Today, it gives me great pleasure to announce: We have our Frank!

Pictured above (looking suave, tough, and all sorts of charming) is Chris Vance as Frank Martin, The Transporter.  He delivers anything, anywhere, no questions asked – for a price.

We auditioned a ton of very talented actors for the part but, ultimately, Chris stood out as, well, just damn perfect for the role.  And once Transporter: The Series premieres in early 2012, I know you’ll agree.

In other Transporter: The Series casting news…

The beautiful Andrea Osvart has signed on to play the role of Carla, Frank’s handler and partner in danger.  Again, we saw some terrific talent in the auditions but, in the end, it was Andrea’s smart, sexy, self-confident portrayal of our ex-CIA op that won everyone over.

The Movie Network and Movie Central Sign on as Canadian Partners for Transporter-The Series

  • Based on the popular Transporter theatrical franchise, series is set to go into production in Toronto in July
  • Partners include QVF Inc. and HBO/Cinemax
  • Series stars Chris Vance from Prison Break

(May 20, 2010) – Astral’s The Movie Network (Eastern Canada) and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central (Western Canada) today announced their participation in the 12-part action series Transporter-The Series. Based on the high-octane Transporter films, the series is an international co-production between The Movie Network and Movie Central, Canada’s QVF Inc., M6 and Atlantique Productions in France, Germany’s RTL Group and HBO/Cinemax in the U.S.

“The Movie Network is all about premium entertainment and we’re proud to add this made-in-Canada big-budget action series to our original content offering,” said Aubie Greenberg, Director, Original Programming, Movie Services, Astral Television. “The theatrical Transporter franchise has connected with audiences on The Movie Network and around the world through its iconic characters and frenetic pace. We’re excited to further this connection through participation in such a large-scale production, especially one that takes our long-standing partnership with HBO to the next level.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Cinemax, M6 and RTL Television,” said Jocelyn Hamilton, Vice President, Original Programming, Kids, Comedy, Drama, Corus Entertainment. “As a franchise, Transporter offers a solid fan base with appeal to grow into an exciting series. Filming in Toronto with our world class production partners, the action-filled series will bring the beloved character of Frank Martin to premium television.”

Based on the popular film franchise of the same name created by Luc Besson, this fast-paced series follows the adventures of professional transporter Frank Martin (Chris Vance), who can always be counted on to get the job done. Operating in a seedy underworld of dangerous criminals and desperate players, Frank plays by three rules: never change the deal, no names and never open the package. Occasionally, complications arise and rules get broken. Good thing Frank can improvise. The series will premiere on HBO Canada in 2012.

Transporter-The Series is a France/Canada co-production produced by Atlantique Productions SA (Klaus Zimmermann) and QVF Inc. (Susan Murdoch). Executive producers are Luc Besson, Alexander Ruemelin, Fred Fuchs, Robert Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

Thanks to The Movie Network and Movie Central for recognizing all of our hard work!

I’m also pleased to report some great news on the V1 Jets front.  My disagreement with the company over a recent jet charter has been settled to my immense relief and satisfaction.  Company President Andrew Zarrow called me personally after being made aware of the problem.  After discussing the outstanding issue with me at length, he promised to look into the matter and get back to me asap.  Well, he was good to his word, calling me back the very next day to explain V1’s position and present a solution that has happily put the matter to rest.  A stand-up guy!  A big thank you to Andrew for wasting no time in stepping in, getting involved, and taking care of this customer.

When last I left off my Stargate reminiscences…


An acting tour-de-force for Michael Shanks who delivers a multitude of terrific performances in an episode that sees him playing several different characters. Guest star James Park’s portrayal of the doomed Pharrin is also incredibly touching and the perfect compliment to Michael’s multi-layered turn.  Brad had the idea for this story back in season six but, since he’d constructed the story for Daniel who had since left this mortal coil, he’d shelved it indefinitely.  When Michael came back to the show the following year, however, Brad was able to dust it off and put it back in play.  It’s one of those self-contained pure SF stories, like Revisions (and the episodes Brad used to produce in his Outer Limits days), that always appealed to me in much the same way that I always preferred the stand-alone horror X-Files episodes over the arc-driven entries.


Enemy Mine was the working title of this episode which, like Watergate before it, went from placeholder title to official title before anyone could do anything about it.  FYI, past placeholder titles that didn’t make it to official status include: Teal’c Interrupted, Turn of Events, Dark Gambit, Flowers for McKay, CSI: Atlantis, Ad Infinitum, Remember When, and Beckett Returns.

Writer/Director Peter DeLuise excelled at stories that, like this one, focused on the show’s rich mythology, building upon the races and characters established in previous episodes and developing them in interesting, often surprising, ways.


Working on Stargate was a writer’s dream in that it offered a host of wide-ranging opportunities when it came to scripting an episode.  The stories could be arc-driven or standalone, Earth-bound or off-world centered, mythological in nature or purely scifi, dramatic or humorous.  And, every so often, we occasionally did those departure episodes that stood out all the more in the uniqueness of their narrative or execution.  Space Race was one of those episodes and, as a result and to no one’s surprise, was a little divisive went it came to fan opinion.  Some fans loved it.  Others hated it.  Still, whatever negative response it may have received online paled in comparison to the scorn heaped upon…

AVENGER 2.0 (709)

Okay, in retrospect the title was one of the best things about this episode.  We shot Felger’s apartment at the Accent Inn across the street from The Bridge Studios (where we also shot Ronon and Sheppard watching BSG on motel t.v., Teal’c enjoying the thousand finger massage in Point of No Return, and the scene of Kinsey’s shooting in Smoke and Mirrors).  In the original script, Felger is painting his Warhammer figures but the gang at Warhammer nixed the idea because they felt suggesting a character like him (ie. brilliant scientist) played Warhammer would depict the game in an unfavorable light.  So we went with Stargate action figures instead.

At one point in the episode, Felger makes reference to an old science professor of his named Mr. Hoffman.  This was a salute to one of my own high school teachers, Mr. Hoffan, a knowledgeable man in his own right.  Once, during a class, he informed me that the chocolate bar I was snacking on could contain a maximum of three hairs and one rat turd according to regulations set down by the Canadian Food and Drug Administration.  For my part, I always avoided Charleston Chews which seemed to allow for roughly twice that.


Actor Chris Judge’s second foray into scripting sees him tackle Jaffa cultural constraints, sexism, and uneasy alliances.  Apparently, he wrote the part of Ishta for Jolene Blaylock.  Thankfully, she was available to play the role.  The episode also features a cameo by Executive Producer Michael Greenburg’s wife, Nicky. At one point in the episode, she rides by on a horse and shouts something.

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could sam and jack had gotten married on a past mission, but didn’t know it? :p

~hint, hint~


– The Movie Network and Movie Central Sign on as Canadian Partners for Transporter-The Series

– Based on the popular Transporter theatrical franchise, series is set to go into production in Toronto in July

– Partners include QVF Inc. and HBO/Cinemax”

Congratulations! smile


what’s the point?
it all ends tomorrow
i’m so depressed
hug the dogs for me
(but, i like your series’ actors)

tidusspear08 (bjoern herzog)
tidusspear08 (bjoern herzog)

I’m sorry Joe, but RTL? Really? I can’t say how disapointed I am… (but I can try, right?)
I am german and I know shows that were created and produced by germans. And what “they” create is so bad, you can’t watch it, unless you are older than 65 (and “tired” enough)… and I’m WAY younger than 65!
Please Joe, don’t let RTL make any creative decisions. Because if they do, this show will be a complete waste of money. We have a show here in Germany, “Alarm für Cobra 11”, it’s so bad, it literally softens your brain (every time I happen to tune in for a few seconds, I can almost feel how I get dumber)! In every (!) episode, the viewers can see a huge car crash that could never happen this way! It’s been a long time, since I’ve heard good written dialogue in german TV. So, if RTL asks for stupid action (or dialogoue) – you have been warned!

Still, I’m quite confident that the show will be nothing less than awesome!

(If there is a mistake: I’m sorry, but I’m (as I said) german and my english isn’t always perfect. I hope it’s not a problem for you.)


Congratulations Joe, Transporter, looking forward to seeing the end results. I do think you like staying busy.
and great to hear that the v1 pain in the pocketbook fiasco is resolved..
Michael Greenburg, haven’t heard his name for a while, hope he is well.
Some pretty amazing storylines came out of the bridge. thanks, I enjoyed the ride. Have a great evening.


@Ponytail: But you have until 6 p.m. local time!

@Joe: Congratulations on the Transporter deals and on settling things with V1. I just Googled Chris Vance and saw that he was on Burn Notice. He was great – in a cheerfully psychotic kind of way!


I don’t care what you say about Avenger 2.0. The Universe’s Most Awesome Spit Take Ever made up for any downside to that episode ten times over.

Lou Zucaro

Nice casting so far, Joe!

So is Ms. Osvart gonna be blonde or brunette, a la…

Also…please tell me that Tarconi is going to be in the series. I really like that character.

You know, as much as I enjoy reading your stories about Stargate, I almost never remember the episode from the title. So, f’rinstance, where you write about the scorn heaped upon ‘Avenger 2.0’, I have no idea what that episode was about, so I don’t know if I liked it or didn’t like it.

But keep the stories coming…when I go back and re-watch everything, it’ll make it all that much more interesting!


Hoooray for Canada !
I am so glad to see that Syfy is not involved.
That show will have a real chance without them.
(sorry but I had to write that).
Yeah the The Movie Network are good folks. They produced Regenesis among excellent original contend. Can’t wait to see that Tranposter series then.


MS was amazing in lifeboat, especially considering how little time he had to prepare.

birthright was pretty good. the female jaffa had a great entrance in that one; coming out of the fog/smoke like they did.


Joseph……what type of run times are you aiming
for with Transporter scripts/episodes?

Individual one hour run times for each episode?…with
no commercial breaks?
…or maybe something closer to 45 minutes for each

Any plans in place to have some fun with the opening
credits for each individual episode?
…maybe something interesting, amusing and unique?


As requested a few days ago…(to another poster) This is a reminder for info on the SGU soundtrack.

P.S. Still hanging on to the question of whether Rhona Mitra’s Kiva was originally intended to get more airtime in season 2…



I loved the way Chris Vance was good at conveying emotion and believability in his roles, like his James Whistler one, you have the feeling he was in danger too from the company like everyone else but in the end he’s actually an agent for them, making all the scenes involving him all an act in Prison Break.

Must admit though, the name Chris Vance was the last I was expecting from a series like The Transporter, but am happy he got the role.

And really I guess thats all I have to say, as the news was posted by someone else on the comments section yesterday, my initial surprise and happyness reaction has pretty much passed.

But yeah. looking forward to watching the show now lol


Airelle – “Congratulations Joe, Transporter, looking forward to seeing the end results.”

Ohhhhh my gosh! Must you phrase it that way?

Sparrow_hawk – “But you have until 6 p.m. local time!”

Who’s local time? Western, Central, Pacific?

good bye everybody…


Charles Vance definitely looks the part in your pic above.

I’ve seen his other roles in shows like Prison Break, Dexter, and Burn Notice and I wouldn’t necessarily have figured him as someone in the running. He was never really cast in any of the physical action roles.

Can’t wait to see the guy in action. I have to imagine you guys are sending him off to some seriously heavy martial arts training to fit the part.

congrats on getting all the pieces together. The actress is gorgeous. Count me in as a viewer in 2012. smile


Turn of Events, tee hee.

Things are humming along. You’re a busy guy, and not in a pulling your hair out, spinning in circles sort of way. Stuff gets done.

So a guy w/ your connections ought to be able to get me one of those free “Christ Returns May 21, 2011” bumper stickers.

They stopped giving them out. Talk some sense into them, will ya’?


Just got back from POTC4! It was fun, fun, FUN!!! grin [The original] Captain Jack is back! WOO!!

Also, this Vance fella might work. I like ’em a little younger, thinner, and longer-locked, but in the end you have to see them animated to know how you’ll take to them. It’s weird…I know Christian Bale is good looking, but he’s just too wooden and I can’t warm to his characters, while I have never really thought Hugh Jackman is all that great looking, but he has charisma coming out the wazoo, and that makes me love his characters.

Of course, this is coming from the gal who had a massive crush on Tiny Tim when she was a kid…sooooo…my taste in men is probably a bit skewed. razz



Lifeboat was a tour de force for MS, he was brilliant. I always choke up when watching this episode for Pharrin. You’re correct, James Park was intense.

And I enjoyed Avenger. It was campy fun or that’s how I view it. Just plain fun.

Congrats on Transporter not being on regular cable or US networks. Now hopefully it will get a decent chance to shine. And we don’t have to worry about censors since it’s pay tv.


neat little interview with Chris Vance at


The dude from the Panama penitentiary in Prison Break! That’s where I know Chris Vance from, good for him, he’s a bit of a bad ass and perfect for the part. I’m glad the V1 jet problem was resolved, but web searches for their company will still track back to the complaints on this blog; they’ve earned quite a bit of bad press over this. Glad they did the right thing in the end.

I’m supposed to be writing but instead spent 3 hours enjoying my Dangerous Days documentary on Blade Runner. I figure if the world’s gonna end today I may as enjoy it one last time. I’m annoyed that I haven’t gotten a single end of the world present yet; no flares, no canned goods, oh well.

Lady A
Lady A

Joe, a few days ago, you responded to a question about the “Carl’s Replicator story” that you had noted on your list of possible stories for Season 6 of SGA, and confirmed that this story was intended to be an attempt to bring back Elizabeth Weir.

From the moment we found out Torri Higginson had chosen not to come back for Season 5’s “Ghost in the Machine,” she has been very honest with fans about her reasons for not returning, specifically, that she was not comfortable with the fact that while you (not you personally, just the producers/writers in general) had several ideas for the continuation of Weir’s storyline, you still did not know how the storyline was going to end (which you later confirmed in an interview you did with after SGA’s cancellation), and she was concerned that the fans were being strung along for too long without being given any sense of closure, or any indication that closure would ever come.

Does the fact that you did intend to try to restart the storyline in Season 6 mean that you were prepared to stop dragging it out and finally give a conclusive ending to the storyline as both Torri and the fans have wanted from the beginning? You’ve told us a little bit about what might have happened had there been a Season 6 and the storyline continued (the possibility that the original Weir was still alive but hidden somewhere, Atlantis and the rebel Replicators competing with each other to find her first), but looking back, knowing what you know now, how do you envision the story having ultimately ended? Team Sheppard successfully rescues Weir and brings her home to Atlantis to recover and rejoin the team? Something else? I’d hate to think you’d kill her off, because after all the other times she was “killed,” only to be brought back in some fashion, trying to kill her off yet again would’ve been a “boy who cried wolf”-style cop out.

Sorry that this got so long and rambling, but a lot of fans have been curious about these questions for a long, long time, and we’re still waiting for closure. I hope you’ll help us out.


If we cannot have Mike Dopud for Frank, Chris Vance is a good second choice. He also starred in the show “Mental” which I loved, and was on Dexter last season. He was VERY creepy in Dexter. Also saw him pop up on Fairly Legal this past season.

William Francais
William Francais

Life Boat is my wives favorite SG1 episode.


Oh wait? HBO CANADA???? Oh please, oh please HBO United States, pick this up.

Good to hear the matter at V1 was resolved to mutual satisfaction.

Greg S
Greg S

I was wondering, what did you have planned for Earth and Atlantis 3 years later? Is there a new threat Earth is facing? Also, did Woolsey come to an agreement with the Langarans for gate usage?