.

Lou Zucaro

The simple fact is that Macs and PCs both do pretty much the same things. Macs are little better at handling media. PCs are better at high-end gaming. Otherwise, pick whichever you like and have fun.

That said, I’m a PC guy. It really bugs me when people who don’t know what they’re doing / talking about say that Windows machines (especially Windows 7) are “constant trouble” (please, no offense intended to anybody in this thread who says that…it’s just a pet peeve of mine).

I’m extremely “computer savvy”, whereas my wife isn’t. Neither is my Mom, my Dad, either of my sisters, most of my wife’s family or any of my friends except one. They all run Windows 7. None of them ever has any trouble with Windows itself. The only problems they run into are things like “I don’t like this software…is there something better?” and usually there is.

In terms of updating, the iMac on my desk updates every. single. day. My Windows machine is once or twice a month.

In 20 years of using PCs, I’ve had exactly one virus. And I never even ran anti-virus software until WinXP because, frankly, it needed it.

No computer at my office has ever had a virus. No server we run has ever had a virus.

And, yes, Macs are in fact able to catch nasty things, too. In fact, the more market share Apple gains, the more it’ll happen. Here’s just one example from today:


Yes, everybody knows that there are a zillion more cases of malware on PCs than on Macs, but there are also a zillion times more PCs than there are Macs out there.

Anyway, like I said, use whichever platform you like and, if you’re happy with it, stick with it. If not, try the other one and see what you think.

Jim S.
Jim S.

It’s not to late Joe. Come back to the light don’t let the dark side win!

Just say NO to Macs! smile


I have to tell you, as a Programmer and Hardware engineer, that Macs really are a cruel joke on elitist consumers. They are built with already outdated technology. You get charged quite a bit more for this outdated technology as well. The old myth about Macs doing media production better, is just that, a myth. As a matter of fact, Maya processing has been proven faster on PC platforms. Audio programs like Pro-Tools and Nuendo also run faster and cleaner on PC’s.

Just this past weak, a friend of mine that runs a major sound studio just gutted all of his Macs out and is in the process of replacing them with custom built PC’s.

It comes down to the fact that he was sick of paying more for a computer, that 90% of the time he was running a Windows emulator on anyways. So why not custom build a PC for what you need it to do, while also getting to run any software you want to run on it, all while paying a cheaper price for it.

Macs as a company really is just a long running joke on elitist consumers.

Now I am wondering if you are going to let your PC loving co-worker see this message? LOL!



BTW, Rob,…

PEBKEC my friend, PEBKEC.


Hey Joe

Why not give Linux a try!

Really, why not? It has a screen writers program called Celtx.

Come on, I know you want to try it…


Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

No Joe.. Macs are GOOOD. Don’t be mad at mac for a little mishap lol.

I have a Macbook pro and it has to be my greatest possession. wink

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Narelle: thanks for the link but I had to watch it on my PC, it was in flash. wink
If you are thinking of an ipad, it’s got a great screen BUT: Sony had their apple version approved and then the rules changed again. Apple is a Control freak! It looks like it will be awhile before Sony apps are approved. sad Hubby is looking to convert all of our Sony ebooks to pdf’s and then putting them on ipad. We’ll see.

Rob: Flash works fine on my windows phone. If ipad is being pushed as an alternative to a desktop/laptop, then I should be able to view flash on it. Steve Jobs has stated he doesn’t like Flash. http://realworldjava.com/node/1380046


When I went to look at laptops a few years back I checked out both brands. The PC laptops had huge amounts of memory, ram, video cards for under 1000. The mac’s had maybe half what the pc did and for double the amount of money.

Why ? I ask the clerk. You’re paying for the brand name thats it.

Theres nothing special or better about either. They both work. Main thing is people who pay double/triple want to justify themselves.

You’ll see these people sitting outside of specialty coffee shops with black rimmed glasses retro clothes and a scarf working on writing their book about how sad they are.


What? No Daniel Jackson? smile


Painfully unfunny, yes. I can never unwatch that.

More sour co-worker pics. Time to slip some Vitamin D in the coffee pot.

I get to use the cheapest technology I can find because I save everything directly to Dropbox, google docs, etc. I now laugh at the blue screen of death.


Joe, thanks much for sending me a copy of Sweet Tooth! To tell you the truth, I had no desire to read this book because the cover creeped me out…lol. I think it’s because Gus reminds me of a young Will Wheaton. razz So anyways, when I opened it and saw the book, I wasn’t quite sure it would be my cuppa. Then I started reading it, and blew through it in minutes! It was SOOO good! I know you hinted at doing it for a BotM reading, so is there anything we can do to convince Jeff to join us for a Q&A?

Thanks again, sir! smile

As far as computers go, I’m sticking with my PC. I’m an old dog who really doesn’t want to learn new tricks right now. A little is because I’m just so busy with so much, and a little because I’m getting sick of technology changing on me every other day. I just want a little status quo for a while.

Well, back to last weekend’s rugby matches…gotta catch up!


Narelle from Aus

Oh, and das I never got back to you re the word for a Super Nerd. I was thinking Higgs Boson Nerd. They’re so nerdy we do not fully understand and cannot replicate.

Tammy – Fortunately The Daily Show have an app smile My iPad arrives next week some time. I’m using it primarily for remote connections into my office while travelling and watching TV shows while I’m no doubt waiting at Sydney airport (haven’t had a single flight leave on time in close to a year to get back home) without running out of battery life as I do on my PC within half hour. And excited about not having to carry around a charger all the time. What can I say, I’m lazy. Still waiting for a new Reader to really grab my attention. I read a book recently on my iPhone and my eyes will never be the same. I’d better not say that too loud, Harry the Reader is here charging. Maybe I’ll just stick with what I have. I only want it to read books and it does it so well.

Irony much that I’m a Microsoft based programmer?