Hey, you know who’s a big fan of our show?  Mark Savela, our Visual Effects Supervisor.  I know, I know.  I imagine most everyone who worked on the franchise not only enjoyed what they did, but liked the series they contributed to as well.  But there’s a difference between liking a show and being a fan of the show.  There’s a certain passion, dare I say love, that accompanies the latter.  And that’s what I sense from Mark whenever he comes in to discuss concept work, temps, finished visual effects, or how freakin’ awesome the show looked in HD when it aired the other night.  He’s a guy who loves what he does because he loves Stargate, and this always comes through in his ever-positive attitude and the high quality of his work.


Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela at work.

Anyway, Mark swung by my office yesterday morning to show me, among other things, an early version of the creature cam/pov for my episode, The Hunt.

Or check it out here: http://youtu.be/wEV-_oV5YwE

Mark was suggesting desaturating it a little to give it a more alien feel, but I kind of like the sharpness of the colors and the rainbowing effect on the edges of the tunnel vision.


What do you guys think?

Mark will definitely be one of those people I’ll really miss.  Hopefully, we’ll get another show off the ground and be able to pick up and continue our working relationship for some time to come.  Of course, that’s if and when Stargate comes to an end.  Speaking of which…

I was in the office yesterday to watch the Day 1 Mix of The Hunt.  Great stuff!  Anyway, while there, I talked to Brad.  Needless to say, he’s been working hard to ensure we all get the opportunity to work with Mark in 2011.  Nothing definite as of yet to report but a minor hurdle was cleared.  Quite a few hurdles still lie ahead and there’s always the chance it might all be for naught – but right now, things are looking positive.

We spent a couple of hours in the late afternoon discussing the potential game plan if all goes well – and, if all DOES go well, I can assure you that it’ll be very, VERY exciting for all.

More news as it becomes available.

Hopefully sooner than later!

161 thoughts on “January 12, 2011: Stargate Production Update!

  1. Gosh.. im so excited now! 🙂

    Fingers crossed for more SGA, SGU, and SG-1!!

  2. Hi Joe,

    I think I love you. You’ve just made my day. Hope is hope. I’ll take it.

    Tell Brad we love him too!


  3. Hello Joe.

    Glad to hear that there is a possibility that things may continue in some way shape or form. I hope the good news continues and you will have more details for us in the coming days and weeks.

    On to the matter of you list this past week: No Adam Richman? Admit it: he can be a little overbearing on MvF but let’s face it. Seeing him in pain on spicy challenges is a guilty pleasure of mine. Also, No references to Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel?

    By the way: How has Jelly been doing since you got home? Hope all is well. By the way… Soon, I will finally be able to take your advice and ditch this blackberry in favor of the Verizon Iphone. Can’t wait!!!

    Best Wishes,


  4. “Anyway, while there, I talked to Brad. Needless to say, he’s been working hard to ensure we all get the opportunity to work with Mark in 2011. Nothing definite as of yet to report but a minor hurdle was cleared. Quite a few hurdles still lie ahead and there’s always the chance it might all be for naught – but right now, things are looking positive.

    We spent a couple of hours in the late afternoon discussing the potential game plan if all goes well – and, if all DOES go well, I can assure you that it’ll be very, VERY exciting for all.”

    Would you please clarify for us: Are you referring to the possible continuation of Stargate Universe? Or one of the Stargate movies, or a completely new project? Or all of the above? 🙂

  5. Hey,
    I’m excited that the “news” is positive not sure what this means but will keep my eyes glued to this blog..

    Hope everyone is doing good!!


    I’m obviously not going to get my hopes up, but thanks a bunch for sharing the updates with us up front 🙂

    I’m not going to look at those videos just yet, because the preview thumbnail looks awesome and I’d rather enjoy it in full when the episode airs 🙂

  7. I hope you get to work with Mark in 2011 too, but probably for different reasons than you may be writing about…
    But good luck!

  8. Well the second ones dark so it’s hard to judge, but personally, I like the first one! 🙂

  9. Those particular vision effects are a good match for the hi-definition format used to broadcast SGU.

  10. Great evening, Joe!

    (That blog warranted more than just a “good evening”!)

    I am very excited by reading this news too, THANK YOU for sharing!!! Shall watch the video clips later tonight, on the phone with my mum right now, and will read her the blog entry as soon as I get the chance to!

    Shall be submitting another blog to Wormholeriders.com tomorrow evening sometime, the link is http://wormholeriders.com/blog/?cat=3506 for anyone curious to see the campaigns going on in the wonderfully imaginative world of the fandom!

    All the best,
    Marjorie Roden
    Contributing Writer,

  11. Hello.

    By the way… Thank you for posting the Youtube videos. I can’t view Flash content so it was great to be able to view the videos on the mobile version of Youtube’s site. I like the second version better.

    Best Wishes,


  12. Great that there’s still some hope. We’ll keep the campaigning up!

    Ooops, prepositions are not words with which sentences should be ended.

  13. I hope that SGU gets to finish its original story arc as I have become hooked. I have been a long time fan of the franchise (form the beginning) and I really hope that this isn’t the end.

    I had a question though. I apologize up front if this has been asked before. In SGU, where do they get the materials to repair parts of the ship (i.e. the dome room, shuttle, etc)? Is there a source of them on board?

  14. Thanks for the videos and for keeping us as “in the loop” as you can. I like both, but each has a very different feel. The first is much more urgent and violent. The second is more creepy and suspenseful.

    @das: I haven’t been visiting MM much lately so I appreciate the update. I hope all goes well with Mike’s surgery! How’s Cemetery Dance going?

  15. Joe, I like the rainbow effect too and also the watery feel for creature cam in the second video i think works especially with some weird sound effect as though shifts to its vision makes a sound. Im not sure about desaturating it, its alittle bit of a cliche now, its safe but I think there should be something different. A dynamic organic feel of some kind.

  16. Hi again, Joe!

    Just watched the 2 clips, I’m guessing the first one was the original and the second was the desaturated version? If so, from my monitor anyway (and my poor lappy’s monitor’s seen better days) the first one did look neat, but a touch too bright, and the second one was pretty dark. If there were a good middle of the road, maybe about 35% to 45% less saturation on the first one, or 25% more colour getting through on the darker one, would work?

    (Sorry, my technobabble coming through here…I have some editing expereince and am lending my 2 cents’ worth)

    Hope that helps with the decision!

    All the best,
    Marjorie Roden
    Contributing Writer

  17. My fingers are crossed for SGU. I have really enjoyed the 2nd season.

    I see you are reading the Stand. I thought it was a great book and one of my favorite Stephen King novels (Running Man and It are my favorites). It does have a bit of a dull part early in the book, but it you stick with it, it’s a wonderful read.

  18. Thanks so much for sharing the positive developments on the Stargate front!

    I just finished up Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy! Thanks so much for recommending it a while ago and I look forward to picking up The Heroes after this semester (thesis work comes first)!

  19. Hope all goes well for SGU. Are you feeling any better, Joe??

    @ Sparrowhawk – I’m a bit worried for Mike. I know it could go either way with things like this and diabetes. He’s such a sweety, I just hope he sticks around for a little while yet.

    RE: Cemetary Dance – slow progress. I spent the last couple or three days catching up on a huge backlog of comics. All caught up now! Since I was reading the comics, however, I’m only up to chapter 9, I think. I did lol at the scene of D’Agosta and A.X.L. waiting for the elevator. That Pendergast and his Latin declensions! What a nerd! 😆


  20. Thanks for sharing some positive news, and thanks also to Brad for working so hard to continue the SG franchise. Fingers crossed that we’ll see a 3rd season for SGU, and hopefully a third SG1 movie.

  21. I agree that the saturation is nice the way it is. Too often when those types of effects are desaturated, you end up with something that seems like a Predator knockoff etc., whereas leaving it more vibrant actually is a surprise, and subconsciously, it seems reasonable to consider that an alien lifeform might have vision that, to us, would be sorta like that.

    Nice work!

  22. Hi again, I hope it’s okay if I post about this here. I would like to share this with fellow Stargate fans. =)

    We are trying to send a message to MGM by nominating them for a Shorty Award in the Television category. They are currently in 2nd place and have already noticed what we are doing! I believe that right now is the time to act with this while they are figuring out what to do and are in discussion with Brad. This is a great way to show them our appreciation for the Stargate franchise! Our hope is that they will continue SGU and start the SG1 and SGA movies.

    When voting on Twitter, be sure to fill out the “because” area. Votes don’t count if no reason is given. By the way, all the votes they have received so far are because of Stargate! <3

    Please take a moment to read this and pass along to all your Stargate friends! Thank you very much! <3 MeriJewel http://dorkinfo.com/?p=158

  23. I think JM was referring to likely DVD movies and not a revival of the TV series on SciFi or another channel.

    Something is better than nothing.

  24. Mark Savela rocks. Brad Wright rocks. You ALL rock.

    What great news to come in here to this evening.

    As far as the videos, I actually like the first one better. Just from a personal taste point of view.

  25. Hey Joe,

    I am one of Mark’s biggest fans! I love what he shares on Twitter. He and his team are so amazing…I am happy that even if we lose production on Stargate…it’s great that I’ll still she him on Twitter. AND I know they are still working very hard to finish up the back ten. I like the idea that Bridge still holds some of it’s most gifted.

    Wow…I ♥ஜ☆LOVED♥ஜ☆ the clips. It reminds me of dailies at Fox Studios. I am with you on the “rainbow” effect. Very cool work there. Very much like an alien view. The jerky motion also makes it seem more real. The second was a little dark and not sure what I am suppose to be looking at. If they represent the same scene…I would definitely choose the first. Does my vote count? hehehee

    Awww…you are so very sweet to share the news. I find myself wanting to just think about the back ten. It seems so sad that all of you aren’t there at Bridge together. I think Twitter has given me an inside view to SGU which has been such a fun…magical ride. Being here has just been icing on the cake.

    Do we know yet when the first half of Season 2 will be out on DVD?

    Best to you Joe ♥ஜ☆ThankYou♥ஜ☆ for sharing a picture of Mark.

    Cheryl 🙂

  26. Fingers Crossed…… Hope for the best everyone!!

    Really hope its SGU Joseph is talking about, Its the best yet, but I’m in support of anything SG.


  27. JM, I hope things work out with the plan. As always, if there is anything else we can do, let us know! 🙂

    Oh, btw, what great sandwich place in Gastown are you referring to in the previous post?

    Anyways, a hello from us fans over on VanIsle.
    Do you get over here often? Has any SG episode ever been filmed on the Island?

    Cheers and happy new years.

  28. Like the effects on the videos: very cool indeed!

    Keeping my fingers crossed and checking back here every day for news of the future of the franchise!

  29. The POV stuff is gorgeous! Mark is an amazing talent. 🙂

    LOL! Joe, you make it so hard to reach the “acceptance” stage of grief! Fingers firmly crossed or good news.

  30. Hi Joe, always great to see news about my beloved SGU.

    This potential exciting news about the future (should things pan out)….is that something you/Brad/Rob/etc will be willing to share with your fans if things DON’T pan out? Or will potential plans for the future of Stargate remain under wraps pending better days?

  31. Oh man, you just made my day. No, whole week. 🙂 Hoping for the best, and especially for SGU.

    Sorry, but not going to take a look at those videos… Even if there’s no TJ flashbacks, I’m really looking forward to “The Hunt”. 🙂 But based on your comment… keep the colored vision. The kino vision is already quite desaturated, and having something different would create good variety.

  32. * Not looking at videos, because trying to not spoil myself as much as possible. And yet, I’m here and read your blog. Go figure. 😛

  33. Thank you so much for that update on the future of Stargate. I am really glad to hear that things are looking good right now. I was just wondering though if you could maybe give us some more details on what is actually going on with the process? I am really hoping that there will be more Stargate in the future, so I can’t help but wonder what is going on behind the scenes to make all of this happen.


  34. Think SGU is done. It’s too expansive in it’s current incantation for someone to fund the show as it is.

    My money would be on a new slimmed down Stargate series with a much smaller cast & budget than SGU set in the SGA settings. Problem with DVD movies is the low revenue returns from direct sales & occasional airings as compare to series that gets rerun forever on the cable channels to fill air time (eg all previous Star Trek & Stargate series).

    Something should be greenlighted to replace the various shows that film in the Vancouver area for not much longer (like Smallville, Caprica, SGU…), otherwise the BC government will forfeit a large chunk of cash annually to somewhere else permanently.

  35. I so hope you were talking about SGU, when you mentioned there was some hope. That made my day and I am very happy and exited now. And can hardly wait for the next 10 episodes.

    And thanks for those 2 clips. I loved the first and liked the rainbow and the brilliant colours as well. It truely has an alien feel to it. I don’t quite know what to make of the second one, as it is so dark. I think it needs to be seen in context to understand it.

    How is Jelly doing? Fully recovered after her operation?

    Hope you feel better now and have a great day. Greetings to the wonderful team who creates SGU.

  36. Couldn’t sleep tonight I am up with one of my sick kiddos and in between her throwing up and falling sleeping again I am surfing the web again to find out on any progress on Stargate Universe I might’ve missed. I was glad to check on your blog again Joseph to find some positive words of encouragement.
    Visual effects…
    I would say the rainbow effect on the tunnel vision gives me the association of someone seeing through someone else’s eyes (like clairvoyance or even seeing through the eyes of a wild animal) the jerkiness and speed of the image is unsettling (which can be a good feeling too).
    I like the waviness look of the second one but the waviness of the image is a lot calmer to see than the first. I don’t feel as though there as much danger with this one. Then again one is popping up out of the bushes at someone and the other one has distance between them and the actor & actress. It will be interesting to see which one you guys use.

    If there was any kind of silver lining to this scariness of this cancellation its that I am finding out a lot more about what and who it takes to bring my favorite shows to my tv. I am also glad to put faces to all those names that scroll on my screen. Thanks for the info on Mark because not only do I like the acting, story and cinematography, I also love the visual effects when it comes to a great show like Stargate Universe.
    Would you mind briefly walking us through the politics of who owns the future of Stargate Universe? I am trying to piece this all together. From my limited understanding as a fan: 1. MGM makes the show. 2. The Syfy channel owns the rights to air it first (correct me anytime here). 3. Syfy helps pay the cost of production by buying the rights to air the show. 4. If Syfy finally (without a shadow of a doubt) does not want to carry it, do they block the rights to any other channel to pick it up and air it? Some thoughts that I read from other fans is that IF Syfy does not want to air it, it will block another channel from airing it (reason being they won’t want some other channel taking their viewership away). Am I getting any of this right so far?
    Because what really perplexes me and others is a statement by the Space channel Facebook page the other day:
    “Our distribution partner has confirmed that the series will end, and the franchise will be given a rest for the time being.”
    Can you please explain why they would say that and if any other channel would say the same?
    Hope that wasn’t to confusing because like I said I am still trying to figure this out. If you can’t comment on anything I might’ve asked here, um please let us know. Not trying to put you in between a rock and a hard place with whoever and lawyers – or have you put words in your mouth that aren’t yours or overstep boundaries. Okay I’ll just shut up here and let you read the next comment response.
    Thanks again and looking forward to any future comments on SGU.

  37. Thanks for the good news, Joe! Keeping my fingers and toesies crossed.

    Video vote: I like No. 2. It’s creepy, as opposed to freaky.

  38. I’d like to see SGU continue. I’d love to see an SGA movie make it to the screen, big or small. And the network that picks up either project certainly will gain a good degree of loyalty, just as syfy has become my “don’t bother looking at” channel. Though you’re doing a lot of fans a disservice. Think of what is happening to evreyone’s blood pressures. Thanks for sharing what you can though,and keep up the good work.

  39. Glad to hear that things are looking positive. Will be happy to hear more news when you have it. Please tell Brad thanks so much for everything he’s doing.

  40. Now you are a very evil man. You are so talented that you are making a cliffhanger every-blogging-damned-day !!!

  41. Mark Sevala is awesome! Love his work! 🙂 Brad is just the best! I really wanna have hope for the Stargate franchise. Let not this be the end. Thank you Joe updating us. 🙂

  42. Well I guess I said something about a cook that wasn’t liked. Ha! 😉

    Just looking for an outcome that will get me an SGA movie.

  43. Tantalizing news; hope?! We’ll keep hoping for a new season like Faith Planet worshippers, despite how cold this winter gets.

    I like the prism rainbow effect; looks like the aliens can see in different light spectrums, like hawks.

    Here are some Baci Cinematografici to warm up everyone up this winter’s day, courtesy of The Simpsons:

  44. PS I like Adam Richman but to me he’s just a tv host, I know he’s worked in restaurants but I’ve never seen him actually cook on tv or been in any cooking competition. Unless I missed it.

  45. Great job, Mr. Mallozzi. Things are looking up, so it seems.

    In my opinion, why not have both effects? Desaturation in the middle, with the rainbow effect on the outside? We don’t know how aliens eyes work, maybe this alien can only see colour when he’s not focusing on something. 😛

  46. MGM has all ready Announced the back to shooting the next Bond film.

    They have mentioned the other big Franchise they want to extend on is the Stargate one.

    So Here fingers Crossed.

    A feature film with SG1 and Atlantis crew would be superb.

  47. Hi again,
    Space channel just posted this on Facebook:

    “Hi everyone,
    As much as we at SPACE share your sadness over the cancellation of SGU, the simple facts are that we can’t make a show we don’t own, and we can’t buy something that isn’t for sale.
    As we’ve said before, it’s simply out of our hands.”

    What do they mean by ‘SGU is not for sale’?

  48. The POV clips make me SO eager for the remainder of season 2!

    I greatly hope that we get to see the rest of SGU in some fashion. The yahoos who run SyFy should hang their head in shame

    This show has consistently delivered first-rate writing, acting, photography, and effects. It’s one of the smartest TV shows ever, and those of us smart enough to appreciate it deserve to get story to its end.

  49. Have you ever watched Bobby Chin in action on Bobby Chinn Cooks Asia TV program? Or Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods? I find these two a pleasure to watch and it would be cool to have them here.

  50. I really hope the possible good news involves SGU..fingers crossed.

    I like the darker look of the second clip..but maybe the first one would make it easier to see what’s happening in any action scenes.

    re: the cooks thing Jamie Oliver can be a bit too chirpy for me but I did respect his school dinner campaign in the UK. School dinners weren’t wonderful when I was a child but at least they used to be made of real food and were pretty healthy apart from the suet pudding and custard 🙂

    I haven’t seen the US show but some of the parents in the UK one drove me crazy – they had really obese kids and just kept saying ‘oh what can we do about it if they only like burgers and chips’. Well how about you stop paying for the junk food and tell them to eat what they’re given or go without?

    Yes, I know there are issues around availablity & cost of healthier choices and time needed to cook it but in the end children can’t eat rubbish unless adults buy it for them. After all most adults wouldn’t give into an 8 year old if they demanded vodka or cigarrettes so why do so many feel unable to refuse them junk food or coca cola?

  51. Hey! I just noticed that you are reading “The Stand” – one of my favorite Stephen King books.

  52. If I were looking at the two effects. It would really depend on the shot before and after it. Is it a day time scene? If so, then use the dark one. If it is a night time scene, use the bright one. But to a varying degree. Personally I would go for whichever caused the most contrast between the two. So you really felt like it was something different and unique.

    While I like the first one quite a bit, the dark one just doesn’t have enough effect, I think it still needs work, a little bit of color enhancement, and sharpening of the image with a high motion blur would make it ideal for me 🙂

  53. @Robert: So what you’re saying is that James Bond of all people may be responsible for saving the Stargate franchise?

    Wow, that actually sounds like a good plot for a Bond film. And we get people we already KNOW are hot from their various work on Stargate to play the Bond girls. Genious, Jack Black wannabe. Genious.

  54. Maybe the whole Syfy waiting till spring and not burning off the last 10 episodes even though the show is cancelled is their way of saying come back when the shows cheaper?

    Pretty much when a show is finished airing on TV it rarely gets uncancelled.

    Meh assuming the show gets a 3rd season and it’s on Syfy. Its back half would air what 2012? How symbolic would it be to get Destiny home on that supposed date the world ends? What 21/22 Dec 2012? Lol

    Anyway I agree I love HD SGU. Shame Atlantis didn’t have the HD treatment on Blu Ray. Both lovely looking shows on the big screen.

  55. @Sparrow_hawk

    I watched Baccano too, three times. No idea of the story or the characters names lol. Well besides Issac, Miria and the crazy guy Ladd Russo.
    Seems like to me its about some immortals, a train, and er…

    After you’re done with Baccano, watch Durarara, it’s based in the same universe as Baccano.

    I really love Kurokami myself. Has Wil Wheaton from Eureka doing Yakumo in the dub(Dub isnt that bad actually). Surprised he did Kurokami, would imagine money from doing a dub being lousy, at least compared to what he’d get doing TV work.

  56. Greetings Joe!

    I’ve been reading your blog closely for some time now, watching for news about SGU and the future of the franchise as a whole a long with my fellow fans. I’m optomistic that SGU will get a new home, and fans can make a difference. We just don’t really know what networks to focus on. I was wondering if you would mind giving us your opinion on where you think SGU could go and be successful? I know many fans are focusing on SPACE Channel, and they certainly seem to value SGU, but do they really have what it takes to make up for the funding that SyFy provided?

    Thank you so much for your time.


  57. I am very angry at this show being axed.because of the non-support this cancelled show may end up taking away any more gate adventures for us all.
    i hope that we do get more even if only direct to dvd movies.

  58. Really appropriate the updates Joe!
    The new episodes of SG:U look amazing and I trust that Brad will do his best to get the show back up on the ground again 😀

  59. Hopefully you can get another network who actually likes real sci fi, or multiple networks around the world to sign up.

    Just make sure Syfy is left out or has to pay double the rate because they have no idea what is good.

    Mid season breaks suck as well, or in Caprica’s case 1 season spread over 2 years, how do you follow a story that way. If they had previewed where it was going in season 2 early on they would have held a lot more viewers to get to that. i like a long complex story. especially when it really gets to a point like it was getting to.

    SGU was fairly slow to start also but was getting very good as well.

  60. I was really upset by the news of cancellation, especially since SyFy decided to increase their WRESTLING programming!

    I wrote SyFy immediately, letting them know that I was upset, not only about the cancellation, but in the way that the cast and crew learned about the cancellation (via Twitter for God’s sake!). I told them that with this cancellation, I have NO MORE REASON to watch SyFy, and very little reason to keep cable TV at all! (and I mean it!)

    I am VERY happy to hear that the show still has a chance, and if there is ANYTHING i can do to help, I will! I would LOVE to see SGU show up on a different network, one that understands the fans and doesnt sell out to non-genre programming just because ratings are higher.

    I was very surprised (pleasantly) to see the first season of SGU in SYNDICATION on CW11 here in Seattle, apparently as a block with the other SG shows. Goes to show you, people will watch it, if its on at a good time, with other genre shows around it to help support it!

    Good luck with keeping the show alive, I will be watching with fingers crossed! Keep up the good work!

  61. As a US Air Force Member I have been a long time fan of the all the SG series! I have been so disgusted with the SissyFy channel and their shenanigans as of late. The programmers need to all be fired for deviating from the genre and messing with the tradition of SciFi Friday. Perhaps the owners will hear the outcry form the fans and straighten up the mess they have made of the station…

    I and many other fans will follow the SG series no matter what channel it ends up on!!! So shop around if need be and let us know where you end up. I know others show Science Fiction: TNT has Supernatural, ABC has V, ION has Ghost Whisperer… so perhaps they would be interested…

    Perhaps the BSG Franchise will do the same.

  62. I suppose it’s because everyone doesn’t watch the SciFi channel, but if Stargate Universe got the chance that Lost got, no one would be worried about the longevity of the show. How can you have actors like Ming-Na, Lou Diamond Philips and Robert Carlyle and even dream about canceling? I don’t know.

    First they change the name of the channel to something that doesn’t make any sense, then they start to pull the plug on one of their most promising new shows.

    Sure, there may have been a sophomore slump there for a few episodes, but season 1 was magic.

    The great thing about the original Star Trek was that it spoke to the soul of the explorer in all of us. “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” SGU captures that spirit. To me that’s what makes it special.

  63. I Surely hope that they start soon….But what i don’t understand is this – how can series like “No Ordinary family” – “Modern family” still run and we have to struggle to continue with Stargate Universe…

    I think the recession did a MAJOR trick on everyone, as that is just Weird? Other victims of the weirdness of views – Firefly, Flash forward…

  64. SG-! and Shepards team to save the destiny crew. one final film with wraith, goauld, and alien of the week destiny. 😀 maybe a two parter film? oooo. general oneill and SG! assume command of destiny while mckay and co hunt for a power device to send to destiny to get them home. wormhole drive maybe? im getting more excited by the minute. 😛

  65. Hey, Joe.

    Long time SGU fan, but I was so bummed when I read SGU might not make it another season. SGU is my favorite show, so im REALLY hoping for another season. Please, do your best to keep it running.


  66. I really hope SGU goes on. It’s the first show in years (possibly ten years) that I have watched religiously and looked forward to being aired. I am not a tv watcher, I do not plan my evenings around new episodes of my favorite shows, I rarely watch tv during it’s scheduled airtime, and when I do sit down to watch it’s usually something like Mythbusters, Bourdain, Family Guy, Etc. Point is, that this is the first show in years that has interested me enough to want to follow a story and I believe that SGU’s story is so good that people will watch it.

    I confess I was a big SG1 fan (although I never got into SGA), but I don’t think you need to be a stargate fanatic to like SGU. Sure it’s SciFi, but it’s also a terrific drama. It’s the character development that makes it so good. You don’t need to be a science fiction lover to enjoy the show. I really hope that it continues. I’m hooked.

  67. Hi,
    I think I’m buy the SGU DVD, and buy the Atlantis dvd to.
    I want more episode, it’s doesn’t matter what will the name SGU, SGA, SG1, SGG, SGT,SGN, SG-9 just will be something Star Gate.

    Have good day.

  68. I think the SGU should take a pay cut and offer to produce the 3th season for half the price.
    I love the Visual effects but if you don’t have a lot of them you have to make the story more appealing.

  69. Jonytk. Cheaper seldom equals better. One of the gripes I’ve heard people say about SGU was annoyance with over-use of the communication stones as a story mechanic.

    The whole point of those was to get the production cost down for those episodes, since the Destiny scenes were considerable higher to shoot than some of the “earth, character drama” scenes.

    So, in trying to reduce cost they’ve already made story concessions.

    I hate that we are headed to a world of japanese game shows. Sure, they only cost $25,000 an episode. So that must make them better than your favorite scifi/drama franchise?


  70. Hi Joe,

    I would love to see more of SGU! The Sifi channel has been a wasteland ever since SGU ended. Really, all those “Ghost Hunter” shows are making me sick, so I’ve tuned out of SiFi which once was my favorite channel…

    SiFi is truely dead without shows like SGU!


  71. SGU like Capirica is a great show, and because of poor marketing efforts and syfy’s lack of promoting their change on other channels and advertising means cause their shows that target their not so normal target market to fail, because the people that would like it never knew it was on. I never watched another Stargate show but loved SGU! If I would have not got into warehouse 13 and caprice I would have never watched SGU but I gave it a chance and now I have been let down….I am going to stop watching syfy because they keep cutting my shows! No point in investing my time in a network that barley stands behind it’s shows.

  72. Joe, this is Joe

    Just wanted to drop by and show my support. I think what you guys have created with SG:U is nothing short of a stroke of genius. Yes, SG1 and SG:A are awesome, but as I’ve posted on petitions, this show is the most original, dynamic, mature, and overall awesome incarnation of the Stargate franchise. I can’t tell you just how much I love that it broke away from the formulaic (and therefore, somewhat predictable) nature of the previous plot-driven shows. The characters are grittier, flawed, and thus more authentic. I love that I have no idea what’s going to happen next, and the questions raised that address our deep, collective need to discover both what has come before and what lies just over the horizon.

    Quite frankly, I think the biggest cause of the rift with fans is not the show, but that (from what I’ve read) Atlantis was cancelled to make way for SG:U, and they’re (justifiably) bitter about it. I just wish there was a way for the two shows to coexist like TNG and DS9. Anyway, keep fighting for us, buddy. We’re behind you all the way.

  73. Tactical plan…….

    1. If they cancel accept it (for the moment).
    2. I suspect it may not be overwhelmingly hard to find funding for a movie. Find it.
    3. Do it (with more action, less fluff, and maintain the story line – no side trips – intellectually deeper is “good”).
    4. Advertise it “for the thinking person”….
    5. Two things will happen……yes you will make money but equally important you will have exposed, with a movie, millions to SGU…..having done that bring back the series.

    What I have seen is improvement….and it is marching along the path of many excellent well done BBC productions ……although they typically are almost “spot on” from the beginning.

    Also….and perhaps this is even more important. Kids and many adults need to be exposed to the possibilities of the future. What has been done to date is credible, it stirs the imagination (although much more could be done) and that is important for future generations. So much of what is produced today has little value….reality shows and the rest of the mindless ilk.

    Last item…..I will donate $30.00 for a season or a movie. A Website to that effect, with the money going into escrow until the movie is made, might surprise Hollywood and could even change the way we (Americans) make films. Not quite like BBC but it could be a huge quality boost.

  74. I know I’m very late to the discussion of Stargate Universe’s cancellation. However, I am sick of lamenting the demise of this outstanding show, and I feel compelled to try to do something about it. I have an idea that might help and I don’t how to get it to the right people. If this idea has already been suggested and rejected then my apologies.

    How much money would it take to make MGM move forward with another season of SGU? My friends and I are all asking the same question: “How can we vote with our cash to keep this show going?” I believe that a great number of the fans of shows like this are overlooked, and there is one good way to prove it. Let us buy the series videos from a specific site, and keep track of our vote for doing so. Commit to a target within a time frame and challenge us to hit it!

    Here is one possible scenario. Set up a page to sell SGU videos (DVDs, etc…), and have a running counter that shows the sales to date. Then get MGM to challenge us to prove our loyalty, and commit to keep the show going if we do in some form of open letter to the fans. We would need a target sales (quantity of DVDs, dollars of sales, etc…) and a time frame to hit for them to commit to move forward with season 3.

    What would it take? 100,000 DVD sets by July? If MGM were to throw down the challenge, I believe that enough of the fans would respond to make some real waves, and show the bean counters what a large, dedicated fan base they are overlooking. MGM has nothing to loose by trying this. The worst case scenario for them is increased DVD sales for the show! After all, this is all extra money. It only needs to make up the shortfall for weak advertising revenues to tip the scales here.

    I hope that I have posted this message where it is welcome. I would appreciate any suggestions on where to more effectively pitch this idea, to perhaps have it be considered by people who are in a position to act on it.

  75. I think that the shows that are coming out now are just awe inspiring. To be reaching the actual EDGE of the universe!!!!! Only amazing sci-fi writing makes it possible. After this series dies I do not look forward to the hash of luke warm thoughts that will come next….

    It is saddening to know that sci-fi is being killed by what it promotes: TECHY GADGETS… Such as the computer and the ability to get around royalties…. but maybe it can help in a few years as it grows where more and more people watch online and see ads in their own country which will bring in money from every where….

    Well that will come, but TV has to go 100% digital and Google & Intel’s 10 gigabyte internet connections it may be high time to cut cable all together and just go digital…

    The first show I hope is Sci-Fi, but only time will tell.

    P.S.: It is simple , but I love this line,”Homeworld command is under attack….” ONE UNITED WORLD, struggling, arguing, scheming , and who knows what, but ONE UNITED WORLD

  76. SGU was a great show that only got better as it progressed. These last ten episodes are unbelievable. I actually find myself at the edge of my seat. Is there no way that Syfy will reconsider this decision? I tried to find what the actors are scheduled for now that SGU has been canceled and it doesn’t really seem they’ve got many plans in the works (according to imdb at any rate) so maybe Syfy can recall them all for Season 4! It is a pity that such a great show, with so many twists and turns in its plots, is canceled. Sadly, it took me a bunch of episodes to get it and I think that was the problem. However, once I got it, I became a devoted fan. I will truly be sad when these last ten are finished. i hope there IS hope!

  77. i hope SGU gets renewd by some1, it was pretty much the only thing that i was watching on syfy it nowadays … i think the show still has alot of potential things have really start to get in motion and now we might not get a chance to c it. i think its a big loss to the sci fi genre right now…

  78. They started whit a bad season, but season 2 was so awesome, A real ” star gate ” and now the canceled. wtf did they start in the first place if they cant learn that star gate is an action adventure movie not a drama….

  79. I would pay to have another season.

    There are websites that offer “sales” or “coupons”. A wholesale price of $X if say 100 people buy. Your credit/debit card is only charged if the minimum amount of sales are made.

    If they aren’t getting money from advertising, they should get creative and take advantage of modern technology. Offer a sale. Have an incentive. Everyone who buys could have the option to see the show (online?) before it airs on tv.

    The plus for the company (MGM?) that does it:

    1. It would receive the money beforehand.
    2. It wouldn’t have to pay for the best slots on prime time. That lowers costs. (Pay for prime time the first and perhaps the second season. The following, use this option)
    3. Ratings wouldn’t be a big factor because it would no longer be dependent on advertisers. Again, the show would be paid by the viewers beforehand.
    4. Very low risk. If the monetary goal is not met beforehand very little money spent. Just funds to advertise the “sale”.

    Seriously business executives. I studied business and economics. Money is the name of the game. Be innovative. If you aren’t getting enough from advertisers, find a different way to generate “sales”.

    If an official site (MGM?) creates a “sale” for SGU Season 3 and will only charge my card if that goal is reached, I’ll buy. (Internationally based credit cards please. SGU has a huge fanbase outside the US. I’m sure their money is just as good).

    What do you think?

  80. Sorry about the mistake on point number 2. I was running late for a meeting.

    Still the ingredients for the recipe are there. Viewers are stating they’d pay for a third season. The necessary tech is available. People already pay to watch on-line. Given the information on trendrr.tv, there is a social network which will help marketing. The fan base is more comfortable with new uses of technology than others (just assuming here, don’t have research to back it up) so this segment of the market is probably the best one to try this out with. A lot of legal issues I know. Also, characteristics such as writers, producers, etc would have to be part of the product description. Could backlash if the program wasn’t well received. But the idea, well… makes me feel like I have a new toy and I want to figure out how it works.

    My thanks for allowing me to rant. 😉

  81. SGU is the only credible Sci Fi programme on T.V. it is a long term investment. I am outside the U.S. but as one of your posters above stated I can attest that this series has a great following in the U.K. I am in my 60’s and I have read scifi for most of my life. This programme is the only one that even comes close to a genuine SciFi feature for T.V. no other past or present comes close. The only other film that is equal is Alien no others come anywhere near the mark. With SGU you are setting the standard by which all other Sci Fi for TV must be judged. Do not lose this lead in a creative and realistic series. You have a good team of writers and producers, the visuals are stunning. You are on the right track and so far have maintained credibility with the genre. There are no fluffy animals for the children which would stultify the serious production. The Aliens are believable and are not too over the top aka Star Wars. The actors are without exception first class and the Characters solid. It would be a shame to cancel this production as you can only gain with its progress in terms of expertise and quality. So could you reconsider your decision and at least think of a continuation to a first rate production.

  82. I’ve never posted to a blog before this. If one more vote to keep SGU going is of benefit, then I hope this helps. SGU has just the right mix of Science Fiction, Human Interest, and Special Effects, all tied to a terrific storyline. I watched Flash Gordon as a kid and then Startrek. The SG series, and SGU in particular, are what keep this genre alive and well. It would really be a shame to loose it.

  83. I too am ecstatic to hear there is some hope( hopefully you were talking about SGU!!)

    It’s my favourite show by far on tv! I would pay a heavy premium for a season 3!! 😛

  84. Hello Joe.,

    here is another vote for SGU!

    SGU was really smart.
    it had really hard dilemas, really good questions, really good and smart problem solving ideas, and really smart sense of humor.
    it was also as close as possible to real people, real problems, and GREATE sfx (greate actors and acting too btw).
    one of the VERY few shows i could watch these days – the rest are just reality crap, and Z (because “B” is too good for it) movies, and those are way over my nerves…
    i just hope the they will bring it back again in (less then) 3 years (after the freeze time), because canceling that show is a REALLY BAD decision!

    so… greetings from israel, and thank you for sharing Joe
    Peace, love and more of SGU please 🙂
    (and sorry for my broken english…)

  85. Hi,

    I am a new Stargate fan, believe it or not. The only Stargate series I watched was SGU. I found the story awesome, the characters very interesting and the twists and turns unexpected. After watching season 1, I rented SGA and watched all 5 seasons. I am now renting the original SG ( Yes, I know I am doing this backwards 🙂

    I don’t understand how a show could win many awards and get cancelled after 2 seasons? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Stargate_Universe). This doesn’t make sense to me. It is hard enough to get a show past the pilot but to have fans wondering why a good show with good writing is cancelled after industry recognition stumps me.

    This is a really well put together show and there are so many possibilities where this could go. I am truly disappointed that the show only lasted 2 seasons.

    Please bring it back, I would really like to see where this storyline ends up!

    Thanks for listening!

  86. Hi Joe,

    PLEASE PLEASE make another season! or at least a feature length episode/movie.

    The last episode was amazing and leaves things open to so many possibilites.

    SG-U must live on!

  87. I find it amazing that every single comment on Sy-Fy channels facebook page are all saying the same thing, even when they are supposed to be comments on shows like Sanctuary or literally ANYTHING that sy-fy post about. They ALL say the same thing and that is DO NOT END SGU, and what does Sy-fy do?
    End it anyway, all because of ratings on tv; which a heck of a lot of people don’t bother watching anymore because we all want the newest episodes ASAP and alot of the time that is the slowest way to get them.

    Literally 95% of my friends don’t bother waiting for episodes to be on tv, instead they download them and watch them and I am sure that this is the same for a lot of people out there too.

    Sy-fy has lost touch with it’s fans in my opinion and has killed off most of the good shows and replaced them which very substandard replacements, like stupid reality tv based shows. Like we don’t get enough reality already. Isn’t that why we all like the sci-fi genre. Because we have the oportunity to tune out reality for an hour or so each week.

    Very disappointed with the “sy-fy” channel and apart from watching Sanctuary and possibly Eureka, I think I’ll be finding other things to do with my time rather than waste it on that channel anymore.

  88. “Very disappointed with the “sy-fy” channel and apart from watching Sanctuary and possibly Eureka, I think I’ll be finding other things to do with my time rather than waste it on that channel anymore.”


    I used to buy cable service or satellite service based on whether or not the SciFi channel was part of the package. These days I could take it or leave it now that the SissyFy (love that) Channel has managed to end it prematurely. I applaud the writers for leaving the ending open for us, but I seriously have no faith in SyFy to bring it back again. They’d rather give us boring cooking shows and wrestling. /boggle

    I enjoyed every second of SGU, and although I am saddened to see it end prematurely I’m glad I was there for the ride. I’ll be buying the entire series and keeping my fingers crossed for more. I’ll have to put my faith in MGM not to let us down in the future.

  89. My wife and I love SGU. How about pay per view? We’d definitely be willing to fork over an extra $5 or $10 bucks a month to help subsidize the production costs. We know we already pay a monthly cable bill and times are tough right now but we hate to see another fantastic series (ala Firefly) go down in flames because of sagging ad revenues. Some shows are just too good to let die.

  90. Please don;t let SGU fail it is a great sci-fi and has a lot of Australians following it. The characters are strong and the story line is interesting.

  91. “My wife and I love SGU. How about pay per view? We’d definitely be willing to fork over an extra $5 or $10 bucks a month to help subsidize the production costs.”

    I’d pay more than that to see it continue. I’d pay $20 a month for it easily but it’ll never happen. Someone would pirate it within a few minutes of it being aired and the pay-per-view model would fail. Even if the SciFi Channel had said months ago “We’re going to cancel it as-is, unless we get enough subscribers.. here.. donate each month at this secure link and we’ll keep it running”. They’d have had all the funding they needed but opportunities like that are never given. Not when it can be replaced by mindless crap like wrestling or a teenie-bopper-mindless-vampire-wannabe-crapfest-show.

    I remember the day SciFi aired.. i was there watching the bars when it flipped on for the first time. I remember in the first few months of watching it thinking to myself “Why are they showing horror movies on the SciFi channel?!?!” I should have known then that the channel was doomed to be a failure.

    Still.. its a nice thought.. maybe someone at MGM will listen and give all the fans the opportunity to subscribe each month to bring it back? I can dream can’t I?

  92. We all would LOVE it if you found a way to continue on with SGU!!!! Please, Please, Please make this happen!!!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Stargate Universe!!!!
    Thanks a ton, Loyal SGU fans

  93. I still can’t believe Stargate has come to an end. SGU was the best Sci-Fi on TV, as were the other series. I would gladly put $1000 up for another series. I wonder if fans have ever managed to finance a TV show? Even a book continuing the story of the Destiny would be something.

  94. Realmente es decepcionante que se de el fin de SGU cuando comenzaba a levantar la historia, si bien el inicio fue muy obscuro y fuera de el contexto de las demas stargate´s, nos encontramos con nuevas ideas que dan una nueva imagen y se adentran mas a las anteriores, la idea de ” la señal de Dios” es magnifica, no se que pasaria en una tercera temporada, pero seria genial que se encontraran vestigios de una supercivilizacion de avanzada, que deje atras a los Alteranos, y mas si se aprovecha dicha tecnologia, habria stargate para diez temporadas mas. como todo buen seguidor de Stargate, tengo la esperanza de que se reanude y asi seguir disfrutando de el universo Stargate.

  95. I’ve just sat and watched SGU Seasons 1 and 2 almost continuously over the past couple of weeks and enjoyed every moment. I just finished the last episode and had tears in my eyes when Eli smiled in the viewing gallery at the end.

    Please, please, please bring this back for a 3rd series.

    I’m very disappointed with SyFy and would drop it from my Sky package in an instant if I could.

    I’m about to start a petition on Facebook asking viewers to stop watching SyFy so they’ll sit up and take notice. It may be the only thing they understand..

  96. gerade das finale der 2ten gesehen…
    und ich kann nur hoffen dass es weiter geht…

    crossing fingers for a third (4th, 5th) season
    there is so much space left in this universe

    seriously… keep up!
    best wishes and greetings from germany

    if u can need some ideas, i come around ; )

  97. Stargate is my life: born on the day it started, and it will NOT END!!!!!!!!



    Amazing season finale and full of future ideas….!!!!!

  98. I want to see a 3rd, 4th, 5th season SGU too! It is not normal that such a good series is cancelled!!! Maybe I should go to a statis cabin. Wake me up when the series continues 🙂

  99. Could anyone estimate a production cost and feasibility of getting the rights to make and air the season 3 ?
    Once we have the way forward and cost, then we could try to raise the money. What do your people think ? In past I was involved in getting money for blender.com and it worked.

  100. Hey Jo.,

    just 2 minutes ago, i sent an email to MGM requesting, to bring back SGU.

    i really hope you’r briliant idea will work.
    i’m not as gifted as those who worked on SGU, and i’m not rich, but i’ll be more then happy to donate what ever i can to help.

    best regards from israel
    and sorry for my broken english 🙂

  101. Def want to see Destiny either return them home or finish the journey to what leads up to believe some controversial ideals.

  102. hey Joe, I believe there is a more than good chance that SGU fans would be willing to donate a few dollars each to help keep the series running. Not sure how many millions that would provide! plus feel free to include me in the upcoming series if you go ahead..

  103. Hey Joe & fellow fans,

    I’m another big Stargate Universe fan, just adding my 2 cents.
    I was so devastated when I found out that there won’t be a 3rd season. I love this show! 🙁

    Honestly, I’m with everyone else commenting here; I’d happily donate money to the cause. But with each episode costing around the 2 million mark(?), there would need to be a lot of donations to fund a season. It’s the sponsorship of wealthy investors and advertising through ratings that pays the bills.

    That said, I’m an actor and writer, I’d happily offer my services working on SGU without pay to save on production costs. It would be well worth it!

    Aside from joining Facebook groups and signing petitions, if anyone knows what we can do to help save the series, please post it here.

    Alicia Pavlis

    Melbourne, Australia

  104. Please oh please bring us a season 3 of SG-U! I love the show at so many levels. It has everything, great visual effects, a deep plot line, epic opera like drama, metaphorical statements on reality. I would hate to see it disappear. I jones for more, that cliff hangar at the end of season 2, omg, what will become of Eli and the crew?!?

    If season 3 was announced officially I would throw a party. Enough said.

    Loyal Sci-Fi enthusiast,


  105. I grew up watching stargate and I would be devastated if it didn’t continue. Nostalgia definitely sets in everytime I see the front cover of the original movie.
    I loved the way historical aspects were touched on throughout SG1 and Atlantis. The depth of the story has grown and I’m more impressed with each new development in the series. I’m currently about halfway through season 2 of SGU and I can’t stand the thought of the series ending. The SGU story has really taken some positive turns and I would love for it to go on. It could also open up a wealth of possibilities to explore with whatever is found at the centre of the universe.

    Not to mention the fact that we’re still yet to officially meet the Furlings.

    Here’s to hoping another network picks up SGU and all future Stargate programs. Stargate has many fans in Australia

  106. I need SGU Season 3! Since Stargate series hit netflix it’s fanbase has gotten bigger!

  107. hi i do hope u bring a season 3 of sgu and even if they let u bring back all the stargate series i and the family love them all thanks and good luck

  108. In my opinion SGU can return if the franchise recapture the risqué approach that brought it predecessor SG1 to life.

  109. HEY!

    I’m UK and I can’t believe that I ONLY JUST found out that SGU was cancelled! I mean, WTF? I only just looked because I figured it was abt sime S3 made it over here…..in so many ways it was the best SG so far….it had aa proper depth to it for once, in terms of characterisation and story….so, why? oh why? I can understand Farscape dying in reality as it was anti establishment, but this was also a gr8 propaganda piece for the PTB, so why oh why? makes no sense….
    how much would it cost me to snap up the rights to it and carry on making it? for Farscape to for that matter…?
    can anybody tell me? that’s the first thing i need to know……

    1. oh my, jake, sadly most of the cast has moved on… it would be great if it could be realized though!!! good luck! i know you’d get a lot of support! we fans were hugely saddened (and a lot of us were really upset, enough to write letters to everyone and anyone who would listen!)

  110. i had forgottn about the Furlings! 😉

    but on SGU, i never could figure for sure were they heading towards centre of universe or the outer rim?

    and never a parallel universe ep…..Rush with an evil spock beard wd have been ace!

  111. it’s just not right…..they get you addicted then cut you off cold turkey style….should be laws against that type of thing! +what the smeg happened to all the sstuff/ set? i never saw anything on ebay…really hope they didn’t skip it! i want that chair! never mind the rest….wd be great for my home cinema room, that currently only exists inside my head…..

    but dare i say it……’animation’….? just afew hours cd be enough for ome kind of resolution…..just a case of getting hold of the rights! trying to teach myself Blender at the mo if i ever get time/ funds to build a meaty PC (or stack of them)….sod it, i might just have to do soemthing myself!

    surely it must be posible to get the cast togther for a wekeend just to do the dialogue at least though….? wars get started over a lot less…..;-)

  112. and how come the first comment here wasn’t moderated but the last two were?

  113. and i’m stillw aiting for the blinking Atlantis movie to tie that off! Rodney deserved his own spin off series….can’t believe he sunk so low for Morlocks! (sue those buggers for blatant copyright infringement and use the mony for another movie at least? after kicking the guy in th enuts who came up with the Ori obviosuly, first things first after all….)

  114. it was the blinking downloaders fault! same reason i think Atlantis got canned b4 it’s time…..sci fi the most expensive tv show to make, with the effects…..it’s also the demogrpahic that i smost familiar with th etech and most likely to be doing it…..i dnt need a milion pound reserach grant to work that one out!

    but if sci fi shows are going to survive generally there is an opportunity there! even internet only, pay per view option, burn once only to dvd tech…even if done bit on the cheap it’s still very viable methinks…..i hate the ove relaince on CGI but if it’s the only way to cut costs…..and put the actor and crew on PRP….even giv ethem shares…tell them the George Lucas story……more successful the show th more spondoolies they get!

    and as for the rights to SGU….it’s not worth anything if it’s not being made…..got to be a % royaltis deal to be done there…..? 100% of nothing = nothing…….but even only 5% of soemthing does equal something!

    andanother thing, thinking of the woman with the highly unfortunate and slightly ironic name (‘coz she isn’t)……what do lesbians actually have for Xmas dinner? always wondered…….sorry, not lesbians….vegetarians! always getting those two mixed up! 😉

    and talking about ‘the plan’- i always wanted to make my own sci fi drama series i have been writing in my head for last ten years that….standard pc hardwae just about there, if you have a few quid spare and i’m trying to find time to play with the s/w…….somebody going to o it sooner or later! anybody on here interested in coming in with me on that one? 😉

  115. never give up!


    obviously the quality went down hill a bit when the other writer went…..but there is always hope!
    just really hoping it doesn’t take 13 years……..but then again it was kinda written in they were going to sleep for a few years….could overshoot a bit and awake to find Eli in his forties and hair down to his ankles…..NO! dnt do that! keep him in solitary for a few years (can’t fix the pod but finds a way to survive, awake) so he goes a bit crazy….
    come on, there must be a way……even it takes a year or two for the economy to recovera bit…..

  116. Greeting from Jakarta, (not its really matter)
    Just wanna voice up my opinion and i do hope there is a shed of light for SGU to continues
    I hadnt seen a good space soap opera TV in a while, (since Star Trek TNG), and SGU its it !!

    Bring back Season 3 please !!

  117. Hey!

    I hope i have an good idea to resolve the problem of SGU Talk whit AXN and i hope axn listening to you and fans two. What i want whit this? a new season 3 from SGU but not on the wasteland syfy -.-” Please try to talk whit axn and come back whit a new sgu in a AXN syfy special release which can also be downloaded from i tunes or any of the official site and even let me add that the European audience loves the show. The Hungarian fan pages are full of indignation, as the British, German, Czech, Russian, and so on do not just think about America. Here in Europe, Asia, Tele SGU fanokkal you also get the local TV channels dönhet viewing records only show the appropriate time, of course, you must be a good channel and end an otherwise great film full of twists unconscious maintaining the appearance of a possible second part. I hope I succeeded with some ideas I give. Please speak to other channels as well and not only are Americans just look at the download data and i-Tunes on both torrents and other download site.

    Peace, Mike said … From the heart of Europe, Hungary

    1. Come to the cuntry formerly known as England….then u could give me a job!

  118. Hello,
    I beleave i can bring back Stargate… With a story line and full jumped pack action that fans loved in the early SG-1. Trust me its worth emailing me about.

  119. Please finish of SGU, so much left un answered. At the very least cap it of with a mini film or double episode.

  120. SGU is amazing! why do they always make shows better in the 2nd season then CANCEL THEM!! I find it hard to believe that there “were unsustainable ratings” .. do they know that most people that watch stargate are tech savy WHICH MEANS THEY KNOW HOW TO STEAM/DOWNLOAD STARGATE FOR FREE!!?? The fans don’t spend money on cable THEY SPEND MONEY ON THE DVDS!! So obviously they wouldn’t be in the ratings.. which is, say, their entire fan base? w.e. stargate is my favorite of the SG series and I hope they make a third season!!

    1. i do hope that isn’t your slave name, or they can use that confession against you! it’s your fault! 😉

      but yes, longer term they need to sort the legalities of that one out….as well as the revenue streams, although they need to accept they’ll be somewhat reduced….but costs of production are also lower…as are the costs of ‘transmission’…..

      my suggestion is do a Lucas…..everyone involved on PRP….they dnt get paid unless it makes money….and everybody involved stands to make a lot more money/ possible residual income…+ something back to the copyright holder…..a % of nothing is nothing but a % of soemthing is definately something…..if you owned a big house why would you leave it empty, not rent it out or sell it….? and we can’t just leave Eli floating in space with a load of frozen corpses….he’s not even getting paid! they beamed him out b4 he even got to see a contract….

  121. how dare you moderate the amazing jake maverick? who do u think you are…? 😉

  122. Many people miss the Stargate series. SG1, SGA SGU. Because the actor to a cherished part of the television program and were aroused the action. Or, as in the case was clearly exciting Stargate Universe season 2. I hope that by the end of season 2 was only a preliminary. Vieliecht there is still hope for the Stargate universe. At the end of another excuse for my bad enlisch.

    1. calm down dear!

      I’m pretty sure it’s all a cunning marketing ploy…..with that ending! it’s an exxpensve series to make, comparitively…..but with the old credit munch thing and that i figure they just wanted to put on hold for a bit until ffinancial circcumsatnces improve a bit…….but if they’re sticking to the two year dadline they wrote in….they need to start making it this year so that they’re in time! o somebody just needs to track down the actors and see whaat they are doing right now?
      or failing tht…3, possibly 4 years….either Eli miscalcualted or had to tinker a bit/ unexpected problem….whatever they just end up oversleeping a bit…..i’m looking forward to seeing Eli with a beard down to his knees/ joined the Taliban!

  123. Please! For the love of god release SGU Season 3 its the best of the Stargate Series by far. Watched them on DVD and excitedly went to buy Season 3 to find it is cancelled! How Syfy could cancel it is beyond me!

    1. I’m still waiting for Dark Skies to be renewed for season 2……(bast***s)!

  124. I hope they do release SGU season 3 it’s the best Syfy show i have see in a long time..I brought season 1 & 2 just finished watching them, cant get over they might not make season 3.. Still hoping they don’t give up on it

    1. I can’t believe that people are still replying to this post. It’s been way over a year and we all know that SGU and Stargate, for that matter, is dead for the foreseeable future.

      One can always dream, but I think this is long past hope.


      1. i just discovered…


        bit of a WIP, and with not being updated in a while looks like they may have lost momentum….please dnt crcify them on the copyright thing! I guess they beat me to it….but….was there any scripts/ drafts written for the third season…..? general plan or soemthing…..wish i was one of those anonymous guys….;-)

  125. Too many people never get counted for the ratings, the people that buy episodes, that wait until the end to buy the box set to watch them all without the commercials, and only the USA is counted, not Canada or overseas. All these shows get dropped because of drops in ratings, not taking into consideration people work when they change days and times, they record on DVR, or they are faced with 2-3 shows on at the same time they like and can’t watch it live. I’ve watched Firefly get dropped, Jericho, SGA, SGU, now Terra Nova, and it just pisses me off. These are the shows I like. Am I supposed to watch nothing but reality shows or cold case files? How about some lame reruns of NASA footage or cartoons?

    That people are still writing because they want more seasons more than a year after cancellation should tell people something. Maybe do a mini-series as a feeler, then commit to more seasons when you see your “Ratings” go up to 3.5 million which really is more like 5-7 million actually watching and following the series!

  126. i’m only fifteen, started with stargate when i was either 12 or 13, but i still liked it. if such a young person can like the series, then why cancel it? there was the potential of other young people like me of liking this show. orderofolde is right, not all people could watch it on tv during the premiere date of each episode. for example, most episodes i had to watch on hulu due to school or chores!

  127. it’s a no brainer surely…if everybody who watched it put a dollar in, bouhgt a share…..that’s the next forty eps at least…..and that dollar? it’s not a dollar anymore….

  128. never give up! nearly two years now….but the world didn’t end today after all (I was really looking forward to it) so still hope….not for me but for the show possibly…!

  129. I would pay per episode if it meant that I could watch SGU again. I would go as far as if I could invest, lets say $50 a month starting now, I would gladly do so if that meant more SGU. I love SG-1 but it has had it’s time. To cut off SGU that soon really hurts. I wish either SyFy or another network would pick it up. Need to bring back the full cast too.

  130. yo syfy get yout head out of your asses sgu is the best out of all the franchise i recently sat down and watched seasons 1 2 back to back all 40 episodes i myself and im sure all you other umpteen millon fans would love to know what happens to eli and the destiny after there 3yr stretch in ftl please bring it back if not another season then finish it up with a movie give it a proper ending i think that if you were to bring it back it would be the most watched show because of the suspence you left us in at the end of season two.

  131. I watch the Stargate universe series one and two over and over, I long to see it continued. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    It was a fantastic series, one of the few that I looked forward to seeing at each air date, one that took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions with stunning visual effects, themes, concepts, social dynamics, science, intelligence, hope, love, life, humanity and faith.

    If there is any possibility even the slightest, let my words reignite that which is Stargate universe.

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