Hey, you know what my fellow Transporter: The Series Co-Showrunner, Alexander Ruemelin, hates more than haute cuisine, French moving companies, and guys in black turtlenecks combined? Macs!  And not just Macs but the fact that several of his co-workers, myself among them, are supporters to what he views as an elitist techno-cult bent on world domination.  You see, Alexander is a PC guy and, as a PC guy, he’s outnumbered in the writers’ room 5 to 1.

The fact that everyone else here works on Macs REALLY annoys him.  How much?

THIS much.

Look at how enraged he is by the mere thought of our syncing our iPhones with our laptops.

I can empathize.  Really.  I remember my first experience Mac encounter. Then Stargate writer Damian Kindler brought one into the office one season and it was all sorts of weird.  It looked funny, didn’t have a right click, some of the keys were in the wrong place, and any script that came out of that thing was always ten pages too long.  I termed it the “Norwegian Fancy Writer” and dismissed it as a fad.  Sort of like that drink, Orbitz, with the floating edbile balls that fairly approximated the sensation of drinking your own vomit (“Kids’ll love it!”).

Mmmm. Chunky!

Well, while Orbitz went the way of New Coke, The Geico Cavemen t.v. show, and the McDonalds’ “I’d hit it” campaign that seemed to encourage consumers to fornicate with a double-cheeseburger…

Oh, yeah. Check out the pattie on that one. Mmmm, sexy...

…Mac thrived and, before I knew it, almost everyone in the Stargate writing department had one: Marty G., Carl B., Rob C., even my long-time technologically-challenged writing partner, Paul M.  Well, that made me want to dig in my heels all the more.  I didn’t care how amusing Apple’s commercials were or how much my co-workers seemed to love their new laptops, I was a PC guy!

Until I saw this –

WTF?!!  I was never bothered by those Apple commercials that seemed to imply PC-users were a bunch of loser-dorks because I figured, hey, that’s just Apple marketing.  But when PC marketing seemed to confirm the point by having Bill Gates star alongside Jerry Seinfeld in a painfully unfunny ad spot that had absolutely nothing to do with computers and culminated in Gates awkwardly adjusting his pants, I was left confused and, admittedly, a little frightened. Then, when they followed that spot with an equally excruciating four and a half minute commercial that ends with a gawky Gates doing the robot, I realized Apple was right.  Loser-dorks, adjusting their pants, doing the robot, and spending millions of dollars on a confusing vanity ad campaign that has nothing to do with the product your selling.

The following day, I bought myself a MacBook and never looked back.

Hmmm.  Well this…sucks.  No sooner do I extol the virtues of Mac than it freezes up on me, necessitating a force quit of Safari.  I return to my post-in-progress to discover it failed to auto-save the rest of the entry which included my rundown of Michael’s return to SG-1 as a series regular and some insight into the first six episodes of season 7.  At this point, I’m too enraged to start over.  How enraged?

Yeah, something like this.

I am presently regretting the loss of my loser-dorkiness.

Ironic, no?

81 thoughts on “May 18, 2011: Alex vs. Mac!

  1. Joe, I could have told you that. LOL We’re PC people here. Computers are hubby’s field (He’s in desktop/help desk support.) so I am blessed to always have someone here who can get a virus off my computer or fix whatever’s wrong with it. Pretty cool!

    Have a good night!!!!

  2. I’m not getting into the Mac vs. PC argument. Emotions get messy on that subject. I did recently buy an ipad. I like it but there a few things that really bother me. It seems Apple is a “big brother” with this device. (aren’t they always accusing Microsoft of being a big brother?)

    Apple dictates who I can buy books from and EVERYTHING has to go through itunes. I hate itunes.
    Did you see where Apple ran iFlow ebooks out of business: https://www.iflowreader.com/Closing.aspx

    Plus, I have to buy special adapters to hook the ipad up to my camera or TV. I would LOVE a Windows based tablet but they don’t have anything that is comparable to the ipad yet without a montly fee. When they do, I’m selling my ipad and getting something that is not so tightly controlled. I miss Flash!

  3. max
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    A couple of questions, hope you’ll answer cause i’ve been an SG fan for along long long time.

    1. In season 4 why did you have carter transfer over to Atlantis instead of Jackson? Carter on Atlantis was never as good as she was in SG-1 and jackson fit in great during First Contact/Lost Tribe during season 5, i think his character would have been awesome to the show, especially since that where he always wanted to go plus the ancient experience, civilian, he’s been in crazy battles before, SG-1 experience etc. Carter shared too many traits with Rodney (Science and techy) and Sheppard (military). Any thoughts?

    2. The final replicator battle, 30 warships and the whole planet vs about a dozen ships, of which the travelers ships where pieced together, Wraith ships where are shown to be easily destroyed by drones (ex. no man’s land) and 2 earth ships. The ships powers and capabilities where never consistent. It seemed like they often changed without notice or warning?

    3. This has bothered me ever since i watched the Atlantis finale enemy at the gate. When the wraith attacked area 51 with darts how could the only possible defense be 302′s. No anti air? no fighter jets? The whole thing seemed pretty easy for the wraith. Considering how important the chair was why didn’t you guys depict Earth throwing everything and anything at the darts?

    Thanks in advance

  4. My issue with macs are, they are over priced. They’re no good for gaming, although I will admit they are getting better with the addition of Steam, and Valve support. Long term upgrade-ability isn’t possible. You can’t build one from scratch, customizing it to ones uses. And the fact that every tree hugging hippie I see has one… How can they afford it when all the do is not bathe and hug trees?

    That being said, I still wouldn’t say no if given one. What can I say, curiosity killed the cat.

    Along the lines of the Transporter, any news to when it will start airing (Fall 2012?), and where it might be airing?

    Also, thanks for posting your memories of working on Stargate. They’re highly entertaining, and I was a bit disappointed that yesterday was just a mail bag.

    Have a good one.

  5. See? That’s what you get for using a Mac.
    Never used one – never want to buy one.
    But yes, the commercial is bad. And the end scared me a bit… If I would’ve seen this spot a few years ago, I would be a Mac user today. 😀

    Good night!

  6. @Echelon said, “And the fact that every tree hugging hippie I see has one… How can they afford it when all the do is not bathe and hug trees?”

    I got a kick out of this. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. Poor Joe!

    If it’s any consolation, you’d probably have lost it on the PC, too 😉

    I once spent about 2 hours doing a “My Day” email to a mate, with photos and everything, all from my handy little iPhone. Then I clicked send, and it sent everything up to the first photo (about 2 paragraphs in) and completely threw away everything else.

    Gee.. Thanks!
    ^That much^!

    It happens.
    And it’s times like this that I usually freak out, grab my spare harddrive, and do a good backup before anything else annoys me.

  8. Hey, in a mailbag the other day you said you emailed mgm about a book/script/watever for the 2 movies. Have you heard back from them yet?? Would you be the one to do it. Also have u got a uk brodcaster for transporter yet ??



  9. Hey Joe,

    Here’s an SGA-related question that’s been bugging me and my friends.

    If the Wraith’s food supply was limited, why didn’t they just select humans from their feeding grounds and clone them en masse?

    Michael didn’t need a facility to clone Beckett, so it sounds like it shouldn’t have been too hard.

  10. I use Macs, and maintain a fleet of PCs at work – Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. The Windows PCs are a never-ending hell of constant updates. We have one Windows 7 machine (from a high-end maker) that’s had almost all of its parts replaced under warranty and still doesn’t work quite right.

    The Macs are easier to keep up to date, and more reliable, hands down. We’ve never had a virus on our Macs, yet our PC users seem adept at circumventing any anti-malware software and get viruses, trojans and worms with aplomb. The seven year-old Mac upstairs at home still runs like new – amortized over that period, it’s positively low-cost.

    This could easily become a flame war; both sides have points of view that they’re unwilling to change – although only some of us have actual deep experience in both systems. Pretty much all of the points Windows (or should I say “anti-apple”) advocates come up with are easily refuted. Flash doesn’t belong on a mobile device, for example – it kills the battery on my Nokia in no time.

    Thanks for the hilarious pictures of Alexander though. You should have a caption contest!

    Looking forward to more Stargate season reminiscences – I guess I’ll have to fill my time with something else this evening.

    P.S. Do a Command-A then Command-C (or Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C for Windows users). Do it every so often when you’re editing something long and you’ll always have at least a portion of your work on the clipboard. Then it’s just a Command-V (Ctrl-V) to paste it back if something goes wrong and eats your work.

  11. The simple fact is that Macs and PCs both do pretty much the same things. Macs are little better at handling media. PCs are better at high-end gaming. Otherwise, pick whichever you like and have fun.

    That said, I’m a PC guy. It really bugs me when people who don’t know what they’re doing / talking about say that Windows machines (especially Windows 7) are “constant trouble” (please, no offense intended to anybody in this thread who says that…it’s just a pet peeve of mine).

    I’m extremely “computer savvy”, whereas my wife isn’t. Neither is my Mom, my Dad, either of my sisters, most of my wife’s family or any of my friends except one. They all run Windows 7. None of them ever has any trouble with Windows itself. The only problems they run into are things like “I don’t like this software…is there something better?” and usually there is.

    In terms of updating, the iMac on my desk updates every. single. day. My Windows machine is once or twice a month.

    In 20 years of using PCs, I’ve had exactly one virus. And I never even ran anti-virus software until WinXP because, frankly, it needed it.

    No computer at my office has ever had a virus. No server we run has ever had a virus.

    And, yes, Macs are in fact able to catch nasty things, too. In fact, the more market share Apple gains, the more it’ll happen. Here’s just one example from today:


    Yes, everybody knows that there are a zillion more cases of malware on PCs than on Macs, but there are also a zillion times more PCs than there are Macs out there.

    Anyway, like I said, use whichever platform you like and, if you’re happy with it, stick with it. If not, try the other one and see what you think.

  12. It’s not to late Joe. Come back to the light don’t let the dark side win!

    Just say NO to Macs! 🙂

  13. I have to tell you, as a Programmer and Hardware engineer, that Macs really are a cruel joke on elitist consumers. They are built with already outdated technology. You get charged quite a bit more for this outdated technology as well. The old myth about Macs doing media production better, is just that, a myth. As a matter of fact, Maya processing has been proven faster on PC platforms. Audio programs like Pro-Tools and Nuendo also run faster and cleaner on PC’s.

    Just this past weak, a friend of mine that runs a major sound studio just gutted all of his Macs out and is in the process of replacing them with custom built PC’s.

    It comes down to the fact that he was sick of paying more for a computer, that 90% of the time he was running a Windows emulator on anyways. So why not custom build a PC for what you need it to do, while also getting to run any software you want to run on it, all while paying a cheaper price for it.

    Macs as a company really is just a long running joke on elitist consumers.

    Now I am wondering if you are going to let your PC loving co-worker see this message? LOL!


  14. No Joe.. Macs are GOOOD. Don’t be mad at mac for a little mishap lol.

    I have a Macbook pro and it has to be my greatest possession. 😉

  15. Narelle: thanks for the link but I had to watch it on my PC, it was in flash. 😉
    If you are thinking of an ipad, it’s got a great screen BUT: Sony had their apple version approved and then the rules changed again. Apple is a Control freak! It looks like it will be awhile before Sony apps are approved. 🙁 Hubby is looking to convert all of our Sony ebooks to pdf’s and then putting them on ipad. We’ll see.

    Rob: Flash works fine on my windows phone. If ipad is being pushed as an alternative to a desktop/laptop, then I should be able to view flash on it. Steve Jobs has stated he doesn’t like Flash. http://realworldjava.com/node/1380046

  16. When I went to look at laptops a few years back I checked out both brands. The PC laptops had huge amounts of memory, ram, video cards for under 1000. The mac’s had maybe half what the pc did and for double the amount of money.

    Why ? I ask the clerk. You’re paying for the brand name thats it.

    Theres nothing special or better about either. They both work. Main thing is people who pay double/triple want to justify themselves.

    You’ll see these people sitting outside of specialty coffee shops with black rimmed glasses retro clothes and a scarf working on writing their book about how sad they are.

  17. Painfully unfunny, yes. I can never unwatch that.

    More sour co-worker pics. Time to slip some Vitamin D in the coffee pot.

    I get to use the cheapest technology I can find because I save everything directly to Dropbox, google docs, etc. I now laugh at the blue screen of death.

  18. Joe, thanks much for sending me a copy of Sweet Tooth! To tell you the truth, I had no desire to read this book because the cover creeped me out…lol. I think it’s because Gus reminds me of a young Will Wheaton. 😛 So anyways, when I opened it and saw the book, I wasn’t quite sure it would be my cuppa. Then I started reading it, and blew through it in minutes! It was SOOO good! I know you hinted at doing it for a BotM reading, so is there anything we can do to convince Jeff to join us for a Q&A?

    Thanks again, sir! 🙂

    As far as computers go, I’m sticking with my PC. I’m an old dog who really doesn’t want to learn new tricks right now. A little is because I’m just so busy with so much, and a little because I’m getting sick of technology changing on me every other day. I just want a little status quo for a while.

    Well, back to last weekend’s rugby matches…gotta catch up!


  19. Oh, and das I never got back to you re the word for a Super Nerd. I was thinking Higgs Boson Nerd. They’re so nerdy we do not fully understand and cannot replicate.

    Tammy – Fortunately The Daily Show have an app 🙂 My iPad arrives next week some time. I’m using it primarily for remote connections into my office while travelling and watching TV shows while I’m no doubt waiting at Sydney airport (haven’t had a single flight leave on time in close to a year to get back home) without running out of battery life as I do on my PC within half hour. And excited about not having to carry around a charger all the time. What can I say, I’m lazy. Still waiting for a new Reader to really grab my attention. I read a book recently on my iPhone and my eyes will never be the same. I’d better not say that too loud, Harry the Reader is here charging. Maybe I’ll just stick with what I have. I only want it to read books and it does it so well.

    Irony much that I’m a Microsoft based programmer?

  20. Well, after reading all these comments, I’ve got to say,

    ALEX WINS!!!!

    PCs! PCs! PCs! PCs! PCs! PCs! PCs!

  21. I use both PC and Ubuntu Linux at work and a Macbook at home, so I’m running all three OSs on a daily basis

    The Debian-based Linux systems have become remarkably user-friendly with most programs being located, downloaded, and installed with one easy command. You no longer need to be a programmer to run one.

    For those of us who rely on obscure software, Mac is the happy medium between Unix functionality and PC user-friendliness. This being said, I despise the fact that Apple is convinced that I am too stupid to have superuser privileges on my own computer without registering as a software developer.

    This does not negate the fact that I earned platinum membership on my douche card when I bought the Macbook.

  22. Yay! Someone else here uses Linux, Totally agree with you Elminster. 🙂

    I switched from Windows to Ubuntu years ago and it was the best computer decision I ever made. Didn’t know anything about the Linux operating system until a couple friends suggested it to me, because I told them I was sick and tired of all the viruses and trojans out there. Not to mention the fact that the software firewalls and anti-virus programs I always had to keep running would also cause their own problems, like slowing down my computer.

    Give the Linux operating system a try. It is simply amazing. Much more secure than any version of Windows is and you can do just about everything in Linux that you can in Windows, except get bad viruses and trojans, LoL.

    Go to the Ubuntu website and read a bit for yourself about the great Free alternative that everyone has, instead of being tied down by Microsoft’s unsafe operating system.

  23. After using and supporting PC’s since about 1984 (my first job was supporting IBM 5150s – the ORIGINAL PC!) and growing through my career with versions of Windows from 3.1 on, I got a MacBook a little over a year ago. All I can say is, “Once you go Mac, you never go back!”

  24. @Tammy Dixon:

    I did recently buy an ipad. I like it but there a few things that really bother me. It seems Apple is a “big brother” with this device. (aren’t they always accusing Microsoft of being a big brother?)

    Have you thought about an Android-Tablet? I bought my 14-year-old daughter an Archos Tablet that has flash, a kindle reader, browser, video/music player, et cetera…she loves it! But if I were buying again, I might go with a Xoom:


    Best part? Open apps (Android Market) and open media (Amazon, Rhapsody, et cetera). Google may be the next Apple, but for now it’s an open platform.

  25. @ Narelle – I had to look up Higgs Boson. (I’m not a very good nerd. 😛 )


  26. I’m with xxxevilgrinxxx. When something goes wrong on a PC (as it so often does), at least I know how to fix it.

    I had to borrow my boss’s (Side note: That apostrophe *can’t* be right.) Mac the other day and found myself yelling at it because I couldn’t even figure out how to change the printer settings. (No, Mac people, don’t tell me how.) And I’m the one the folks in the office usually come to for help with computer issues. SO embarrassing.

    What can I say… I’m helpless without Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

    – KB

  27. Hi Joe, does this remind you of any particular spacecraft in Stargate? http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/5603/vzadumin.18/0_58773_214683a1_XXL.jpg
    There are more pictures here: http://www.e1.ru/talk/forum/read.php?f=67&i=8109943&t=8109943
    It turns out it’s a satellite.
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVUo2JO_640&w=425&h=349%5D

    And I also have pair of questions I hope you’ll answer for me please.

    1. Did Destiny and the seed ships pass through the Pegasus Galaxy by any chance?

    2. If both the seed ships and Destiny went through Pegasus would there still remain stargates left behind by the seed ships on planets in Pegasus or would they have just been eventually replaced with newer model stargates by the ancients (from Atlantis)?

    Many thanks.

  28. You know, Ubuntu is in fact pretty nice, and has come a LONG way in terms of user friendliness, but it’s definitely not ready for primetime in terms of handing it off to “the average user” and having them be ok.

    There’s still too much that’s too cryptic, and, for instance, I cannot get any version of the current build of Ubuntu (or MeeGo for that matter) to install and run on my Toshiba netbook, whereas Windows 7 installs fine and runs fine on it with no intervention.

  29. Joe,

    I used to be an avid Windows guy. Until one day I got tired of the random crashing, programs randomly not working, and the whole system blue screening with some cryptic message that no one could understand.

    Then I bought a Mac. It’s been a good experience. Sure, it crashes and programs freeze, but normally, there is a log, with less cryptic stuff in it telling you what happened.

    BTW, don’t use Safari .. not until 10.7… Safari and Flash don’t get along.

    I had a question for you regarding the displays used in Atlantis that I was hoping you could answer.

    We all know that the show used Dell’s for their computers, not sure what brand the tablets were. But the displays that were suppose to be built by the ancients. Were they CGI or some other fancy technology?

  30. I have always been a PC user have friends who have Mac’s and yep there are nice but I just don’t like the fact that you have to buy Apple products…if their products worked with other machines it would be fine and add to fact it is rather expensive…I never use iTunes because I can’t buy and upload to my Walkman…

    I have heard about Linux though and might have a go but don’t really want to mess up my computer as it is my only one and I have no way of replacing it…

    Kriss 🙂

  31. Okay, so I finally bit the bullet and watched the last 2 episodes. I was 8 days behind on a blog I read daily…comments included… And so now I can comment.

    When it leaked that Daniel was going to become an Ori, I admit I flipped. It may be the only time I actually got angry with the writers. And someone, I think it was you, responded to trust you, it would be okay. And it was. Very much so.

    SO, I trusted you that the final episode would be gut wrenching, sad, etc. You lied.

    It was a most perfect episode. It should not have been the series finale, but it was as perfect of an end as one could hope with the sudden cancellation. You didn’t kill off main characters, leave things in a way that viewers couldn’t imagine a good ending, or anything else bad. It was a super episode. The only anger I feel is that this season was so incredible and now we don’t get more. It isn’t closure, but it feels good. Thank you.

    as for:
    dasNdanger writes: “…dated a few lunatics,” Do tell, DO TELL!!”

    Answer: Three words – talking teddy bears. <<<<

    Please tell me you didn't date a furry? LOL.

  32. i tried orbitz once, terrible stuff. i don’t want to have to chew my beverage. i hear there’s something called bubble tea (actually pearl milk tea) that requires chewing as well. WTF?!

  33. 15 years ago or so, my brother was working at Wal-Mart, where they were selling Orbitz. Well, they were trying to sell it but no one was buying it. So he bought a pallet full at some ridiculously low cost, and half of that pallet still sits in my parents garage. Want a 6-pack? I think we only have the berry flavor left, and you’ll have to watch out for the gunked up glue on the caps. When I’d give it to friends, they’d strain out the gelatin balls because the liquid itself was rather tasty.

    As much as I love Macs, Safari does have some issues. Have you thought about using Firefox or Chrome until Safari uses the same technology to keep page crashes to a tab instead of killing the whole browser?

  34. I hate these arguments about mac vs pc. Can i just point out what you are all comparing is MacOS vs Windows….. Now if you want a real operating system that once you have setup doesn’t crash theen everyone should switch to a linux distro then the real competition can begin. Now lets stop insulting personal computers and get back to insulting Microsoft and Apple which is much more fun.

    Anyway my 2c…

  35. The thing is, Macs run smoothly for 90% of the time and PCs run smoothly 75% of the time but when your PC goes nuts on you there almost always is a guy who knows a bit more about it than you do who’s willing to help you for a beer or two.

    When Macs go nuts, they go nuts so completely (usually something to do with the logic board) that you have to take it to a “genious bar” at an apple shop only to be told the repair will take a day or two and if your guarantee has run out it will cost you the price of a mid-range netbook.

    To conclude, give me a Mac for fun and games and a PC for work any day of the week. And keep that evil incarnate in gadget form iPhone well away from me.

  36. For some people Macs work just fine. But don’t kid yourselves that they’re better designed. The Mac upgrade formula is throw it away and get a new one, because of how it’s designed. It’s like the early generation consoles where you didn’t worry about too many bugs etc. Also if you had a bigger market share, you’d get more people writing viruses and such for the Macs, it’s not that their harder to crack, they’re just not as worthwhile. These points are somewhat good and somewhat bad.

    Basically as long as you don’t try and convert me to a Mac, then we’re cool.

  37. Joe,

    Was any thought ever given to making Lt. Cadman a regular character? She was memorable in her two appearances, mostly for the way she made McKay squirm.

  38. Can we still ask you about Stargate related stuff?
    If yes, do the Command Ships really travel via Hyperspace? I thought they’d go via “traditional” FTL like Destiny and Blueberry aliens.

    If not, when was the last time you made ice cream? Is it not time to make ice cream again?

  39. Hey, random question. Did anyone, writers or characters (offscreen) alike, ever think about the possibility of non-Ori ascended beings in the Ori galaxy being killed by the Sangraal? It’s easily explained by saying that the presence of the Ori wouldn’t allow for any other ascended beings in that region, but what’s your take? Do you think anyone at Homeworld Command mentioned that at any point?

  40. Also regarding “PCs vs Macs”, I don’t think that’s fair ’cause they are both personal computers. I don’t know when Macs stopped being them.
    I’d say proper way to put it is “Windows vs Mac vs Unix-based” 😛

  41. Heeeey, another random question. I’m good at these. 😀

    Assuming SG-1 had not yet been canceled and we were currently in the break between seasons 14 and 15, would the Ori still be the primary enemy, or would they have been handled by now, leaving the “big bad” role to a brand new adversary?

  42. At least with MACs the ‘Force Quit’ options works majority of the time. How often has the Task Manager failed me to the point where an entire reboot of the PC was required.

    I await my new MacBook Pro with childlike giddy-ness. Tee hee!

    Poor Alex.

  43. Um…I have no idea what most of you are talking about. I’m still trying to figure out why my computer won’t work when it’s not plugged in. Stupid thing!


  44. I’m in a constant fight with my brother about Macs. I’m a PC user all my life, never had any big issue with Windows other than the occassional BSOD. My brother is a musician and he says he NEEDS a Mac.

    So why does he calls me every single week because he has ISSUES with his Mac? I keep telling him i’m not a Mac user so i cant solve anything, and he keeps telling me how ‘wonderful’ mac is. Maybe for making music – sure – but for plain using like surfing/mailing/texting…no.

    I got a PC thats beats the Mac in every single hardware way…for half the price. No Mac for me!

  45. Coucou! Enfin me voila! Désolé mais je suis très occupée en ce moment!

    Ahaha cet Alex Ruemelin me plais bien! Par contre il n’est sur aucun réseaux sociaux…O_O comment fait t’il? …tiens en parlant de cela vous avez 29 fans sur votre page facebook, pleins de message qui vous sont destinés, voici le lien pour que vous puissiez les lire:


    Je n’aime pas les Mac mais je suis accros au Iphone, Ipod et Ipad ♥, avez vous l’ipad 2?

    Bonne journée!

  46. JeffW: it looked like there is a montly fee for most of the other tablets. The other tabs do look cool! In a couple of years, the tablet selection will increase.

    Das: hubby explained Higgs Boson to me, so you aren’t the only bad nerd.

    Narelle: Yes, the ipad screen is hard on my eyes. I’ve got really bad eyes, though. I’ll probably still use my Sony for most books. Good thing because my family (who wasn’t really interested in the ipad) has taken over my little device. 🙄

  47. Alex sounds awesome, hes my kinda guy. Joe I don’t know how to explain this to you but here goes, we PC guys are not just trying to object to a trend, not just objecting to whatever kids today find cool. There is a very horrifying underlying philosophy behind Apple that truly brings shivers down my spine. They hate open source, they want to create a world with closed source software alone, I cant stress to you how bad this is. Its really bad. And it leads to a bad future. On the other side of the argument is google which totally is open source but doesnt give a s*** about your privacy, and wont since its whole game is to get info from you while you use their free stuff. The one that strikes the balance between the two is microsoft, and bill gates is one smart dude. Just check out his opinions on being “green”, matches my thoughts exactly. PC gives the user the control he needs whilst making it user friendly. Mac is not just overpriced, it really leaves you without options, no options to develop anything to better it and no options to fix a problem, as a user you are totally dependant on them.

    As for viruses, well Macs are not immune in fact they might be more vulnerable someday because they have little experience in protection. and its user base sure don’t know nothing about security and they dont want, thats the whole point in them getting macs, to them computers are things that work without hassle, thing is thats impossible. whenever electronics are involved there will be hassle. having said that, i havent touched an anti-virus in 5 years, dont need it. i think they do more problems than good besides im not running a corporation. And you must admit, there is something freaky about how everyone is using the same laptop/ipad/iphone, right? And they cherish the brand so much for very stupid reasons.

    If you ever want to experiment with other OS, you could try linux, its not bad but it will probably end up making you appreciate Windows more 🙂 but windows 7 is close to perfect in my opinion, and i hear windows 8 will be even lighter so that should be good. You could try to get windows on macbook, that way you will have the best of both worlds I figure.

  48. Hi Narelle! Nice to see you!

    The Mac PC debate: We have a PC desktop, one PC laptop and one Mac laptop in our house in addition to an iphone, ipods and (dead and missing) Zunes. I dare not say anything for or against either operating system for fear of reprisal.

    My son loved his Zune and we were just about to replace it. Problem is, Microsoft decided not to make them any more. 🙁

  49. @Tammy Dixon:

    No monthly subscription on the Archos, and as far as I can tell, the non-cellular versions of the Xoom don’t have a monthly fee either?

    Or was this a general comment about net-books/tablets?

    On Ubuntu:

    I’m running Ubuntu on a Fujitsu Tablet and an old IBM X31. Both had a little trouble getting the drivers setup and working right (so I’m echoing Lou Z.’s comments here)…you’ve got to be a tech guy to do linux sometimes.

    There are other Ubuntu installs I’ve done that worked out of the box. Seems to be if the hardware is fairly new and mainstream, it goes well.


    Sorry to hear that Safari lost the “Daniel’s return” memories post…I was looking forward to that! I’ve found Firefox is pretty good in the auto-save department. It’s even saved my incomplete/unposted comments to this blog on the rare occasions I’ve had to restart Ubuntu (old Fujitsu Tablet Hardware issue).

    If you don’t already run Firefox on your Mac, you can download it here:


  50. @ Narelle – And now, I know. 😀

    @ Debra – Oh my! 😆 Now I have this image of Joe and his date going back to her apartment, where she excuses herself to change into something ‘more comfortable’. As soon as she disappears down the hallway Joe starts humming ‘Just a Gigolo’, licking his fingertips and smoothing back his hair. Twice. He slithers off the couch and starts dimming the lights, then slinks over to the stereo and puts on some Kenny G, whistling along to the music as he pours two glasses of dark, lusty wine. From the bedroom she sweetly calls out to him that she’ll just be another minute. His heart flutters in anticipation, and a bead of sweat pops up on his forehead. He wipes it away and quickly composes himself with a long, deep breath.

    “Stay cool,” he tells himself, “Think ‘smooth’, as in, ‘smoooooooth sailing’. That’s it, it’s all ‘smoooooooth sailing’ from here!”

    He allows himself a little smirk as he takes off his tie and loosens the first two…no, three…no, two…no…yes, three…buttons of his shirt. Sitting back all cool and cozy on the couch, he fondles the gold chain around his neck and practices his come-hither looks. His hand slips from the gold chain and pulls absently at the chest hair peeking out from his unbuttoned shirt. For a brief moment he wonders if he should have invested in a little manscaping, but quickly shakes off the thought. If you’re gonna date an Italian, you better be ready to get tangled in the forest.

    Suddenly he sits up in a panic, frantically patting himself down. His hand stops at his front trouser pocket, groping a bit before diving into it. He pulls out a little cylinder and quickly gives himself a couple refreshing Binaca blasts. He smiles. There, every ‘i’ dotted, every ‘t’ crossed. Smacking his lips he settles back into the couch, casually draping one leg over the other as he admires the ruby liquid swirling around in his glass.

    His ears perk. He hears a doorknob turn…he hears the bedroom door open…he hears soft footsteps pattering ever closer…

    His heart beats faster, and the glass in his hand trembles. He rises and turns, holding in a precious breath of anticipation…and comes face-to-face with Yogi Bear!

    Big furry mitten paws reach out to him, grabbing, groping. His eyes roll back, the room starts to spin, and he faints to the floor, the last words he hears still ringing in his ears:

    “Hey there, Boo Boo! Let’s see what goodies are in your pic-a-nic basket!”

    /Joe’s date night



  51. I choose the best of both worlds.
    I’m a PC person and can’t see myself ever getting a MAC but I LOVE my iPhone, iPad, and 2 iPods 🙂

  52. Hello, We were supposed to remind you the email to Mr. Goldsmith about the soundtrack. So how is it looking? Anything new?

  53. I’m personally hoping google brings out an android based pc software not a big fan of apple or microsoft

  54. @shane

    There are already Android tablets available (such as the Xoom that people have mentioned) with more on the way.

    Also, Chrome OS-based netbooks will be available soon as well, however, they’re really designed to have everything be web-based.

    It’s unlikely that Android will be a replacement as a desktop OS since it’s designed, like iOS, to be used with touch devices.

    But you never know, especially with The Goog.

  55. Ah Joe,

    Thats a whole can of worms you have opened up there !

    My personal take is that if you aren’t computer minded, buy a MAC, out of the box they are very friendly and the interface is great.

    However, if you are a bit tech savvy, you can get a pc for a fraction of the price, upgrade it, change it, add disks, add memory , anything you like. You just have to maintain it a bit more with AV and firewalls and be more careful with what you click on so you dont get a nasty virus.

    If you are really techie, go linux !


  56. @Rich

    Honestly, they’re pretty equal in terms of their ease of use. And there are things that each does a little better than the other.

    Let’s put it this way…if you put either one in front of a person with, literally, zero computer experience, neither would be any more or less difficult to use than the other.

    And Mac users should definitely run anti-virus / anti-malware and educate themselves about what to do / not to do online, just as Windows users should.

    (see my previous post in this thread with a link to an article about the current Mac Defender issue)

  57. JeffW: I should have asked you before buying an ipad 😀 . The family has decided to take a Disney trip this month (I voted for the beach/Universal Studios). I’m not really looking forward to this trip. Standing in a long line in the hot sun is not my idea of a fun vacation. 🙁 The things we do for our family!
    So I wanted to buy a laptop substitute to take with us. The ipad seemed to fit the bill. Great screen quality and a long battery life. Plus, I can download Kindle books and participate more in Mr. M.’s book club. My Sony reader is wonderful but sometimes Sony’s store doesn’t have the selection like Kindle.
    My hubby works for Microsoft and even he likes the ipad for games/magazines. I’m sure once Microsoft endorses a tablet, he will dump the ipad (yeah, I finally get to play with it) and use the new tablet. Who knows when that will be?

    Das: you are a good writer! You’ve set the scene up so well, I can see it. “MY EYES, my eyes” (sorry couldn’t resist).

  58. @Lou Zucaro: Yes, but I’m travelling and had to use an odd email address. It probably got spam-filtered. Short answer: No, I was equally shocked, and the only intentional secrets involved closed-vs-open universe debates.

  59. Mckay uses PC. end of debate 🙂

    Apple never innovated anything, they just know how to package stuff neatly. Don’t reward them. And adobe flash player doesnt work well with mac at all, could that be the reason behind the crash? there is some bad blood between these two companies. maybe this could help:


    as for ipad, i guess its the best on the market not sure why others have trouble, personally im gonna wait till asus releases a kickass tablet, Asus Eee Pad Transformer looks good though.

    and Joe, will you release the SGA scripts? are you gonna tell us how SGU ends? Dont! I want a comic book, it shouldnt be that hard, you guys could hire someone to do it. A script is not canon at all, its a work in progress.

  60. Sorry Joe, but as a PC person myself, you get no sympathies from me for your Mac’s supreme suckitude. As I keep telling everyone around me who can put up with my rants, Mac’s are the ultimate in whitewashing the quirks of individualism with their bland and featureless products. They also look like they can break if you look at them wrong, what with being so flat and stuff. I’m always nervous whenever I have to hold a friend’s iPhone; what if I drop it and suddenly they can’t play Angry Bird?

    There, I said it. Bring it on.

    Oh, and check this out:


    Meanwhile, Alex is Awesome. That is all.

  61. I asked you the other week about why it kept being said that even if Earth could dial Destiny, it would be one-way. Sorry, I thought it was some plot contrivance to keep the characters on the ship. But I’ve been told by a longer-term fan that the gates are always one-way. Is that right?

    This is probably Stargate 101 for everybody else but even though I started watching with Universe I honestly thought I was an attentive viewer and it looks like I was completely wrong. I was sure there were many times when Destiny would dial and redial a gate to keep the line open when a team was on a planet. And of course there’s so often two-way radio chatter. Hang on, there’s also video from the kinos.

    I feel I’m pressing on a technical point when really I’ve no interest in the supposed mechanics of a Stargate, it’s the people I’m engaged with. But if the mechanics mean a gate is two-way, that does change the business of whether they’re trapped or not.

    We’re about three weeks away from the finale here in the UK; I’m so going to miss this show when it’s done.


  62. @Tammy Dixon:

    Yep we’ve done Disney a couple of times now, but living in the Midwest limits our spontaneous options. But I’d much rather go hiking or camping on vacation than stand in line in the sun.

    Have fun, though! Is it D-land or D-world? If D-world, then at least most of the snow-birds should have left by now (meaning it just might be possible to go to a breakfast-buffet without a two hour wait 😉

  63. I’m a PC for life I’m afraid. I can get behind the iPhone and it’s attendant i-bits and i-bobs, but I can’t work at a Mac. My friend’s mac froze when I tried to print my boarding pass. She implied it was somehow my fault; possibly wearing too much static-y wool or coming upon the Mac too suddenly and therefore not giving it time to get used to me before I thrust my boarding pass upon it. Then her five year old tried to play a game and the Mac froze; poor kid got yelled at for poking the keys to hard. Another twenty minutes of grumbling and the Mac was made to “rest” for the remainder of the night, like a delicate southern belle who collects glass figurines.

    My nephew can boot up their family PC and play Disney games, and my 5 year old niece gets her 7 year old brother help her refresh a page to keep playing; no rebooting, no tears.

    I had to deal with Macs in film school and I loathed it; we’d get a hour max of editing time, then spend 45 mnutes recreating everything we’d lost when the Mac froze again, and again (and again). I just hate having to lose things and recreate stuff so I stick with the PC.

    I’ve torn apart my old PC to add on video cards and memory, and new power source thingy; I think the PC is like a V-8 engine that you can putter around in your garage and the Mac is a computerized cars that only your mechanic can fix. I’m proud that I’m a girl who can add memory to her PC (after she purchases the correct memory card and sends the wrong one back, ahem).

  64. My job duties have now shifted to 0% writing and 100% playtesting. I can’t say I’m disappointed that my career has sidetracked temporarily.

  65. Joe,
    I have been a Mac user since my first Mac Classic. I even brought it over with me when I was in the Peace Corps 18 years ago. I use PC machines at work. It is fortunate for the IT techs they were in the office the last couple of days as I might have rearranged machine in front of their feet. Anyway, I have found no system is perfect. I have nurtured myself on Mac because I had no desire to learn DOS and Windows overlays. Apple has been very innovative in many areas of computer design (Why, I really like my Imac, so I can watch those SG videos.), while their mouse design had been lacking. I bought a third party mouse for the right click button. Hope you have better luck in the future.

    One question is why have neither systems introduced a more efficient key board because the current keyboard was design to make people slow down to the old typewriters’ keys from jamming?

    And Alex, well I guess he is just being…..well, being German?

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