Enjoy the dog show…

Catching up with the mailbag:

JeffW writes: “This has probably been asked before; what happens if you walk into the BACKSIDE of a gate with an active wormhole? Disintegration? Or is the field “Bi-directional” (i.e.-it will translate an object from the front or back)?”

Answer: Actually, I have answered this one before.  The gate is not bi-directional so anyone walking in through the back of the puddle will step out into the front of the puddle.  If they attempt to retrace their steps, they’ll end up traveling through the wormhole.  Another similar question I get asked is “What happens if you enter an incoming wormhole?”  The answer – You’ll be spat back out at a speed relative to that at which you entered it.

tidusspear08 writes: “It’s my first comment on your blog! Yay! I just wanted to tell you that I’m really glad to see Jelly recovering from surgery.”

Answer: Jelly says thanks.  And what took you so long?

Tim Gaffney writes: “Is it completely random who you swap with if more than one person transfers at a time?”

Answer: Nope.  Each stone has a specific slot in the device and a counterpart stone and slot on the other side (wherever that “side” may be).

Major D. Davis writes: “We’ve heard a lot about Extinction and SGU, but what about Revolution? Has it been shelved till this whole situation has been sorted out, or is progress still being made with the studio?”

Answer: At present, the focus is on SGU.

DeanGrr writes: “Could Dr. Rush still sacrifice the crew like he did in “Air”, i.e. risk their deaths in pursuit of knowledge, or has he changed a bit?”

Answer: It would appear that he has changed (in fact, they all have) but one wouldn’t know for sure unless Rush was put in that position.

DeanGrr also writes: “It may be off base, but it seems that a group of producers could launch a company, produce a modest internet pilot and then sell, say memberships to a “Wormhole Xtreme club”(bad example?!) and people could buy memberships at $50 or whatever they want to give, until $X million is reached to produce the next few shows: control is then in hands of producers, not as much network/advertisers.”

Answer: Sure, they could – and if this untried longshot method isn’t successful, then they lose whatever money they’ve invested in producing the project.

DeanGrr also writes: “To raise ratings: perhaps, turn a broadcast into an event with a realtime Q&A with an actress or writer(!) from the show.”

Answer: Done.  Select cast member live-chatted with the fans during episodes.  Made no difference to the ratings.

DearGrr also writes: “Can there be a good marriage between drama and scifi, and go beyond a niche audience?”

Answer: Hard to say.  I think a lot of people are predisposed to turn off at the prospect of Science Fiction.  Speculative Fiction (shows with less techy or futuristic elements) seems to have more success in bridging that gap.

Chad writes: “I noticed that the CW is running re-runs of SGU…any chance they may pick up the show and give it a third season?”

Answer: Highly unlikely.

fsmn36 writes: “I’ve always wondered why you haven’t been on Iron Chef as a judge.”

Answer: As I told Mark D. – I’m better on paper.  That said, you all might think otherwise once Ivon has finished editing together that video of me in Tokyo, consuming four Seven-Eleven chocolate eclairs during a sake outing.

for the love of Beckett writes: “How have you been feeling lately? Have you been able to pinpoint anything as a culprit?”

Answer: Feeling better.  I think it was stress-related.  As the prospect of that other job got pushed, most of my symptoms magically disappeared.  Also, the fact that my doctor – who presumably received the results of my blood tests last week – hasn’t called me up in a panic suggests I’ll be okay.

hal ehlrich writes: “I was wondering how often you eat out per day ?”

Answer: There was a time I used to eat out twice a day.  In fact, the only times I ever ate at home was when I ordered in.  Nowadays, I’ve been cooking at home.  Still, I manage to get out 2-3 times a week.

hvn writes: “While I’m craving for (positive) Stargate news, for now just a food question: have you ever tried Dutch ?”

Answer: Does the Doetch Pancake House count?  If so, then yes.

Ian Z. writes: “Here is what I sent Mr. Cohen of MGM as my idea to reduce the cost of SGU to enhance it’s likelihood of survival. What do you think?”

Answer: I think that, while I appreciate the effort, the show’s producers would be in a better position to suggest cost-cutting measures if the show’s budget needed to be reduced.

Josh writes: “Thank you so much for that update on the future of Stargate. I am really glad to hear that things are looking good right now. I was just wondering though if you could maybe give us some more details on what is actually going on with the process?”

Answer: If I was able to offer more details, I would have.

Chris L. writes: “Were the ships of SG1, Atlantis, and SGU all CGI or were their models?”

Answer: They were all CG.  There was a model of the Destiny created, but it was designed for show-and-tell purposes in the concept meetings.

Jason967060 writes: “In light of the update you recently gave us about the Stargate franchise (a hurdle being cleared) would you still say that the Atlantis movie is still on hold indefinitely or are things looking up on that front?”

Answer: No movement on the Atlantis movie.

dasNdanger writes: “And that was the end of my dream. I think this is like the third or fourth dream I’ve had about you, Joe. Kinda scary, no???”

Answer: What was I eating?  Did I like it?

John R writes: “I have a brief proposal for you that can save the SGU series and add extra revenue for the TV network and yourself.”

Answer: While I appreciate the offer, this is an MGM issue.

Gilder writes: “Do you like your baked cornbread sweet, unsweet, with jalapeños?”

Answer: Sweet.  Jalapenos.

BoltBait writes: “Joe, when you write an episode with a musical interlude, do you have to write the words to the song? Or, is that handled by someone else?”

Answer: I script the montage sequence.  If we decide to add music, it will either be composed by Joel, we’ll use an existing cue, or the director may suggest an original piece.

Bailey writes: “If you were ever to do a SGA movie, do you think it would be possible to get Jason Momoa to come back as Ronon?”

Answer: Sure.  I know Jason enjoyed playing the role.

Rodger writes: “Any idea when we get to see the second half of SGU season two? How about the first ten on dvd?”

Answer: Sorry.  No and no.

joan001 writes: “Who exactly has called a halt to SGU and has any reason ever been given… or have I missed something?”

Answer: SyFy, the U.S. network that airs the show, has elected to not pick it up for a third season.  With SyFy withdrawing its support for the series, the production finds itself short the licensing fee paid by the network – a not insignificant sum.  Without the money to make the series, prep on a third season has been halted.

dasNdanger writes: “1. How are you feeling, Joe?”

Answer: Better.

“2. I know you like sci fi and thrillers, but what genre of books don’t you like?”

Answer: Romance.

“3. Have you ever accidentally walked outside naked?”

Answer: Not that I can recall.

“4. Have you ever grown a beard?”

Answer: Full beard or mustache?  No way.

“5. Any word on the comic book front?”

Answer: Early 2012 release date.  Paul and I will be breaking issues 3 and 4 next week.

“6. If you had the choice between having dinner with a big-boobied ditzy blonde who just giggled all the time, or with a guy who was an interesting conversationalist, which would you choose?”

Answer: Having dinner?  The latter.

“7. What is your personal food staple, the thing you eat on a daily or near-daily basis? (Besides crow. ;) )”

Answer: Chocolate, natch!

Joel413 writes: “Have you ever considered striking out and developing a food show hosted by Jewel Staite?”

Answer: Oh, I like that idea.

Rex Carter writes: “Hi Joe hope this is not spolier for the Atlantis movie script but in Enemy At The Gate did Atlantis drain all 3 zpms fighting off the zpm powered wraith ship and subsequent crash landing on Earh?”

Answer: Hoping to answer all zpm-centered questions in the very near future.  And probably not on this blog.

Jason writes: “In the Atlantis episode “The Return”, do you view the arrogant dismissal of humans and the faulty assumption that the Asurans would have never overcome their “shall not kill Lantians” programming a character flaw of the Captain, or was it an overall flaw of the Ancient race which was the real reason they were losing the war?”

Answer: I don’t know if I’d call it a flaw, more hubris on the part of not only the Captain but the race as a whole.

StygianInq writes: “In SGU, where do they get the materials to repair parts of the ship (i.e. the dome room, shuttle, etc)? Is there a source of them on board?”

Answer: For those initial repairs, they cannibalized inessential sections of the ship.

sci451 writes: “Any chance this article “Blind Item: Which Dead Drama Series is Suddenly Showing a Pulse?” over at http://www.tvline.com/2011/01/blind-item-dead-drama-showing-a-pulse/ Apply’s to stargate universe?”

Answer: Actually, it’s pretty obvious what show Ausiello is referring to and it aint SGU.  The “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” line is a line from Hamlet, uttered by Marcellus after spotting the ghost of Hamlet’s father walking the ramparts at night.  The blind item all makes reference to Tru Calling, another ghost-centered show.  The titled of the article: “Which dead drama series suddenly has a pulse?” is also a clue.  I’m going with Ghost Whisperer.

Andrew Jung writes: “Oh, btw, what great sandwich place in Gastown are you referring to in the previous post?”

Answer: Meat & Bread.

scott_land writes: “Would you mind briefly walking us through the politics of who owns the future of Stargate Universe?”

Answer: MGM.

72 thoughts on “January 14, 2011: Dog show! Catching up with the mailbag!

  1. Joe,

    It really feels like you guys have never put the effort into continuing either SG-1 or SGA that you’re putting into attempts to preserve SGU. SGU is the lowest rated, worst received, most expensive, least profitable arm of the Stargate franchise, yet you all remain seemingly oblivious to the general sense of apathy about it. The disconnect between where the majority of sci-fi fans are in relation to SGU and where the production team believes the fans are is veritable chasm. I’m not even sure you should be calling it a franchise at this point. SG-1 and SGA are completely defunct and have been for years. Stargate Worlds has gone belly up in ignominy. And your “current” show has been canceled at the earliest plausible juncture after completely under-performing.

    So, can you really say that the franchise is in a stronger place now than it was after SGA season five? Can you really say that SGU has had no hand in the franchise’s downfall? Can you really say that SGU is the best chance for Stargate to grow in the future? And if you’d answer both those questions in the affirmative, can you really say you believe yourself?

  2. Thanks for the great mailbag, Joe!

    Sorry, I can’t remember what you were eating in my dream, but you weren’t complaining, so I’m guessin’ it was good. You were wearing black, though…and talking with your mouth full.

    Thank you for answering my silly questions. Unlike you, I have [almost] walked outside naked (hey, I’m old! sometimes I forget!!), and I have grown a beard! 😛 Bloody perimenopausal hormones. 😡

    Answer: Having dinner? The latter.

    Yes, Joe…for dinner. 🙄 But now you have also answered my other question. Pig. 😀

    Have a good night, sir!


  3. Oh, how could I forget!! THANK YOU for the dog show!! That Lulu…she always makes me smile. You need a woman in your life just like her.


  4. I might’ve missed it, but what happened to your plans for a US road trip?

  5. Joe,

    I have been wonder for over 5 years why the Jaffa weapons (staff and the handheld zapper) werent used in the Atlantis series.

    Is this due to licensing issues? Were these licenses owned by the original Stargate movie creators way back?

  6. I don’t know whether you’ve answered this before, but how to Goa’uld symbiotes enter the body? I have the neck and back of the throat down, but is there any other way for them to snake-head an unsuspecting human? Say, the bowels (what if there was a symbiote in the toilet, could it get up to your brain?) or something?

  7. Thanks for the good mailbag Joe. I don’t think that I’ve ever said exactly that, but it deserves saying. Glad to read that you’re feeling better.


  8. Jeffrey, aaarrrggghhhhh!!

    If there is one thing I hate it’s an SGU hater!

    Lowest ratings – sign of the times and of how SYFY treated it. Look at the ratings in other countries!! Canada and Australia to be specific and UK as well.

    Worst received – mainly by SGA fans who want a show with “high adventure” and some SF elements as opposed to a full SF drama that seems a lot more realistic.

    Most expensive – everything gets more expensive as time moves along! How expensive would SGA be now with some of the salary demands going on…

    Least profitable – Well, of course it is so far it hasn’t had the opportunity or time to sell so many seasons of DVDs etc. and unless you work for MGM how would you know on your last two points!

    SGU is by far my favourite of the three series.

  9. Hey Joe,

    I am sooooo NOT certain as to why my questions NEVER make the grade…I even sometimes add <—THIS is a QUESTION JOE…but…hmmmm

    That's okay…be THAT way. ha

    Cheryl 🙁

    PS Okay…so I know I carry on…and what I say is dribble…well…maybe a lot of the time…but I really would like to know about the SEASON 2 DVDs????

  10. Puppies!! The perfect stress relievers. Glad you’re okay.

    Great to hear that MGM is getting it’s ducks in a row. Hope SGU is one of them, and that you’re soon getting a paycheck again.

    Speaking of which, ducks, the Bones producers tweeted:

    This is EXACTLY what it’s like to produce a tv show: http://tinyurl.com/2w25n92

    Good grief. I didn’t realize that being a producer meant you got blown, repeatedly. 🙂

    I feel so evil for laughing at this. Poor babies!

  11. Answer: Feeling better. I think it was stress-related. As the prospect of that other job got pushed, most of my symptoms magically disappeared. Also, the fact that my doctor – who presumably received the results of my blood tests last week – hasn’t called me up in a panic suggests I’ll be okay.

    That’s great news. 🙂

    Answer: At present, the focus is on SGU.

    Answer: Hoping to answer all zpm-centered questions in the very near future. And probably not on this blog.

    Awesome! 🙂 Thank you Very much for the update. Really miss SGU, hoping MGM finds a much better way to continue SGU without the SY(wrestling ghost)Fy Channel.

    Also greatly looking forward to SG1 and SGA movies sometime in the future hopefully. Thanks again and have a great weekend. 🙂

  12. I liked the question about walking into the back of a Stargate; might be fun on a hot day to dive in the backs of gates to cool off, like a cool slip and side.

    Author question on Iron Hunt; the first person POV is closely attached to Maxine, which gave us great insight into her character. Was it hard to limit the story to first person, especially when framing action scenes and developing the mystery? Did you try other POV’s before settling on first person? It was fascinating to be in the head of a super heroine who appeared tought to the world but the reader knew was consumed with fear and doubt.

  13. Thanks for the good mailbag Joe.

    Sorry to ask another question but here it is:

    You said in the past that if you were given only one more season to finish SGU’s storyline that it could be done. I was wondering if it is possible that the storyline could be finished in a 2 hour Direct to DVD movie?

  14. You’re probably going to get a lot of hate because of focusing on SGU, but it’s a big ‘thank you!’ from me. 🙂

  15. @asms & @Jeffrey

    Folks lets keep this civil. Mr M have a low tolerance for personal attacks.

    Jeffreys didn’t say anything about hating SGU. Just that SGU got lower ratings with higher production cost than the previous SG1/SGA series with shrinking audience numbers.

    The audience beyond Skiffy (AKA The SyFy channel) doesn’t matter in the big picture. Skiffy basically funded almost the total cost of the show. They need enough people watching it to get advertisers cash. Too few people watching SGU might result in Skiffy having to compensating advertisers with additional free airtime.

    IIRC Skiffy also owns the first run broadcast rights to SGU as part of the production deal along with airing TWO seasons of the show.

    The DVD/BD sales from SGU does not do anything for Skiffy’s bottom line. Only MGM get revenue from DVD/BD sales, which had been disappointing compare to previous SG1/SGA box sets.

    Interesting factoid. There are very few SGU results in Amazon suggested picks, but lots of SG1/SGA picks pop up.

  16. Hi Joseph,

    I have a question regarding the stones.

    What happens if a female on Destiny uses the stones to connect with a male on Earth?


  17. Hello =) Comment ça va ?

    Moi super, impatience de commencer ma journée! 🙂

    Merci pour toutes ces questions :)!!

    Tiens j’y pense, le super bowl approche, c’est le combient? et où?
    J’espert qu’il sera diffusé en france et pas trop tard.

    Gros bisou 🙂

  18. Thank you for all your updates and insights Mr. Mallozzi! 🙂

    I have one question: Say everything goes well and we see SGU continue in any form – what would be the odds of getting to see Extinction and Revolution any time soon?

    To clarify: You said that the cancellation of SGU put the brakes on Extinction, and that the focus is on SGU which would also put Revolution on hold. So what will happen to those if the brake because of SGU goes away?

    I would love to see an announcment that season 3 and both of the SG-movies have a green light 😉

    Thank you for all your hard work. SG1, SGA and SGU are 3 of my favorite series of all time. I hope you get the chance to continue your work.

  19. asms,
    you are absolutely right!
    And I cant wait ’till spring. I want SGU NOW! uhm does someone know when we will get a promo or something? I’m so excited what happens next 😀
    And Joe, thank you for the mailbag, and the update on the future of the franchise!

  20. Still hoping for good news on SGU!

    In the meantime, I do have a question for your mailbag, whether it was answered yet I don’t know. In the season 2 episode “Visitation”, the left behind crew from the planet return to Destiny in a perfect, like new shuttle. Those members of the crew start dying off over time like they did on the planet, however the shuttle remains in perfect condition. Why wouldn’t the shuttle have gone through the same effects and broken down to its former state if the same “magic” for lack of a better word was used on it?

  21. @Jeffrey:

    I very much resent all that you have said.

    Mostly because it is so bloody materialistic.

    I wouldn’t know, whether SGU has been the least profitable show of all the Stargate shows, but to even consider that the most important aspect of a show is just low. Where is your idealism? The pilgrims had it, but it seems to have got lost in modern US. Of course it needs money to be produced, which is exactly why it was the ONLY DVD I have ever bought for full price instead of buying a cheap used copy or simply just downloading it from the internet. And I will buy the second season DVD as soon as the dubbed (german) version is out, so that my son can watch it too, as he loves the show as well, but doesn’t understand much english.

    Much more important than the monetary aspect is the show itself and in that respect SGU is so much better than anything else they have on TV. It is a truly intelligent show and in my estimation and from comments I have read on various internet platforms it seems that it gathers a different fandom than the previous SG shows. More majure, more intelligent and with a higher average age. Just an estimation as I said, but I believe it to be accurate. Sounds nerdy? So what! There should be a show for nerds somewhere, there is already enough crap for the non-nerds on TV.

    And to assume, that SGA was more of a science fiction than SGU is ridiculous. SGA and SG1 are not truly science fictions at all. They are action/adventure-shows with elements of science fiction in it. But the science part is not stressed. SGU has a lot more science in it already and will have even more of that, if things will develop as I suspect they will with the now known mission of the Destiny. It is much more realistic in the way of how people would really deal when confronted with the problems that exist on the Destiny. And the way scientific/technical problems are dealt with is very realistic, because it takes time and effort to solve those things – there are no “miracle” solutions as non-scientist so often assume. Science is mostly hard work. Being an engineer myself I should know.

    @Mr. Malozzi:

    Sorry for ranting on your weblog like this, but people like Jeffrey just make me so angry

    I love your weblog and it is a highlight of my day to read it every morning. Thanks so much for the insight on the production and for even taking the time for individual answers.

    Back to watching the SGU-DVD now with the audio-comments – what a treat.

  22. mailbag and pics appreciated. Have the dogs ever undergone doggie school or obedience training, or do you rely on your telepathic/empathic links to get them to cooperate? And I REALLY hope you won’t leave us dangling about matters ZPM. But if not in this blog, where might we expect to you to provide the answers? Is this something coming up in the unaired episodes, or another SG related project you’ve not mentioned, or part of the revive SGU campaign? Have I mentioned I rather hate it when you tease us like that? I’m getting too old for that kind of stress.
    Thanks for taking the time to share, and hope the weekend finds everyone who writes or reads this blog well. Everyone else, they’ll just have to rely on someone else’s well wishes.

  23. Nice to see puppy pictures, thanks for sharing. You have great dog friendly furniture, they appreciate it. Do the dogs ever really tear up a toy they have? I mean rip it apart and get to the stuffing> Do the dogs have a favorite treat?
    Have you taken down the Christmas tree yet, I see the giant pumpkin and was thinking the tree could go right next to it, oct will be here soon.
    Am glad you are feeling better. And let us know when the comic is out, so we can read/buy it.
    Have a better day!

  24. Huh! Did not know that when I put the link in my comment, it would show the actual tweet itself. Otherwise would have just put up the link for folks. Sorry about redundancy there.

  25. Loved the pictures of the dogs. Glad you are feeling better. There’s nothing worse than to have stress on top of you and feel physically unwell as well. Ask me how I know. 😉

    @asms: You are right on the money. I agree with everything you said.

  26. @Jeffrey

    SGU is also my favorite of the three. So if you could please take your complaining somewhere else? Thanks.

  27. Great dog pics Joe.

    Anyway one of the things I loved most about SGU was the potential there. As in they are outside the scope of the norm, no humans on every planet they visit. It leaves the whole narative open to pretty much anything. Astronomical and the like.

    Like when Eli/Matt/Chloe were planet hopping and out comes a dinosaur like creature. You wouldn’t see that in the other 2 shows. Or the kind of enviroments they visited when trying to find said 3 characters.(Speaking about the eppy where Eli/Matt/Chloe get seperated from the Destiny, in the back half of Season 1) Thought that ended too soon imo. But with Destiny leaving the Galaxy in the near future, I guess that couldn’t be helped.


    Think you’re being a little harsh there. If you viewed/commented on Joes blog during the time SGA was being produced, you’d see he, like everyone else involved making the show loved doing it. It’s not like Joe had any part in the show not being continued, he openly said if the show was picked up for Season 6 at the time he’d do it.

    Anyway Atlantis had 5 long years. More than most shows during the time, and I think the cast appreciated that fact, sure everyone thinks a show could last forever but to have a job for 5 seasons, is pretty rare these days.

  28. Which is my most favorite? Bring back SGA give it ten seasons, give SGU ten seasons, and I”ll let you know by 2018. I like em all. I didn’t like the first season of SGU, but the beginning is a very delicate time, so no biggie. I’m in love with SGU’s season 2 so far, and I’m sure it’s going to get bigger. SGA had a lot of lackluster writing, but Sheppard and McKay’s bickering and back and forth, and their comradely made up for it. Sheppard is a mixture of O’neil and Captain Kirk from the classic Star Trek, and that’s why he’s one of my most favorite characters, beside O’neil and McKay of course. WE need another Ronan and Teal’c team up. What I loved about SGU is how Robert Carlyle plays Rush, my God he’s brilliant. BLUE and SMITH, and JAMIL—somebody better do something about SGU.

    Mr Mallozzi, let the fans help you man, let us pre-order season 3. Before my money runs out, I could pay 20 bucks for a few episodes in a 3rd season.

  29. In response to what DeanGrr suggested in the mailbag with the Wormhole Xtreme club… you could use kickstarter.com for the funding, people make pledges and only pay if the goal is reached. Good luck!

  30. Dang it. WordPress forgot me again!

    Anyway, thanks for the puppy pics. Their personalities really come through – a tribute to the photographer.

    @das – we may need to get you some therapy. Sooner rather than later!

    *sigh* – you know that curse “may you live in interesting times”? Well, my life got a lot more interesting yesterday. My place of employment is merging with another, larger entity. BIG changes are coming.

  31. For what it is worth, I am a SGA fan for sure and was a mild SG fan before that. For a long-time fan of science fiction going back to Star Trek, I would just like to add to this discussion that I became very interested in and then very taken by SGU. It is mature and sophisticated without being trashy and arrogant, for the most part. My 29-year old daughter is also a fan. The genuine character development that has been accomplished will be wasted if the show goes away and not many sci-fi shows, in my view, do this kind of character development. I am 55 years old and it seems that new audiences maybe do not want to bother with character development. That would be sad if true. SGU deals with everyday issues like pride, honesty, loyalty, jealousy etc. as well as much more complex issues like free will, faith and spirituality in a very refreshing and intelligent way. To me, this show is as close to the Star Trek of 2010’s decade as there is on TV! That is a huge complement and I was very disappointed to learn of the planned cancellation. I hope that the show can be revived.

  32. Hello,
    When you do a blog is there a visitor counter on your page? Just thought would be interesting how many hits per day you get. I’m thinking quite a few thousand???
    Dave (uk)

  33. Jeffrey, since Joe usually is to polite to say it: Bite me. Get off the broken SGU bashing wagon. Let it go. Take meds to overcome it if you have to.

    Joe? Huh:
    “What happens if you enter an incoming wormhole?” The answer – You’ll be spat back out at a speed relative to that at which you entered it.”

    Um since we have seen people vaporized walking into INCOMING one, ahem.

  34. Joe,

    If I win the lotto, i will give it to you guys to make another season. Also give some to charity, is $40M enough?

  35. Awwwwwwwwwwww!! Baby doggies! 😀 Love your doggies! They always put a big smile on my face! 😀

  36. Our dogs are in the middle of a vicious cycle: Mr Crazymom was having insomnia, waking up every morning at 4 am. Not being able to get back to sleep, he would get up for a while, and of course feed the dogs, who got up with him. Now the dogs think that 4 am is breakfast time, so if either of us so much as twitches around that time, Cheetah leaps to her feet and starts bouncing on the bed, tail wagging. Spock hears that from his “bed” on the living room sofa and comes running, not wanting to miss out. Then Cheetah jumps on Spock and the first wrestling match of the day begins! So even though the insomnia is improving, it doesn’t matter, because the dogs are waking us up at 4 am anyway!

  37. asms,

    I think what jeffrey was saying is that if TPTB actually took his US statistics into account, we’d probably be right there with you.

    As it is, you just gotta remember the old saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Sure it may be enjoyable for some people, like you, and I respect that, however TPTB broke several principal Rules of Life when they went ahead with SGU.

    And that brings up another point to Joe about his earlier issues: Did you eat discount sushi?

  38. ASMS,

    Everyone who doesn’t love SGU isn’t a hater!

    Syfy has aired both Eureka and Warehouse 13 in the same time slot as SGU, with both shows receiving much, much higher ratings. Why?

    And I don’t think worst received is that wrong…Stargate was never a critical darling by any means, reviewers and critics seemed to pretty much ignore them. But with SGU they’ve actively written against the show and leveled some damning complaints at the the show.

    I don’t know about expenses and profits, but I also don’t know about “today’s salary demands” like you talk about. I’m pretty sure RDA was the most expensive actor stargate ever had, and SGU is mostly a cast of unknowns outside of Robert Carlyle and Ming Na.

    In the end SGU didn’t work out for many reasons, but haters wasn’t one of them.

  39. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    I have a technical question for you: If the Destiny’s crew find a way to dial the address of earth through a sun (while recharging), will the flares of that sun will cause a time travel trip?

    By the way, thank you for answering our questions !

  40. At least I’m not the only one having Joe dreams! I feel less weird now.

    Hugs to the dogs!

  41. Hello Joe, I know the people who think that SGU was wrong step but Im not one of critics, but still I dont really understand why are you still excited in SGU (At present, the focus is on SGU.). People clearly told you that theres no future for SGU in Stargate franchise (no 3rd season) but youre still focusing on this series. Isnt it time to focus back on tv series we love? SG1 and SGA movies are waiting.

  42. Hey have you every tried Five Guys Burgers? I did the other day and YUMMO.

    They have a local at Park Royal in West Vancouver on the South side of the mall behind the Keg restaurant.

  43. As I have said before: Ahhhh, puppers!

    I know a way to reduce production costs: Puppets. An all marionette Stargate. No, huh? Thought not.

  44. I nearby relinquish all rights and credit of “food show hosted by Jewel Staite” to Joeseph Mallozzi. Any payment I receive for this show making it on air will be the joy I get from watching it. And the tears I have for giving the rights andnmoney to mr. Mallozzi and ms. Staite.

    Signed, joel413

  45. @Cotterpin

    That’s an easy answer.

    Eureka/Warehouse 13 = Light Science fiction, casual friendly popcorn shows.

    Stargate Universe = Serious Science fiction, long running story, kinda like anime in a way, not something you can jump into half way through.

    The overall tone of Stargate Universe is different to the other two. So really in reality it says that people who watch the Syfy channel don’t want serious, dark shows. They want casual viewer friendly material. It’s not Stargate Universe being a bad show. It’s excellent for what it is.

  46. I enjoyed the “Caprica” marathon on Syfy earlier this month. Based on that experience, I think “slower”, character-centered series might benefit from 2 hrs. /week over 10–13 weeks, whether two hours on one night or one hour on two different nights.

    What do all of you think?

  47. @ Sparrowhawk – Are you referring to my dream, or something I’m not yet aware of… 😛

    If big changes are coming and you get feeling stressed out and in need of an escape, maybe Joe will end up in your dreams, too!



  48. Answer: Actually,…… Another similar question I get asked is “What happens if you enter an incoming wormhole?” The answer – You’ll be spat back out at a speed relative to that at which you entered it.

    Umm what about in “A Hundred Days” we see the MALP go through an upwars facing gate and fall back in and its gone. Is that only because it was prevented from staying out of the wormhole?

  49. @ Sparrowgast – I tol’ Mr. Das about my Joey dream, and he said, ‘That’s it! Stay off his blog!’, but then I reassured him it was only about food, and he calmed down. In fact, all my Joe dreams have been about food. I wonder why…



  50. Joe,
    So Paul and yourself have already done Issue #1 and #2 of the comic book series?? If so any chance of a sneak peak???? Looking Foward to the Comics.

  51. @Cotterpin

    Syfy has aired both Eureka and Warehouse 13 in the same time slot as SGU, with both shows receiving much, much higher ratings. Why?

    Randomness, your answer was right, but I believe there was even more to it. WHEN was Eureka and W13 shown in the same time slot…. When the major networks were NOT showing first run episodes of NCIS etc!!

  52. Joe if worse comes to worse why not take the dogs to the studio “borrow” a camera and make your own ending for SGU using the dogs in pivotal roles.

    The only issue i can imagine is that Pugs are the most stubborn creatures on this planet apart from maybe French Bulldogs!

    That reminds me though that I have you to thank for our choice of dog. As we didnt want a Pug just yet my wife looking at the pictures of Lulu set her heart on a french bulldog called Spock. He brings whole new meaning to the word Stubborn!!

  53. Oh-h-h-h-h-h. Pupsies! Puppy love = one of the things that can make you smile every day. Wonder if they’d spaz if they knew how many humans send love their way. 🙂 And Bubba’s head tilt makes me laugh.

    Joe, so glad you are feeling better. Stress can be scary when your health goes along for the ride. Hope things go very well for SGU and/or “that other job.” (Are they the same thing?) Whatever you most want.

    OK, everybody, raise your hands. 🙂 How many of you have gone out to dinner with Joe in your dreams? Especially after reading a restaurant review on the blog, late at night, right before bedtime? *raises a hand.*

  54. Rex Carter writes: “Hi Joe hope this is not spolier for the Atlantis movie script but in Enemy At The Gate did Atlantis drain all 3 zpms fighting off the zpm powered wraith ship and subsequent crash landing on Earh?”

    Answer: Hoping to answer all zpm-centered questions in the very near future. And probably not on this blog.

    Hi Joe that sounds good but where should I look for that im thinking you will be doing that at Gateworld blog or when the time comes can you let me know here to look for it.
    I love those zpms but now im liking the solar power recharges like Destiny does maybe thats a good replacement for zpms and lots more power to boot unless they start draining suns of power.

  55. @dierogenes: Food = nurturing.

    and Joe DOES tend to talk about food a lot. I think it’s an Italian thing: other people eat to live, Italians live to eat!

  56. Hi Joe!
    I have been wondering about a change that was made in SGU aompared to the other shows.
    It is about when someone walks through the stargate.
    In the past (SG1 and Atlantis) when someone would walk through the gate we would see a short little scene where you saw a wormhole and then they appeared to come out of the new gate.
    Now when someone walks through the gate you hear a little noise for a split second then they appear to come through the other gate.
    Did you decide not to do the wormhole scene since these gates dont travel too far compared to the gates in the Mikly Way and Pegasus galaxies ? I really miss seeing the wormhole before they appear at the new gate.
    I also love the sound effects that these new gates make when the chevrons lock. It really sounds great coming through a surround sound system with a subwoofer!
    Props go out to your sound effect guys!

  57. One more thing Joe:
    So should I ask my mom for $40 million so you can make season 3 ?
    You said it costs about 2 million an episode ?
    I’ll ask her tonight!! Just kidding, but I sure wish we could figure out a way to make up a fund to help pay for the production costs. Too bad the idea would never work though.
    I am sure you would get some real hardcore SGU fans to chip in, but the average viewer probally would not risk ther money.
    Also is pay per view a possible option ?
    Just some of my ideas… I sure wish I knew your plans on trying to get the series going again..
    Can you possibly give us a hint on any possible networks that you guys may be talking to ?
    Starz just took over Torchwood , they are doing a joint venture with BBC network. That sounds like a network looking to have some new shows….

  58. Mr. Mallozzi,
    I hope that Stargate Universe can be saved. I would like to see how it all plays out. I have been a fan of Stargate since the first movie. I proudly own all the movies, all 10 seasons of Sg1, all five of SGA and the first of SGU. Good luck in your efforts and rememmber you are not alone. We fans are here giving support.

  59. Hi Joe,

    I have 2 questions for your mailbag.
    1. This was bugging me since the first day I saw G36 in the Stargate franchise. It might have been asked before, but since when US Military personnel use the G36? AFAIK it was never issued and only 2 police forces in the US use it at all. So in that sense the M4/AR15/M16 should be used universally, unless the Stargate program doesn’t like standart issue stuff 😛

    2. Do you have a simple recipe for a quick vegetable salad?

  60. Mr. Mallozzi

    Please stop using SGU as the excuse. The fact is you were never going to do SGA movie. The fans want the movie. You do the movie and you might draw SGA fans to SGU and not cancel it. The fans want the SGA movie promise kept. Season 5 finale was no ending. Also I watched A change in plans with Joe Flanigan and he and Brooke White were great and I hope they will be in more movies together. I will get the DVD when it comes out in Mrch.

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