I watch a lot of food t.v., partly because I love food and partly because the Food Network is the channel of choice to keep my dogs company when I’m out and about (For what it’s worth, Bubba really seems to really enjoy Iron Chef America).  As a result, over the years, I’ve come to form some definitive opinions about the programming and its various personalities.  There are shows I like, shows I don’t, chefs, hosts, and judges I enjoy watching and those that, for whatever reason, just rub me the wrong way.

What follows is my list of The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities I Enjoy Watching.  In no particular order…

Anthony Bourdain (chef, author, host of A Cook’s Tour and No Reservations).

Quick-witted and cutting, Bourdain is as hilariously entertaining on screen as he is on the page.  A terrific addition to the judge’s table for Top Chef’s eighth season.  One of my fave Bourdain quotes = his opinion of vegetarians: “Bad.  Bad tourists.  Bad guests.  Not a lot of fun.  Generally flatulent.”

Tom Colicchio (award-winning chef, head judge of Top Chef).

Unlike a lot of his intense, high energy fellow chefs, Colicchio exudes a calm, genial confidence that makes him not only very watchable, but incredibly likable as well.  Given the opportunity, I’d love to sample his cooking AND go out for beers with the guy.

Gordon Ramsay (award-winning chef, restaurateur, t.v. personality – Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Confidential, F Word to name a few).

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to avoid him on television.  Most know him for Hell’s Kitchen (in which he comes across as a raving lunatic much of the time), but F Word is the show to watch for a glimpse of the real Ramsay – talented chef, dedicated family man, and a guy with a sense of humor.

Nigella Lawson (food writer, cook, host of shows like Nigella Bites and Nigella Kitchen).

Sure, there are plenty of cooking show hosts out there with a hell of a lot more experience, but Lawson always brings a little something extra to the table.  Sexy, sure, but also possessed of a playful self-confidence that makes her fun to watch.

Ted Allen (writer, host of various Food Network shows like Chopped and Food Detectives).

Allen always comes across as smart, fun, and funny.  Another amiable presence on the Food Network.

Jeffrey Steingarten (food writer, food critic, frequent judge on Iron Chef America, regular judge on The Next Iron Chef).

He’s been referred to as “the Simon Cowell of Iron Chef America” and it’s a fitting parallel.  Like Cowell, Steingarten is tough, knows his stuff, and can always be counted on for some witty insight.

Mario Batali (award-winning chef, restaurateur, television personality, Iron Chef, host of Molto Mario).

My favorite Iron Chef, Batali’s passion for food is palpable.  He’s incredibly knowledgeable, and his respect and love for what he does makes watching him a real treat.

Alexandra Guarnaschelli (chef and television personality, host of The Cooking Loft with Alex Guarnaschelli, frequent guest judge on Chopped).

Guarnaschelli exudes an empathetic kindness and sincerity onscreen that always makes me feel I’m watching a friend on television.  A veryfood savvy and observant friend.

Aaron Sanchez (chef, restaurateur, frequent guest juge on Chopped and Chefs vs. City regular).

I guess that one thing all my choices have in common is that they’re all very likable (well, I find ’em likable anyway), and that’s cetainly one of the first things that comes to mind when I watch Sanchez.  Smart and charming are two more.  Another guy whose cuisine I’d like to try, and then take out for a beer.

Mark Dacascos (actor, martial artist, Iron Chef America chairman).

The chairman is BIG and incredibly over-the-top, in marked contrast to Dacascos who is one of the most humble, soft-spoken individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with – which is why I love watching him do his flashy, sound-effect laden, operatic thing on Iron Chef America.  Allez cuisine!

Honorable Mentions:

Martin Picard (chef and owner of my favorite restaurant Au Pied de Cochon, host of The Wild Chef).

He always looks like he just woke up after an all-night bender, but it’s all part of his endearing, down home style – which perfectly parallels his rustic and altogether delectable cuisine.

Gail Simmons (food critic, Special Projects Manager for Food & Wine, frequent guest judge on Top Chef, host of Top Chef: Just Desserts).

Tough but fair, Simmons commands respects and is a welcome Top Chef mainstay.

Claire Robinson (personal chef, host of 5 Ingredient Fix and Food Network Challenge).

Robinson is possessed of a goofy charm that makes her an entertaining watch.

Well, that’s my list.  Thoughts?  Who do you like to watch and why?

Tomorrow, The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities Who Kind of Get on My Nerves!

59 thoughts on “January 9, 2011: The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities I Enjoy Watching!

  1. I agree with all your picks, but my all time favorite food TV personality has got to be Alton Brown. Few shows on the Food Network have inspired me to try a recipe like Good Eats. He is easy to follow, very informative and funny.

  2. Somehow I managed to lose a day here.. ah well. Liked your selection of food channel personalities. Thought Maario Batelli was an interesting choice. I have to admit that i’m rather fond of Boby Flay as far as the ranks of the iron chefs go. Also have to admit I don’t really recognise all the faces. I just don’t watch the network that much. I’d rank Ramsey as number one though. Besides the glimpses we catch of him on F word, i love to see the train wrecks on Kitchen Nightmares. I also admire the way he’s taken his lumps as far as the waxing and waning of fortunes go, and he still manages to keep himself marketable. And who can resist the rags to riches story of his life? I generally pass on biographies, but admit to breaking down and checking out his.
    Thanks for the post, and here’s to a good week to all.

  3. Good list, as I didn’t scroll quickly through (to avoid spoilers) I was very Pleased to see Mark Dacascos on your list. He truly does his part to add to Iron Chef. When you catch glimpses of “The Chairman” prowling in the background of a challenge, he is really into it.

    I am worried though that on your list of people who get on your nerves I will see Alton Brown, since he wasn’t in your Top 10 or Honorable Mention. I think he does an incredible job of capturing what goes on in Kitchen Stadium.

    “Good Eats” is the show that my wife used to get me to watch the food network with her. The way he explains the science of cooking made me want to watch.

    “Feasting on Asphalt” was a great “guys” food show as well.

  4. Alton Brown even gets my hubby interested in cooking! 10 dollar dinners has interesting french techniques. Food detectives is pretty cool, too.

    We have a snow storm headed toward us tonight. I stopped by the grocery to pick up carrots for my son and the store was packed. The shelves were nearly empty. No brussel sprouts (your picture yesterday got me wanting those) and the only carrots left were “carrot chips”.

    The weatherman is predicting 4 inches of snow and everyone panics! Southerners do not handle snow storms well.

  5. A dare for Joe:
    Hey Joe, if Stargate comes back in any form, I dare you to do a Stargate cooking episode.
    I don’t care too much how you could turn it, but I dare you to do it :))
    I would so much see Colonel Young as a chef, or O’Neill as a waiter…
    Just a crazy idea. You need crazy ideas in your life.
    Take care 😉

  6. Hi Joe! Interesting choices. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Chopped and I really don’t much care for Alex Guarnaschelli or Aaron Sanchez as judges on that show; I find them sort of harsh and unlikeable. But that’s just me. Maybe I’d like them better if I saw them in another venue. Love Mark Dacascos (of course!). Jeffrey is one of my favorite Iron Chef America judges and I enjoy Mario Batali and Nigella Lawson. Gordon Ramsay can be fun, but I have to be in the mood for him.

    My Iron Chef America favorites are Matsuhara Morimoto and Michael Symon.

    One of my favorite food network shows is Diners, Drive Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. Always fun to watch.

  7. I’m a Food Network junkie! 😀 I looove that channel! It’s always on my tv. Love Iron Chef America! Love Throwdown with Bobby Flay! Love Ace of Cakes! I wanna hangout with Duff Goldman. He’s sooo cool! 😉 Love Next Food Network Star! Love Next Iron Chef! My favorite chefs/cooks are…

    – Bobby Flay
    – Giada De Laurentiis
    – Tyler Florence
    – Duff Goldman
    – Paula Deen
    – Rachael Ray
    – Michael Symon

    I’m a bad cook myself. (But…I’m trying to learn. ;)) I just love to watch other people cook. I think it’s fascinating. When there’s nothing else on tv. I watch Food Network there’s always something good on there. 🙂

  8. I’m sure you’ve seen it but Mark Dacascos was great in “The Brotherhood of the Wolf.” I love that movie. Yeah an indian that knows kung fu doesn’t make sense but hey it was awesome. Come to think of it I’m going to watch it right now lol.

  9. I’m not much of a cook, but for some strange reason I love watching the Food Channel??

    Anyway I like all the ones you have listed. Ted Allen is my favorite off the list, just love Chopped. Cat Cora is also a favorite of mine. Since she wasn’t on your list maybe you don’t care for her.

    I USE to like Rachel Ray but for some reason I find her a bit annoying now.

    I also find Bobby Flay annoying, in fact I when I watch Throwdown I hope he loses.

    I’m thinking you would be a good judge on Iron Chef. I saw that Lou Diamond Philips was one once.

  10. Oh, Food Network. Some reality show pitchperson I turned out to be. Broke the first rule. Get the name of the network right. Show Joe: the Foodie Freelancer, FTW!

    I feel less confident about his cultural savvy when he gets political. It’s not his politics, it’s the way he expresses them. I’ll leave it at that.

    Anyway, chew the meat, spit out the bones. There was plenty of meat left over, a very meaty show. 😛

    My husband watches him a lot. Me, personally, I don’t want to reward a premise that thrives on treating people badly. He’s toning it down more recently so I’m glad I stuck with it, I mean, betrayed my principles and watched him anyway.

    Yeah, he seems to love what he does. I can’t word it any better than you did.

    I used to watch Iron Chef back when it was all Japanese. Great show. Is Dacascos really the nephew of the Chairman in Japan?

    Julia Childs! Need I say more?

  11. Hi Joe,

    I’ve been watching some SG1 dvds lately and in the season 1 episode where they go to the “Heliopolis” place there’s an interesting number mentioned, I’m curious…

    Is there any connection or what connection might there be between the number 46, introduced in SGU (episode “Human”), and the 146 elements, mentioned in SG1 (episode “The Torment of Tantalus”)?

    46… 146… hmmmmm….

    Thanks! 🙂

    Sean D.

  12. Hi everyone!!!

    I generally don’t like cooking shows. But I do like Ted Allen – he was awesome on Queer Eye. I used to like watching a Canadian show…I can’t remember the name of it..there was a man and woman and they were hilarious…she always was messing up in the kitchen and generally annoying him. It would be like me cooking with James….haha. I think they cooked in a garage?? Anyone remember this?

    I don’t like Gordon Ramsey but I don’t mind the kitchen nightmares…it’s scary though.

    Joe, do you ever worry you’re in a future Kitchen Nightmare episode when you go out?

    Cheers, Chev

  13. I like Claire Robinson. Cute and cooks with five ingredients or less.

    I like the show Man vs. Food and the host (I’m drawing a blank on his name) on Travel Channel.

  14. I stopped watching Cop/Detective/Lawyer/Medical shows a long time ago. For me they got boring. Come on Networks! Can’t you get a little creative? Like say, a space adventure…like Stargate! Now, I watch a lot of Food Network and HGTV.

    I would expect the big chefs to be good. Like Flay, Batelli, Florence, Ramsey etc. So no comments on them.

    One of my favorite shows is Chopped. I like all the judges and Ted Allen. I can’t help but think if I was a contestant chef on that show and Ted came into my kitchen area and started asking questions, I would be tempted to say, “Leave me alone!! I’m workin’ here!!”. When they are under the time limit, Ted must drive them crazy.

    I also like Food Network Challenge. I can’t stand judge Kerry Vincent. She is mean! The contestants work so hard during their time limit and she just tears them apart. No mercy. I’d like to see her compete in a challenge!

    I like Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. I like going with Guy Fieri to different places and watching the food prepared. I can tell when he really doesn’t like it but pretends it is okay.

    I like Dinner Impossible with Robert Irvine. It is fun to watch him pull off a big gathering and see what he can put together.

    I like Man vs Food on the Travel Channel with Adam Richman. I’m waiting for that guy to explode one day. When he starts sweating I always think of the time you guys made Lawren eat a lot of something and the picture you took of him sweating and “near death”. It was funny.

    I prefer the original Iron Chef over Iron Chef America. On Iron Chef, I love watching them talk and the words don’t match their mouth movements!

    And for tomorrow, I can’t stand Alton Brown. And Duff Goldman is starting to get on my nerves for some reason. I think his cute is wearing off.

  15. My five year old loves Food Network Challenge and Cupcake Wars. Of course when they had a Sex in the City cake challenge, she told me she wanted to watch it and even said the name. Luckily she had no idea what it meant. I should check out some of the other shows. I have Ace of Cakes DVR’d.

    I tried watching Ramsay. His shows just made my stomach turn. Too much conflict, too much yelling. Kind of like talking to my teenagers.

  16. Steingarten needs to learn how to use a knife and fork, and Ramsay is no “dedicated family man” as I hear it! I like all your other picks except Claire Robinson – too Rachel Rayish for me 🙂


  17. I like Eric Ripert as a food personality. He’s got his own show now called “Avec Eric” on pbs, or on aveceric.com. Really great, plus you get a look into the Le Bernardin kitchen

  18. I agree with those that mentioned Man vs. Food. It is amazing how much Adam can eat. I would love to see a contest between the two of you.

  19. Did you know Gail Simmons is from Montreal? Good ole Canadian girl who complements us fine Canadian men quite well I think.

  20. I love Food Network. I love cooking shows. Back in the old days, I watched Julia Child. I learned just about everything I know about cooking from that and reading Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Except for making white sauce and gravy – learned that from my mom.

    My son corrected me: Aaron Sanchez is not the judge I have trouble with on Chopped. It might be Marc Murphy.

    I also like watching Duff and crew on Ace of Cakes!

    I don’t get the chance to watch a lot of TV, so I can’t comment on the others.

  21. Great list Joe, I can’t disagree with any of them, except I’ve never heard of Martin Picard.

    Additions to my list would be Bobby Flay, who seems like a great guy to hang out with, and I’ve made a bunch of his recipes with not a bad one in the bunch. Of course I love to grill, so he’s a good match for me.

    Also Rick Bayless the PBS staple. Great authentic Mexican food!

  22. Hello Joe.

    Personally, I am a fan of Adam Richman. (Host of Travel Channel’s Man V. Food and Carnivore Chronicles). I think you’d like the shows. 😉 Personally, I watch for the food, but it is also fun to watch Adam in pain, whether it be from the DREADED Ghost chili or an ice cream headache, or just a stomach full of some of the best pigout food ever… Food for thought…

    Best Wishes,


  23. Loved your list, Joe!! Here’s mine:

    1.) Julia Child (first cooking show I ever watching – age 5, sitting on the couch with my Mom, watching Julia make a Buche de Noel)

    2.) Mary Ann Esposito (Ciao Italia)
    3.) Nigella Lawson
    4.) Caprial & John Pence

    5.) The Two Fat Ladies (had the pleasure of meeting Clarissa Dickson Wright a number of years ago at a book signing in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then two days later at her restaurant outside of Edinburgh

    6.) Graham Kerr (an oldie but still a goodie)
    7.) Jacques Pepin
    8.) Madhur Jaffrey
    9.) Rachel Allen
    10.) Tyler Florence

    Looking forward to your list of the ones who drive you crazy tomorrow!! 🙂

  24. Ya know…I was gonna say I never watch cooking shows, but as a kid I used to watch Graham Kerr – his spotted dick episode is still the best single cooking show ep, ever! 😆

    And then when I was in my 20s, I used to watch Yan Can Cook – I even met Martin Yan once. He was very nice, and flirty. 🙂 I really liked his recipes – they were simplistic – so bought his cookbooks and made a lot of light, delicious meals.

    I also liked Jamie Oliver’s show several years back – he was kinda hyper and cute then. Not sure what he’s doing now other then telling Americans that we’re too fat (hey, Jamie – you’ve packed on a few pounds yerself, luv!). I still think he’s cute, though. 🙂

    I’ve also watched the Barefoot Contessa lady (who my dad says looks like me 😛 ), and that barbeque guy – Primal Grill, is it? He’s really interesting. I’ve watched those last two because since the cable shake-up in our area, we only were getting the local networks and PBS during the day in the office. I wasn’t about to watch judge shows or soaps, so I watched PBS, and those two cooking shows were about the only things aimed at adults at that time of day.

    I’ve also caught on occasion Mary Ann Esposito – I like her lots…she taught me how to make a frittata. 🙂 She reminds me of my Italian friend (and second mum), who also reminds me of your mom, Joe. It’s like Italian women hit a certain age, and they all start looking and acting the same way, or something (watch out, ladyh – it’ll happen to you, too! :twisted:).

    Me? I’m mostly German, Scottish, and Danish – when I get older I’m just gonna look like a potato. 😛 😛


  25. Hey Joe,

    Nice write up…nice pictures! I don’t watch Reality TV..not that I have NEVER seen it…I just haven’t had the time to watch TV at normal hours. But..no I guess I still wouldn’t choose to watch reality.

    Love food…love the shows if I am visiting someone and they have it on. Remember..I was held prisoner in my mother’s house for most of 2010. News, sports…ugh reality TV is all she watches. We finally agreed to the Home Network. I’ve had enough of it to fill a lifetime.

    I watch TNT, USA and some SyFail…of course my cable company calls it SciFi which seems to set better with me. *smiles*

    But see…this is why I enjoy your blog so much. I love your food chat and show-n-tell. You are “MY” food show. My one and only… *giggles*

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  26. I am not sure I know a few of your selections, but I really like (with you) Mario Batali, he is fun to watch.
    Mark Dacascos is always a nice addition to any show.
    Might just have to check out these other cooks.
    I like to watch Guy Fieri,DDD, although how he can eat all that, wow. Some of the “cooks” can get on my last nerve, so thank goodness for the remote with mute and channel changer.
    I have learned quite a few handy hints and good ideas from the food networks, if I didn’t catch something, my mom watches it alot and she will share the ideas with me. I am curious to see your not so nice list, should be an epicurious event…
    How is Jelly? And you Joe, are you doing any better,>?

  27. I’ll bet a banana that Rachel Ray is on the ‘annoying’ list. Although I like how his food tastes and respect what he’s done with Sixteen, Jaime Oliver is on my annoying list as well-if he says ‘Pukka’ one more time, I’m grabbing for my cast iron frying pan….

  28. I watch The Food Network a lot even though I can’t cook. I also watch HGTV, although I neither decorate or home improve. So sad.

    I really miss Mario on Iron Chef America. Even with Marc Dacasos, who is fantastic, I kind of lost interest after Mario left.

  29. I like most of the folks on your list, but I cannot stand Jeffrey Steingarten. He’s incredibly pretentious and condescending to everybody else on the judges panel. Even Gordon Ramsay has his redeeming moments, but I have yet to see one from “The Man Who Ate Everything”.

    Mark does a fantastic job as The Chairman. His shiny shirts and Bruce Lee sound effects are highly entertaining.

    Like many other commenters, I’d also add Alton Brown to the list, with honorable mentions for Tyler Florence, Giada Di Laurentis, and Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes (not an actual baker, but by far my favorite person at Charm City Cakes for her unabashed dorkitude).

    While I don’t watch either on their own much, I have a soft spot in my heart for the brief PBS series that had Julia Child and Jacques Pepin basically hanging out and cooking simple things. During an episode about sandwiches, they did variations on burgers. When Jacques asked, “What kind of wine do you like with your ‘amburger?”, Julia simply replied, “I like beer,” and pulled a cold one out of the fridge. 🙂

  30. Great list. : )

    My favorite show is “MAN VS FOOD” which airs on OLN (Outdoor Life Network). He travels all over the US looking for great food experiences.

    Have you ever seen it? Man that guy can eat. It is a miracle he doesn’t weigh a ton after all the food he eats. He makes me wish that there were some of those cool diners around here.

    I also watch CAKE BOX occassionally. I would watch more often but his sister and mom drive me crazy.

  31. I love Anthony Bourdain. No reservations is a great show.

    Also a big fan of Bobby Flay. He is the kind of chef I would have aspired to be, had I stayed in the food industry. I love southwestern inspired cuisine.

    Man Vs Food is always good for a laugh and an OMG. Adam Richman never ceases to amaze me with the amount of food he can down in one sitting.

    On the braised short ribs: Guinness Extra Stout adds great, rich flavor when used as the braising liquid.

    On the brussel’s sprouts: I roast them, and they’re fantastic! Pre-heat oven to 400*. Clean and trim the sprouts as usual. Slice in half. Place in roasting pan with 6-8 smashed cloves of garlic, drizzle with olive oil to coat. Sprinkle with kosher salt & pepper. Roast 10-15 mins, stirring occasionally until cooked through.

    As an added bonus: whatever leaves that fall off the sprouts become crispy sprout “chips”, and the garlic caramelizes and crisps too.

  32. ALTON, ALTON, ALTON!! Seriously, Alton’s not on your list? Good Eats is the best cooking show EVER. Science, good food, info on cooking equipment, and SOCK PUPPETS!

  33. I’m usually more goal-oriented in my cooking and the broadcast schedules/topics rarely line up with my current interest.

    So I tend to buy more cookbooks than watch cooking shows (although occasionally a show will catch my interest).

    My current interest? Grilling Pizza .

    Now I’m waiting for grilling weather… 🙁

  34. I really miss the food network (Comcast took it away from my cut rate cable package). Much as I miss it I’d have to literally go without food in order to afford the hundred dollar cable package that includes the Food Network. We wait for Fios, much like the peasants waited for the Dark Ages to end. Maybe next year…

    I adore Anthony Bourdain. He went to neighborhoods in Panama that even the stupidest tourist knows not to go to and yet he fit right in. Then he went out to places in the Darien jungle that 99 percent of Panamanians have never ventured to and had a lovely pork feast with at a tiny remote village; he’s so very cool:

  35. Hi there,

    Thank you for sharing those dishes with us, I feel hungry already! Of course, that could be that I’ve not had brekky yet, but I’ll ignore that fact 😉

    Talking about cooking things up, those of us with the “Spread the SGU Love” campaign have been hard at work, and the plans for mailing in Valentines to MGM and the Bridge Studios are underway. Some of the people taking part are going to the store and buying a bunch of Valentines’ day cards, some are making cards by hand (like I’m doing), others who work as teachers are having their students make cards to mail in as a class project (which I think is totally AWESOME!), and others yet have made cards using photoshop and other such software to share with those in the campaign who want to send cards in so all they have to do is print them off from their printers at home.

    Many of us have been hashtagging on Twitter with #ShareTheSGULove and #SpreadTheSGULove, and we’re very much standing united (or to use the official hashtag in that realm, #SGUUnited) to #saveSGU.

    The feed where many of the things pertaining to this campaign shall be found at http://wormholeriders.com/blog/?cat=3506

    I hope all’s well with you and look forward to reading today’s blog!

    All the best,
    Marjorie Roden
    Contributing Writer, WHR

  36. Hey Joe,

    Could agree with you more on your top ten…except your missing Paula Dean! Everything taste better with a little extra butter, according to Paula. Just wondering where Bobby Flay fits in your list? Runner-up or kind of annoying? And I’ve been curious but always forget to ask…Is your love for food and Iron Chef America the reason why Mark Dacascos appeared on Atlantis? Other than he’s a good actor, I guess I’m wondering if you pursued him or is it just a coincident?

  37. Completely random questions that has nothing to do with this blog entry for you…

    What is the size of Destiny in comparison to Atlantis? Could it land on Atlantis?

  38. Joe,

    I recently noticed that the CW is running re-runs of SGU. Do you have any ratings info for the airings on that network? Are they considering picking up the show to replace Smallville, which is nearing the end of it’s long run?

  39. Hello Joe:
    My favorite chef show has to be Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares. I love it when he goes off on the owners, I find it hilarious at times.
    It is amazing how that guy can turn around a resteraunt in a week!

    And for my Stargate question: This has been bothering me for a while and I dont know why I have not asked this yet.
    On the epiosde “Awakening” when the two ships dock together they begin sharing information that they say could take hours to complete and then take a long time for them to translate. Up to this point we have not had any mention about that data again. Did I miss something in a future episode or did you not go over that information yet ?
    I would be very interested in what kind of data the seeder ship sent back to Destiny.

    Also any news yet on the SGU front ?

    Thanks again…

  40. Hey Joe, have you heard of our very own Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook? Its a series in the UK and I used to beat one of ’em up when we were kids-:)
    I’m slinking back into my hole now cuz the daylight hurts….

  41. If you haven’t heard the Nigella Lawson spoof skits on the BBC’s Dead Ringers radio show yet, I heartily recommend them.

    Like many fans of SGU, I am keeping my fingers crossed for good news soon. Thanks and best.

  42. I like Nigella Lawson because she’s so down to earth & has fun. It’s almost like she’s playing with the food. Her British accent is entertaining to listen to, since I’m an Anglophile.

    There’s also an Italian mamma on PBS whose show has the same qualities. She’s very reassuring to listen to, even if you aren’t writing down the recipes. Even those two shows I catch rarely, since I don’t have time to watch much TV. (SGU was one of the few watched regularly.) 🙂

    Joe, have you ever thought of cooking on camera?

    Das, how can we read your posts without smiling? 😀 With my heritage, I may have to worry about the potato syndrome, too, one day unless I take preventative steps.

    PBMom, No worries about the Zicam. The meltaways w/ Vit. C or “RapidMelts” I mentioned are safe to use. The pharmacist told me to stay away from all the nasal versions, which is what your news story advised against. The RapidMelts work like a charm and can stop a bad cold in its tracks, even if it’s had a couple days’ head start. Have been really grateful for them this fall/winter! 🙂

    Tammy Dixon, I so owe you a thank-you for mentioning the dog blog entry on “Hyperbole and a Half!” Man, was that hysterical. I sent another dog friend over there with a “spew alert,” warning her not to eat or drink anything while reading it. She wrote back to say she laughed so hard she had tears streaming down her face. Her dogs thought she was nuts. 😀 Allie Brosh, the blog author, writes well, and her illos are a stitch to look at. (She’s on Twitter, too.)

  43. I’m a huge fan of Top Chef, all versions.

    I used to watch Hell’s Kitchen, but I got tired of it quickly. Reminded me too much of my childhood. 🙂

    I did, however, like the new show Gordon Ramsay created, Masterchef. That was a good show; I hope it returns.

    I loved Ted on Queer Eye; I didn’t know he had a food show. Guess I can maybe tune in since I refuse to watch American Idol this year. Lots of freed up viewing time.

    I, too, wonder why I watch shows of dishes I probably would never eat. I probably like it for the competition. I’m very, very competitive.

    Hope you are doing better, Joe.

  44. Congratulations to Mark Savela and the boys for the outstanding work they did and hopefully will continue to do on SGU… 🙂

    SGU Receives VES (Visual Effects Society) Nomination

    Stargate Universe is nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series.

    Mark Savela, VFX Supervisor

    James Rorick, VFX Producer

    Craig Vandenbiggelaar, Digital Effects Supervisor

    Adam de Bosch Kemper, Lead Animator

  45. I seem to have lost a few days and have caught up on your posts. LOVE Anthony Bourdain, both on TV and as a writer, I think he’s hilarious. Also love Nigella Lawson and Claire Robinson, and also a former Rachel Ray fan but lost interest in her show somewhere between 2004 and now, couldn’t say when…I have only seen Joe Bastianich once on TV and can’t say I’m a fan, but I do love his mother’s show on PBS, Lidia’s Italy. I am a travel fan, and love the combo of learning about different areas of Italy and recipies I can actually reproduce!

  46. oh, and Jacques and Julia–used to watch that with my grandmother when I visited her…thank you for sharing your favorites!

  47. Alex Guarnaschelli is a new favorite. I enjoy her show in a way that I haven’t enjoyed anyone since I used to watch Julia Child as a teenager.

    I loved Julia when cooking shows were rare and live. She dropped things, burned things, set towels afire and never lost her cool. I’m sure that many of the nuevo chefs today wouldn’t be able to pull such a feat off with half her class. Plus? I cooked my way thru her book (long before the movie!) and taught myself kitchen confidence and the joy of handling good food in the proper way.

    I feel I owe her a debt every time I pick up a knife!

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