Hey, guess who I heard from today?  Mark Dacascos, aka The Chairman (Iron Chef America), aka Tyre (Stargate: Atlantis), aka Eric Draven (The Crow: Stairway to Heaven), aka Mani (Brotherhood of the Wolf) – and, most recently, Wo-Fat (Hawaii Five-O), who touched base after I mentioned him on my list of The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities I Enjoy Watching (January 9, 2011: The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities I Enjoy Watching!).  Super stand up guy (after his stint on Atlantis, I had members of the crew walking up to me and asking if there was any way we could make him a regular – despite his character’s death and all).  I have got to get to New York this year and watch him do his thing in Kitchen Stadium.  And, while I’m there, check out some of the city’s good eats.  Robert Cooper has already volunteered to be my culinary wingman and I’m sure I could convince Marty G. to join us.

Many of you have asked about Jelly, my 13 year old pug who is recovering from back surgery.  Well, her conditions continues to improve and she’s finding it a lot easier to get around now –

Today, I met up with Lawren, Ashleigh, Ivon, and Sara for lunch at Romers (initially Chronic Tacos, but their West 4th location appears to: a) have just shut down operations or b) to be about a month away from starting up operations).  I’ve had almost every burger on the menu and, each time, I end up regretting not having gone with the Magic Mushroom Burger.  So, today, I did the Magic Mushroom Burger…

It's all about the brioche buns.
What happened to the grilled cheese croutons they serve with the tomato soup? They've been drastically downsized. When I pointed this out to our waitress, she assured me that she would inform the kitchen. "I think they already know,"I told her.
Lawren and I try our best "Ivon Bartok Photo Op" impersonation.
Ashleigh wishes she was home eating tabouleh/watching Oprah.

It’s nice to have so many friends with free time.

Also, earlier in the week, I checked out that new barbecue place in Gastown = Peckinpah…

Former Atlantis writer Ken Cuperus has been in town working on a show for months. He got in touch with me ages ago about meeting up for dinner. First, I was busy with my episode, then busy wrapping up the season, then busy in Tokyo, then busy with family, and finally – not that busy at all. So we got together for that long overdue dinner.
The creamed corn was good as was the corn bread (although I prefer the version served up at the Memphis Blues Barbecue House). Thought the beef rib was good but a little dry.

Ken enjoyed his pulled pork which was served up sans barbecue sauce.  The house barbecue sauce, available at every table, has a little more of a vinegar kick than others, in keeping with the Carolina-style theme.

We covered all three desserts on the menu…

Deep Fried Mars Bar. I used to love the version served up at the now defunct Wings 'n Things. Peckinpah's entry could have used a better batter and refresh on the frying oil.
Banana Hazelnut Shortbread Parfait. Not sure why go with the hard, relatively tasteless shortbread when a softer cookie - say chocolate chip - would have offered a more pleasant textural contrast to the cream.
Pumpkin Bread Pudding with pecan crumble, caramel sauce, and whipped cream. It certainly looks good.

Peckinpah is a new addition to the Gastown restaurant row so I’m willing to dismiss some of the more disappointing aspects of this visit as “growing pains”.  I’d like to give it a revisit in a month to see how things have improved.  At present, nowhere near as good as the Memphis Blues Barbecue House.  However, Peckinpah has something Memphis Blues doesn’t…

No, not the steer skull. The bartender. She was very nice, very...what's the word? Oh, yeah. Gorgeous. Sort of a cross between Scarlet Johansson and a younger, better looking, less bitchy, much nicer to writers Katherine Heigl. I'm sure she gets that all the time.

Okay, I’ve just about had it with Shaw Cable.  I must get about a call a week from them.  Last night, I recognized the number and answered.  The girl on the other end of the line only had time to offer a “Good evening” before I launched into “Thanks for calling, but I have no intention of getting Shaw satellite television even though they’re internet provider and I’ll tell you why.  I’ve been a Bell satellite customer for five years now and have never had a problem.  My friends at work, on the other hand, are Shaw customers and all they do is complain about the problems they’ve experienced and the fact that they can never get someone from Shaw to go over and address the issues.  So no thanks and if you could make a note of telling whoever was planning to call me next week that I still won’t be interested.”

A pause on the other end of the line and then: “So you’re basing your decision on what your friends say?”

“Yes,”I told her as the last of my patience evaporated away.  “I’m basing my decision on my friends, your customers, who have nothing good to say about the service you provide.”

She seemed genuinely offended and hung up.

Hopefully, this will deter them from trying again.  If they prove persistent, my next step is to drop them as my internet provider.  Maybe that will get me off their call list.

Hitting the mailbag tomorrow so get your questions in.

And finish off The Iron Hunt!  Discussion begins Monday and author (not so secret Stargate fan) Marjorie M. Liu will be swinging by later in the week to field your questions!


58 thoughts on “January 13, 2011: The Chairman touches base! Jelly on the move! Lunch at Romer’s Burger Bar! Dinner at Peckinpah! And &$%#ing Shaw Cable keeps &$@#$ing calling me and getting on my &%$@ing nerves!

  1. Hello Joe.

    When you get to the Big Apple, I suggest John’s Pizzeria on 44th and 8th Avenue in Manhattan. It is one of only two remaining establishments in all of New York that use a coal oven. The building used to be a church, so all the murals and stained glass are still there. In short: great atmosphere and even better pizza!!! Check it out.

    Best wishes,


  2. Joe,
    About the cable company constantly calling: Just ask them to “put you on the do not call list.” Do Not Call are magical words that magically ends the phone call with nobody pulling hairs.

  3. Two quickies…no, three…no, no…four…

    1. The skull – I had a bighorn sheep skull that I bleached, white-washed and painted with traditional Native American symbols. I gave it to my brother. I need a new skull…can you get me that one, Joe? (The girl is cute, but…ya know…not exactly my cuppa. How’s about taking some pics of cute boys once in a while…and no, Japanese boys dressed up as schoolgirls don’t count.)

    2. Mr. Moorcock is home and resting…all went well! 🙂

    3. YAY, Jelly!! She’s just too precious for words.

    4. The way you said ‘sweetheart’ to Jelly? Ya know, that sort of melted me. You do love your little girl, doncha? (And STOP being so damn cute! It’s ruining your supervillain rep. 😉 )

    Nites, sir!


  4. I am ashamed to say that even though I am Scottish I have never tried a Deep Fried Mars Bar.

    Does it help you work, rest, play (and suffer from indigestion for the rest of the day)?

    Jelly is looking good – she’ll be racing up and down the stairs in no time at all.


  5. Ohhh…Carolina barbecue! I love the vinegar! But that’s probably because I was raised on Kale and Vinegar.

    On the Mailbag:

    This has probably been asked before; what happens if you walk into the BACKSIDE of a gate with an active wormhole? Disintegration? Or is the field “Bi-directional” (i.e.-it will translate an object from the front or back)?

  6. Hey Joe!

    It’s my first comment on your blog! Yay! I just wanted to tell you that I’m really glad to see Jelly recovering from surgery.

  7. Question about the stones…Is it completely random who you swap with if more than one person transfers at a time? I am refering to when, in Earth, Young, Eli, and Chloe return home into the bodies of Telford and the two scientists. Why did Young transfer to Telford and Eli to the scientist? I know it was for the drama with his wife, but is there a reason for it or was it because Young had transfered with Telford before the stones recognized this and kept the transfer constant. Just wondering.

  8. Hey Joe!

    I really love Mark. Too bad he never became a regular. He would have made a great addition to the show IMO.

    Ok so questions…

    We’ve heard a lot about Extinction and SGU, but what about Revolution? Has it been shelved till this whole situation has been sorted out, or is progress still being made with the studio?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D.

  9. “‘Yes,’I told her as the last of my patience evaporated away. ‘I’m basing my decision on my friends, your customers, who have nothing good to say about the service you provide.'”

    Seriously, what the hell, irony?

  10. Hi Joe,

    I’ve refined my thoughts a bit, so if you go back that far, please ignore my previous questions (Jan 8):

    *Dr. Rush seems determined to resolve Destiny’s mission, and in a sense, achieve as close as possible the power of the aliens from “Visitation”. It does not seem that he learned from the survivors of Eden, in that if he could bring back his wife, he could replicate her body, memories but not her spirit. Could Dr. Rush still sacrifice the crew like he did in “Air”, i.e. risk their deaths in pursuit of knowledge, or has he changed a bit?

    **Old question I asked about alternate means to fund SGU. Your answer was that directly asking the audience for production money was not feasible.
    It may be off base, but it seems that a group of producers could launch a company, produce a modest internet pilot and then sell, say memberships to a “Wormhole Xtreme club”(bad example?!) and people could buy memberships at $50 or whatever they want to give, until $X million is reached to produce the next few shows: control is then in hands of producers, not as much network/advertisers. After all, the audiences are worldwide now, and not limited to a single network/cable channel.

    *** To raise ratings: perhaps, turn a broadcast into an event with a realtime Q&A with an actress or writer(!) from the show. OR, how about a realtime vote (via phone) as to which scene to show after the next break (audience becomes realtime editor) or direction for series to go in. Do any of these ideas have merit, in general, or specific to SGU?

    ****Drama in Scifi: When I talk to friends not into scifi, the main reason given is the un-reality, the fantasy of spaceships and aliens is beyond their suspension of disbelief. The closest many come is shows like Lost or Smallville where fantasy is an element of conventional life, not a world on its own. Can there be a good marriage between drama and scifi, and go beyond a niche audience?

    Thank-you in advance!


  11. I noticed that the CW is running re-runs of SGU…any chance they may pick up the show and give it a third season? I heard they are finally ending Smallville, so it seems like they’d have an opening for an original sci-fi type show…

  12. I’ve always wondered why you haven’t been on Iron Chef as a judge. I mean, Tiki Barber was on. I’m sure you have greater culinary expertise than him. 😉

  13. Jelly! Oh… I want to hug her! Such a good girrrl. She’s moving a lot better, and looks happy, too. 🙂 Thanks for the video.

    Do Not Call lists are a beautiful thing. If your area has one, I would so recommend it. Ours has a DNC law that’s even more restrictive than the national law/list. If a telemarketer calls a residential phone line once it’s on the list, the company can be fined $11,000. And boy! Do they ever hang up fast once you mention that. They don’t call back, most of the time. The phone is so much quieter now.

    It’s good to hear positive news about Brad’s plan. *crossing fingers* It must be pretty great if you talked for 2 hours. 🙂 Also enjoyed seeing part of the gang out for lunch. So??? How did the magic mushroom burger taste?

    How have you been feeling lately? Have you been able to pinpoint anything as a culprit? Hope you are feeling better!

  14. So glad you mentioned “Brotherhood of the Wolf”, as I really enjoyed that film, and thought Dacascos was pretty great in it…as the Indian guy. Seriously, though, cool movie.

    Glad to hear Jelly’s on the uptick, yay!

    Joe, totally agree: It’s all about the brioche bun. Whenever I get a burger on a brioche bun, I smile. Both on the outside and the inside.

    The Peckinpah bartender seems to also have a little Jewel Staite in her (at least in that photo).

    @DeanGrr – I hate to say it, but most of the people I know who aren’t into sci-fi have pretty much zero imagination. Or are afraid of the unknown. There’s really no good alternate reason for them not being into it. Sci-fi is the only genre that can encompass literally any storyline and story element from drama, comedy, love, lust, fear, sadness, terror, action, adventure, romance and everything else you can imagine. To dismiss the genre as “unrealistic” is to dismiss humanity of being capable of feeling, imagining or dreaming those thing.

    Those people irk me.

  15. Hi Joe:
    I was wondering how often you eat out per day ?
    It seems like you must go out to eat quite a few times per day. And, do you try out all the food in the pictures ?
    that food from the Bar B Q’ place looks awsome. ( I love n. Carolina style BBQ’ ! Those deserts looks umm soo good!!
    Thanks for the news about Stargate. Any little bit of info (especially positive news) really makes my day!
    Keep the good news coming.
    I unfortunately did not become a regular watcher of Stargate until SGU. I used to catch epiosdes of both SGA and SG1 every now and then, but last summer when I was recovering from a bout with MRSA, I started watching SG1 and then SGA from begginning to end.
    It was a great time watching all of those episodes for a first time. I wish I would have been able to watch the shows live when they were coming out weekly like I am able to do now with SGU. It really is a shame that a big wrench got thrown into things last month!!!

    Have a nice day!

  16. Hi Joe,

    While I’m craving for (positive) Stargate news, for now just a food question: have you ever tried Dutch ?

  17. Hey Joe,

    Love Mark…he was really great in Dancing with the Stars too. I was with my Mom at the time and it was required watching. I think it annoyed her that I knew who he was and she didn’t. *giggles*

    New York…okay…THAT just sounds too fun. Show, people…food…besides NY…WOW!! You better go…quick.

    Awww Jelly…made me tear up. She is so loved…just listen to your voice…making me tear up AGAIN…you are such a good daddy! Your pups are so very lucky to have you.

    Your show-n-tell was fabulous! The Pumpkin Bread Pudding looks the most inviting. Yummmm

    Best to you Joe…and your pups!


    Cheryl 🙂

  18. Here is what I sent Mr. Cohen of MGM as my idea to reduce the cost of SGU to enhance it’s likelihood of survival. What do you think?

    Dear Mr. Cohen,

    Obviously many fans are emailing you to save Stargate Universe. Possibly this one is a little special, but then again, someone may have already thought of it.

    If I were in a position to save Stargate Unvierse I would first reduce the cost of the show, and then divert some funds toward advertisement. Goal number one is to get another channel to pick up the show.

    According to these two articles (article 1 & article 2) I have gathered that SGU’s production budget was around $2.5 Million. First, reduce the cost of actors. Those characters who have roles of limited importance should be reduced to recurring characters, and possibly some written out of the series. Primarily these characters remain on the main cast, with the rest either written off or reduced to recurring characters (if they are not already) and thus cheaper. They are, Dr. Nicholas Rush, Colonel Young, Eli Wallace, Sergeant Greer, and Lieutenant Matthew Scott. Note** (see below)

    Secondly, reduce the cost of Special Effects, SGU has excellent graphics, some better than the movies, this is probably a feature that draws in casual viewers. The show should reuse scenes as much as possible, I do not believe I have seen Destiny come out of FTL in the same way twice, while this is nice, it is a costly use of funds. Also, certain things can be implied rather than shown. Seeing the ships fly around in space is nice, but seeing the effects of their weapons gives the same emotion without the cost. In Resurgence, Season 2, Episode 10, we see drones flying and the explosions happening on Destiny and the shuttle. Rather than spending the money on both CGI effects and visual effects (like live explosions), why not just spend the money on visual effects and give the same emotion to the audience.

    Third, the writers and directors. Depending on how high of a cost the writers present will change the need for this point. Ask those of the writers and directors who will take lower wages to do so, and those who will not will be released. I think, given the dedication of most of the writers and directors throughout the past 17 seasons of Stargate will take lower wages. However, that is not good enough. Reduce the writing crew to 4 members, and the directing crew to 4 members. With the rest being hired as freelance, or guest, writers and directors, at a much lower cost.

    Fourth, fewer location shoots. To move all the actors and crew to Arizona for a shoot must be expensive. While green screen scenes are not as realistic they are a cost-reducing method, and fans of Sanctuary seem to like them well enough.

    Fifth, while lowering the cost of the show, hopefully, substantially with these changes, ask for the current lessees of SGU (Like SPACE and Sky1) to increase their stake in the show a fair amount. Then shop the show around as a summer series, where the franchise has done better historically. Not only that, but sell it as a 10 or 13 episode season with the remaining 10 or 7 episodes pending. However, as a sort of security deposit in the contract, it should state that given the show does not complete to its fifth season, there will be a 2-hour special to wrap up the series. It may be unconventional but it might work. Perhaps the best option is to sell the season as 12 episodes, with 10 more pending renewal. However, the last 2 episodes are not filmed until the channel is able to make a decision on renewal or not. Where those two episodes then become a proper series finale.

    To me, this is the best course of action, however, most of these avenues are already being explored. As any fan, another season is ideal, beyond that a 3 to 5 part mini-series event, after that, 1 movie, after that a video game to wrap it up, and after that a book series to wrap it up!

    Alright, I probably won’t hear back but I hope some of these ideas are fresh and usable!
    Ian Zainea

    **I realize Robert Carlyle is probably a big expense, but given his character is essential to the storyline there is no writing him off. However, it could be done with an accidental, yet momentary brain swap, where Eli is given a glimpse into all of what Rush knows, and can then lead the mission onward as bits of Rush’s memories come back. Of course, after Eli is able to do this Rush dies due to the fact the “Brain meld” worked incorrectly.

  19. If MGM have to take a bigger fall on the production costs of SGU, I don’t mind if it’s reduced to 15 or 18 episodes 🙂

  20. In my tiny corner of the world a deep fried Mars Bar is known as a “GooBar” and yet even that charming name hasn’t enticed me to try one.

    Glad to see Jelly looking better.

  21. Thank you so much for that update on the future of Stargate. I am really glad to hear that things are looking good right now. I was just wondering though if you could maybe give us some more details on what is actually going on with the process? I am really hoping that there will be more Stargate in the future, so I can’t help but wonder what is going on behind the scenes to make all of this happen.


  22. Sounds like you are having the same problem as I am having with BT over here…now changing over to Sky…10 times better service…warm and friendly and understanding….well trained staff…makes all the difference!

    Kriss 🙂

  23. Hey Joe,

    I’m glad I found your blog. It’s been a very interesting and entertaining read. Sorry about SGU, while at first I wasn’t a fan, the later half of the first half of Season 2 was GREAT! I couldn’t wait to watch it. Whenever the Second half comes on, I’ll be watching.

    My question: Were the ships of SG1, Atlantis, and SGU all CGI or were their models? If there were some models, I don’t suppose you could share some photos if you have them could you?

  24. Hey Joe, I’m happy to see that Jelly is recovering from surgery well. Thats a pretty strong-willed 13 year old pug you have there!!!

    Question: In light of the update you recently gave us about the Stargate franchise (a hurdle being cleared) would you still say that the Atlantis movie is still on hold indefinitely or are things looking up on that front?

  25. Despite living in the U.S. I have even heard of Shaw’s horrible service.

    From what I understand from my friend who is in Courtenay BC, they have a 3gig/month download cap which makes it nearly impossible to download or stream large files without them hitting you with the fee hammer.

    I have to add, the bartender also looks a bit like Glenne Headly who was very good in “Dick Tracy (1990)”.

    I think you should not only go to New York at some point to see Iron Chef, but you should talk them into letting you judge.

    On a side note, there is a ‘The Walking Dead’ marathon on Tue., Jan. 18 at 8/7c, AMC begins airing all six episodes from The Walking Dead’s first season. For all those who missed out on it.

    Have a good one.

  26. Go Jellykins!

    As for Shaw leaving you alone if you drop them as ISP, I call bullshit on that…why?? Expect this to happen;

    “Hello Mr Mallozzi, this is Shaw… we noticed you have ceased to use Shaw as your internet provider and have valued you as a client.
    We would like to know if there is anything we can do to become your provider once more????”

    blah blah bull bull….. expect that a few times a month

  27. Hello! Comment ça va ?

    Moi super :)…bientôt le week!

    En plus demain c’est soirée bowling en plus on va aller manger au “Paradis du fruit”


    si un jour vous venez en France voila un restaurant que je vous conseille.

    Je trouve que Jelly se porte plutôt bien 🙂 elle a l’air heureuse!

    Merci pour ces photos,
    Gros bisous!

  28. The pulled pork looked quite good as did the deep fried Mars bar. You always find the best places to eat. No questions for the mailbag this time, but I am going to the library today to pick up February’s book and a book by Alastair Reynolds. (Yes, I know I’m behind the times. 🙂 ) I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done.

  29. I had a dream about you, Joe!! 😀

    Okay…so the dream went like this. I was stressing out over real life (which I AM doing in real life :P). So, I decided to just get in my car, and drive. I drove up to Canada. I figured Vancouver wasn’t that far from Montreal, so I decided to drive west. My god, Canada was beautiful in my dream! All mountains and vales and meadows. Lovely. I get to Vancouver (it only took me two days!), and I went to [what I assume] was the studio. I saw you, and – of course – you didn’t recognize me (which is good because I doing something stupid…can’t remember what it was, but I was embarrassed). Later, I ask for you, and meet you. You were surprisingly nice, and you invited me to dinner at some place that served great chalupas…or was it tapas…or tilapia…memory is a bit fuzzy, but it was one of those. The restaurant looked very much like the little summer ice cream parlors we have around here: mostly glass, linoleum floors, metal tables and chairs, a screened take-out window…but there was a line waiting for the place to open, and we were at the head of the line. I was acting stupid again (kinda loud, clumsy, saying really dumb stuff), and then I accidentally went inside without asking (faux pas!), so then I had to pretend I was looking for the bathroom. I don’t know what happened after that – I guess we ate, and you asked me if I had told my family where I was, and I said ‘no’, and you said I should call them, and I said it would only take me two days to drive back home, so it wasn’t a big deal. I then remember coming home, and no one cared that I was even gone. 😛

    And that was the end of my dream. I think this is like the third or fourth dream I’ve had about you, Joe. Kinda scary, no???


  30. @Ian Z.

    Probably worth noting you may not get a reply to your email. When people are spamming generic save our show emails to networks/people you’re almost guarenteed to be ignored or get a generic *We appreciate fans who love the show we are looking into ways to save the show or we are sorry but we’re unable to save the show*

    Still, my opinion on your idea is that you’d pretty much remove the creativity from SGU. Expensive CG/VFX, Location shoots have always been SGU, also the 4 writing people thing. Having varied writers in SGU gives more creativity. 5 heads are better than 4 =/ Besides writers aren’t that expensive in the long run.

    By the way, why not focus your efforts on Mark Stern? He recently got promoted to President of Original programming on the Syfy channel. Such a good position there.

  31. Hi Joe

    I have a brief proposal for you that can save the SGU series and add extra revenue for the TV network and yourself.

    As I seem to be unable to obtain your email address through regular means could you possibly contact me back.



  32. Yaaaay!! Jelly!! 😀 What a sweet baby girl! She looks really good! She’s in such good spirits! 🙂

    Mmmmm…that burger look scrupmtious! 🙂 Oh…my…that pumpkin bread looks absolutely delicious! Love bread pudding!

    There you go. Making me drool again. 😉

  33. @Lou Zucaro

    You know, I was just thinking the same thing about the bartender. The faces are just the slightest bit off, but other than that, I had her pegged as a dead ringer.

  34. Do you like your baked cornbread sweet, unsweet, with jalapeños? My Georgia-native mother’s was unsweet.

    Most restaurants around San Antonio make it sweet; some throw in jalapeños, ruining the bread’s fire-extinguisher potential.

    Guess I should learn to bake it myself. I think the mixes don’t contain or require egg or yeast.

  35. Jelly looks wonderful! Still, I would be careful not to let her do too much. I pray you have many more good years with her.

    N. Carolina BBQ is good but I like it sloppy. Give me a good tomato base BBQ, any day with cole slaw and stack of napkins.

    As for corn bread, I grew up on that. However, there is a lady at church that makes awesome corn bread sticks. I have a pan for those but they always stick when I try them. Plus, the corn stick pans are always so hard to clean! I may get some steal wool and try making those again. I could try some kind of heavy duty baking spray?

    Gilder: my mom always made unsweet but it was dripping with bacon grease. Yum!

    The desserts look great but I’m glad you had your blood test already 😉 .

  36. Ah, Joe. I love it! Can you talk to Charter Cable for me? All my friends, their customers, have nothing good to say… and now they come to my front door asking me to get on their newest bundle offer.

    Oh wait. The fine City of Reno granted them a monopoly on cable service, so we don’t have any options but to tune out or deal with crappy service, and crappier customer-service-providers. What motivation do they have with no competition?

    Which I might just end up doing. Tuning out altogether. I really only use the cable television to watch SyFy, which I only care to watch because of great shows like SGU. (Sad that they keep cancelling the only things getting me to tune into their silly network).

    Well, I did enjoy Walking Dead, so I guess I should keep it around for AMC. Or maybe some other network that picks up SGU. Keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

    That cracks me up though… “So you’re basing your decision on what your friends say?” Um, yeah. They’re not complete strangers representing a company with a less-than-stellar reputation.

  37. Hey Mark Dacascos you’re doing a great job on my new fave-drama-til-I-get-another Hawaii Five-O!!!

    Glad Jelly looking chipper.

  38. Hey Joe,

    Good to see Jelly moving so fast, she looks a lot happier! Interesting BBQ joint, what does the name mean? And was that a tomato in the parfait? Since everyone else has their thoughts on saving the show, I thought why not give you my ideas….

    First, how about just buy the Scifi network then you could be in charge and air whatever you want…
    Second, you could kidnap the first born for every network executive you come across and ransom them for air time…
    Third, Maybe you could make the show out of puppets that way you save money on actors and make the cost cheaper so a network can pick up the show on the cheap…
    Finally, click your heals together three times and say “theres no place like” and you will wake up from the bad dream and be back on the Scifi channel!

    So obviously none of my suggestions make any sense, but that’s what happens when someone who has no clue about how the business works offers advice. Instead I will say thank you Joe, Brad and anyone else on the SG team fighting to keep the series alive. I know you will do everything possible…why wouldn’t you!

    If my comments are to much I apologize! And I fully support everyone to email, write, call, telegraph or any other means of communication to MGM and Scifi in support of the show. But to offer any suggestions on how you should be trying to get the show back on the air somewhere is plan silly! Leave it to the Pros.

    (yes, I know its SyFy, but I’m refusing to imagine greater!)

  39. Question for the mailbag…

    How big is Destiny in comparison to Atlantis? Could Destiny dock on Atlantis? I agree, I would love to see pictures of the models! If there’s a model for every ship ever on Stargate in one room, that would be one hell of a toy room!

  40. For the mailbag:

    Joe, when you write an episode with a musical interlude, do you have to write the words to the song? Or, is that handled by someone else?

  41. Wonderful to see Jelly is such good spirits, and moving so well – what a funny little thing she is!

  42. Memphis BBQ House really is the best! I’m glad you posted pics of Peckinpah’s grub – I’ll be waiting for growing pains to pass too, I’ve got to say, the bartender is the prettiest thing in the place 🙂

    Shaw – sigh. We went with Shaw once as well, a short lived and fraught with whohah experience I wouldn’t want repeated. Great idea, but the delivery, oy

  43. If you were ever to do a SGA movie, do you think it would be possible to get Jason Momoa to come back as Ronon? I am thinking that his doing Conan would make him a bit too expensive for the project. Which makes me sad, although happy for him if he gets to be a big star.

  44. Any idea when we get to see the second half of SGU season two? How about the first ten on dvd?

  45. It seems to me that SGU is being treated like a “hot potato”, or, the buck doesn’t know quite where to stop…

    Who exactly has called a halt to SGU and has any reason ever been given… or have I missed something? Something doesn’t seem right with this picture.

    Can you explain the process in this case?

  46. 1. How are you feeling, Joe?

    2. I know you like sci fi and thrillers, but what genre of books don’t you like?

    3. Have you ever accidentally walked outside naked?

    4. Have you ever grown a beard?

    5. Any word on the comic book front?

    6. If you had the choice between having dinner with a big-boobied ditzy blonde who just giggled all the time, or with a guy who was an interesting conversationalist, which would you choose?

    7. What is your personal food staple, the thing you eat on a daily or near-daily basis? (Besides crow. 😉 )

    Okay…that’s all for now. 🙂


  47. Since you’re a foodie and seem to have a pretty good understanding of the food shows you enjoy; AND you are a television writer/producer who knows how the industry works; AND you happen to know an attractive actress in the industry who has a great personality and loves food…

    Have you ever considered striking out and developing a food show hosted by Jewel Staite? Maybe a cross between Samantha Brown and Anthony B in a sort of travel/exotic amazingly good food kind of show? There must be some angle that hasn’t been done yet.

  48. Hello Joe,

    First off, glad to see that Jelly is running around a bit more. She looks like quite the character, and a very lovable one at that!

    With the desserts, the Banana Shortbread Nutty parfait looked the most intriguing to me. How I do miss the restaraunts in Vancouver (not that ones like The Line-Up or Pancake House in Winnipeg aren’t awesome), can’t wait until I can get out there again!

    And yes, I can understand why you would stick with Bell service. I have had and maintained having a Bell cel phone with me for about 5 years, even though the provinces I have been living in (Saskatchewan and Manitoba) don’t have Bell service. I do have to keep one for Winnipeg for the time being, for obvious businessy reasons (I also do acting, background work and crafty work in film) but I do have my Bell cel active at all times, mostly because when all the other cel networks go down (ie: the debaucle in December with SaskTel’s supposedly “superior” 3G network), my little Bell stays up and running.

    Later this evening, my blog on WormholeRiders should be posted, found at http://wormholeriders.com/blog/?cat=3506 I’ve posted on there the updates from the different fan campaigns going on around the world. There are many of us who LOVE “Stargate Universe”, and yes, I shall start getting my own Valantine postcards in the mail this weekend, sending some stateside and sone “Bridge-side”. All handmade, and hopefully with piles of others that are being sent out!

    Take care, and give the pugs scratches on their heads for me!

    All the best,
    Marjorie Roden
    Contributing Writer

  49. @joan001

    Short story.

    SGU got 1.4 million viewers on average(Back half of Season 1) on Friday nights, was moved to Tuesday nights because of the Wrestling, resulting in 1 million viewers live dipping below twice. Syfy then cancelled the show citing low ratings.

    MGM didn’t stop SGU, and no one involved with making it either. If anything if Syfy said Season 3 please, you’d see Joe and co hard at work making the magic work.

    Hope that explains.

    @My thoughts in general.

    Watched the Tsubasa OVA collection recently, which includes the Tokyo And Spring Thunder arcs. Really amazing series. Best watched if you’ve seen the other 2 anime shows. However as Season 2 of Tsubasa was mostly filler the creators gave to another Japanese animation studio and they animated 2 storys from near the end of the manga. Thus it may feel Disjointed to some.

    Animation is incredible. Also Syaoran eating Fais eye = Eww. Okay they don’t show the gorey details but again.

    Reminds of why I like anime so much.

  50. Hi Joe hope this is not spolier for the Atlantis movie script but in Enemy At The Gate did Atlantis drain all 3 zpms fighting off the zpm powered wraith ship and subsequent crash landing on Earh?

    Oh also how many zpms did that wraith ship have or just 1 zpm?

  51. Hi Joe,

    In the Atlantis episode “The Return”, do you view the arrogant dismissal of humans and the faulty assumption that the Asurans would have never overcome their “shall not kill Lantians” programming a character flaw of the Captain, or was it an overall flaw of the Ancient race which was the real reason they were losing the war?

    It is kind of amazing that a race which creates technology with so much redundancy and fallbacks, that they would not have a “plan b”.

  52. Loving Mark on Hawaii-Five-O.

    Seeing Jelly just melts me heart with happiness. I’m so glad the surgery worked out for her. You are an awesome dad.

    Love your Ivon imitations.

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